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homeopathy help for my cat

Could I please have some advice. My cat is 16, she's a black and white moggy who has never been ill up until yesterday.

Yesterday morning, I noticed 3 spots of fresh blood which was a bright red Colour in the bath - she sometimes goes in the bath to urinate. I have 2 cats so it took me until this morning to discover which one was having the problems.

Molly is also vomiting her food which has been happening occassionally over the last 10 days or so but until today I wasn't too concerned.

The only visits she ever had to the vet is vaccinations and a post natal check up when she had a litter of kittens at 9 months. She was unusually maternal and protective over the kittens and we kept one.

Molly, other than the symptoms mentioned and occasional conjunctivitis which is a pale green colour appears to be just a little bit quieter than her usual self. I have noticed that the ammount of urine being passed has increased in amount and frequency and I noticed her straining this morning. She's a very contented cat and is still looking for food - it's not being vomited straight after she eats it. It's many hours later and it's undigested. She is still very bright and showing no other symptoms at the moment. I am taking her to the vet but wanted Homeopathic advice also.

If any further information is requied by anyone wishing to help - please just let me know what you need.

Kindest regards
  uriel33 on 2011-02-07
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Molly has a UTI and the vet is not concerned. She is being treated with anibiotic and anti inflammitory injections with no further complications expected,

If someone could let me know of their Homeopathic opinion regarding Molly I would greatly appreciate it.

Kindest regards
uriel33 9 years ago
It is important to treat this as cats at this age quite commonly get kidney failure. Can you describe your cats character and whether its changed? is it drinking more?
Maybe look at remedies like canth, staph
anna_jenkins 9 years ago
How do I describe Molly :o) - she is one of the best cats ever! As a kitten and young cat she was crazy - climbed the walls, swung from the curtains, was always out. We also have a dog, we're on our second since having Molly and I would say and I would say she ruled. Thr roost from day 1. she is a particularly clever cat - know to tuck her paws under when u tell her to, knows and answers to her name . I love my cats but have major skin problems with them so that's what she needs to do if she wants to sit on my knee. She is very contented and although not a clingy animal she does like her cuddles she's also happy on her own. She doesn't go out as much now but still likes to go out and have a nosey and loves getting attention from the neighbours. She can be quite tollerant with the toddlers with the family but if they do annoy her she'll just get up and get out of the way. I wouuldn't say she was frightened of anything - probably the opposite. She's a very strong willed old lady. She can be quite demanding at times - especially when she wants a cuddle or is looking for food. She let's the dog know she's in charge although they can be as guilty as each other for this. An eaxample would be if the dog was lying sleeping and Molly was feeling particularly mischevious and wanting to dominate her ahe will go over and rub herself all over the dog, lie in beside and generally just annoy nuala until she shifts out her road and she gets her own way. She got out at 5 months before we got her dressed and got pregnant. She had 5 kittens and the vet was astounded that a cat, especially one so young had such strong maternal and protective instinct - she was great! She's a really easy going and contented cat. She's still very bright, she's picked up and back to herself since being to the vet - first non routine visit in 16 years. She's never been ill before. She's also very quick to sneak into places. I can't have her in my room because I break out in a rash but she still manages to get into my wardrobe for a sleep every now and again. I'm not sure if there is anything else that sticks out about her.

Lucy, Molly's daughter, the kitten we kept is completely different.she's very timid and I was thinking Staphy for her. She really needs to stand up for herself but Molly has no problems here whatsoever. Thanks again Anna your opinion is trully welcomed. I was concerned about her kidneys, liver and the possibility of something equally as sinister but at the moment - the vet isn't concerned. Homeopathy would just allow Molly's own system to strengthen and that's what I'm looking for...

If you need further information I'd be happy to let you know more.

Kindest Regards,
uriel33 9 years ago
when u say straining do you mean she was in pain? is she restless? how long ago did she have kittens?
i did not mean to say i think she has kidney trouble just to be aware of it!
anna_jenkins 9 years ago
Behaviour wise since yesterday or the few weeks leading up to this she hasn't changed much at all which is why I wasn't concerned until yesterday. Her appetite is still the same. We have her on wet food now and she wasn't liking or digesting the dry food very well. She licks all the jelly off the meat before she eats anything else. She turns her nose up at any kind of human meat - fresh chicken, tuna etc but we do have to be careful with leaving roasts out to cool - mainly beef or lamb as she is very guilty of stealing meat off the bone and she'll also lick the fat and meat juices. Her drinking hasn't noticeably increased that i've noticed but she was pittyful this morning and quite drained looking. She's vey contented agin - even sleeping she looks much better. She was less tollerant of kids when she was a young cat. As soon as she heard my young cousins who where about 3 years of age at this point _ she was off. She didn't like kids at all. If she's pushed she will scratch but it is infrequent.

Her appetite is the same and even when we had her in the car tonight she was very curious about what was going on outside.

So, there really hasn't been anything noticeably different about her - except a bit quieter and listless.

thanks again Anna
uriel33 9 years ago
Hi Anna,

I didn't take offense or assume you thought she had kidney failure. I know your were just bringing that to my attention and my thoughts and concerns are with you on that which is why I would love advice on a Homeopathic remedy to help get Molly through this wee infection and any other complications that her age will throw at her over the next few years - thank you...

With regards to her straining. I had to work out what cat was unwell and how much blood was actually being passed so I had a white towel down on the kitchen floor. I walked into the kitchen and at first it looked like she was just sitting very quiet on the floor, which is unusual for Molly but no, her tail and back end was twitching and she was straining to urinate but obviously there was nothing to empty out from her bladder. There was a few further spots of blood. I picked her up and had a good feel over her abdomen/ tummy area and there was no immediate signs of any discomfort - she's comfortable be picked up and handled. In fact I would say she's very comfortable as she is very quick to purr and get herself snuggled in. The vet did confirm this so it seems the discomfort is purely coming from the bladder irritation and it's making her think she needs the toilet when she actually doesn't - this has settled again tonight and she has been using her litter tray. I haven't noticed any more blood tonight yet either
uriel33 9 years ago
She had the kittens just over 15 years ago when she was 9 months old.

She wasn't restless at all. She was more listless and looking a bit sorry for herself..
uriel33 9 years ago
good good well i would try canth to start with in my opinion. if she is drinking you can drop it in her water or milk, otherwise it is hard to get it into there mouths.
anna_jenkins 9 years ago
Thanks Anna,

What potency, how many doses and for how long?

I really appreciate your help on this...
uriel33 9 years ago
i would do 30c one a day for 5 days and see how she is then. if any other symptoms occur let me us know.
anna_jenkins 9 years ago
Excellent Anna and thanks again.

I take Lm's and I know water dosage works differently. As there are 2 cats I'm thinking about water dosage as this will be a better and easier way of doing this? Would you advise me on how much water to dissolve the pillule in and how much of it to give to Molly if you're happy for me to go ahead - she will take it orally through a dropper.

I dissolve 1 of my pillules in 10Mls of water and take a teaspoon. Am I right in thinking it would be different for the water dosing?

I'll report back to you in no longer than a week - I'll get the çantharis, hopefully tomorrow..

Best Wishes Anna!
uriel33 9 years ago
Also, I should mention here, the antibiotic injection she was given lasts for two weeks. I'll see how she progresses over the next month or so..
uriel33 9 years ago
i would not worry too much about the water dilution. take as you said that would be fine.
Good luck!
anna_jenkins 9 years ago

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