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I jus wanted to update u again my legs seemed to have improved greatly from three days ago, three days ago they were dry cracked, couldnt walk properly and the skin was dark - althk i am mixed race the skin was noticably darker, in some places the skin had tiny wet droplets , now although extremly dry, the skin is returning to its noraml colour! Very pleased with this i jus hope the dryness goes soon as thiscis whar makes me itch! I think this is progress!
luckyj last decade
Jo as i cant use moisturizers on.the skin could i use olive oil? Iv used this at times and found it very good for dryness?
luckyj last decade
'Can i ask, im now wondering of my ecxema is a symptom of something more serious, wilk the arnica still be effective?'

I wonder what made you ask me this question. In your first post you stated:
'im 28 yr old woman had bouts of eczema all my life but nothing like the past yr, i think it may have been brought on by stress as around the same time i lost my job, however i found employment pretty quick but eczema has got worse '

You are now on the road to recovery and you now fear that
'im now wondering of my ecxema is a symptom of something more serious'

Yet you continue to update me about the improvement in your condition in just 48 hours.

Quite frankly I feel that I am just wasting my time with you.
Joe De Livera last decade
Sorry jo i dint mean to offend ur practice, i am very greatful for all ur help, i have had eczema all my life but only in short periods and normally clears up quite quickly. This time.ots lasted a yr and the itching is alot worse than previous, it was jus a question as im so stresswd over it that im clutching at any answer so jus wondered if it could be a symptom of somethong else. So very sorry i hope u inderstand.this is just coming from.someone who is desperately seeking answers! Im v greatful for all ur advice u have given me more hope than anyone this is why i asked u for the question, not because im dismissing ur remedy!
luckyj last decade
Jo please give advice, my skim is so white ashy and dry all over, is this a stage in recovery? I can definately see a change in my skin but im afraid im getting itchy from the dryness so i may be preventinf the healing? Please advise im feeling desperate!
luckyj last decade
' i dint mean to offend ur practice'

I would like you to know that I am not a professional Homeopath. To me Homeopathy is only a Hobby to which I am passionately dedicated at my advanced age of 82 years and I do tend to take matters perhaps more seriously than others. You must understand that it irritates me when a patient who in your case is in the process of recovery, poses the question that I objected to in my previous post.

You will remember that I predicted that your skin should show visible improvement in 3 days but your response was even faster. You must be patient and continue with the therapy prescribed till such time as both you and I feel that you are cured.

I do not see any reason for you to feel desperate about anything, as per the last sentence in your post. If you still feel itchy you can increase the dabbing of the remedy on the skin to keep it more damp than now.

I hope that you realize that no other Homeopath on this or any other Forum would have prescribed Arnica 6c for your long standing Eczema and it is my 'Joepathy' that helped you in a manner that other homeopaths cannot equal with their classical remedies.

It is my hope that they will consider following my lead for their next case of chronic Eczema.
Joe De Livera last decade
Do you have any other symptoms apart from the eczema? Other kinds of problems?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
For learning more...
nawazkhan last decade
Not really any problems, im having a blood test soon as i have bruises on my legs which are unexpained but iv only jus got these.
luckyj last decade
No problems with sleep, energy, appetite, mood, confidence, emotions, immunity - really only ecezma and nothing else at all? Your health is perfect on all other levels?

One of the ways of determining if you are on the correct remedy is to look at the Direction of Cure - healing should move from within out, so your health should be improving in other ways as well in more important areas.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Its hard to say as my sleep is always disturbed anyway coz of itching i dont sleep well so then do feel emotional and tired, i have lost my appitite latley an feel less energetic but put that down to the sleepless itchy nights. My eczema.is def changing and getting better but i am still itching and damaging the skin at night so it may be taking a bit more time to heal!
luckyj last decade
There we go, I was pretty sure there would be other indicators in your health.

A curative remedy would improve your sleep, appetite, emotional state, and energy *before* healing the skin. The disease that is causing your eczema is deeper than the skin, and the skin will actually be more of a vent for the underlying problems.

You need to keep an eye on those other indicators. If they do not improve then a better remedy needs to be found, or the eczema is going to return, and it may come back worse than before.

Direction of Cure is one of our primary principles, and helps us ensure the correct remedy is curing from the inside out (homoeopathic cure), and not the outside in (allopathic or antipathic suppression).

If you are interested, you can go to this site to read more on how to judge the effect of any remedy given to you.


David Kempson
Professional Homoeopath
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brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hi thanks for your advice, i understand what your sating but i didnt have any of these problems before my eczema came on last yr, i feel it was brought on by stress of losing hours at work but i soon found new employment and my eczrma has got worse.
luckyj last decade
Jo, i have been taking arnica for a week now and although i see patches of skin that are smooth am better some days than others overall im still 70% covered on dry skin. I feel sometimes the skin looks and feels better but then i scratch again at night and im back to square one, i dont feel arnica is working for me, do u have any other suggestions?
luckyj last decade
I wasn't implying those other things caused your eczema, but that they are all part of the same problem.

Well I was just trying to help. Good luck
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Hi brisbanehomoeopath,

You are kindly requested to stop confusing patients on this forum and not to mention the mental torture to the treating consultants as they are losing their sleep. The patients have been greatly impacted in receiving their treatments in a timely manner. Please stop this madness asap. Your kind help, understanding and proper actions will be greatly appreciated.

Please post your suggestion on the following thread ABC - Room

Please delete all of your confusing posts on this thread and on all other threads where you have unnecessarily confused and hurt a lot of people. Please come to the ABC - Room where a lot of professionals will discuss your suggestions, complaints and issues.

As a Professional Homoeopath, a well educated with a diploma in Homoeopathy and carrying a mission of helping others, please help all of us without paining anyone, please show some professionalism.
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nawazkhan last decade
Hi jo, i was a bit hasty to say the arnica hasnt worked, i do feel its helped my legs an will continue to dab the water remedt on my legs to help them heal. My arms are not healimg as well, when i dab the water on my arms it seems to have brought up red bumps which ooz clear liquid, ive never had this before it was jus very dry im not sure what to do about my arms or chest, they dont seem to be responding pks advise?
luckyj last decade
'l continue to dab the water remedt on my legs to help them heal. My arms are not healimg as well, when i dab the water on my arms it seems to have brought up red bumps which ooz clear liquid, ive never had this before it was jus very dry im not sure what to do about my arms or chest, they dont seem to be responding pks advise?'

I believe that your problem today is due to your scratching your arms during your sleep which I believe is very deep in comparison to your sleep before Arnica. This amazing remedy has the incredible property of promoting deep sleep and I believe that it is during this deep sleep that the body is helped to cure itself.

You will have to work our some method of ensuring that you do not lacerate your skin which is obviously healing like your legs which have healed according to you better than your arms which you are constantly scratching and are now bleeding from your efforts.

Can you use some elastic but porous bandage over your arms? The clear liquid you reported can get infected and cause you further distress. Many patients whom I have treated have also reported the itchiness which is caused by the skin drying up and causing itching which I believe is the normal healing process.

Many patients have been CURED of their Eczema and I hope that you too will continue the record.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Luckyi,
You are on path of Recovery.
It is good you come up with your update.

(Request for feedback on this link Please.
http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/285783/ )

Pray for speedy Recovery.

Nikkie last decade
Hi nikkie, do u have eczema too or practice homeopathy?
luckyj last decade
Dear Luckyi,
I dont have Eczema.
I am not an Homeopath. But have full faith in Homeopathic Treatment.

Joe treatment completely CURED my chronic GERD (Gastro Esophagal Reflux disease) problem. I am still following his advise of having Arnica wet dose every day, I am enjoying my present state of HEALTH.

Luckyi, your treatment is under experinced Hands and observed by equaly experienced Homeopath.

Lots of wishes for healthy Life.

Nikkie last decade
Jo, i felt that arnica has not had the desired effect on my arms so after reading a case that sounded very similar to mine where i suggested graphite to someone i thought id try that,i started yesterday with a wet dose of 30 x three times a day, today my arms have raised bumps on them and i can see yellow spots underneath..they dont hurt but is this a good sign?
luckyj last decade
Sorry meant to say u suggested graphites not i. So the bumps on my arm are bow small raised looks like puss filled spots, they dont itch. Ots jus feels a bit hotter than the rest of my body, do i think this is a good sign?
luckyj last decade
To Lucky

This is to place on record that I have NOT prescribed Graphites to you for your Eczema.

It seems to me from your many posts on this thread that your Eczema may be a figment of your imagination. I have wasted too much time on your case already and shall not be responding to your posts in the future.
Joe De Livera last decade
I find it very offensive that u say my eczema is a fignent of my imagination, pictures would prove otherwise! Just because ur joapathy didnt work on me u become defensive and dissmissive so im actually looking for other help. Graphites is definately doing something to my skin and it hasnt itched all night. Il continue to seek advice from a practitioner who is more willing and open minded. Thank you
luckyj last decade
Dear Luckyi,
How are you feeling ? You should had continued with same thread instead of starting the new, this might helped the new HOMEOPATH to uderstand your past treatment which was adviced to you.

Graphites wet dose was not prescribes to you in your treatment period for ECZEMA.

I pray for speedy recovery.

Nikkie last decade

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