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Severe hammering / pounding pain in one side then pain moves to another. Nauseating. unable to concentrate. irritable.restlessness. feels nice when the nerves on the neck,behind ears, on the forehead & eye lids are massaged lightly, but pain doesn't go or even get reduced. sometimes have to wake up in the middle of night with the headache. Sometimes headache starts in the early morning or late in the afternoon or evening also. Not sensitive to light / sound. initially around menstrual time, later on increased to 3 times attack every week. irregular periods. doctors think maybe early menopause symptoms. Found cyst in 1 ovary & asked to remove within 6 months. Acetaminophen doesn't work, only naphroxen 220 mg tablets work - relief within 30 mins
  sssbaba on 2010-12-24
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
first take daily one dose of Cina 1m FOR FOUR continues day and after that Pulsatilla 200 daily one dose early in the morning empty stomch

Fore removing overy cyst without surger then follow the following prescription for 3 month and do the usg and send me the report...
1. Apis mel 30
4 tab thrice in a day
2. Gymnema Sylvestre Q 30ml
10 drops thrice in a day

3. Overy 3x 1 tab thrice in ad ay

dr. deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
which side does the pain come on at first? Which side does it move to?

which side of the ovary has got cyst?

Give more details like your desires, aversions in food items and in general.

Give more details about discharges all including sweat, nasal if any, menses and their consistency.

What do you think as causes for your complaints?
maheeru last decade
Can you please also take a look at the case, one of my friend is working with you on his son's autism and he told me so many good things about.
We also have a autistic daughter and need help on that too.
First we would like to get help in my case for the migraine and then continue to ask for your help to treat my daughter.
Sameer, I know you are a very person on the forum, we really appreciate if you can help us.
The migraines are more during the periods time and periods are irregular, they are coming in 35-40 days time period.

sssbaba last decade
Dr. Deoshlok, thank u so much. I usually take a cup of tea everyday in the morning. Can I have tea / coffe when i take these medications? usually if i don't take a cup of tea /coffee, I get a non migraine headache bcos of this. Does empty stomach mean 15 mins / 1 hr b4 food? Can I start medications for both migraine & cyst at the same time?

To Maheeru:- the pain usually starts in the front left side of the head later moves to back / upper middle portion, then the right side. Past few months I am craving for more food esp sweets & fried food. I don't think I have aversions except to alcohol & smoking! I sweat when temp is more than 80F or when humidity is high. I sometimes hav nasal congestion esp during cold weather. I rarely catch a cold.

sssbaba last decade
Hello Radhika

You need to take a remedy called Lachesis. It covers most of your symptoms. Hence gradually you will feel better on most issues.

Get this remedy Lachesis in 30c. Take 2 pills or drops three times on a SINGLE day ONLY. No more repetition.

You shall observe changes till your next periods and report thereafter.


1) Do not take anything solid or liquid for half an hour before and after the dose.

2) Try to avoid taking coffee, tea, alcohol on the day of medicine and a week following the medicine.

3) Try to avoid the exposure to mint based substances, camphor based substances and also strong smelling substances including incense and strong perfumes.

4) Stop with the dose that produces marked or significant improvement or aggravation and report appropriately.

5) Do not handle the pills(if drops use a disposable exclusive dropper) with hand. Tip the pills using the cap.

6) Do not take any other homeopathic medicine during this duration until further updates and avoid all OTC medicines and supplementation except the medicines prescribed by your physician and emergency medicines.
maheeru last decade

I had forgotten to answer 1 of ur question. the cyst is in the left ovary. so does this Lachesis works for both migraine & the cyst??

Thanks so much,
sssbaba last decade
Hi Radhika

With your other symptoms i was able to guess that your cyst was in left ovary. I was right. Yes Lachesis will work for both of the issues you have mentioned and for your general well being.

maheeru last decade
Jan 6th 2011 - had my 1st dose of Lachesis muta 30cc pellets-2 pellets 3x that day. The label on the bottle says for hot flashes & menopause. I am 40 & don't want it to happen now atleast for some 6-7 yrs. Felt a little less craving for food that day.

Jan 7th - woke up at 3a.m.with a hot flash & had headache too & couldn't go back to sleep. had a nauseating feeling too till 8 a.m. headache later reduced around 3 p.m. i.e. after 12 hrs. the whole day I felt my nerves in the head & neck inflammed /swollen. started having headache again around 7.30 p.m. couldn't sleep well, as I was rolling because the swollen nerves hurt when my head rested on the pillow or mattress.

Jan 8th -woke at 3 a.m. with a hot flash & severe headache. feels some heavy painful fluid is flowing in my nerves in my head & neck. haven't taken any OTC medicines yet. How much longer should I suffer this pain?? should I or when should I take the next dose? the 1st day of my last period was dec 26th 2010. I am experiencing more pain when I bend down my head to do some work.

sssbaba last decade
Do not care about what's written on the label.

Seems like the doses got stronger. Please bear this phase out. Absolutely No repetition of Lachesis.

The pain apart, how do you feel as a person?
maheeru last decade
Yesterday Jan 8th, I went to bed with about 50% of my actual pain, but I woke up today with no headache all day, that's nice. Other than that terrible pain & some nausea I was & am okay. I didn't notice any other emotional or other changes.

So, do you suggest I don't take it again ever? should I take something else, sometime later or just wait for some more days??

sssbaba last decade
Radhika, When an initial aggravation is noticed, it's a sign that your vital force got the necessary stimulus, and the best course of action is to wait and not disrupt the action. There would be improvement eventually.

Observe changes over next few weeks and report.

Lachesis may be repeated later in a different potency but only when the situation demands and not now.

why this post

http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/257360/ as a dampener?
maheeru last decade
Jan 13th - Had all flu symptoms except fever Plus I threw up twice & had to go to doctor. I felt general body weakness too. Doctor said my lymph glands in neack and my sinus looked swollen and prescribed me to take azithromycin antibiotic (5 days), cetirizine HCl antihistamine(for 6 weeks) tablets and fluticasone propionate nasal spray. I am taking all these still.

Jan 14th - Had my periods this night in 20 days duration. taking all above medicines. Had migraine, stuffy nose, general body weakness.

Jan 15th,16th and 17th - migraine, so took 1 naphroxen tablet each day as I had to do some daily routines as cook, take care of kids & clean. so when the tablet gave me relief I did those chores & all other time just lying down due to the migraine while my husband took care. also was taking those medicines for sinus. Had very heavy periods. had to change atleast twice in the middle of night.

jan 18th. looks like normal flow period today and no headache. that's why I am able to update to you. taking those sinus medicines.

Hope the sinus medicine is not interfering. It is a gap of 8 days from Lachesis and starting these sinus medications. I had sinus problem some 18 years ago and had surgery for that and had no problem till 6 days ago.

Hey, Maheeru, that post to Sameer was written by my husband, because I was almost everyday doing nothing and lying down with pain. don't worry about that post, ignore it.
sssbaba last decade

It seems the healing crisis was big. And you take so many modern meds. including antibiotics? I think we're back to square one. Lachesis might have brought whatever was suppressed before and with all these medicines again these are going to be suppressed. At the same time i acknowledge that things were a bit bad from your description that warranted some intervention.

Some questions:

1) what are the symptoms from the past that were reoccurring?

2) What were the symptoms that just aggravated now?

3) How was your energy level, emotional state, sleep? any small positive anywhere?

4) when are you finishing all these medications?
maheeru last decade
the 1st 4 days of my periods immediate after the antibiotics were very heavy & my headache was continuous too. the pain killer gave me a few hrs relief as I had to do my daily chores & then the pain was back. the 5th & 6th day of my periods after the antibiotics, the flow reduced so did my headache. doing the 7th day, i got my headache back & i did use a painkiller as I had somethings to do which were pending.

headaches are more frequent & I am left with lots of pending work. there is a general body weakness, dullness in life. back of neck hurts sometiimes. i wake up a couple of times in sleep thinking it is time to wake up but if headache free i am able to go back to sleep.

any good sign - my hunger level seems reduced or less craving to eat more
sssbaba last decade
symptoms from past - migraines more frequent almost everyday or alternate day.

I would be finishing anti-histamines by end of feb 2011. antibiotics completed 1 week ago
sssbaba last decade

Get Lachesis 200c but do not take it without talking to me.

Will suggest you the diluted dosage in feb. after you have finished the medicines. At that time you will have to wait the aggravation out if there's any, without suppressing again.
maheeru last decade
Hi Maheeru,

I had 2 ultrasounds done. one in Feb and another one 2 weeks ago. In the 1st one, they said my cyst has shrunk to half its size and during the 2nd scan, it has totally resolved. anyway from Feb my periods are heavy on only 1 day and my mirgraines more frequent at this time.

So my cyst has resolved my doc says, but my migraines are becoming more common since past 2 weeks. Previously I used to get every 3rd day even on non-period days. Now since last week, I get migraines for 3 continuous days and 12 hrs of non-migraine time. My cyst has gone and I wonder why my migraines are so frequent and killing me. Please help with some good migraine medicine.
sssbaba last decade
Radhika Hopefully you got Lachesis 200c.

The dosage is as follows:

Get a 250ml mineral water bottle(pour out 1 to 2 cm water out), put only one pill/drop/pellet of Lachesis 200c in the bottle and shake the bottle up and down for 5 times with force. And then take one drop from this bottle as a dose. Report in a couple of weeks.
maheeru last decade
What about migraine with the zig zag around the eye?

Good remedy for this?
kohler last decade

It's very minimal info. Nothing of sure can be said with this symptom. One possibility might be sepia.
maheeru last decade
All I know is I get no warning - eyes go so I feel I can't see then mostly the right eye I get zig zag around the eye for 20 mins where my vision is split. It goes then I'm left with a blinding headache and nausea. Got one this morning before I went to work about 6.30 am! That's why I asked today when I saw this post.

Don't know what causes them.
kohler last decade
Hi Maheeru,

1. Should I take 1 drop dose per day when I have migraines or even on non migraine days?

2. should I take 1 drop dose every hour till the pain fades off or what is time interval between each dose?

Thanks so much for helping in resolving my cyst?? So taking this lachesis 200c won't affect negatively on my ovaries now that the cyst is gone, right?

I will report when there are changes
sssbaba last decade

Take only one dose of Lach. 200c. No more doses for 2 weeks. It's a test dose. And we'll have to wait to see how your system responds to decide about the frequency. We're being cautious given the fact that last time, 3 doses of 30c got strong for your system.

And do not take this dose when you have got the headache. Take this dose when you do not have one.
maheeru last decade
Hi Maheeru,

I took the test drop on sunday May 15th night when I didn't have the headache. I had a terrible migraine on saturday morning and since I wasn't taking homeopathy I took the pain killer. Sunday morning I had a light bearable migraine till 5 p.m. and since I was migraine free at night I took the test dose. On monday morning I again got a light migraine till evening. On tuesday morning 4 a.m. i.e. today, I have a little more painful but bearable one accompanied by hot flashes. Hope it fades away during the day.

I still have that bottle of water from which I took as a test dose. Should I throw it out or maybe I have to use it again?
sssbaba last decade
Hi Radhika

Keep the bottle in a cool and dry place away from sunlight. You may have to take further doses from this bottle after succussions.

Observe changes over next 2 weeks and report. Depending upon the changes, will let you know the frequency of dosage.
maheeru last decade

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