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I am a 27yr old female with severe hair loss. This has been for a year and I ignored it thinking it will improve on its own- wishful thinking.I had the same problem in 1998 but it had improved when I took some Homeo med's. -probably coz I did'nt ignore and took the med's right away. Unfortunately I don't remember the names at all. I have an acne problem as well and take antibiotics like Doxycyclene for it.

I spoke with a Homoe Doc. over the phone and he suggested I take Phosphorous 200 and Argentum Nitricum- have been taking it for 2 months now.

Though my hair loss seems to have reduced though it is still falling a lot.the front of my head is very scant alongwith with almost no hair on the temples and the back of my head.

Can someone please help me with a remedy or has someone had a similar prob.?
  Sweety on 2004-03-25
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
do you constipation problem or your menstrual cycles are irregular
mmicheala last decade
No I don't have a severe constipation problem.

Touch wood but there are no menstrual irregularities now.I had it a couple of years back but it is regualted now.

Appreciate reply.
Sweety last decade
hello my name is zack.I have been suffering from alopeciea for 3 years.I have tried all thge products available on nhs for alopeciea and nothing works after a year of trying.After months of research from african indian medicine,i came up with acomplete formula made out of totally natural products and found that when applied to the affected area on the scalp under certain conditions i found my hair started to grow within 1-2 months(i have had alopeciea 6 times different parts of my head in 3 years).
It was my hairdresser who advised me to sell this product,as he and his hairdressers could not believe the results.There is nothing outthere as effective and safe as this,and i will be selling this product very shortly.on my website.
bubble last decade
please check your thyroid for its function.
T3, T4, & TSH.
What about your temperament?
anxiety, Tension, Sadness, Panic etc...However, check your diet which should be free from all animal fats and carbos. Take plenty of green veggies and some mild excersise and sound sleep.
Send me your thyroid profile.
helpbyhomeopathy last decade
Well Have you tried Phosphorous 200, Natrum Mur 200 for hair loss? Maybe this could be the answer for baldness.
Dr Ajaz [moved by moderator]
bradshaw1 last decade
what happen or what was going on in 1998 around the time your hair started falling out? whats happening now
our body always tells us whats really going on in our lives
hair represents strenght
when we are tense and afraid
when there is alot of tension in the scalp the hair shafts can be squeezed so tightly that the hair cant breathe and it dies and falls out.
Biotin is important for hair loss
Vit B complex 100 mg
If its due to thyroid dsyfuntion
Vit A is important
healyourlife last decade
the best advice is to consult a wholistic medicine practitioner, one who's certified not only as a homeopath but also in nutrition and herbs, and understands the psycho/mental/emotional aspects of the patient.

before consulting make a list of symptoms, food you normally eat, emotional/mental attitude-problems and the most important of all......what do you want your life to be....?

good luck
BIOHEALER last decade
I am sorry that I did not see this posting till today.

I would recommend that you use Arnica 30 twice daily as I have found that it promotes the growth of hair. You will notice that your daily loss of hair is considerably lessened within a few weeks and you will also notice many new short hairs sprouting above your normal long hair in about a month.

You can take Arnica safely on a daily basis perhaps on a reduced dosage on once daily for as long as you like. I have been using it for over 10 years every night as it promotes deep sleep and keeps the styes in my eyelids which I suffer from, away. It is also a very good remedy for acne and results will be seen within a few days after using it.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Sweety,

I am a 24 year old woman who is experiencing hair loss also. My hair has lost about 1/2 its thickness, although the loss is not patchy. I noticed this after I stopped taking birth control pills (which I was taking for around 18 months.) However, it has been one year since I stopped taking the pill and the thinning has not stopped.

I was wondering if you noticed any improvement from any particular suggestions or if you or anyone else knew of any links to birth control and hair loss. I am currently using a Mirena IUD for contraception.

Ashley last decade

I am also using the mirena iud, for menstrual problems. It has been wonderful so far at reducing my symtoms apart from one major worry.....HAIR LOSS!! I can't believe my thick hair is falling out all over..the nurse said it cant be the mirena, but i cant see what else it can be. As you know, its not the most pleasant experience having it put inplace, so I am not sure if I want it removed just yet, especailly as it is doing the job I had it for! I have also found that I have put on 10lb's in weight (had it for 4 months now) have you had any weight gain? I am going back to my doctors this week & will ask for a hormone blood test to see if it is the mirena before I decide on removal...I will keep you posted!
rightfred last decade
Hi there, I would like to tell you about a product called Nourkrin which I used to treat my hair loss, I had an all over thinning of the hair after the birth of my second child, the drain in my shower had to be cleaned out every week as I had lost clumps of my hair. This product was great, it is a course of 100% natural tablets and it stopped my hair falling out after about a month of using it and then my hair started to grow back thicker. Definately worth looking into - it worked for me anyhow
angela last decade
My doctor assured me my hair loss wasn't from the Mirena IUD either! But my hair loss is exactly like the other women who have complained...thru the top giving me more of a widow's peak and at the temples and sides. So I had the IUD removed and it's already improved! And I couldn't even feel them take it out. Just some bleeding afterward but they remove it during your period so it's really no big deal. Now I know not to believe the medical professional carte blanche. Julie
wnjwood last decade
Pl. follow Joe De Livera's advice. It will help !!
amitavam last decade
Sweety...I am also having major problems with hair loss and like some of your postings, think mine is related to the Mirena IUD. I have had for 9 months and have watched my hair go from full, thick, shiny and past shoulder length to thin, dull and hay-like and up to my ears. It has taken all of this time for me to figure it out. Now I am at a loss, because I have no idea what to do for birth control. I react to everything else too, and my doctors won't tie my tubes.
Enfermera last decade
I'm beginning to think a Class Action Lawsuit may be the way to go, just so the makers of the IUD have to at least post a warning that hair loss may be a possible side effect. Less than a week after my IUD was removed the hair loss had virtually stopped. When my hair is wet and slicked back, I have an inch of fuzz on the top and sides of my head. I look like a Chia PET!!!! I ended up cutting my hair shorter so that as it grows back it won't look so ridiculous. At least the shine is back and seems to be growing back. But there are some spots, right at the temple, that don't seem to be coming back at all. It has me kind of worried. It will take years for my hair be what it once was and that makes me furious! Mainly because Mirena denies any responsibility and doesn't warn women. Of course they can't acknowledge hair loss as a side effect. Do you know any woman who would be willing to risk losing their hair??? I would never had gotten the IUD had I known. It is obvious from the women I've found on the internet complaining of the same problem that Mirena is the common denominator. Like you, I can't use any BC except condoms, and even then I have to be careful. Seems like I always have a reaction to the spermicide or lubricant they use. My only option is a tubal ligation but my doctor was more than happy to give me the referal. But it depends on how old you are and how many kids you have. Hang in there... it will all work out. Wish I had some groovy advice. But being bald isn't going to exactly put you in the mood for sex anyway! Ya know?
wnjwood last decade
Be careful about the tubal "jwood". I did some research on that and hair loss can also be a side effect. (I guess it makes sense...you are still altering hormones in a way.) I am glad I found that out before I had that done!!!! Anyway, I am 37 3/4 years old and they still don't think I have enough sense to know if I plan on having kids or not. It infuriates me that they think I can be "informed" enough to have an abortion if that was ever my choice, but I can't decide about a darned tubal. Go figure. I guess it doesn't matter now anyway since that causes hair loss too. Looks like the choices are rhythm or abstinence. Talk about a catch 22! (BTW...I don't have any children.) I agree that a class action suit is probably the way to go. I would have NEVER agreed to this had I known that I would lose my hair.
Enfermera last decade
Please try arnica oil. Or phosphoric acid 6.
kalibrom last decade
I am 38 old female and have been experiencing hair loss for the past 10 months, and as of now, I have substantially less hair on my right side and on the back of the head. In addition my scalp is very itchy with white, moist dandruff. Two days ago I have taken Phosphorus 30C ( after reading this forum), one dose (3 pills). My question is: can I also take Calcarea Carb. 30C for dandruff? (or Natrum Mur or Phosphoric acid? )
gosia last decade
Dear gosia,

Did Phosphorus 30C help you? Have you started taking Calcarea Carb. 30C for dandruff? (or Natrum Mur or Phosphoric acid?

I would like to know the experience of people for whom hair loss has stopped or dandruff is gone.

collectore last decade
To Joe De Livera or whoever can help me as well:
I believe my hairloss is from thyroid problem, I have hashimotos thyroiditis, have been using 50mg levythroxine for 7-8 months which was ok but recently noticed huge shedding of hair and very dry hair, and see top of hair and temples very thing (my hair used to be very thick). I increased tyroid meds to 75mg/day about 4 days ago, and also a homepath dr told me to take 1 dosage of 15c of silica/day, as well as arnica lotion applied to areas 2x/week. The silica seems to be strengthing hair so fallout is less but I don't believe will regrow it. is there anything you feel will actually regrow hair?? It has gotten me very depressed.
sangale last decade
I have taken my first month of NOURKRIN. I think I'm losing less hair but you need to take it for six months to notice a difference.
I would like to hear from other women who are taking or have tried this product.
sun-moon last decade
I was just wondering how your hair loss situation is? It's been six months since you started your treatment, so i was wondering if you are a lot better now.
rkapal last decade
I regret to inform you that I doubt that my Arnica treatment can work for you because of your Hashimoto's Thyroid condition for which you must take the drugs that you have been prescribed.

There is of course no harm in using the Arnica 30c and it will be interesting to verify in 3 months what your response has been. In any case it will help you to sleep deeply and this may help your thyroid in some way.

You may benefit from the Arnica Q/Coconut oil mix of 20% Arnica to the oil which is massaged into the scalp daily.
Joe De Livera last decade
I was wanting to know if any of these products work: Nourkrin, Arnica30, arnica oil or phosphoric acid, Phosphoroas200mg,and Natrum100mg. If anyone has a answer can you please e-mail me and let me know.

Thank You,
taz67 last decade
I have to say that the Nourkrin didn't really do anything at all.
I've recently been diagnosed with PCOS, so for me it's definately a hormonal thing and I'm taking herbal remedies to help balance my hormones. Taking Agnus Castus at the mo, and going to try Saw Palmetto. I'll let you know how I get on.
sun-moon last decade

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