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Hi David,

My condition has cleared up and I am feeling a lot better. When I wake up, I still feel tired even after a long sleep. The cyst still looks suppressed but the wrist is not in any pain. The wrist still clicks though. I'm having a lot of dreams about violence against women. i.e. I am hitting them and beating them, very strange! Also dreams about killing people. I also still have a very stuffy nose but the headaches have subsided.
pheazoid last decade
Can you describe those dreams in detail - right down to the feelings in them?

Dreams are very valuable for prescribing.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Well, a few weeks ago my partner proposed to me (a day before he started taking the Nux Vomica). Ever since we got engaged, I've been having dreams about him being with other women, or other women trying to interfere with our relationship. In my dreams, I have been very angry towards the women, never towards Bijay, my fiance. For instance, one dream I had, he was in a relationship with me but was openly having sex with two other women in our bed. He had lined each of us up and had his way with each of us one at a time. When I was lying in the bed as he was doing it with the other two women, I was extremely heart broken, but I never protested against it. When he walked out of the room, the other two women suggested that we be open with each other regarding how we feel about Bijay, and they both asked me how I felt about it. I was still heartbroken inwardly, and at first I was just irritated with one of them inparticularly who seemed like she was the skankiest. But the more she kept talking about how she felt about him, my irritation turned into anger. When Bijay walked back into the room, I launched myself at the woman and started bashing in her head, hitting her with my fists. I was basically trying to bash her to death. Bijay stood by and did not interfere. We ended up sneaking out of the room to have 'an affair' with each other so that none of the other two women would know that I was with him more often than they were.

One of my other dreams before that was not exactly the same thing, but a woman was trying to pursue Bijay and I started yelling at her and bashed her as well.

I find the dreams very strange because I have never doubted his fidelity. I can only think that maybe the women in my dreams are a reflection of aspects of my personality. I haven't quite figured them out yet.
pheazoid last decade
Interesting. Very interesting - it is funny how events in our life will stimulate things in us.

This makes me think quite strongly of the remedy Lachesis, although the jealousy could be a part of any animal remedy. My primary feeling for it though is Lachesis. For a dream-level symptom I would consider 1M.
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brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Yes, I found it to be very strange.

Okay sure, thanks! I can pick that up today. Just one dose as usual?
pheazoid last decade
How long has the dream been going on?

What other symptoms do you currently have?

Any new symptoms?

Have you ever had dreams like this before?

I am not one to chop and change remedies unless I am sure.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
The dreams about my partner and women have been happening for over a week. These kind of dreams is a new symptom that I've never had previously.

In general, I've noticed an increase in violent dreams along the nature of the lengthy, violent and exhaustive dreams that I used to have previously. Use of guns or my hands to hurt others, dreaming of murdering people, burying them under a house, or conspiring to murder people. I suppose in a way it's a new symptom in that I haven't dreamed like this for about a month or so, but it is an old symptom in that I always used to have these kinds of dreams, but they used to be much worse than this.

Other symptoms:
-clicking in wrist, suppressed cyst. The cyst hasn't gone up further since the last dose and is still very hard. About a 2/10 in pain if I press it. This is still the same as before.
-Blocked ears (as though on a plane) and blocked sinuses. This is still the same as before.
-Disturbed sleep: waking at 3am and then coming out of sleep at 5am although I am still tired. This is a new symptom which started occurring after taking the Amm-carb.
-Generally, still afraid of authority figures when faced with a predicament where I have to explain my actions, etc, even if I am right. This is an old symptom.
-Performance anxiety, an old symptom. My piano recital was on 9th of June and I have not even touched my piano since then. For me, this is not normal and is a new thing because I would normally go straight home from work with a very strong yearning to play. Lately, I still have an interest to play it, but I feel like I will have to force myself to play it rather than run straight home with a strong desire to do so. I don't believe in forcing oneself if the yearning isn't there which is why I haven't played it in over a month. The yearning for it isn't there anymore and this is a new symptom.

All other symptoms like the headaches and migraines, emotional sensitivity, etc have disipated and my climaxing has returned in full to better than normal.
pheazoid last decade
Hi David, is there anything that I should do?
pheazoid last decade
In the dreams, who are these people you are conspiring to murder, or have murdered. Any sense of who they were, what kind of people, what your relationship to them was?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
I believe that they were sexual/romantic rivals or people who had something that I wanted. One of them had a piano that I wanted and I murdered them to obtain their piano. In other instances, I'm shooting at people who are trying to kill me or who have been chasing me to kill me.
pheazoid last decade
It certainly is very animal, and I have to say it does sound a lot like Lachesis.

Ok, get hold of Lachesis 200c.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Okay I will purchase it on Monday.
pheazoid last decade
Hi David,

Before I get the remedy, I just wanted to be sure that I should purchase it. I have been paying more attention to my dreams and I would have to say that at least 50% or perhaps more of my dreams are about me going back to high school, conflict with teachers and interactions with other students. I feel out of place in these dreams because whilst in these dreams I am aware that I have already graduated from uni and find it strange that I am going back to school. My dreams about women in relation to my partner and about murdering, etc are perhaps only 2 or 3 nights out of 7. Other dreams are about ex boyfriends wanting to be with me again and me struggling to break away from them.

I also noticed that the ganglion cyst is starting to rise again. Pain is returning to the wrist every so often as a 5 out of 10.

Ever since commencing homeopathy, I am trying to be aware of my feelings throughout the day on normal days when I have not been on a remedy for a while and try and relate this back to previous behaviour that felt natural but might have been extreme. I notice that I am normally easily anxious more than a normal person. I am especially anxious if friends, family or my partner don't answer their phone. I always think of the worst possible scenario, or that maybe they hate me, maybe I've done something wrong, maybe they've found out something about me and they don't want to speak to me ever again. I simply cannot relax until I speak with them and I am very tense until they answer their phone. I feel paranoid when having serious discussions as though maybe there were something hidden that the person isn't telling me and I need to discover it. I am also very impatient, I need to know the answer now, I need something done now or yesterday at best. I always feel very rushed, I walk everywhere quickly and am always in a hurry. I feel awful if I am 1 minute late. I lack confidence and belief in myself, feel unworthy of love and acceptance and am extremely afraid of rejection. I suppose that I am looking for a remedy to help with all of these things - whether one out there does exist :)
pheazoid last decade
Ok this is a fair enough request. Do you want me to go a bit deeper into the case? I agree I would rather make the prescription as precise as possible. From all of these other things you have said I cannot be sure that Lachesis is right or not.

If you are willing, can you expand more on:

Describe the conflicts in the dreams

Describe the way those conflicts make you feel in the dream.

Describe the feeling of 'struggling to break away'.

What is the feeling of 'they have found out something about me'?

What is the feeling of 'something hidden and I need to discover it'?

What kind of awful do you feel if you are 1 minute late?

Describe more on the lack of confidence.

Describe more about rejection - what is it, when does it happen, what does it feel like?

One remedy does exist for all of this I am sure.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Thanks, yes I believe that going deeper will be a huge help.

Conflicts with teachers in my dreams: I don't want to do the work that has been given to me or go away on the school camps, etc because I feel that I ought not do the school because I already have a degree. So if I did do the work, it would be like going backwards in life. The conflict is not wishing to participate, or getting in trouble because I haven't turned up for class. The dreams are usually about floating in and out of doing school related things (attending classes, going to lunch with friends) and I'm normally very confused in these dreams because I know that I've already finished school.

Describe the way those conflicts make you feel in the dream: I feel helpless because I have teachers telling me to do work, or I have no choice but to go along with the dream even though it doesn't feel right, that I feel like I'm going backwards and not going forwards in life.

Describe the feeling of 'struggling to break away': In the dreams that I have about ex boyfriends, it's normally about them chasing me, or I'm in a relationship with them and I stop and say, hang on, I'm with Bijay, I don't want to be with you, just leave me alone. And the ex boyfriends continue clinging on to me and wanting to be with me. I feel really bad about breaking up with them so for me, it's a struggle because I'm still in a relationship with Bijay but at the same time (unknowingly) I've been with them. I feel guilty for betraying Bijay and I feel remorse at having to break up with the ex boyfriend. Sometimes, they just won't let me go and I have to yell at them and make them feel worthless in order for it to sink into their heads.

What is the feeling of 'they have found out something about me'?: I feel alarm. My heart starts pounding. I feel panicked and am in a state of paranoia.

What is the feeling of 'something hidden and I need to discover it'?: The feeling is curiosity but at the same time (depending on who it is) it might be distrust or a need to discover something new. I like to solve problems and uncover mysteries to create a sense of resolution to a situation.

What kind of awful do you feel if you are 1 minute late?: I feel awful as though I have inconvenienced the person who I left waiting and in doing so I have let myself down. I feel very rushed and flustered.

Describe more on the lack of confidence: I feel like I am not good enough and the things that I do are not good enough.

Describe more about rejection - what is it, when does it happen, what does it feel like?: the rejection is what causes the lack of confidence. Ultimately, I believe my mother's indirect rejection of me as a child (when she left) and my father's rejection of me as a teen and adult are what caused this. I feel rejected when someone ignores me, cancels an arranged meeting or event, doesn't answer my calls, or if they don't listen to what I say. I feel emotional when I feel rejected and feel like I am not good enough so that would be the reason why the person cancelled or didn't answer my call, etc, in the first place.

This is making me think of more things now:

I am very over analytical to the point where my thoughts keep me awake at night. I've never had a moment of peace and serenity. I feel like if I am not doing something with my time, then I am wasting my time and that's not good. This is why I find it hard to relax. I honestly feel guilty if I relax because I feel like I should be doing something more constructive with my time than being lazy, sitting around being calm and relaxed. Also, if I haven't done all the things that I set out to do at the beginning of the day, I feel like I have done nothing and have been lazy, even though I have done many things, just not everything (I actually create lists of things to do even though I hate schedules and lists. I feel like it's the only way that I can regulate my thoughts, keep myself in line and perhaps keep some of the madness of hurrying, paranoia and impatience at bay).

I worry about the future all the time when I think. There's also situations that, although they affect my future, I don't care at all about them even though I apparently should. For instance, my partner purchased property and 'what's his is mine'...but I feel that because I haven't contributed financially, I don't feel like I am qualified to have a say in it, to be interested in it and to feel like it is mine. My partner and his brother are purchasing a property that we will live in very soon, and my partner always reminds me that what's his is mine. But I feel like that house is not my home and can never be my home unless I have contributed financially to it.

I feel afraid of myself in that I'm afraid of what I can accomplish if I really put my mind to it; afraid of the 'talent' that people say that I have. I have so many things that I've written or done that are unfinished because I'm afraid that they might not be good enough when they're complete. I'm afraid of what really lies in my subconscious and I'm scared of madness and of going insane. I'm afraid to lose my friends, family, loved ones (their rejection of me).

One other final thing is that, mentally, I am more inclined to favour melancholy than happiness. I feel like sometimes my subconscious mind wants me to make decisions that may cause a situation to become difficult or cause tension/drama so that I purposely feel melancholic. I sometimes think that unless I'm not feeling any melancholy or there isn't any drama, I'm not really alive. When my partner told me that he never had any family problems ever, I feel like it's not normal. How can a family not have problems? How can they never feel unhappy? What kind of life is that? I think these sorts of things. All of this happens even though I know it is very illogical to want to be melancholic, that it's not possible to be happy and unhappy concurrently.
pheazoid last decade
Very interesting.

This is Sepia. So the animal part is right, but wrong animal.

Get Sepia 200c instead.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Thanks! Should just one dose be taken? Is this the sort of remedy that would help with the cyst as well as everything else?
pheazoid last decade
I always try to find the simillimum, which should improve all major problems.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Is the simillimum sort of like a constitutional remedy which is supposed to help with everything? Very strange that it is from an animal that was needed :)
pheazoid last decade
One dose to begin with yes.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hi David,

I'm not sure if any of this is related to the remedy. Since Tuesday night I have noticed that I have been getting pains in my stomach as though I am extremely hungry, even after I have eaten. Yesterday I was especially ravenous and nothing satisfied me at all. Even when my stomach is full, the hunger pain is still there. I've also noticed that when I lie down to go to sleep at night, there is a pain under my shoulder blade in my left side. The pain is as though I have a knot there, but in the morning the pain dissipates and it reappears at night. Strangely, my wrist is not so painful and I'm not waking up in the middle of the night for no reason anymore.

Ever since I took the remedy I feel really rushed when people talk to me, as though I'm waiting for them to finish what they're saying so that I can get on with what I'm doing. I just don't care what anyone has to say. I've been forcing myself to oblige and listen to them, remain calm, realising that it might be the remedy. But I still rush to my room, shaking my head, saying GOSH to myself because I feel like they've wasted my precious time with their incessant rambling. I also feel like I just can't be bothered explaining anything to anyone. I'd rather not talk at all.
pheazoid last decade
Are any of those symptoms and feelings familiar to you?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Well I normally eat a lot at meal times and am only ever hungry at meal times, but I've never felt this hungry in my life. I have had problems with my back throughout my life, but I did nothing recently to cause the pain under the shoulder blade. I sleep flat and don't tend to move around throughout the night so it wouldn't have been from sleeping in a weird position. The feelings when people talk is familiar to me, but it was never this intense and constant as it is now. So I suppose all of this is an aggravation of some kind?
pheazoid last decade
Sure is, and that is a very postive sign. Just bear with it, it should be over soon and hopefully we will see the improvement start.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hi David,

My stomach still has hunger pains day and night, even after I have eaten and am full. I have still been dreaming about ex boyfriends wanting to be with me and my resisting of them but the dreams have not been as significant as before. Still also dreaming about high school and now about being pregnant, although I have previously had those sort of dreams every once in a while. Dreams about bashing the women who are after my partner and even of killing have currently subsided but who knows if they'll return.

I'm finding that from time to time my wrist hurts for about 10 seconds and then stops hurting. The cyst has gone down a bit though. I'm feeling a lot more annoyed at work since last week and procrastinate in the mornings because I just don't want to go. I am also very frustrated with people when they try to explain things to me. I feel like I'm too busy to listen to what they are saying and simply do not care at all. This feeling is familiar and I suppose is an aggravation.

Shall I wait longer and report again? Maybe the improvement will take a little longer to come around.
pheazoid last decade
When exactly did you take the dose?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade

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