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Chronic Psoriasis with excessive sweating

I am a 29 year-old female.
1. I've had psoriasis for the past 17-18 years with periods of flare up and then few years of complete resolution.
- Original Onset → The first onset when I was 11 or 12 was very severe involving only my scalp. I had years of relief and no symptoms until 4.5 years ago. My psoriasis reappeared due to a stress of break-up and lasted for 9 months until I took 'Nat carb 200CH'. At that time the spots were all over my scalp worse around the front and back hairline, behind both ears and lesions on my back torso. They were raised with a white appearance.
I was free of this issue until 3 years ago and it only last a few months and resolved spontaneously.

- Recent episode → But for the past year, my psoriasis has been getting progressively worse. I feel so “angry” with my skin. I feel like most of my health problems are related to my skin. I also have vitiligo, which I will explain later.
My psoriasis is bothering me tremendously as it is very itchy and seems to be spreading.
- Location → It was first on a few spots on the scalp. Now it is all around the front and back hair lines, temporal hair line (worse on the L side), behind both ears and around the 'mastoid process', recent development of almost symmetrical spots on the lateral aspects of my torso (just below the line of the breasts), along the thoracic and lumbar spine, and on the abdomen below the sternum.

- Appearance/Quality → the spots have a red base and while/silvery surface, raised, very itchy especially the lesions on the scalp, become red which I attempt to remove the flakes. Surface of the lesions become smooth after I take a shower and over time become dry and elevated with flakes.

- What I’ve tried → I’ve tried many things: apple cider vinegar to wash my scalp (I read somewhere that it helps), castor oil, olive oil, Neem cream. I currently use Neem cream on my scalp after I shower. It seems to reduce the itching; however, doesn’t help in other aspects. As I’ve mentioned above, in June of 2006 I took Nat Carb 200CH and it resolved my psoriasis. Recent dose of Silica 200CH in Sep. 2010 didn’t help at all.

- How it affects me → I feel very self-conscious about my skin problems, more so about the psoriasis (but also about the vitiligo). I always try to wear light-colored shirts so that people don’t notice the flakes from my scalp. I always have my hair a certain way to hide the front lesions. I don’t ever touch my hair to worsen the flakes unless it’s before I take a shower. I don’t like anyone touch my hair, not even my boyfriend. He doesn’t know that I have this problem and I don’t want him to find out. The only relief I get is taking a shower and for the couple of hours afterward and then the patches start to get itchy and elevated and flaky. I wash my hair with Neem shampoo that I’ve read it’s good for psoriasis; however, it doesn’t help much.
- One thing that really seems strange is that I pick and try to remove the flakes when I am home before I wash my hair. It becomes a bit obsessive and may spend about 30 minutes sometimes doing this. The spots usually get really red and may bleed.

2. Vitiligo:
- Onset → I developed Vitiligo when I was 11 or 12 when I was going through the adolescence and all the stress that comes with it.
- location → on my eyelids and 2 lesions neck right above the clavicle (symmetrical but more hypopigmentation on the left side).
- I’ve tried many topical creams but haven’t helped.
- Quality → only hypopigmentation.
- Currently, I am taking a botanical called “Platanus orientalis”, which I learned about at a medical conference. It’s an anti-parasitic.
- I am very self-conscious about this. I always cover my eyelids with eye shadow and try to wear necklaces or scarves to cover my neck lesions. I don’t volunteer to tell people about this unless they ask, not even to my boyfriend. I always pay attention to what I wear so that the white spots are not too apparent.

3. Excessive Sweating
- Yet another frustrating problem:
- Onset → 4-5 years ago; don’t exactly remember the time it started
- Quality → getting progressively worse; I sweat excessively under arms (only area); even if I am not physically active; triggered usually by feeling nervous, talking to others, specially if it’s an emotional conversation. I usually feel normal temperature, but as soon as I start to sweat I feel a wave of heat in my face and upper body; however it sometimes feels like a cold sweat (body feels cold but I’m sweating). It has an odor that I can’t really describe. I know that it’s not pleasant; maybe like a vinegar/sour smell. The odor is definitely strong that sometimes deodorants don’t even help.
- Timing → the sweating is often worse in the morning or afternoon.
- Again, it really affects my self-consciousness. I’ve been wearing loose-sleeved clothing and things that are not too tights around the underarms. I rarely wear tight shirts anymore.
- If I wear a white shirt, it seems to leave a yellow stain.
- This problem is really bothering me as well, especially in social situations.

- Mind → generally speaking, I think I don’t consider myself a huge extrovert, but enjoy social situations. I’m always told that I have a low voice and am soft-spoken. I don’t express my negative feelings very easily and tend to repress them. I care a lot about my appearance and like to look proper. I don’t like confrontation. I would rather avoid someone who is upset with me rather than facing them. I often have a small on my face and don’t tend to show it if I’m unhappy.
- Sleep → don’t like to sleep in a warm room; usually leave the window open even in winter. Tend to leave my feet partly uncovered. I tend to first fall sleep on my right side with hand under the pillow but change positions and often wake up on my stomach. Can never fall sleep on my back.
- Food → I don’t do well with milk. I like all kinds of foods and don’t have any strong aversions except for sour foods. I love dark chocolate.

I am a naturopathic doctor and have tried many different home remedies, supplements and dietary modifications. Nothing has helped. I have tried to repertorize my case to find a homeopathic remedy but have been not so successful.

I'd appreciate some help. Thank you.

  lhesabi on 2010-11-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I suppose you tried Arum-t yourself then (as well as trying it for your friend)? :) (Picking is a key characteristic of Arum-t - however this is not really a well thought out suggestion).

How have you pursued the improvement that Nat-carb gave you? Have you repeated the 200, tried altering the dose, or tried higher potencies?

There is a very prominent theme in your case of appearance and other's reactions or opinions. To some degree all people with chronic skin conditions have this (although it can vary in this degree quite alot).

What remedies have you tried so far?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Thanks for reading my post.
I actually haven't tried Arum-t.

I took Nat-carb 5 years ago and then I went away on a vacation, which took me away from my stress that triggered the flare-up. That remedy helped by clearing all the spots. I haven't taken Nat-c since then.

I was given Silica 200C by a homeopath 3 months ago. I repeated twice but haven't noticed anything at all.
lhesabi last decade
Ok well I think my first piece of advice would be to retry Nat-c 200. You might have moved beyond that remedy but you should at least eliminate it from consideration.

Do you understand how to prepare a wet dose?

Pillule into an amber bottle, 1 part alcohol to 5 parts water. This is your stock bottle for dosing.

Hit the bottle twice before each dose. Place 1 drop in 1/4 cup of water, stir thoroughly, then take 1 teaspoon of that into the mouth. This is one dose.

The number of hits, the amount of water, the number of drops, and the number of teaspoons can all be adjusted to manage the reaction.

How many doses previously did you take to get a result?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I've only taken one dose in the past.

Thanks for explaining the way to prepare a wet dose.
If I don't see much improvement with Nat-carb, what other remedy would you recommend?
lhesabi last decade
Hello Brisbanehomeopath,

I took Nat-carb as you suggested 7 days ago. Nothing has changed on my scalp or the other lesions. I feel like it is even progressing.
Would you suggest another remedy?
lhesabi last decade
Yea i know how you feel
Sometimes HH can hit you without warning just out of nowhere.

But don't feel too bad, there is something that can help you out.

:) I use to feel just like you back then when I would sweat constantly, now I feel better than ever :)

Great Product to stop you from excessive sweating!
Robert20 last decade
I have a spot of excess/ psoriasis on back of my neck I have been dealing with for 40, count em 40 years. NOTHING except Foderma serum ( including prescription meds) has helped. Within ONE week of using Foderma, no itch! Thank you Soooo much. Unbelievable.
Arianna 5 years ago

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