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Overdosed infant with Hyland's, please advise

I have two main question about my infant daughter. The first is about an overdose, and the second is about my homeopathic medicine going through to her milk (she is nursing).

My infant daughter found Hyland's c-plus cold care for children tablets and must have eaten 50 or 60 tablets within a few minutes. Is this bad? She seemed to have a white tongue afterward and she has been cranky since then. But then she has been cranky lately anyway. She does not look that healthy lately. I was using the tablets for my own cold. She had recovered from some sickness just recently, and then I got an awful cold from someone else. She had just started to sneeze when she found my medicine.

Also I have been taking sulphur 30x for my ringworm, while still nursing her. I feel much better, but she hasn't been looking that great lately. Could it be the homeopathic medicine I am taking? I don't even know how long I am supposed to take it. The ringworm seems to be flaking away and clearing up, so I guess I can stop. However, I wonder if the medicine affected her. Her skin looks rather sallow and dirty, but it looks like her infant eczema is a bit better. Maybe I am imagining the last part.

I appreciate any answers!
  Momma on 2005-04-27
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Regarding my child's overdose, I should add the ingredients listed on the package were as follows:

Eupatorium Perfoliatum 3x
Euphrasia Officinalis 2x
Gelsemium Sempervins 3x
Kali Iodatum 3x

After counting the number of pills missing yesterday, I called the company and the operator told me not to worry because the doses are so low. However, today I noticed that the box says in case of accidental overdose, contact a poison control center immediately. This is confusing.
Momma last decade
Relax, your baby will be fine.
Just my personal opinion - please don't use combination remedies.
Though Astra may not agree, remedies - or the effects of remedies do pass to the nursing child through the mother's milk. Are you taking the Sulphur under a homeopath's guidance? In that case ask him/her re. your concern. If not, then I suggest you detail your symptoms here so that you can find the best possible advice from the doctors on this forum.
Minsa last decade
Dear Momma, your baby is in absoultly NO danger what so ever. A baby could eat the whole bottle and not need any treatment. The worse that can happen is that you would notice some symptoms belonging to one or two of the remedies listed.

The company is covering its butt. You would NEVER EVER need to notify the poison center. Now, if the child swallowed a lot of aspirin call the p. center.

50 years ago we gave much more for a dose until we realized only a little will work just as good and in some cases, better.

Be at peace and relax. You can sleep now.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Many mothers treat their children by taking the remedy themselves so it will be in the milk. Sabra
sabra last decade
Thank you for relieving my concern about Hyland's! I feel much better.

Minsa said I should detail some of the symptoms to get advice about the sulphur passing into the milk. So I will tell you about my daughter's symptoms and something about her life.

First I should tell you why I was taking sulphur. I started self-medicating with sulphur about one week ago, because the bottle said it was for rashes and eczema and it was convenient to get in the store and I think homeopathic drugs are safer. For one day I took 6 30x pills ever two hours, then for two days I took 6 pills 4 times a day. Then I stopped taking it because I got a cold. One day after, I took two doses. The next day I diluted a dose in water (4 ounces) and took three tablespoons during the day. I have ringworm which is clearing up fast, it looks like, but now the patch is flaking off. In the past I have had eczema, and I also have a terrible intolerance to sulphur antibiotics. When I take them I become nauseated and can't move. I throw up. But while taking homeopathic sulphur it seems like my skin is softer and I feel fine. A friend had a bad cold, coughing and sneezing. I started coughing about two or three days after taking the sulfur, with almost no expectoration, and don't know if it is related to the sulfur too. Now I don't know if I should continue or stop, since the ringworm seems to be clearing.

I noticed some people wrote about their life to tell about their symptoms. So my daughter has been many places in her 18 months. Her father and I seperated because he was too emotionally bent out of shape in our relationship, and we were fighting often. I stayed a short time with my aunt and uncle in Germany, then came home to my parents. Looking for a job, I went to my brother's home, then returned to my parent's. My daughter basically thought my mother was great fun and just great. But my mother and I do not get along. I hoped my daughter would have a peaceful upbringing, but my mom and I fight and I think it is upsetting for my daughter. We try not to fight but we have very different views about how to raise my daughter, for example, or how I should live my life.

I had found a job, and then lost it, and now I am at home watching her and taking night classes to get a different kind of job. When my mom is around she helps some and the same with my dad.

I am raising her lacto ovo vegetarian and nursing her as long as I can. My mom often tries to give her different foods and also does not want her to be nursing. My mom thinks water is better than nursing, so she will stuff her face with water and junk. I get angry because she is constantly trying to feed her when I am gone or around, so that there is nothing else to talk about. My daughter will obligingly eat, but normally she knows when she is not hungry and will stop eating and my mom will then sit down and stuff her face. This can interfere with nursing, too. My mom thinks my daughter is too thin, but her doctor says she is normally healthy and developmentally advanced. What worries me is that her father had an eating disorder and now my mom and I can't see eye to eye about her feeding either. I know sometimes I do not have food ready on time for my daughter, but my mom is overboard on dishing it out. Because she thinks my breast milk is so nutrient less, she will pretzel stick her all day long when I say to my mom not to give her a "meal" except for what I have prepared.

My daughter adores her grandma who drives me nuts, especially since my mom loves to sing songs and play with her. Recently, my mom took a month long vacation trip away, leaving my dad, me and my daughter. I think my daughter noticed and might have been a bit sad about it, not understanding it. wednesday of last week my mom came back from vacation, then we had a terrible fight my daughter watched it, about how my mom wanted to feed her more again when I wanted her to sleep, etc. The fight was terrible and then my daughter seemed to get sick again after that. The rest of the week things were calm and considerate, and now my mom is away visiting my brother for some days.

About my daughter's symptoms now, well she is tiny, considered in the fifth percentile for weight, and now has dipped under the fifth. At the moment she does not look good, because she looks just a bit too skinny. She was sick last week, and had a fever that came one days, went away two days, then returned three or four days. The doctor diagnosed her with stomach flu, because she heard growling sounds with the stethoscope in her stomach. Her chest, ears, and mouth were clear. Her 102 degree fever went away on Sunday. When having fever, she did not blush, but remained pale. The past few days during the night her nose sounds clogged. Her entire tongue is covered white except perhaps the rims and very tip. She just started saying no to almost everything, and meaning it. She is unusually cranky, yelling and whining for things. I would say she is normally diplomatic and sweet in attitude, and now she is being difficult! She is normally pale, but now her skin has a tone that does not look so healthy. Normally when tired she gets circles under her eyes that are tinged blue-pink. This morning she does not have this, but her lower lids are rimmed a little pink and she does have bags. She slept very badly last night. At least three times she cried out as if scared, waking or remaining asleep when she was sleeping with me (we co-sleep). Before that she sleeps alone in a crib, and then hides her face in the mattress, tucks in her knees, and sticks her butt in the air. When she sleeps in bed with me she lies spreadeagle or on her side.

She loves socializing very much more than me, she is not shy like me. She likes to sing and play songs like ring around the rosie. When friends dropping by wish to leave she either practices bye bye or runs to them and cry whines not to leave. She says her grandpa's name a lot, and notices when he is home or not. She also looks out the window at the kids playing basketball on the street. She wants to play with them. She is sweet and smart.

Hope this was useful and interesting to read. Thank you for any replies!
Momma last decade
Oops I forgot to add that my daughter, A, (okay I have not used her name because I am paranoid about giving out names over the internet) has sneezed twice in the last two days and this morning coughed, a sick cough like I had. Yesterday I gave her a few doses of ferrum phosphoricum that my aunt gave me, I don't know if it is appropriate but my aunt said it is for stopping the beginnings of colds. She is an assistant pharmacist in Germany. They use homeopathic meds a lot more over there.
I wonder what the duck means. It is cute.
Momma last decade
Here is more information on my daughter A.

Last week she hardly ate when she apparently had the stomach flu. She is eating more now, though. She is very dainty in actions, eats like a "lady" and is quite aware of me. I think she has a strong tendency to do what I would like her to do, so she does not throw things or mess up things though she would like to do so, and does sometimes. Of course now she is saying no now, partly for fun, sometimes to test or be petulant. When my mother and I fought I stupidly threw something (first time in my life) at the wall, and now A has thrown a few things lately. I guess I have some issues, too, since I threw something.

Her facial skin looks discolored now, since last night. Normally pale, now she is a bit sallow or yellow tinted, and her nose is slightly red and and her chin, too. She still has some infant eczema on her face, more on her left side.

As far as vaccinations, when she was vaccinated for MMR, she had a constant fever that would not go down for anything almost a week (102) but I did not use homeopathic meds either. Another time she was vaccinated I thought she looked less aware, more dazed, afterwards. After the MMR vaccine, I don't want to give her any more vaccines because it was so upsetting, the fever.
Momma last decade
Maybe it is useful that lately, beginning last week, her stool smells worse than normal. After reading the posts about suppression of illness, I wonder what the verdict on diaper cream is now.

I truly regret ever vaccinating her, after reading some of these posts, etc. There is so little "natural" guidance for mothers. The internet helps.
Momma last decade
Not only Hahnemann but also contemporaries like dr.Grandgeorge (MD with 20+years of private practice) are in your camp saying that remedies go through milk during nursing.
So it seems that I'm alone here asking "How?"
Astra2012 last decade
To me it makes sense that some remedies can go through the milk. Fluoride is a substance that the mother filters, so that the baby is not exposed to fluoride (what does that say to proponents of fluoridated water, hmm). Mercury is notorious for going into the milk in higher concentrations than it is in the mother's body, because the body doesn't recognize it as a dangerous substance to be filtered. Other substances may be diluted, I would expect, but that should correspond to homeopathic dilutions I would think.
Momma last decade
yes Momma-it is all true for the MATERIAL doses. They go through digestion-blood-milk.
But what about exclusively dynamized form? The remedies do not take that route-they supposedly act through the vital force.
I'd say it might go tbruogh touch as well as milk.

I ask that question everyone and so far no answer--the clinical data (including tat of dr. Grandgeorge) aren't that convincing.

I guess everyone has to see for herself what works.
Astra2012 last decade
Well, if the medicine has an effect on the mother, then it would effect the immune system. When the mother produces antibodies, the baby gets them as well. So maybe it is just the immune system causing the baby to get benefits of homeopathic medicine.

Now, I noticed that while taking sulphur, my baby's eczema has improved somewhat. However, I also noticed that she has got the worst diaper rash now, bumpy and red, in a big area. I notice one bump that always comes back is there, and I remember that sometimes she has had a small amount of diaper rash here and there. Now I wonder if her diaper rash is "coming to a head" beneficially, that maybe the sulphur is helping. Also, she has always had two dry spots behind her ears, and they are gone.

I found some other ringworm posts that suggested using bacillinum and also one internet post about Psorinum. Now I am thinking about switching to bacillinum because the description of the cough sounds so much like mine, or to the psorinum, because the article talked about it like a miracle cure for everything. It is difficult to be patient with the sulphur when it is after all taking a while and I have such a hard time being routine with the doses. I can really understand why people might not stick with their medicine and perhaps drive their homeopathic doctor crazy. I keep forgetting to take it on time.

I am still hoping to find a homepathic cure for being poor and shy. Self hypnotism is another slow process towards at least the last goal.
Momma last decade
While its okay to use the posts as guidelines, don't make the mistake of choosing a remedy because someone's symptoms sound like yours. The person might be quite different and have different associated symptoms. Please do look up the indicated remedies and see which matches you. There are so many visual clues lacking when we use the net (for prescribing or consulting) that the responsiblity of the person taking the remedy is larger.
You have provided a lot of info on yourself (you are really angry, aren't you?) Lets work on those - any physical additions (past illnesses, present problems) you want to add? For now, please don't take any more Sulphur.
Minsa last decade
Hi Astra, we did a test about 20 years ago. Because of some things that were happening where I lived at the time, we decided to treat with only liquid remedies on the skin for several people.

We placed it on the neck and inner arm area. It really does work this way. The child responded just as if she had taken the remedy orally. We chose a child because we didn't want an adult to let their mind "get in the way." So the child accepted just what was done as a common action. Some we didn't tell there was a remedy, but said we were doing a water healing. We told these people that they could take it orally or by osmosis.

This was part of our concern about unconscious persons that shouldn't be given liquid in the mouth for fear of choking. So this process is very beneficial.

Another time I was trying to rescue someone from multiple insect stings. Trying to chase this person down to place something in the mouth was impossible. This person was known to be allergic to bees. They were panicked.

I put some remedy in a drinking bottle and every few minutes I splashed some remedy/water on their face and neck. Arms, anywhere I could hit with liquid. They were hysterical and we had hold of one arm as they flailed about in panic. In about half an hour, all was over and they were at rest as the stings subsided. No ER was required.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Thank you Sabra.
I know that coma patients get remedy through THEIR OWN skin.
It is not like someeone else takes the remedy and e.g. kisses him/her.
nobody is between that person and the remedy.

I don't think homeopathic remedies trigger production of antibodies.
Astra2012 last decade
That is very interesting that the remedy goes through the skin to a baby. Skin to skin contact is very important for many reasons for a baby. During winter, though, there is not as much skin to skin contact. A and I just have a little contact via nursing.

Minsa I don't think I am a very angry person normally. I have a hard time with my mom because she never leaves me alone or accepts no for an answer. If I retreat to my room, she follows me. I need a little space. Mentally, it is difficult for me to speak with her. While she respects everyone else's opinion, I am always wrong. My baby's father and I broke up because he just could not handle it. I don't blame him, I feel sorry that it did not work for us. But my mom always says mean things about getting revenge, or hating him, or that I should hate him.She says he never loved me, etc. I used to try to talk to her and explain that it is not worth it to be so angry, that it just makes you bitter and wastes your time. I have always tried to explain things. But now I feel it is almost useless, and it takes a lot of my energy, because she seems to be in conversation with me for the game. When I left my baby's father, I came to my parent's house. I had studied to be a teacher, and got a job, but then was fired. My stuttering has gotten worse, I think I just feel down.
I am really a liberal person, and I am into alternative medicines and ideas. I get a lot of flack and criticism about it, and being vegetarian. Even though I am respectful of everyone, some people (not everyone) are not so of me. My mom keeps feeding my baby things she is not supposed to, and the other day talking to my brother he said I was "weird" in a derogatory tone.
I am irritated that I have not been able to succeed. Now I am at home with my parent's in this conflictual environment. I have decided to look into a job besides teaching because I just can't expect to get anywhere. Even though I never thought my stuttering was bad, or that it would prevent me from a job, I think that and some other things have. I have worked some years at one year gigs, and haven't benefitted. People just think I am a pushover or something because I can be quiet around groups. Even when I think I am doing well, I do not get hired for more than a year.
I guess I am mad, because I worked incredibly hard as a teacher, and given short shrift. My last job I was fired working in an underperforming school. I didn't mind because the job was such hell. Now I am taking a paralegal course in hopes of landing a paralegal job. I feel somewhat embarassed around my brother to be at home still at 32. He thinks I am some leech. I am as generous as I can be. Right now I am running out of the money left over from my job, and applied to the paralegal cert. program to hopefully finish within one year.
I would like to do things for the world, to research cases for environmental groups and such. I can be smart, I am acing the paralegal course. My mom and bro think that those ideas are pipe dreams. My mom thinks I live in a dream world. I am very worried about the direction of the world today.
I threw something at the wall because it seems like I can't communicate anything to my mom, that she doesn't understand anything but maybe that. She does not know how much she upsets me with some things she says. She wanted to have her way and feed my daughter at 8PM, when she is supposed to be asleep then. After having to give reasons for everything I do and then engage in conflict, I was really tired of it. I told her to leave my room so I could put her to sleep. She refused to give me my baby. I was furious. I have never thrown anything before. I think too that I was really upset that my mom was back from her vacation. For me it is a nightmare, for even though my mom cares about me she is a Scorpion, and has a lot of the less good parts of those astrological qualities. On the one hand, she is very caring, on the other she is pushy and vengeful.
My mom says that I am not emotional enough, that I need to be angry. Well, if I am angry at anyone, it is her. After I broke up with A's dad, she touched every nerve I had, and refused to let me alone. She had my best interests at heart at least some of the time, but I really could not take the indepth analysis of my failed relationship with every family member and me.

I feel weary of these problems, and hardly want to share any of my ideas with anyone at all because the conflict is bringing me down. I know if I just gave in on my principles, I would have a lot less conflict. But I am a real stickler in my beliefs about vegetarianism and also worries about genetically engineered foods. So my family can get annoyed because I won't eat this, or let A. eat that. Now my sister is so sweet, and she would just go along with people.

I think sometimes I would like someone to talk to but at the same time don't want to share that I am sad about it, because what will it achieve? It might only depress others. Besides that, it is inconvenient to find someone to talk to when my friends are pretty mush out of state. So that is why I am writing so much I imagine. In any case, the sulfur did seem to be helping the rash though it turned flaky, and it seems to help with the sinus congestion left from the cold I have too. My baby has a cold too, with sinus problems that are clear from her coughing as she sleeps on her back. I really don't want her to have antibiotics, and it looks like she caught whatever I had, with coughing and sneezing.
Momma last decade
I remember that it is hard to give advice without a picture. So I am going to give a picture.

I am just under 5'2", hazel green eyes, pale somewhat transparent skin, a few freckles on shoulders where badly burned, tan very very slowly, medium blonde wavy hair, sometimes my nose tints reddish, sometimes my cheeks, have always been thinner than most everybody average 100 lbs. now i am 110 after pregnancy a year and a half ago. My extra weight goes to my buddha belly, or sometimes to my thighs. I have energy to move around, preferring not to sit still.
In high school I took tetracycline antibiotic for acne on my forehead and some on my nose and chin. In college I got bronchitis often, one time twas very dangerous through my body, until my tonsils were removed. Now when I get sick from a cold I tend to get sinus problems afterward, and can't breathe out of one or the other nostril.
I try to be strict about my diet, so that I eat healthy despite cravings for sweets and creamy foods. According to Ayurveda, I am Vata Pitta type. I avoid hard cheeses, genetically engineered foods, and sometimes because I flush warmly after eating them I avoid potatoes or other foods in the belladonna family.
My father's side of the family seems healthier, except perhaps for heart problems and some skin cancer. My great uncle (my dad's mom's brother) stuttered problem, I noticed, too. My mom's side has a lot of thyroid problems and some cancer in the lower body.
I have an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto's in which the thyroid is destroyed.
I am a Capricorn with Leo moon. I tend to be private about myself, reticent, sometimes overly self-conscious. I am most comfortable doing something, and feeling as if offering an important contribution.

The rash on my left side has stopped flaking and is getting less. The rash on my left arm is beginning to look scaly and will probably flake too soon.

On another post nux vomica and sulphur were recommended to me. I am not going to get them yet since I have to do a few things before going to the far away natural foods store to get those things. So I wanted to share some more information about me. Writing these posts is a lot easier than doing my homework, but I had better start. Thank you your responses above! I enjoyed reading them.
Momma last decade
Oh and I always tend to dry skin and being cold, altho with thyroid medicine sometimes I can get a warmer temperature now.

I have to add that my baby seems to have a cough getting worse and her tongue's center to the back is covered with something opaque whitish (thrush or mucus?). The rims and edges are clear and normal. Strange.
Momma last decade
Fluoride, as we think of it today is not the naturally found substance called Fluoride.

Over 30 years ago Scientists (?) decided that a by-product of aluminum production resembled the action of (real) Fluoride and mass produced it "as" Fluoride. So each time a person today gets their teeth painted with Fluoride, it is a by-product of aluminum. Not good...no??

One can always check that the body has/or had arsnic as it lodges in the hair and it never leaves the hair, even when the body has managed to expell it in the natural elimination process.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Your "infant" daughter is obviously "old" enough to get into a bottle of something, so this is a clue to you to be more accurate with your reporting please.

For the cough, give her Calcarea Carb 200X (this is similar to 2C up to 6C in the potencies) Give/take 2 doses per day for 2 days only.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Hi Momma - can understand what you write - must be really frustrating to deal with your mom, well-intentioned or otherwise. Also understand the not-great feelings re. living with your parents - and feeling sort of trapped? I think you need to vent a lot - go ahead.
How old are you (is 32 your age or your brother's - not clear from your post)? Any problems with the pregnancy? When did A's dad leave?
Shall work out a remedy for you. It might well be sulphur - lets see. Please do take Sabra's advice re. your baby's cough, and post a report in a day or two. (yeah, Sabra - she says her daughter is 18 months old.)
Minsa last decade
Thank you both much for your post. I am 32, oops 33 years old. Forgot another year passed. I will get some Calcarea Carb 200X, or 2C or 6c. I will look for it tomorrow because my 18 mo. old baby girl is sounding awful tonight. I hope it is not connected to my taking sulphur.

It is 3AM and I got up because her breathing is so loud and she keeps coughing as if there is muck in her throat and I hope it is not her chest too.

Baby A's diaper rash is gone, and I can't figure out what this cough is. She was just at the doctor who said she looked all clear: lungs, ears, etc., except she might have a virus. Sometimes she is hacking like a bark or just a loud sharp cough to get her throat or chest clear, I don't think it is whooping cough.

She seems to be sleeping and there is no fever. Her skin is normal, she looks fine.
Momma last decade
During the pregnancy I had some small problems. A polyp on the uterus wall meant I was told not to move or be careful a while. One time I also fainted in the post office because of low blood pressure. Generally I felt good.

The actual delivery my water broke overnight, then the contractions and opening were too slow. So the next day in the afternoon I got some allopathic medicine to start the contractions.

While I was pregnant with A her father was 99%sweet, cooking for me sometimes, considerate, and we went to many natural places like forests and lakes *swimming). Money was a stress, and sometimes he was a bit exacting about how things should be in his eyes but it wasn't too bad while pregnant (one thing would be to do something he wanted but I would have to guess it, and then he was pouting about my not having done it, this was annoying, a stupid mental game). He was always trying to take care of me and introducing me to new people he had met.

Her father didn't actually leave. I told him either he stopped fighting with me in front of the baby, calm down, or I would leave. After the baby was born I could tell he went through a period of wanting to establish himself as the authority or of importance. He continued to start fights and was ridiculous. It was stressful. Then I left. He was very sad, but I think he had a choice and a habit hard to break. Maybe he will change. He would like to see A, but he is a bit too poor at the moment. I do love him, though. Now we are more like friends from a distance.

He has a lot of problems. I said earlier an eating disorder. He also spent all my money and then stole some to pay me back from someone "rich," then spent all the money again. I didn't know he stole it as we spent it. Money burns his hands. He is not good at understanding the basic parts of life, like how to do taxes, find health insurance, etc. His mother is an alcoholic, and he sometimes drinks too much alcohol when depressed, but mainly he abuses food. His father is and was awful, so when he was a kid there was fighting at home, emotional abuse, and he was assigned the job of caring for family and speaking to the lawyers wanting to repossess things. His mother apparently neglected him too, instead crying and drinking about her husband's affairs.

Anyway on a positive note A's father is a social charmer, interested in politics, news, a great communicator, and makes friends with everyone around. I think A got the last part from him. She is chatty and a charmer, not so shy and reticent like moi. She works her audience.
Momma last decade
I was doing a search on the net for opaque coated white tongue and came up with a hit to Kali Mur... What do you think Sabra since you suggested Calc. for baby A.? I am still planning to get the Calc. by tomorrow.

Thanks for reading my posts.
Momma last decade
My toddler is still coughing this morning like last night, and sometimes I notice it looks likeshe is a bit scared, her eyes get big because I think she can't breathe for a second. She opens her mouth wide sometimes but doesn't cough, I think she is trying to breathe better but is gagging on mucus. There is a lot of fluid I think, perhaps in her chest? I don't know where it is. She is not coughing anything up, I think she cannot get it out.

Her tongue is coated a bit less, it is more like a horseshoe shape now, with the heaviset part in the middle.
Momma last decade

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