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Allergy affecting sinuses.

I'm a 37yr old female and have always been in good health, in Feb this year I developed a deep dull headache, mainly on top which caused pressure across my nose and in the roof of my mouth, my neck ached and my ears felt full with a constant throbbing sound, like my heart. Somestimes I felt lightheaded and dizzy, this caused me anxiety and panic as I thought there was something seriously wrong with me, so I contacted my doctor, and she prescribed antibiotics for sinusitis and a mild anti depressant to help me sleep! The symptoms eased for a few days, then came back, after another trip to the doctor she gave me more anti-b's and some anti histamine tablets as she felt it was allergy related sinus congestion (I have no cold symptoms or mucous). Although better, these symptoms have come and gone over the last 3 months. After a really uncomfortable day yesterday along with tight,aching forearms and generally feeling weak and tired, I have another lot of anti histamines, has anybody experienced tha same and can anyone suggest a homeopathic alternative to all these tablets I am shoving down my neck?? Thanks!
  titch on 2005-05-24
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
presumably your doctor checked your blood pressure?
erika last decade
Yes, blood pressure and pulse were checked in February and all was OK. All my symptoms seem to point to sinus problems but if it is an allergy I don't know how to find out what I'm allergic to, I feel bad again today, full feelling and throbbing in my ear, aching nose and my arms feel weak and tingly. Really fed up now!
titch last decade
there are various types of allergy testing - I have found kinesiology to be the least invasive and quite accurate.
can you give us some more information about yourself - food preferences/hates, weather preferences etc. and also any other information about your general health
erika last decade
Hello there, well apart from hayfever which I have suffered with every June/July since the age of 11, I have no other known allergies, I don't smoke, I drink very little alcohol, I'm of small build, 5'2" and weigh 8st 10lbs, I've always been fit and healthy as far as I'm concerned. I eat a reasonably good diet, and try to include some fruit & veg each day, I drink water and about 3 cups of tea of coffee per day, the only food I cannot eat is banana -purely because I don't like it, I adore chocolate and probably eat more than I should but I don't really overdo it. I'm OK with the weather, and am usually comfortable with whatever is going on outside. I've never had any major illness or ops apart from a C-section with my second child who is now 4. What else can I tell you....I suppose I'm naturally quite an anxious person, a bit of a born worrier,especially where health is concerned, I'm not a hypochondriac and visit the doctor very occasionally, but this episode since February has really brought me down, at times I've convinced myself that there's something seriously wrong, then I have a few days where I feel fine and I forget all about it!
titch last decade
you would be better seeing a local homeopath for this as the hayfever has been there for quite a while.
otherwise go to a kinesiologist.
erika last decade
Many thanks, I've now booked an appointment to see a local recommended homeopath on 6th June, I'll let you know how I get on. A friend suggested keeping off dairy products for a while, so I am now giving that a go as well. Just out of interest, you say the hayfever has been there quite a while, does this mean that I would eventually have been prone to other allergies? Thanks
titch last decade
good - let me know how it goes with the homeopathy?

it is possible that keeping off dairy can make a difference - make sure you are getting enough calcium from other food sources and bear in mind that it will be at least 10 days before the effects of dairy will begin to subside if that is the cause.........some people get extreme cravings for cheese and milk when cutting it out! this probably means they are better off without it!
I am not an allergy specialist but understand that anything you expose yourself to in excess can trigger a sensitivity response from you (food, chemicals etc). if you are sensitive to one thing then it is poss that you could become sensitive to others as if the first sensitivity is extreme then your immune system is working hard at combatting this and therefore is under stress.
most people with these kind of problems are prone to food sensitivity rather than total allergy, so sometimes just cutting down can help..
erika last decade
incidentally I have strong sensitivity to nuts and anything I eat with hydrogenated vegetable oils (can contain coconut oils) in gives me headaches and sinus problems!
erika last decade
Thanks for the advise, I feel absolutely fine today and have hardly thought about it. Probably because I'm on anti histamines as well). Maybe the homeopath will be able to sort me out. Interested to hear about your nut sensitivity, do you experience the same symptoms that I have described? I definitely think that anxiety makes it worse.
titch last decade
I experience dull central head pain (like pressure sometimes with raised hearbeat) with nausea, sharp pains in head, neck pain/stiffness,lethargy, general aches and pains. My nose swells slightly and feels blocked but I do not get the nose/mouth pain like yours. For a week or so after I feel very weak .....but I mostly avoid the nuts and feel fine!!
Fortunately I don't feel too anxious just grotty!!
hope your appointment goes well with your homeopath!
erika last decade
Sounds very similar, I never realised how rough it could make you feel and for so long. Hopefully I'll soon
know what's bringing it on and like you - steer clear!
PS Are you in the UK and are you a homeopath?
titch last decade
yep - in the uk and a homeopath.
should be able to cure my own allergies by now I guess!!???:):)
erika last decade
Brilliant - you should be in tip-top condition then!
Not bad today, still throbbing in my ear and slight ache across my nose and cheekbones on and off. I read a post last night on another site that someone who had been treated for sinus symptoms actually had a brain tumor! Bit worried again now!
titch last decade
This is always a concern as it is so difficult to see what is going on inside our own head! There are some very good websites on this from trusworthy organisations with proper research.
I guess the thing is don't worry but get it checked out then you can resolve the worry! The occurence of tumours is fairly rare but doctors should be well up on it - Tell your doctor you are worried about this and get referred to a neurologist.
erika last decade
I've spoken to my GP and told her how concerned I have been, but she assures me there is nothing seriously wrong and to stop worrying, I guess I should put my trust in her, and try to stop thinking about it, I must admit that the symptoms do seem worse when I concentrate or think about them!
titch last decade
if the symptoms stay and you are worried you are entitled to go back to your GP and ask for further investigations - this can at least put your mind at rest. Any headache that is different to the headaches you normally suffer, or is a new symptom for you and comes on very painfully when you don't normally suffer from this and, in addition to this, is getting more frequent warrants further investigation.
In the meantime let's see what your homeopath suggests. :)
erika last decade
and yes, I did ask my GP for further investigations as I thought I may have some problems and all my tests with the neurologist were clear, he put it down to a different sort of migraine to the ones I had experienced before. My GP was very understanding and did not hesitate to refer me.
erika last decade
I'll see how I get on with the homeopath, the headaches are not really that painful or unbearable, more uncomfortable than anything, especially when accompanied with the nose pressure & throbbing ears, but I can go for days at a time feeling fine, then I'll have few days when I feel rough, then I start to worry again and end up with a tight neck and head, tingly aching arms etc, I never really suffered with anxiety before but my Dad died a year ago and I've woken a few times during the night since with panic attacks and the symptoms scare the life out of me, now I seem to worry about my health quite a bit, so I probably make matters worse.
titch last decade
I'm sorry to read that you lost your Dad last year. My thoughts and heart go out to you on this as I know it is not easy to deal with losing anybody dear to us.
Thinking about your headache - alongside the homeopathy it may be worth some more 'hands-on' type therapy (cranial osteopathy, reiki) to help release emotions and tensions. Ask the homeopath you see who he/she may recommend local to you for this.
I will be away from tomorrow for several (maybe 3 or 4 ) days.
erika last decade
Many thanks for the kind message, you think that being an adult you should be able deal with it but it was a lot harder than I imagined,and I don't let go of my feelings easily, I tend to keep a lot inside and be strong. I'll ask about the cranial therapy etc, I actually took my 9yr old son for about 6 sessions to help him to concentrate at school - (very bright but mind like a butterfly!) I'll keep you informed, thanks again.
titch last decade
please email me...................i've had exactly the same problems as your initial problems and they are driving me nuts.......did you resolve anything?
Wheats49 last decade

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