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i have been treated by a a doctor for about a month for what he thought was bronchitis and underlying asma condition.
after a month i went to see another doctor, the second doctor told me i had a severe acid reflux problem .
doctor presribed nexium, combivent and ambivent.
all of this fine exect when i cough i pass out and for a few second i am out of breath and have convulsions.
i have spoken to several people that thas this condition but none of them have collapsed.
any coments and what kind of medication to alliviate this.
  seattops on 2005-04-18
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
One cannot work with so few words from you. We need more about you as a person. Not JUST the condition. Talk about yourself.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
And whatever you do STOP the medication!!. It is driving the condition inwards and could have serious results!.
passkey last decade
i am 43 years old, business owner, i used to smoke, i have stopped about a year ago
however some unfortunate events took place that made me smoke heavely for about a month, i stopped again cold turkey, also when pollen seasson comes around i have problems with it.
i weigh 270 pounds, athelic type person, i exercise regulary,but under a lot stress constantly.
when i exercise after an hour o son i start coughing until i catch my breath.
when i do it regularly my resistance increases.
i do not know what to think anymore i have read a lot about bronchiectasis and rsv
and rsv is the only one that present symptons like hipoxia.
my sputum is white with a lot fluids however i notice a little yellowish coloration and thicker flem.
please advise
seattops last decade
If you have allergies then your immune system has been degraded.

If you then chuck in stress on top you are at risk of serious trouble.

You are -- at nearly 20 stone -- overweight.

In view of the above you should be cautious about the amount of exercise you take .

If you are serious about wishing to live to a ripe old age then you should go into the country , lean on a gate , chew a straw and watch the grass grow.

As far as homeopathy goes you could look at Natrum mur
or Carbo Veg, to see if they match your condition.
passkey last decade
Dear Seatopps, You have some lungs that insist on being cleaned out!

Lose about 70 lbs. Very few people do well over 200 lbs.
Stop eating white things.
Pick out some favorite things that are not terribly bad to eat and put yourself on a mono food intake. This is like eating 3 kinds of meals only. Eat only the proposed 3 and nothing else. Give it a try. Drink 10 cups of bottled water a day. 4, 20oz bottles is 10 cups.

ANTIMONIUM TART 10M should help you with that caugh and dizziness and many other things. Take only one dose per week for 6 weeks.(6 doses)

Please keep us posted as you go. We'd like to hear that you are getting better.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Like Passkey says, stop all that other crap. The water will rid you of any "refux" Drs are so desparate now to find names for things! Then the drug co's make money off you 'cause you don't know better. Now you DO!

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
No wonder I couldn't find you. The forum has shifted again.

Please try ANTIMONIUM TART 10M. One dose, once a week for 6 weeks.

Hope you are still reading.

Post the progress.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
I 've been drinking lots of water and carbonated water,
the carbonated water seems to do the trick it softens the flem so it a lot easier to cough without putting pressure on the brain.
I will try the ant. tart.
Is it a long term use or several months? thanks for the advise.
seattops last decade
As I wrote...6 weeks. Sabra
sabra last decade
Someone on this forum referred your case to me as he felt that I should treat your weight which you stated was 270 lbs.

I have successfully treated about 90% of the Obese cases and the remedy is the Biochemic Natrum Phos 6x. Take 2 tablets after lunch and dinner and you should lose your weight by about 2-3kg per month. You should also cut down on your food intake and exercise as much as possible, provided you go easy for the start.

No coffee, cola drinks and ham, bacom sausages. Glad to note that you have already quit smoking.

If you decide to use this remedy which is absolutely safe to be used daily, record your weight prior to treatment and report weight loss every week.

I believe your other ailments will also be helped with this therapy.
Joe De Livera last decade
"You should...cut down on your food intake and exercise as much as possible, provided you go easy for the start."

This alone is sufficient for you to lose weight. The arnica is not necessary. It's not rocket science.

Good luck in trying to lower your weight!
Ecks Ridgehead last decade
Sorry, don't know where I got "arnica" from...! I meant "Biochemic Natrum Phos 6x".
Ecks Ridgehead last decade
May I suggest that you read my post on the treatment of Obesity on:


You may also like to read another article on the same subject on:

Joe De Livera last decade
i am not obese as a matter of fact very atlethic.
my waist is size 40 i have been down to 38 for a couple a weeks. by the way i amm feeling better.
i have listen to all your post and thank you for your advise,so far the carbonated water seems to have done the trick plus drinking a lot of water has helped a lot.
if i feel sick again i will try the Natrum Phos 6x".
seattops last decade
I have a question, I am 17 years old and have a very big GERDS problem, I take advil alot (Ibuprofen 200mg) and it helps but I am begging to get sever stomach aches, should I stop taking medication or does it not affect the condition?

Thank you.
Zach Bartnick
Zach Bartnick last decade
I was alerted to this thread where I notice the last post was in June las year. It is best to start a new thread instead of adding to an old thread as the response is usually better.

I cannot understand how a 17 year old has to use Advil a lot as you state. Why do you do so and who advised you to take Advil which I presume is on a daily multi dose basis ?

You have already discovered that the Advil is causing you severe distress and you are advised to STOP THE ADVIL immediately. This drug which at 200mg dosage is very potent can affect your liver and can also cause distress in your stomach.

Drink plenty of water to flush out your system and I shall try to help you after you tell me the reason why you have been taking Advil.
Joe De Livera last decade
Ever since my girlfriend left me I have been thinking alot and I have had severe headaches and I take advil proabably twice a day in 3 capsules each time. Today I have had 6 capsules of (200mg). And I am begining to have some severe stomach pains already and throwing up in my mouth, so thats why i take the advil, for my headaches. Thank you for your help so much

Zach Bartnick
Zach Bartnick last decade
Do I understand that your headaches were caused after your girl friend left you ? If it is only the mental stress that has caused the headaches, you are advised to use Nat Mur 6c in the liquid dose twice daily to help your mind to relax.

You have already noticed that Advil has caused you severe distress and this can only increase if you continue to take this drug which has already poisoned your system. It works in a vicious circle and I believe that you submitted your post in the nick of time to avoid permanent damage to your body.

As I advised you in my last post STOP the Advil and drink about 4 liters of water daily and try to relax which the Nat Mur will help you to do.

You can also use Bryonia 30c dose 2 pellets tomorrow instead of the Advil and take the Nat Mur an hour later.

Also take 2 tablets of Nat Phos 6x (biochemic) after both lunch and dinner to soothe your stomach

Report response.
Joe De Livera last decade
I failed to request you to take the 2 pellets of Bryonia 30c 3 times daily.
Joe De Livera last decade
Since I don't have acces to those types of medicine, I think Ill be okay, I wont take advil and I will drink lots of water, thank you again for your advice

Zach Bartnick
Zach Bartnick last decade

Where do you live ?
Joe De Livera last decade
Why the heck would you wanna know that>
Zach Bartnick last decade
Im allergic to some medicines so Im not gonna take any chances, I have already consulted my doctor and he said I will be fine. Thank you anyway
Zach Bartnick last decade
One more question though, If I have taken too much Advil maybe, I should watch my urine for blood or make sure that I havnt had any signs of an overdose:
Ringing in ears, Blood in stool or urine, nervousness, Vomiting etc. am I correct?, this is just something I read on a health website.
Zach Bartnick last decade
Alright, since noone is responding, I guess I am going to bed, thank you
Zach Bartnick last decade

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