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Dog with severe puncture wounds/lacerations

My outside dog, was apparantly attacked last night either by a coyote or a pack of wild dogs.

His injuries are all puncture wounds, the worse one is on his leg, about 12 wounds in all.

On his chest it appears the tooth punctured and tore the skin so there is a gaping hole, which drips blood when flushed.

We called 7 vets, and only 2 returned our calls because it is Sunday. One wanted 500 dollars to sew up the chest and the other wanted 150 dollars to give an antibiotic shot. Thank goodness they were instantly turned down.

I currently have him on Ledum 30C
Arnica 30C
Echinacea 30C

My questions are:

What other remedies should I be giving him if any at all?

Any for the laceration on the chest?

I know these wounds need to drain, because puncture wounds run a high risk of infection. I did read to avoid Calendula because it will too quickly seal the wound.

I am flushing his wounds with soapy water and colloidal silver.

Is there any remedy out there which will help his skin seal and re-heal, because stitches are not a possibility at this point?

Any suggestions, I am grateful for, as is my dog(Buddy) What a day!

  Namaste27 on 2005-05-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
My preference in this type of situation is Bellis per 10m , but Arnica 10m is the next best
passkey last decade
I've got Arnica 200C, will that suffice?

Thanks Passkey,
Namaste27 last decade
I dont like the 200 but in this case yes and quick.
passkey last decade
How often Passkey?

Namaste27 last decade
Will he take it plussed in water? It does avoid the 200 aggravation if you plus the remedy. I'd say 3 hrly - lets see what passkey says.
As for the Calendula - please use it - diluted. Nothing like it - yes, I have, on my badly bitten strays.
Good luck, Namaste.
Minsa last decade
Don't forget LEDUM for puncture wounds. Tetanus. One or two doses of 30X is enough. Ledum and Arnica work well together.

ECHINACEA 1M is for blood disorders, bites of many kinds. Good for the infection/inflamation. To avoid blood poisoning. Two doses each day for 3 days and then once a day for several days.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Thank you everyone for your kind advice! It is great to have a support forum like ABC.

Buddy is on Ledum 30C as well and the Echinacea, thanks to you Sabra for teaching us all about it. One of the first remedies I gave him so infection would not set in.

His strength and vitality are greatly improved this morning and the wounds are beginning to seal. No signs of infection, his leg is swollen from the one bite, and his chest is still open, but he is laying on it which shows me it is healing.

When my husband arrives home tonight, I will put Calendula on his bites, thank you Minsa.

I am so thankful for these remedies and the miracles they create every day in this world.

Namaste27 last decade

Yes, he will take the remedy plussed in water, since he is on goat's milk and water for now.

Namaste27 last decade
Congrats on a good all round co- operative effort.
passkey last decade
Oh my, Namaste, your poor dog!

All the advices are great (I think), use calendula-it will heal, not seal. Also I'd rather use here bellis-p instead of arnica-which can be even injurious after the bite of a rabid animal.ledum is great for puncture wounds- i might only add HYPERICUM as nerves were certainly affected too.
And watch:swollen (apis)? hemorrhagr (plant, millef.)? etc.

I think it is good to have ACONITE on hand and always give it first for shock in such cases. But it works only in the first 24 hrs.
Astra2012 last decade
Thank you Astra.

Aconite was the first thing I gave him. By the time I found him under the front bush, he was almost out of shock. But when I gave him the remedy, his wounds began to bleed, a good sign that shock was over.

I am considering ordering the Bellis Perenis. This chest wound is pretty darn scary, but I have faith and I keep on shooting as much colloidal silver and calendula into it as I can.

Whatever animal did this to him, there was more than one, because he is a tough cookie by nature.

Buddy is the dog I helped through past abuse with Staphysagria, the one I could not get within 20 ft. of him when we moved here. He was once owned by a meth dealer, who shot his best dog friend in front of him and neglected and abused Buddy as well. When he went to jail, Buddy was abandoned and foraged for food for 1 year until we moved here.

Quite a lot of hell this creature has been through.

Thank you for the other suggestions as well, always grateful for your postings.


Namaste27 last decade
I ordered the Bellis Per. 10M and Arnica 10M just in case.

What should I give and how often? Both remedies or just one? I am assuming both because of the trauma and laceration.

Namaste27 last decade
I'd go with the Bellis - 1 dose? Uncertain since I've never used 10M on my animals - passkey?
What about Lyssin or Bell. to prevent rabies - I feel a bit worried since you don't know who attacked him. Poor boy - he's had enough trauma for a lifetime.
Minsa last decade
Just one dose of Bellis and wait a few days .

He's still alive so I dont expect rabies now?.

Bellis is the same family as Arnica , and to my mind better in a lot of situations.

I once brought a hammer down on my thumbnail at full pelt - I was stood near my store of remedies and took a Bellis 10m within seconds of the injury.

My thumbnail did not bruise or come off - you remember things like that !.
passkey last decade
Agree with Minsa and Passkey. I also never used 10M on animals-usually single dose is best-and bellis-p is called "British arnica" as they use it instead (has the same symptoms range).
Have you used arnica on him?
I heard awful stories about dogs dying after arnica (!) after they had been bitten.

Great that you gave him Aconite-works wonders!Actually you might take a dose yourself- it must have been quite a shock for you too.
Astra2012 last decade
Buddy had a rabies shot one month ago. Although the shot is no guarantee, I only gave it to him because it is the law here.

He is showing no signs of rabies. I think it is these two dogs down the road that roam, and they probably got into it, because Buddy is very overprotective of our yard. Or it could be coyotes, whatever it was I know did not leave unscratched.

Yes, he is on Arnica 200C and doing quite well from it. Have never heard of any animals dying from it, but I am going to give him a dose of the Bellis when it arrives.

This morning he was resting very comfortably when I awoke and before that my husband said he was walking around with minimal pain.

The toughtest part for him is the bite to the leg, the bones are slightly exposed on the inside and his leg is swollen. But greatly improved from when it first happened.

A million thanks to you all, your efforts on this forum are what keep me learning.

Two of my dogs had Parvo this past summer, one did not survive because she had no breast milk as a pup/minimal immunity,

a stray dog I took in got hit by a car fractured her leg and dislocated her hip, but is fully recovered, my other dog took off after a car and got his leg runover but that healed in 1 week, and my cat had bladder stones and lived through them.

None of these animals ever saw a vet, and fully recovered, except for my beloved angel with Parvo. I guess it was her time, she went to sleep and died in my husband's arms. But now I do carry the nosode on hand as a preventative.

It has been QUITE a year, but if it was not for the homeopathic remedies and this forum, I would not have known what to do to help them heal in all of these emergency situations.

Blessings to all of you,
Namaste27 last decade
How is he?
Minsa last decade
Thanks for asking Minsa.

Last night he was panting a lot I think because it was a hot night outside. So he really got my blood pumping. Belladonna 30C seemed to even his breathing and I sprayed him down with cool water. Had to bulb syringe him water orally with Bio Plasma dissolved.

You know, I thought it was infection gone to his heart or something, but there are still no signs of infection. Today he is better.

Still waiting on Bellis Per. it should be here today thankfully.

He is eating, drinking, peeing, walking, wags his tail, he's just worn out, sore and still has 3 open wounds.

For now it is day by day, and I think this new remedy will really jump start his healing.

Namaste27 last decade
justt keep doing what you are doing-nobody could do any better.

One of my cats had once wound on his hind leg (I took him to the vet who offered to amputate it!) and it was healed with ... broccoli juice! I found this accidentaly, (my one-day-old not-healing cut started to bleed a bit when in broccoli juice and then it was healed as by magic without leaving a scar!)).

So I grated washed broccoli stems and squeezed juice on his wound.Try it first either on yourself or on the most superficial wound. I have no idea how/why it works but it even fights infection!
Astra2012 last decade
Thanks Astra!

That is very interesting about broccoli juice, I will have to experiment with that, thanks.

The bellis arrived and I gave him a dose. Passkey is a genius, you can already see Buddy moving his leg with much more ease.

It's just a lesson in patience for me, I'm a mom, I want to fix and seal his wounds, but I have to let his body do it in time.

I'll keep you all posted.

Namaste27 last decade
He has some creamy yellow pus forming on the edges of one of his puncture wounds. Any suggestions?

Namaste27 last decade
You have done quite a lot of good on your own for this little pal.

If only we could see.

Have you cleaned the areas of damage with peroxide? This is not actually an antiseptic as one thinks, but the bubbles take oxygen to the area of injury.

I see you are giving the Ledum, Hypericum, Echinacea, and now the Bellis?

This is quite a lot of good healers. At this stage I wouldn't hesitate to make a combo in the water dish or a pop/lid water bottle to give a squirt every hour or two until signs of improvement and then cut to 3 times a day.

The one that comes up as a possible help now, is PYROGENIUM as it is good for dissecting wounds. Septic fevers, etc.

In regard to the broccoli juice, this could be interpreted as a chlorophyll treatment. Also broccoli has calcium. Any true green vegie leaves as spinach or kale in the blender and strained in a hanky, and placed as a soak bandage on the most inflamed areas wouldn't hurt the area.

One could make a poultice if it is kept within the hanky, and not let the actual pulp into the wound.

Watch for flies laying eggs on the wound. This wouldn't hurt, but help, BUT it is heck to fish out the maggots after they have done the work of eating bad flesh. They do not eat "good" flesh.

If this happens, one pours in peroxide and when the maggot comes up for air, one grabs with a tweezer. The wound heals well. It is just a disgusting thing to care for.

I wouldn't ordinarily mention such as this, but good to know what to do if it happens.

Keep us posted as to progress.

Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade

Thank you for sharing your time and wisdom with me.

I really appreciate the maggot ridding advice, I always wondered how to get rid of them. I was surprised to know they eat the dead flesh, I only learned of this a year ago.

Yes I have him on the cluster of remedies you mentioned and I am going to look into the Pyrogenium. Thank you for suggesting the cocktail I make for him and the number of times of dosing.

I have been trying to pour peroxide onto his wound with pus. Colloidal silver goes onto all the wounds. But he is the type of dog that if it hurts, he bites and will thrash his body so we can't get to the wounds.

His past of abuse is what makes him very intolerant of any pain at all. I muzzle him with the leash, but it is little steps with him at a time, he can't physically handle too much at once. and I'm not the type to bend easily when my animals need help and refuse it. So this has been quite the challenge with him.

In my homeopathic vet book hepar sulph is for wounds that animal won't let you touch, becomes angry.

I have him on that as well, diluted.

So it is pretty tough to get this little bugger what he needs, but all of your suggestions are logged in my notes and I am grateful for all you share.

He jumped onto the couch last night and is moving with more ease. But with open wounds you do have to watch the flies and infection, you are so right. It is day by day with him at this point.

I am on him like white on rice, because I know he can slip back at any point and go down hill. I'm even up twice per night checking on his wounds.

And your broccoli advice, thank you, you hit the nail on the head with the chlorophyll, I did not even think of that before. The poultice is a FABULOUS idea, I will have to try that.

Blessings to you,
Namaste27 last decade
Well I spent the morning dousing his wounds with peroxide and silver. He was not too happy with me and tried to bite me.

Buddy started looking like he was in pain again, and he seemed to be shaking from it. So another does of Bellis and VOILA, he almost looks like his old self.

That stuff is AMAZING.

Namaste27 last decade
Nice to have someone else appreciate Bellis
passkey last decade

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