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please experienced homeopaths Help me.eye floaters, pain when moving eye, dizziness, tinnitis

I have been having black floaters flying in front of my eyes, sometimes it is even hard to focus on what I read. More apparent on white paper. Also have photophobia.
pain behind eyes when I move them
sometime dizziness, as if not stable and going to fall, also car sick at the worst.

sometimes nausea at the worst.
Tight head on temples as if squeezed, tight jaw
ringing-whistling in ears constant, somtimes as if ears rere full. Seems worse after intellectual effort.hearing is not affected. worse maybe in evening or on bad days it can become very loud, making me angry and irritable.
  anabella on 2011-03-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
would nux vomica fit ? I was looking at some books. sometimes I feel as if I was intoxicated, but I don't drink alcohol, even coffee (coffee very much irritates me)
some smell like perfume and gasoline makes me nauseous.
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anabella last decade
Please take three doses of Nux Vomica 200 as follows and report back after 15 days.

day 1 morning
1st dose

day 1 evening
2nd dose

day 2 morning
3rd dose

One dose means
If the medicine is in pills form 4 pills. Don't touch pills with hand. Use cap of bottle to take pills.
If the medicine is in liquid dilution form, 3-4 drops in some 20 ml water. Sip up slowly.

Please follow homeo restrictions like no coffee, no raw onion/garlic, no strong perfumes, don't eat or drink anything within 30 minutes before or after taking medicine.
kadwa last decade
Dr kadwa

I was only thinking about Nux Vomica but I am not an expert at all.
I would like to make sure I am taking the right remedy for al my symptoms.

At the moment I have been taking Ambra Grisea 30ch every day 3 pellets and Lilium Tigrinum same dose for the last month. Also ferrum phos, ferrum met and china rubra 30ch same dose.

sorry but I would like to make sure it is finally the right remedy for me .
Can you please help.
anabella last decade
Dr Kadwa

Would Nux vomica deal with feeling of weakness in heart region after heavy perspiration at night?
anabella last decade
i am sorry to overwhelm you with all m=y questions.
i have been researching a lot recently as I need to find a solution to these debilitating symptoms.
I am wondering whether all these - night sweats, head feeing squeezed, ears ringing, even painful sometimes, nausea, pain behind eyes even anxiety and fogginess, eye floaters could come form allergies. I know I have allergies but I wonder if I don;t have too much mucus just sitting in my head?

But what about the night sweats? I just came across some websites citing night sweats as a delayed symptoms for allergies!

IS this possible?

Thank you for your dedication and help!
anabella last decade
If you want me to give you a remedy suggestion, you should answer questions that are asked for patient evaluation.

Please copy the Questionnaire from the following thread
and post all the questions here duly answered. On that basis your remedy may be worked out.
kadwa last decade
Patient ID:
Sex: Age: F - 41

Please answer the following questions in a descriptive manner after careful analysis and recollection of previous experiences and happenings.

1. Describe your main suffering?
#night sweats (wake up drenched nearly every night) if not bad only lower body and groin, but on bad nights, whole body, except head and hands. Feet, hands and head never feel sweaty.
#ringing in ears, someitmes it feels like it is in my head/brain, sometimes in just one ear, sometimes both, it is more a whistling, sometimes as a backgorund but can get very loud
#dizziness, like on a boat, floating (all the time), on bad nights, I have had the 'room spinning' with strong nausea
# I can feel 'car sick' even when I watch TV, in the car also, on just by moving on bad days
# exhaustion and weak, night sweat aggravating
# nightmares or vivid dreams all thru the night, waking up exhausted
# eye floaters, like back unformed black clouds moving in font of eyes, make reading difficult, or hard too even concentrate
# difficulty focusing, as had is in a fog, and bad memory, hard to focus on what people say, sometimes I cannot even focus on their eyes... as if I feel to shy, I feel I have to close eyes or escape
# photophobia, pain when moving eye, pressure behind eyes and in whole head
#tight head, temples, jaw, neck
# irregular heart beat, premature
# weak feeling in chest after night sweat, as if a brick on the chest, and sometimes feeling so sad right there in upper chest.
# skin can feel very hot at night, then sweat and it cools it down; feet and hands burning hot, I have to put feet out of bed sometimes but does not help with the sweating

all these starting at the same time

2. What other physical sufferings do you have in your body?
Genital herpes, more often than before. worse by sex, tight pants (I think), I feel it coming bc I have rheumatic like pain in my groin and down the inside of leg for a couple of days, then I have one of two lesions on right internal labia, it is swollen, red but not oozing, it never oozes it seems to reduce after 3 days. ti is more then pain down the groin and the pinching that hurts, not really the pimples, I have to touch them to feel it comes from there.

# dust allergies, mold allergies ( I have molds in my house which might aggravate my symptoms

# irregular hard beat, tachycardia for the last 6 years
#a lot of gas, need to go to bathrooms 3 times a day , stools usually unformed, sometimes with undigested food but not always, depending on what i eat

# cannot defecate in public or at another person house, but it gets better with age

#myopia since age 13
# hard time falling asleep, and needs to sleep at least 9 hours to feel so so. if less, I am a mess
#very bad dark circles, dark like black! very pronounced, every day someone asks me if I am tired or sick. It is the only thing you see when people meet me or how they describe me
black circles worse after nightsweats

# very offensive breath in the morning, like I am rotting inside, gets better after drinking or eating. mouth feels feels very sticky and dry in the morning, tongue coat very thick and whote in morning, Then tongue become become dark dark red, wih no coat or sometimes thick coating at the back (greyish or yellowish)

3. What mental sufferings / feelings do you have associated with your physical sufferings?
After night sweat (when I wake up), I feel desperate, and have a strange feeling inside, feel lost... sometimes feel very very sad for no reason in morning or when waking up form sweat at night. In the beginning was very scared, now I know I should not be scared, but if feel kind of empty, yes empty

Also can feel very restless, irritable, angry, wants to shout at everyone, feel I cannot stay still, unable to sit, even breathing is hard, I feel I am going to explode.
At night I have reccurent nightmares/dreams : I get very angry, I either shout at people, or I stand up in a meeting or in front of some people and I say very loud and very clearly what I think, that I don't agree with them, explains why very clearly, I feel very confident, no fear at all, no fear about talking in public (only in dreams!), no afraid of hurting people,not afraid of expression my deep feeling and opinions. I don;t do that during the day, well sometiems I feel the urge to speak up, strongly, when I do not agree, but when I do it is always with confused words, can seems to rapid, hectic, too impulsive, not with clear thinking, my words are not appropriate. with friends I am afraid of hurting them, or afraid of speaking up. not so much with strangers

# from age 15 to 30, suffered form anorexia bulimia, with strong purging

4. What exactly do you feel when you are at your worst?
I feel desperate that those symptoms are never gong to go, i feel frustrated because I want to do so much, have so much passion, and will but cannot do it. I feel handicapped, I feel i m stuck at home doing nothing because of that.
I feel so desperate, and so frustrated, and so so impatient! Years are gong by and I am not able to live! it has been more than 2 years already

5. When did it all start? Can you connect it to any past event or disease?
first sign was heavy night sweat for no reason, but I had feeling very exhausted already for one year.
The year before it started my mother was diagnosed with canc. I was told carcoinoma was aggressive one and that she only had maybe one year to live. A clairvoyant told me she was going to live one year and die before christmas. We were in January. I spent one year worrying, keeping that secret inside (my mom and dad never knew about her fate). I felt like I spent that year bereaving, imagining how her last days were going to be like, whether I should be present or not (we live 7 hours away by plane, and 6 hours jetlag), I imagined having to go through her stuff, what I was going to throw away, what I wanted to keep, I was afraid of hat my dad was going to become without her, he cannot stay one minute without her, he has been depressed for many years and physically weak and has to be with her all the time.
So I spent one year worrying and grieving while she was still alive.
I went to visit her for Christmas, that Christmas she was supposed to die. She was perfectly fine.
I had the worst Christmas ever, not even happy she was alive! First I always develop very bad allergies in their home, so I felt so sick during my stay. I could not sleep, I was jet lagged ....
I left exhausted, went back home and in February I had my 1st night sweat. Then everything got worse, all symptoms started one after the other.

6. Which time of the day you are worst?
night with the sweat, but all day after because all symptoms are all day long

7. What are the things which aggravate your suffering and which are those which ameliorate the same?
the night sweat make everything worse.
stress, socializing (and feeling tight around people), physical and MENTAL work.
Stuffed hot places
Feel better in cold dry sunny weather.
smells like perfume, car pipes, cigarette smoke make me sick and nauseated. I have no problem with smell of food.

a lot of noises make me worse
a lot of light (light makes my eyes hurt)
I have not found anything improving them

8. Do your think your sufferings have relation to any external stimuli (like, change of place) or any internal biological changes in the body, like, menses (in females)?
I thought maybe allergies are getting worse but not showing, just congestion n my head. When I take anti histamine medication, I feel less congestion and better thinking but it never really gets rid of it. ears still hurt inside and eyes a bit less but not totally.
I though maybe menopause is coming but i am only 41. and have regular cycles, shorter but regular

I don't know

9. When do you feel better, during hot weather or cold weather, humid or dry weather?
Dry cold weather
NOT wet or humid.
I think I am also good with dry hot weather but not sure.
I like sun but when it is not too hot.

10. Describe your general mental set up? Are you Moody, Arrogant, Mild, Agreeable Changeable, Nervous, Suspicious, Easily offended, Quiet, Arguing, Irritating, Lazy etc.
I look very peaceful but inside I am very nervous, anxious and unconfortable in public
However I like to shine and be unique and people noticing me.
I don't like speaking in public because I feel I don't make good use of words. I don;t make myself understood,
i feel foolish and am scared of people thinking I am stupid, not smart enough, not cultivated, etc. very low self esteem. I want people to be impressed by me.
I can look arrogant
people have told me that are scared of talking to me, as if they were 'not good enough' for me.
I am shy
I look different than other, not conventional
I am quiet and like peaceful surroundings, I don;t like when people are talking too much, But I also have a lot of suffed energy inside, and I can explode like a volcano. I always feel the need to look quiet, peaceful, adorable, very controlled but when I cannot control my stress, I explode and become very angry, a monster unleashed and I can be very hurtful
with my behaviours and words especially husband and children

- How do you feel before or during a thunderstorm?

- Do you like being consoled during your tough times?
yes if people listen and understand. If they say things and I don;t feel they are right, it is worse. I need them to listen be compassionate,but not try to explain what is going ton with me or judge. So usually I stay alone.
- Are you sensitive to external stimuli like smell, noise, light etc?
noise, smell, light very much,
everything so so much

- Do you have any typical habit or gesture like nail biting, causeless
weeping, talking to one self etc?
NO. I only need earplugs for sleeping to cut any external stimuli, otherwise I stay vigilant and don't fall asleep.
I need to move my legs/feet before sleeping rhythmically

- How do you feel about your friends, family, your children and especially your husband / wife?
I feel my husband is wonderful, I am only afraid he is not so happy with me because he likes to do so many things, travel and I cannot at the moment. I also like to be home, and don't like unexpected changes. I like to travel and discover new cultures but I llike comfort, I like to know how it is going to be because I am so sensitive to my environment and stimuli as I said.
I feel my children are great. Whne they were more little I had a hard time with discipline, I was screaming too much, loosing my control, I did not know how to have authority without screaming when they did not do what was asked...
now they are a bit older, it is better.
Also with me feeling so vulnerable, I let them be and do more the way they want to do instead of what I want.
II only have a hard time with my little (10 years) one who is very lazy, very messy, very forgetful, never aware of time, and do things at her own pace and of course can never finish anything or achieve all what needs to be done. her room, everything she has is a mess.
i now understand it is her personality but it is not always easy because i am so much not like that.
I feel I have a lot of will and when I need to do something I do it.

11. What are your fears and do you dream of any situation repeatedly?
# fear of spiders
# last night I dreamed of strange small creatures, like little animals moving /crawling near my feet and I was so afraid and disgusted by them
# fear of height really bad.
# fear of death and having an incurable disease
# fear of being stuck in elevator
fear of not being able to breathe and fear of going insane in the elevator
#fear of public speech so bad

12. What do you crave for in food items and what are your aversions?
aversion to any slimy food like oysters, mussels..
like juicy fruits (mangoes I love)
love any soup if smooth and not pieces, I can eat soup at every meal
don't like dry food like rice, meat ..
I like when there is sauce
I love stews
I don't like hot spicy food but I like when it is very tasty.
I like strong cheeses
I love dark chocolate
i think in general I prefer salty food

13. How is your thirst: Less, Normal or Excessive?
Monring and night when I sweat my mouth feels very dry and I need to drink
Usually I don't drink a lot during the day. I like warm drinks

14. How if your hunger: Less, Normal or Excessive?

15. Is there any kind of food which your body can’t stand?
onions, lentils ( they make me very gasy and my intestines hurt so badly especially left side)
Eggs also
coffee makes me very irirtable, I feel awful

16. Is your sweat normal or less or more? Where does it sweat more: Head, Trunk or Limbs?
sweat at night , legs more, trunk less
during the day I don;t sweat except when very very exhausted the least movement makes me sweat and hot

17. How is your bowel movement and stool type?
regular often 4-5 times at worst a day, usually 3. I think I don't empty completely maybe taht is why I need to go often
I feel the urge to go
usually more liquid and unformed than solid
sometimes very sticky

18. How well do you sleep? Do you have a particular posture of sleeping?
sleep on stomach every night otherwise I don't fall asleep. legs straight with head turned right

19. Do you think you are able to satisfy your sexual desires in general?
I think so.
SOmetimes I wake up at night with a strong desire, my sex is very awake, but I am half awake half asleep. so I just ignore it or I have sexual dreams, but anyway I know that I ma too tired, the moment i am totally awake, the desire is gone.

When I was a child, I had very strong sexual desires.

20. How do you think you are different from others, if at all?
I feel it!
I feel I am very easy going regarding society requirements, I mean I never got married with a white dress and a big party. I escape all social restraints. I don't agree with many. I live the way I want, with my own ideals.
I am very faithful to my husband but I understand people who are not.
I don't like social pressure. I don;t like religion or extreme religious behaviours.
I dress the way I like. I like to be very well dressed an look beautiful but it would not necessarily be the way people dress, it can be very unconventional. I like to shine but not the conventional way.
I don;t follow traditions if they don;t agree with me.
I am a life long student, I love to learn, I love challenges (intelectual). I live to play the detective.
I am very open to other cultures and I love ethnic differences. I like to discover
I like to feel free.
I don't like mean and negative people and curious. I don't like when people ask me questions, where I was etc...that is very very strong in me.

21. What medications have been taken earlier by you to treat the diseases and do you have any particular symptom surfacing after the medication?
allergy medication
beta blockers (not any more) for my heart palpitations
No side effect from these

at the moment
I take ferrum met, ferrum phos, ferrum pic , zinc met, china, ambra grisea and lilium tigrinum 30 ch one a day. B12 vitamin.
no side effects.
it's been maybe 2 months now, no improvement. maybe less fatigue but all symptoms still the same that is why I want a constituitonal remedy. One that really fits my personality and symptoms.

22. What major diseases are running in your family?
mother has kidney canc. and breast now, HBP, cholesterol obesity
father : depression, sciatica, emaciation, diverticulitis and large intestine disorders
grand parents
(father) lung canc.
(father side) breast cance
Mother side) heart attack

23. Describe, how do you look like? Describe your overall appearance
Face very emaciated and loose sin, dark hair, dark eyes, very dark pronounced cirlces (black), I look sick and tired
body muscular square, big bone, thin legs with big prominent joints
skin light very pale in face, darker body. square hands and feet

If you are not having normal menstrual cycles, please answer the following questions:

- Are the periods early, regular or late in general? How long do they last?
regular very 25 to 29 days
2 days more heavy, blood usually red
then nothing much, only some mucus with bloody streaks for 5 days
sometimes blood can look dark and dried up but not very period.
the flow is not heavy
- Do you suffer from any kind of physical or mental discomfort before, during or after the periods?
no big pain
weak during periods, more irritable and hot before
weak after periods
- Is the flow scanty, normal or excessive? flow is normal to scanty
- Is the blood thick bright red or pale watery? it can be both, can be brigth red, can be dried back, can be watery depends. I never know.
- Do you notice any clots in the flow?
no clots or sometimes very tiny skin pieces
anabella last decade
This site does not allow the word
c a n c e r?
Why ?
How do you than call it?
How to describe family history diseases if a person had it?
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anabella last decade
Looks like Thuja.
Info.rahiq last decade
To rahiq


I just looked : apart from the warts, I don;t see why

To Dr Kadwa
I forgot to mention I never had skin problems as a child or adult except herpes since age 30
and cluster of warts on sole of feet for years as a child and adult (mostly right foot) but not any more.
anabella last decade
Please take three doses of Sulphur 200 as follows and report back after 15 days.

day 1 morning
1st dose

day 1 evening
2nd dose

day 2 morning
3rd dose

You have to take only 3 doses in 15 days. Please stop taking all other remedies like Ambra Grisea.

One dose means
If the medicine is in pills form 4 pills. Don't touch pills with hand. Use cap of bottle to take pills.
If the medicine is in liquid dilution form, 3-4 drops in some 20 ml water. Sip up slowly.

Please follow homeo restrictions like no coffee, no raw onion/garlic, no strong perfumes, don't eat or drink anything within 30 minutes before or after taking medicine.

Please read my posts on the breathing exercises called as Kapalbhati Pranayam and Anulom Vilom Pranayam by following the links given below. Please practise these pranayams regularly for half an hour preferably in a garden early in the morning. You may practise at any other convinient time. The only restriction that you have to follow is not to do these exercises within 4 hours after meals. You can have meals not within 15 minutes after finishing these exercises.
kadwa last decade
Thank you I will.
I read about Sulphur in another site, the description of the character is quite remarkably similar to mine, except the dirty body etc.
The need for self expression, independence/freedom and the feeling of suffocation when not given is totally me. Neat.
Hopefully I am 100% sulphur and symptoms will go away ....

Do these breathing exercises calm the nervous system?

Thank you so much.
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anabella last decade
Dear Dr Kadwa
It's been 14 days now that I took the Sulphur 200.

The sweating at night is better. I don;t know if it is because of the remedy or because I have not been very active mentally and physically. i have not been studying very much and had much less stress for the last 2 weeks. Also had a week off. i have noticed last year same thing when I was off for 3 weeks, the sweating stopped.
Night sweats seem to be connected to how much energy I give/ focus I need and how much stress I have during the day.
But I have to say the sweating is less.
I also noticed that I sweat at night when I have nightmares. When my nights are agitated I waked up covered with sweat that is very liquid and I can wipe it off my legs with my head. The sweat is never heavy and sticky.
Feet temperature at night has been ok (feet temperature also connected to how much I am going to sweat at night).

However on the negative side, I have had very bad 'full head' with inability to focus. I wake up heavy and tired with my head full and cannot think.
It stays through the day. My eyeballs have been very achy when I move them. The right eye seems to be worse. It is very painful behjind the eyeball when I want to look left. I feel as if the muscles attached to the eye were paralized, still and achy. I also have had a lot of pain on my right cheek like a vertical line going from my upper jaw and cheek to my eye. Sometimes to my right ear. The pain is dull, sometimes shooting but the shooting is minimal and not painful. It is more like a nerve pain. I feel as if swollen but it is not. I also have tigh right shoulder/neck. Maybe the pain in my eyeball is connected to the pain in my cheek. When I press the eyeball the pain gets worse.

The light has been bothering my eyes a lot. I see black floaters and have photophobia.

It also seems that I have more lymph nodes on the right side and I have a very hard (like a rock) one underneath my right jaw. My ears are sore also (as if I had some water left in my tubes that sits there but I hear totally fine).
The ringing in my ears and the ringing in my head (sometines I feel it is my head/brain that is ringing like a whistle) is still there.

I have been wanting to do things as usual but dont' have the energy.

I have had nausea with dizziness. Even when I am in my bed I feel dizzy. NOt everyday but it is connected to how much I do/stress ...

I have had skipped heart beat/premature beats, especially when too much stress/focus.

IIt seems that I want to do so many things but my body and brain cannot. As if I had neurasthenia.

This month my periods were very very short! 2 days and only dark dry blood that is sticky. It ids not pouring down like fluid blood. It sticks to my underwear and is very dark and thick. I have not had any pain with my periods.

What do you think?

I also have to say I used to be a workaholic. Still now I never know enough and feel the need to study more (only in the field I like). I can spend hours reading and studying (not anymore so much because of my symptoms). I can be very passionate, and also I am a perfectionst (only in what I like/want) and put a lot of energy in everything so that it fits the standard I decided to have..
Also I never seem to be good enough, have this low self confidence...
Maybe this will also help.

Thank you for helping me.
anabella last decade
and still whenever I read about sulphur, it makes sense, also Lycopodium personality looks like mine in some ways (fear of public and important people, poor self confidence, need to show I am the best or I have knowledge to cover up insecurity ...)
anabella last decade
Please take three doses of Graphites 200 as follows and report back after 15 days.

day 1 morning
1st dose

day 1 evening
2nd dose

day 2 morning
3rd dose

You have to take only 3 doses in 15 days.

One dose means
If the medicine is in pills form 4 pills. Don't touch pills with hand. Use cap of bottle to take pills.
If the medicine is in liquid dilution form, 3-4 drops in some 20 ml water. Sip up slowly.

Please follow homeo restrictions like no coffee, no raw onion/garlic, no strong perfumes, don't eat or drink anything within 30 minutes before or after taking medicine.
kadwa last decade

[message deleted by nanou on Fri, 25 Mar 2011 18:57:52 GMT]
nanou last decade
Just got Graphites.
I also want to say that I recurrently have this raised pimple on the white of my right eye on the right side. I wake up with it , then it seems to reduce during the day. I don;t know if the pain in my eye ball and cheek is connected.
Today the pain in my face is ok but not when I move the eyes.
I also have very very black huge dark circles, all the time.
When I am dizzy like today, I feel I cannot focus when I do my shopping, looking around at the shelves and goods to try find what I want make me dizzy, like head swirling and increase nausea. I didi not wake up with it, it came about around lunch time.

I want to make sure Graphites is the right remedy for these problems.

Sweating at night and burning hot feet and hands OK.

Thank you.
nanou last decade
I ma sorry Dr Kadwa I don;t want to overload or ocnfuse you. i am trying to give you as much detail as possible, and explain my symptoms as much as possible.
Today foaters and dizziness started around 12, 1pm, then got worse until 8 pm when I felt a lot of agitation, irritability, could not stay still, had to move legs, body, felt a lot of skipped heartbeat, but mostly I felt my upper body getting so so tight, all my mucles in my cheek, jwa forehead were feeling so so tight, my temples, and then after one hour I now having a headache over my eyes and my temple, as if my head was to small. Headache is not strong just a lot of tightnesss as if I had been overstressed. it is bmy body reacting but I have not have any stress. My whole jaw, temples and neck andoccipital area and shoulder are hurting as they feel so tight. Light is bothering me, my ear are even hurting.
As if I was under shock or a kind of wild beast!

I'll wait for your reply to see if Graphites fits the picture

Thank you
anabella last decade
Please go ahead with Graphites 200 and report back.
kadwa last decade
Dear Dr Kadwa

I have the feeling that Nux vomica could fit my symptoms.
Am I wrong?
anabella last decade
Dr kadwa
I have taken the graphites as required.

I was thinking of Nux Vomica as I saw a case of chronic fatigue?adrenal deficiency that you treated with nux vomica.
My symptoms seems to be so similar of those suffering from chornic fatigue : dizziness, constant exhaustion, ringing in ears, hard o to wake up, hard to fall asleep, nausea, disgust of perfumes, tabacoo smell, strong sensitivity to coffee or stimulants, strong sensitiviy to light (outdoor and indoor, it can produce flashing lights in my viison and also it seems that I keep the shape of the objects I see in the light for a long time in my 'brain', nightmares, night sweat, aching in muscles especially upper body, irregular heart beats, not energy, only want to stay in and see no one.)

I also wanted to mention the similarity wth Nat Mur,physical complains (ant mur comes up in this site when I do a remedy search) and similarity to my temperament also (very lonely, very serious, always been, never want to hurt anyone, but I do feel very hurt when someone is not nice with me, and I never forget)

i am sorry to doubt the Graphite choice. I just don't see the connection when I read in this site or others (but I am not a specialist of course) and I deeply, urgenlty need to have improvements. It has been a struglle for too long. I also took nat Mur in the past (not for the same reasons) as I was given by a homeopathic doctor. I remember feeling very very sad and depressed after. i stppped seeing the doctor.

I also have to say that for the last two days, the night sweats have come back, the hot skin feeling (and heat waves) at night when I sleep but I have not felt any heat yet on my soles and hands. Today I feel exhausted because of the sweating and my ear is ringing and I cannot think properly. I have a dull headache but it is not of a major concern to me. My vision is very blurry and my temples feel tight as if squeezed by a band.

Thank you for your help that is very much appreciated and thank you for responding to my email.
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anabella last decade
Please wait for few more days and report back.
kadwa last decade
Have taken graphites as directed 7 days ago.
No change.
Still experiencing very tight neck, esp right side, tight rights shoulder, pain radiating to my right jaw, right eye, right ear. Pain is dull, more tighness and discoonfort and some sore spots in occipital area and sholder

Dizziness, unstable when I walk, floating, still many floaters more visible when I look at something white, or in the sun. Sun and light bother me. Still aching on and off when I move the eyes.
Night sweats. Mostly lower body, legs and very much groin, genitals area. at worst time, the whle body is drenched. I wanted to do some exercises (which I rarely do bc of my condition but I wanted to keep myself fit and loose some weight. I gained 10 pounds in a year) I only did a 20 min bike and the night I woke up drenched, and confused, my heart was not beating fast but was beating hard, as if very loud and I oculd feel it in my body, also some weakness around the heart area. Loose my voice or very weak voice when I sweat during the night, and vioisn gets much worse and ringin in ear. Ringning in ear intensifies (higher pitch) at night or when exahusted.
Very tired, need to sleep 11 hours and wake up unrested. If I wake up rested it only last 2 hours.
dry eyes at night. If I sweat, dry mouth and eyes.
I also feel as if my nose was very dry and it hurts at the base of my nose.
However I can have mucus (thick but clear) maybe due to some allergies.

In evening a lot of irritability, agitation, anger inside, very tight jaw and upper body, shoulder as if tetanus that I cannot control
Upper body getting very rigid, it even hurts.
Jaw tight

I want to talk about my overall temperament. I like freedom as mentioned, cannot stand when someone gives me advices or even less orders. I seem to be very gentle and mild to other people but they don;t know how strong minded i am because I don;t speak up. I don;t say what I think, i keep it for myself in general (or else If I don't I get very agitated when I speak up and tend to be very abrupt and hurtful). I love to be alone. I don;t like other people's company usually except if they are like minded peolel and I don;t have to make any effort because it drains me.
if I have to particiapte in social event, I can do it, people think I am very confortable, but I get drained and evening, i get dizzy, get nightsweats ..
Sometimes i cannot even look into people's eye (that is new, sine my symptoms started), I feel I am going to faint because I cannot focus and look at their eyes.
My dreams : I am so weak i cannot walk, my knees are so weak and my lower back so weak I cannot walk up straight but have to bend to be able to walk...' that is a recurrent dream/nightmare. I even feel dizzy when I dream or at night during my sleep.

I am a hard worker. I think that is why I am now so so tired, because I always wanted to achieve, but was never able and was frustrated for different reasons : first I had children, then I followed my husband who moved a couple of times, nut also my temperament. I have big plans, big projects, but I never realize them. as if I lack confidence or anrgy, or I am too scared I don;t know. I like studdying and learning but I never put into practice very much. i am a silent achiever. I am too mild when I am faced with other people.

I also feel a lot of guilt for having fun... in my family fun is notOK. I was brought up without fun, but in my family you have to take care of others, and suffer!
I feel guilty because I left my family and I leave far from them. I have guilt for different things. Guilt of having a better life than them, guilt for having foud a nice husband (not my mother), guilt of being able to go on holidays (my parents never did ...)

Damp cold worsens my body aches and my neck.
Stuffy room as well. WInd is bad.
I prefer my body to be warm but my face to have fresh air on it.
I have bad allergies to dust. I have postnasal drip all the time.

In the worst days, I sometimes feel as if I was going to be sick, sore throat, and fatigue, but I don;t fall sick. I feel very apathetic.
For my vision, when I look in the dark I kind of see little tiny dots everywhere. When I look at the sky, again I see the picture in tiny little white spots or dots flashing, and black or darker floaters moving by like shadows. Those shadows follow my eye movements.

For the last 6 years I have had a lot of heart sensations, I had tachycardia (SVT) maybe 7 years ago then I got the ablation done . Tachycardia is better but not the arrythmia, or skipped beats.

In the past, since little, I have always been paranoid about health, and being sick, about nutrition, about being healthy, following strict diet and learning all I could learn (on my own or in class) about health and alternative therapies. I have been going from doctor to doctor, not believing in them, but still needing them to re assure me that I am fine. But for the last 2 years, nobody has been able to reassure me and fix my symptoms, except saying that I have depression and that's it!

I also want to say that noise annoys me, I like total silence. Wen I am tired (most of the time), noise is hurting me, coming from far away and resonating and making me even more exhausted. I need complete calm, and silence and be alone and none to speak to. Speaking makes me very tired!

I used to do massage therapy for 6 years, and I also think it drained me from my already poor energy to have to take care of others, be attentive to their needs, feel them. I am always very attentive to other people's needs and want to satisfy them,even when tired but I cannot anymore, that is why I prefer solitude.

I don't know if these helps.
Do you have questions for me?

Thank you

sorry for the mistakes.
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anabella last decade
Please take a single dose of Nux Vomica 200 and watch for 7 days.

If there is no substantial relief take a dose of Sulphur 200. Watch for 7 days, if no good amount of relief, take a single dose of Calcarea Carb 200. Again watch for 7 days and if there is no substantial relief take a single dose of Lycopodium 200.
kadwa last decade
I have the Nux vomica 30. can I use this instead?
anabella last decade

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