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Sabra, would like your input.....long post for you

major problem I want to solve is burning thoat in wind pipe area, gas/indigestion with or without foods, very bloated. I smoke and love coffee, now drinking only one cup of caffinated in the morning and decafe after that, also I' ve been drinking decafe green tea too.

What I take daily: thyroid med., fiber powder, tea for elimination, Nat. Phos. 6x. Magnesium citrate, calcium citrate with vit. D.

Just started taking every other day Lypo-spheric Vit. C it is a dietary supplement Utilizing liposomal Encapsulation Technology with maximized bio-Availability Delivered via "Smart" Liposomal Nano-Spheres.
I'm on my third packet and take it every other day till I'm used to it. It cleans and detoxifies the liver, and delivers Omega 3 and 6. Can get some symtoms of this detoxification. This why I'm starting with every other day.

Explanation of this supplement....They are sub-mircoscopic bubbles made from Essential Phospholipids----filled with a chosen supplement--that are able to navigate through the digestive system directly to a particular "target" where the release their contents. This type of encapsulation eliminates degradation of the supplement by free-radicals, enzymes, digestive juices, bile salts, foods or other active substances before it is made available for use by the body. As a result, individuals may see dramatic increase in the amount of the supplement actually usable by the body. It's to maintain cellular, glandular, hepatic and cardiac health.

Feelings: Want to be alone, but tolerate others, not very patient lately, but don't make waves, sensitive to critical people. Sick of feeling full and unhealthy. I do like to help others. Good at incouraging others to be good to themselves. Not overly critical except of myself. Want to turn details over to others and feel overwhelmed at times with them. Sensitive to cold weather on skin. Have frostbite on most of the body. Like massages, dislike tickling or soft tickel type touch. Lethargic in the afternoon, about 1pm. Not sleeping well. Wake off and on a few times at night. Sensitive to noises. Unexpected noises can startle me. Don't like windy conditions, especially on face and in ears, but have chills then hotflashes and need a ceiling fan on low at night. Sometimes feel jumpy or trembly in stomach area.

I'm taking Naturm Phos. 6x as needed after meals, the feeling of being full is coming on with half of what I could usually eat prior to this gassy indigestion and burning throat. Which started aprox. 3weeks into March of this year. I started out with Power dopholus before or with meals and Mag. Phos. 6x, 4 balls after meals. It helped some on my ablility to burp. Now I'm taking Magesium citrate and 4 balls of Naturm Phos. 6x, 4balls, after meals if I'm feeling full. I was reading some other posts and was thinking I should discontinue? I has seemed to help. But have I overdone it? I'm wondering if I can continue with this Nat. Phos. and if the dosage is OK. I take arnica at night.

If my stomach is empty it sometimes also feels full under the rib area, along with the burning throat.
My throat burns if I bend over, and if not elevated while laying down.

I'm going in for my physical this May 3rd and will have the doctor look into getting an endoscopy done. I do not want PPI's as my digestion is important. I recently read an article that bacteria (not the kind found in the stomach H. Pylori) can get trapped and live in the esophogus and cause some people to have gerd like symtoms or heart burn. Not sure yet if that may be the problem. I do not want to take antibiotics. I want natural healings if possible.

I have IBS (the constipated kind) very painful when gas is trapped in the colon. I take a fiber powder in the morning and drink a tea after my last meal of the day. This is called, Klenz tea and Internal sweep. It's the only thing I've found that keeps working for me to eliminate daily with the least amount of painful gasses in the colon. There are many herbs in this stuff.

I've also realized that some of this constipation problem is nerve related. I have found if I'm browsing in the Library just reading the binding of the books on the shelf, my gas will start to move with the possibility of a bowel movement. Thinking it must be a brain mode or something. As I'm relaxed and browsing.

I had all my top teeth extracted last Oct. and have had dental work done on my lower teeth to keep them in good shape, I have some hypersentivity on a couple teeth and they are treating this with floride(not the drinking kind, and I don't get floride in my well water) and sensodyne toothpaste. (I'm not thrilled doing anything with floride.) But have been doing the treatments to desensitize the bottom teeth. There are only a couple of really bad spots and I'm trying to treats just those.

9yrs ago I grew a very large tumor in my abdomen, the size of a volleyball, they called it a chocolate tumor, they took an ovary and my appendex at that time. One year later I grew another one and had a total hysterectomy 8yrs ago. The doctors concluded my female organs were causing these growths. I'm also on thyroid meds. I had thyroid cancer in 1989 they took out the lump and shut my throid off with med. I'm taking a little over what I need, if they lower the dosage it ends up too low. This is why I can't regulate the hotflashes. Before I get a hotflash I get the chills and use a rice pack to feel warm, then the hotflash starts, I can feel my heartbeat where my extractions were in my mouth first, then I start to feel hot all over, and very short tempered at that time. My hair has been dryer and turning grey since the hysterectomy also.

I have problems with my rotater cuffs hurting and the chiropractor is having me do some excersises for strengthening. Seems to be helping some but have problems with raising and lower arms, the shoulders hurt.

I have chapped type skin around nostrils. It gets sore. It's like oily and flaky. Same type of skin in between brow area.

If I bump my hands the bones hurt alot. I also get hot spots on my hands if I have to grip something. Like vacuuming I have to wear gloves or I get these hot areas that also itch. Takes awhile for it to go away.

Tried to describe as much as possible, let me know what else you need. Thanks in advance.
  upnorth on 2005-05-02
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Sabra I'm sure you will apply some 'common ' sense to this.

So many problems due to accepting the advice of medics and going for operations that shut the vents that are relieving the problem!.
passkey last decade
Passkey, I hear you there, so many times I've wanted to go off of the thyroid meds, but the thought of having the cancer grow back is way too scary. The doctors say it is the brain that makes the cancerous cell in the thyroid gland. If I go off of the meds. the chances of getting it back is about 90%. Sigh. I've been cancer free since 89' wouldn't want to mess that up.
upnorth last decade
Not recommending that you abandon the thyroid treatment but I think you are taking too many things you body , already abused is totally confused.

The fullness under the ribs is due to the fact that the liver has problems.

Bone pains mean that the periostium is not all it should be .

You are showing signs for
1] Lycopdium
2] Arsenicum Alb
3] Phos
4] Pulsatilla
5] Nux Vom
6] Iodium

as well as 2 of the Nosodes .

But check out the above listed and advise which suit you ,
We could go from there .
passkey last decade
Have printed it out, will check back.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Passkey, in your opinion, what did you specifically mean by too many things?

Tea...is hard on the liver, would like to find something else in place of it for that reason.

lipo-spheric Vit. C...is for detoxing the liver.

calcium w/D

Naturm Phos....for heatburn and gas indigestion.

Which ones(?) are you saying is too much.
I was advised to take calcium and mag. because of bone loss as too much thyroid causes much bone loss. I've always had the sensitive bones, since I was a child.

I'm 44 yrs old. Forgot to say that earlier.

I do want to do that lipo-spheric vit c...there is web site I could post to explain how much is does for the body. I need the omega's. My cholesterol needs to be addressed also. It's a bit high on the bad kind and I'm not getting enough good oils in my diet, this will do that for me.

Passkey, I'll look up the items you've listed.

Thank you sabra, will look forward to reading your post too.
upnorth last decade
Just an opinion , but many people take all sorts of things for different reasons.

All the reasons are logical but everything you take affects the liver and often it is better to stop taking everthing and wait . Then when the dust has settled you can get a clearer view .

But anyway am sure that Sabra will advise you with nature and wisdom.
passkey last decade
Working on it. Sabra
sabra last decade
Well, as I read, I finally realized you are a woman. Forgot that little info.

You know, you sound like you know allopathic medicine quite well. Are you a nurse or other health worker?

How well do you know Homeopathy?

You must drink at least 10 cups of water per day. This amounts to 4, 20oz bottles of water per day. NO caffeine AT ALL. Decaf is out too. All decaf is, is coffee beans cooked more and differently.

No sodas what so ever. NO diet anything. Use Stevia as a sweetner. You probably have a hidden candida/thrush/yeast condition.

Some of the things you mentioned, sound like you have thought it out and studied a lot. You are at least really trying to understand the difficult conditions of your body. So this makes you ahead of the adverage person.

Are the supplements you are taking from a health store or are they found in a regular pharmacy? You will have to seriously consider health products. Pharmacy means allopathic chemicals and processed stuff.

Never take a multi vit as one never knows what one will be sensitive to. Take all separate.

When you reply about different things, we will talk more. Ask questions.

I find that KALI SALICYLICUM 10M would benefit you well. Take two doses per day, if you can. If you get uncomfortable in some way, cut to one dose.

Take every 3 days only. Take for 6 times, this is 16 days. Do not take if symptoms increase and you are too uncomfortable. One never knows if a remedy will do this or not.

If increased too much cut to one dose a day, every third day. Mark your calendar. May have to skip 1 day and continue on the 6th day if uncomfortable.

I hope none of this occurs, 2x a day every other day.

Please report on this post as you go.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Every third day!! Sabra
sabra last decade
Sabra thank you so much for your input, research, and time. I'll do what I can to fill you in as much as possible, you efforts are greatly apprieciated!!!!!!!

Kali sALICYLICUM 10M ...I did a search and abc homeo. store doesn't have this, I'll see if I can order it from my health foods store. She will order what ever I want if she can get it. I did finally get my book out again 'Your bodies many cries for water' I read that a couple of years ago and makes a lot of sense. It said just what you said, about the water. The valve in the lower part of the stomach gets tighter without the proper amount of water and the valve in the top of the stomach relaxes at the same time. I used to be very diligent on drinking at least 10 glasses and many times more than that especially if I was hot. I have slacked off and got back to my old ways. (coffee with turbanado sugar) I'll wean myself off of that while I search around for the kali salicylicum 10m...have no idea if I can find it.

I've always just been interested in how the body works and have read many articles over the years. I find it interesting. I've never had any training, just an interest to know more on the workings of the body, don't have much knowledge about homeopathics either, just have been reading up on it for the last 6months when I had all my upper teeth pulled. I have TMJ also ....Sometimes I think, what don't I have!! LOL.. I'll tell you it is much harder to write about myself than to appeal for help when it's someone else.

Since I wrote the first post, I've been to the doctor. I did have what she calls "bubbles in my ear" I usually have them in both ears and I'm dizzy, this time it was only in the right ear. I had a different temp. in each ear also, higher in the right with the bubbles than the left.

Ok, now your gonna roll your eyes and grit your teeth. She talked me into trying the prevacid...I really didn't want to do that! I have tried it and it doesn't do much at all. I took it for the last 4 days, one 10mg am and one in the pm one hour before the meal. Ok, You can yell at me. I knew better too. Those doc.'s are just so convincing sometimes. I'm suppose to be getting a call from same day surgery for an endoscopy, if just the water relieves my symtoms some, I may reconsider this. What do you think? I don't have any insurance coverage for this because I do not spend one night in the hospital, I only have hospitalization insurance. I have to pay out of pocket for everything.

I'm not taking anymore of what she (the doc) recommended as of today and am starting back up on the water, but will have 1/2 cup of caffine so I don't get that nasty headache, this way, by the time I get what you recommended I'll be off of it completely. I'll drink an extra 1 and 1/2 cups of water to compensate. I'll start a search for what you recommended today also. And make a chart for the days I'm suppose to take it. Will it say on the bottle what one dose means, you didn't say what exactly one dose was. Since I'm on enought thyroid med. for shut mine off, I use only a high mineral salt for mineral replacement, all that water does wash out the minerals needed in the system.

I only take a certain kind of multi-vit. if I take one at all. It's the Amway kind, no fillers, no yeast , no colors etc... and the plants are organic grown and harvested so as not to lose any nutrients, and they dissolve within an hour of taking. Most of the time I take individual and specific types of supplements. When I say 'most' I mean, only in a very rare occasion would I buy something like magnesium citrate from walmart. I usually get my individual vit. from a vitamin place. As I do not want fillers and yeast or colors in anything I take.

I'm very short waisted and I don't really have liver 'pain' it is more like pressure a lot of pressure. I have been diagnosed with scoliosis too..(spelling?) curvature of the spine. I do feel like my spine is somewhat weak or lazy and catch myself slumping a lot.

I don't drink pop, my colon won't allow it, causes me much distress. (IBS) I don't use any 'diet sugar' stuff either. I do know if it's a yeast problem not to have sugar, just didn't really think that was the problem, but that may be it now that you mention it. The Power Dopholis can't hurt.

What are some of the side affects I can expect with this 'kali salicylicum 10m'? You said if I get uncomfortable, cut to one dose. I would like to know what to expect. Is everyone different in their side effects of this? What would you say is the most common side effect.

You may be interested to know that about a year after my total hysterectomy I went to urgent care for a burning back pain. I was not emptying my bladder on my own and could not eliminate properly in the colon. When all was said and done what the conclusion was, my bladder and my bowels have very little nerve endings that work. My bladder works better now, and the fiber powder and the tea help, if I don't use it I'm in total discomfort, it took me 6mos. to use just 3/4 of the dose they recommend of the fiber powder. That is still all I can tolerate.

I'll begin my search today for the homeopathic you recommended. I hope I can find it. Thank you again.
upnorth last decade
These are two more suppliers.
If they have it, order the smallest bottle and #10 granules.



TMJ can be adjusted by a recommended chiropractor.

I cannot tell you of any response to a remedy. Everyone is an individual.

Homeopathy does NOT have side effects. Side effects means a negative activity that is harmful to the body. Allopathic meds have side effects.

The increased symptoms means that suppressed things from the allopathic meds are resurfacing and being released and if one sticks to homeopathy, never to return.

Yes, I really cringed when you said you were taking "stuff" for "bubbly ears." What rot! "Reflux disease" is rot too! The MDs must name everything to satisfy the publics' pitiful mewings.

Drink Water, nothing else.

Homeopathy treats the whole body. Many times one changes remedies as we go. This is the process to get the body "back" to health.

Please keep reporting so we can work together.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
correction, I wasn't taking stuff for the bubbly ears, I was trying that for the acid stomach and bloating along with my heartburn. I agree, it was rot. What a waste of time and money. My chiropractor can only help with the symtoms as my whole upper jaw now tilts high on the right side from a partial I wore since I was 18...I'm now 44.

News for you. I do have the endoscopy scheduled for the 23rd of may. They just called today.

I'll try calling the number you gave, the lady that I usually order from cannot get what you suggested.

The burning throat is pretty awful today, and the full feeling. Looking forward to some relief! Thanks again.
upnorth last decade
Sabra I talked to a Cortney and she said Mike could make it to a 10m strenth but it would take 3weeks and another week for ship and payment to cross in the mail. They only carry the 1m ...what do you suggest, just drink water? no sugars? and wait for this shipment then. I wouldn't be able to start it for 4weeks at least. I'll check back for your reply.
upnorth last decade
More specifically, should I call back and order this then?
upnorth last decade
As you are in the uk try

Galen Homeopathics
Lewell mill .
West Stafford .
Dorset DT2 8AN.
Phone outside UK – 0044 1305

inside 01305
265759 or 263996
passkey last decade
Passkey I'm from the US not the UK..It take 3weeks to make this into a 10m from a 1m. Once it's made it will not take that long to get.
upnorth last decade
Sabra I'm going to call back and order it. I won't get it till after my endoscopy, but at least it will be coming.
upnorth last decade
Get the 1M and hold the bottle before the dose and say: "Match this remedy to the needs of my body for complete healing." and don't forget to say thank you.

I have been doing this for many years as we cannot have all the potencies we need.

I see what you mean about the jaw. Lachsis is good for this pain, but try the Kali sal first to see the results.

We want to heal the whole body not just the jaw.

Please keep posting and please do not take any antibiotics.

Water, Water, Water. NO caffeine.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
If it comes in tiny granules, take a "few" rolled out onto the hand. Do not put back into bottle. If the bigger balls like BBs take two as one dose.


You could also make it into a bottle of drinking water and shake well. One swallow, or a half teaspoon is a dose. Mark the bottle so no one else uses it.

Keep in rif and this will last the 16 days. This is why one buys the smallest bottle available. One will not be taking a bunch of this remedy and no need for 2 oz of it.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Roll around in the mouth as it goes from the saliva glands to the brain/body. Melt pellets/granules under the tongue.

Homeopathy does not use digestion. I keep forgetting that you do not know a lot about homeopathic use.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Too bad I didn't get your post in time for the order, I feared they would not be open on a Saturday, so I ordered it yesterday, Mike is making it into the 10m for me, the smallest I could order was 250pellets. No smaller! It is pretty spendy and I chose the priority mail also so I didn't have to wait another week before getting the remedy once it was done.

I looked for information about this remedy, so did the lady I usually order from, she couldn't find it either. I certainly won't need all these pellets.:(

Life seems a bit overwhelming right now. My bloating and throat are very uncomfortable. I've lived with the jaw problem for years that doesn't bother me as much as the bloat/throat.

I won't have the caffine. Just water. I did know about the saliva glands working with homeopathics, not much more than that about it.

The 250 pellets plus shipping came to just over $30.00 american money. Pretty pricey for a remedy here. Hope it does what's needed! I'll check back in often. Thanks for taking the time with me Sabra.
upnorth last decade
Sabra, can I ask what "is" KALI SALICYLICUM suppose to do for me?
upnorth last decade
As I said, one cannot predict as you are an individual. It was chosen for the whole person. Your responses, if any will tell us more.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Can't do much more right now except drink more water and wait till I get the remedy in the mail. I'm doing good staying off of the coffee and I'm drinking at least 10 glasses of water.

I really want to back out of the endoscopy appointment. I have to pay out of pocket for it but hubby won't let me, he is too worried that it may be a growth or something. I makes me worry to have to pay another big medical bill right now.
upnorth last decade
Would like to hear from you.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade

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