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Editorial in The Daily Mirror on Eradicating Dengue in Sri Lanka.

I am copying the Editorial that appeared in today's issue of the Daily Mirror Sri Lanka which I hope will interest members of this Forum.


Consider other methods to eradicate dengue

Tuesday, 09 August 2011 01:01

Despite all the remedial or preventive measures, the dengue and viral flu epidemics have reached their worst-ever proportions this year with some 115 deaths and more than 14,000 people being affected by dengue. It is clear that western medicine or allopathy has had little effect in curbing the epidemic and the government needs to act urgently in uitilising remedial measures available in other forms of medicine. Health action groups have for several years been urging the government to work out a National Health Policy where all forms of medicine – ayurveda, alopathy, homoeopathy and acupuncture among others are outlined and the different forms of medicine are used to treat different ailments. While the government works out a National Health Policy as a long-term measure a Sunday newspaper reported that the Sri Lanka representative of Homoeopaths Without Borders says homoeopathy has a safe and effective remedy for dengue and the viral flu.All patients may not be cured as fast and effectively as some have been, but it is known that homoeopathy has no side effects and there is nothing to lose but everything to gain in giving patients this remedy.

According to representative Joe de Livera, who has studied and has been closely associated with this science for the past 40 years and been a consultant on many homoeopathic forums including his own www.joedelivera.com, this remedy was used at the request of the Colombo Municipal authorities last year by a homoeopath Dr Imthias Latif. He treated patients at municipal centres in Kompanna Veediya, Kuppiyawatta, Mattakkuliya and at the epidemiology centre of the Colombo Municipality. Thousands of patients were treated by this homoeopath and the majority confirmed they were cured overnight. A meeting was held at the World Health Organisation (WHO) office in Colombo in August last year. It was attended by the WHO chief here, Dr Harsha de Silva the Health Ministry’s Director of Health in charge of the Western Province and several doctors. The discussion centred on promoting the use of homoeopathic remedies, but unfortunately follow up action was not taken.

Last Friday the Health Ministry discussed this possibility and we hope that action will be taken at least now.

Homoeopathy has a specific remedy which has been prescribed and used for more than two centuries but the remedies are highly diluted to infinitesimal levels and do not qualify for logical acceptance of their efficacy, although they have been proved to work to cure many diseases like asthma, eczema, gastritis and fever, to mention just four common diseases that affect people.

The homoeopathy remedy used is Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c which is often used to treat a disease of viral origin.

The liquid dose method is used in giving remedies where three drops of the remedy are mixed in alcohol into a 500 mililitre bottle of spring water. After just one teaspoon of the remedy many patients are likely to recover.

We hope this cure will be considered seriously by the Health Ministry and western medical professionals for the common good of the people and the country as it is likely to help in eradicating dengue before it reaches endemic proportions.
  Joe De Livera on 2011-08-09
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
during my practice i have observed three things of great importance.
1. as a preventive eupatarium perf 200c works best given one dose daily for just three days.

2. as a curative i have found eup.perf 30c working faster & much better compared to 200c.

3. in case of a confirmed malaria case eup. perf do not give good result, unless very well indicated.
daktersaab 9 years ago
To Daktersaab

Thank you for your comment.

I have used Gelsemium 30c as a prophylactic during the Chikungunya (CKG) epidemic in 2007 to shield the members of many households with patients suffering from this dread disease who are invariably bitten by infected mosquitoes, from being infected. My wife too contracted CKG but I did not catch it, thanks to my daily dose of Gels.

I used Polyporous Pinicola 200c (PP) in the Wet dose to treat patients presenting CKG in the 2007 epidemic as it was far more effective than Eupat Perf 200 which I had also used with limited success before I got stocks of the PP from India. The results with PP were more spectacular as patients who were virtually prostrate with excrutiating joint aches and fever discovered within about 3 hours after their first dose that they fell into a deep sleep from which they woke up fully recovered and without their joint pain.

You may like to know that I offered this remedy of which I had a limited stock at that time, to our government Health Ministry, free of charge but they preferred to see thousands of patients suffer with about 5% fatalities. The official government record of patients affected was just under 40000 but the actual figure was over 3 times that number.

I have successfully used Eup. Perf 200 in the Wet dose for the current epidemic of a Virus borne fever and the results have been spectacular. It is possible however that your use of the dry pellets in the 30c potency was effective but I have evidence that the succussing of the remedy in the 200c potency, before every dose makes the difference in helping the patient to recover, in one case, in just over 3 hours.

As you know, Malaria is a Parasite borne disease and Eup. Perf is only effective against Virus borne diseases. I have not succeeded in curing a patient presenting a full blown case of Malaria and would like to know what your experience has been in treating patients presenting Malaria.

It is my hope that the Daily Mirror Editorial I quoted in my last post will open the eyes of our Government to the possibility of treating the current Flu epidemic with Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c in the Wet dose in the teeth of the opposition they face from the medical profession and of Big Pharma in Sri Lanka who have both a vested interest in the propagation of disease on which they both depend for their revenue.

The point I have made is clear. Permit the use of this 'Miracle' remedy that is widely used throughout the world and save the thousands of patients who now suffer from Dengue or some virulent Flu in Sri Lanka today from so much unnecessary distress and suffering which has claimed 115 lives so far with 14000 recorded cases of patients who have been treated in the government hospitals during the past 7 months of this year 2011.
Joe De Livera 9 years ago
Dear Joe,
Thanks for sharing your dedicated work to your country men and to all on this forum. Governments from each country has there own red tapism, thats how it works. Let us see how effective we can work for the betterment of the society. Awarness among your fellow country men about the cure in Homeopathic will counter most of the unattended problems by the government.

I would love to keep this information in my diary and use it , if i come across any case of this sought.

Keep up the Good work. Heart full of good wishes for you Always.

Nikkie 9 years ago
Dear Joe,
Please clarify the following:

'The liquid dose method is used in giving remedies where three drops of the remedy are mixed in alcohol into a 500 mililitre bottle of spring water. After just one teaspoon'.....

How much is the quantity of alcohol here?

I understand the following :

1) Add three drops of Eupatorium. Perfoliatum 200 in Alcohol (quantity ?)
2) Add this mixture to 500 ml of spring water.
3)shake it, dose is ready.
4) Give on 1 teaspoon to the patient, rest can be used on other patient as and when required in future.

few weeks back one of my relative got fever(viral fever), after few hrs all members of the family got the fever and they were on treatment which lasted for two-three days.

Hope this remedy can be used in viral fevers of this nature.

I too would like to know Like to know how malaria cases can be tackled ?

Nikkie 9 years ago
Dear Nikkie

I am glad that you are spending some time on the ABC on a daily basis and I believe that you have helped many patients in your own way and have also helped to maintain the peace here when I am often pilloried unfairly by my one classical detractor who strangely enough has not been as boistrous as he has been, recently.

I believe that you are aware that Homeopathy to me is only a Hobby to which I am passionately dedicated and at my advanced age of 82 I believe that I have a certain gift of healing which I use in conjunction with my own 'Joepathy' to help suffering humanity.

You will have observed that I do not ever criticize anyone on this forum and all I have done is to spotlight any errors in prescribing on the part of the consultants here and that I have done in an agreeable gentle manner without the usual harsh bravado that my detractor indulges in.

I do hope that you will continue to play your part on the ABC in the future too.

To answer your questions I shall first copy below my default therapy to make the Wet dose:

The Wet dose of any Homeopathic remedy is made as follows:

Order the remedy in the Liquid pack in Alcohol, also referred to as Liquid Dilution in a bottle preferably with a dropper arrangement.
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from the nearest supermarket.
Pour out about 3cm of water from the bottle to leave some airspace.
Insert 3 drops of the remedy into the bottle and shake the bottle hard at least 6 times before you sip a capfull of the bottle or a large teaspoonful which is the dose.
Shaking the bottle hard is homeopathic succussion and this enhances the effect of the remedy on the user.

As you are aware the Editorial in yesterday's Daily Mirror which I copied here yesterday pertains to the use of a remedy Eupatorium Perfoliatum that many homeopaths have used for Virus borne fever for centuries. It is just that I believe that I have discovered that this remedy in the 200c potency used in the Wet dose has proved itself to be far more effective than the dry pellets that are usually given by other homeopaths with instructions to use it for a certain period and to report thereafter. I believe that my method has invariably worked and there is proof that it has done so, judging by the numerous cases that I have helped usually within a few hours when the patient suddenly discovers that his fever and the body pains have left him. It is rarely that this form of miracle cure happens and it was after I had helped many patients that I decided to record my experience in the Daily Mirror that paper with the widest circulation which honoured me by incorporating it in their Editorial. I believe that they did so as they felt that it was high time that the collective eyes of the medical profession and the Government Health services were alerted to the realities of Homeopathy which has sometimes been equated to witchcraft !

I would like suggest that all households especially those with children have a bottle of spring water which is activated with Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c by following my instructions above to make the Wet dose, in the refrigerators to be used as the remedy of first resort as soon as anyone in the family presents a fever of unknown origin. The idea is to use it as soon as any family member comes down with a fever which is usually of virus origin and the earlier it is treated, the quicker is the resultant cure of the patient.

I have always used Gelsemium 30 in the Wet dose as a Prophylactic against all virus borne infections and I would recommend that it is used for this purpose when necessary. The prophylactic dosage is just one capful daily.

I regret that I have not successfully cured a case of Malaria but I was informed by a world renowned Homeopath who has many publications to his credit today that he has successfully used Cedron 200c in the dry pellets to treat this mosquito borne parasitic fever which is usually treated with the drug Chloroquine phosphate


Joe De Livera 9 years ago
Dear Joe,

Thanks for your kind words. I find Homeopathy very interesting and trying my level best to keep myself dedicated to it. Your guidance and experience sharing threads are source of great motivation for everybody on this forum.

I will do all the possible to make sure PATIENTS always remember there stay on this forum.

Cedron 200 for Malaria, any dosage instruction for adult / children(infants) / aged ?

Dry pellets, what is this ?

Nikkie 9 years ago
Homeopathic remedies are usually sold in round lactose pellets activated with the remedy on the label.

I pioneered in using the Wet dose on the ABC in 2005 and you can read about my conversion to it by doing a search for Wet dose. I have proved that the Wet dose is by far more effective than the pellets which almost all homeopaths use.

I do not have any data on using Cedron 200 for Malaria but I presume that you can use 6 pellets taken thrice daily, sublingually.

The dosage does not vary with age in Homeopathy unlike with drugs.
Joe De Livera 9 years ago
Dear Dr.Joe,
My experience in case of malaria is quite good with CHINUM SULPH 30c when all the three stages are not very clearly expressed.
When pt comes after a day or two of taking anti-malarials the blood picture is also not positive & that is where in many cases IPECAC 30c works far better than CHIN.SULPH.I always support it with NATRUM SULPH 6x as a supportive medicine which helps in giving lot of comfort during the attack.
I highly appreciate yours & Nikkie's efforts but unfortunate part is that the 'lobby' is so strong that the support that you expect will never come due to obvious reason that you know of.Nevertheless, let us not give up & let us go on trying.
daktersaab 9 years ago
To Daktersaab

Thank you for sharing your experience on using Chinum Sulph 30 for Malaria. It is fortunate for us in Sri Lanka that Malaria seems to be dormant today as it has been dominated by Dengue.

I cannot resist detailing a case I have successfully treated of a friend who entered hospital with a fever of 102F and an unusually acute headache severe body pain and inability to eat, last Saturday evening. I happened to call him on Tuesday and it was then that he informed me that he was speaking from his bed in hospital. I took a bottle of Eupat Perf 200 (Wet dose) and gave him a dose and instructions to use it every 2 hours, around 4.00PM. He was having a temperature of 101F at that time and had been given Paracetemol for his splitting headache and was on a IV drip. Blood had been taken for analysis and the report was not bad at 120000 platelet count. He complained of severe body pain and inability to eat.

I called him around 9.00PM and he informed me that shortly after I left him he felt sleepy and had just woken up seemingly cured. He had taken just 2 doses of the remedy EP and he was having his dinner. He was discharged the morning after and he showed the bottle of water which had cured him to his consultant before he left hospital.

The doctor was speechless !

It is this form of Miracle Cure that our medical profession just refuses to believe especially since I use just plain bottled water with the addition of just 3 drops of the remedy to activate the water into the Remedy. I instruct the patient to use the cap of the bottle as the dose as it is always at hand instead of looking for a teaspoon which may not always be clean. This makes the doctors even more suspicious as they just cannot believe that the remedy water from the bottle can cure anyone of any disease. Especially Dengue which they just cannot cure with all their specialized drugs and IV drips !
Joe De Livera 9 years ago
Dear Dr.Joe,
Thanks for sharing your experience.
There is hope as some of the doctors have started realising but are under a fear of being ridiculed by others.
Change is always hard & painful.
I am a born optimist & sure that justice to Homoeopathy will prevail.
daktersaab 9 years ago
I am copying the Editorial that appeared in today's issue of the Daily Mirror Sri Lanka which I hope will interest members of this Forum.



Saturday, 17 September 2011

Most of us have been brainwashed into believing that life is only possible to be lived to the fullest if the requisite medicinal drugs are taken on a regular basis. Regular health checks are promoted and are being carried out in private hospitals after which the patient is advised by the consultant that unless the drugs prescribed are used, the chances of the patient surviving without catching some life threatening disease in the future are high. It is strange that the patient who does not have any disease is often frightened into taking drugs which can be considered as being unnecessary or non-essential, and are usually sold at high prices often in some hospital pharmacies.

This has led to a pill popping culture that many innocent people, especially those in the upper strata of society, have been following for many years, purely as ‘insurance’ to ensure that they do not succumb to some disease that has been vaguely mentioned. They are not aware that their reports on blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar are found normal but they have been told it is best to take some drugs to avert the formation of cholesterol and plaque in the arteries and thereby ensure that a possible heart attack in later years, is averted.

It is rarely that the patient is advised to control his or her diet and refrain from eating fatty foods with special reference to fast foods and to also start a daily exercise routine to ensure that he or she sweats it out and replaces the sweat lost with liquids preferably water, in adequate quantities to ensure that the body is kept at peak efficiency.

The unsuspecting patient is not aware that most of the drugs taken have some side effects on the body and this often results in another drug being given at a later consultation to treat the problems caused by the first. It is also possible that these unnecessary drugs can predispose the patient to other problems and also to be infected by a wide range of diseases including dengue for which there is no known curative drug. But according to Joe De Livera, Sri Lankan representative for Homoeopaths without Borders, a homoeopathic remedy is available for dengue and any other viral flu – as referred to in one of our editorials recently. This is known as Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c, which is used internationally and has in Sri Lanka, saved the lives of many who caught this disease and were fortunate enough to use this Remedy within a few days after being infected by this highly infectious disease.

Public health experts emphasise that western medical drugs alone cannot possibly cure all diseases in Sri Lanka. There are many forms of alternate medicine practiced here including Ayurveda and Homeopathy both of which are established and practiced and can be co-opted to cure disease, especially Dengue. Unfortunately Homeopathic remedies are not used officially by the medical profession in hospitals where patients continue to suffer as a result of a lack of a National Health Policy. It is fortunate in India that these two curative sciences are accepted and officially used by the government side by side with western medicine to help cure diseases.

Billions of rupees are being spent in importing more than 10,000 varieties of drugs under various brand names. Public health experts have appealed that the state health authorities open their eyes to the realities of life and follow the example of India and make greater use of both Ayurveda and Homeopathy in alleviating human suffering and eradicating disease.
Joe De Livera 9 years ago
Dear Joe,

I would like to share my recent experience in treating a number of common cold (running nose, sneezing, watering eyes) recently, given that we are in the Fall (transition from summer to winter). Days are hot and night are cold.

These symptoms point to the commonly documented remedies like Aconite, Allium Cepa, Ars Alb, Dulcamara, Chelidonium, .... However, I tried in all these cases, with variying indications, with one remedy - Eupatorium Perf 30c (200c is not commonly available in local stores and hence have to give 30c only) IN WET DOSE, per your suggestion. It is interesting to note that even babies and old aged persons are included and all promptly responded to this remedy with lasting cure. This is a flu season and flu is common. Whether there is fever or not, this single medicine helped every one promptly.

Reva V
Reva V 9 years ago
Dear Vira

I have just read your post and am delighted with the information that Eupat Perf 30c in the Wet dose is effective to overcome the standard 'allergies' or Catarrh which results from exposure to dust, pollen, mites and viruses.

This is indeed a significant breakthrough in Homeopathy and I shall also start to treat patients who present Catarrh and frequent colds with this remedy which is almost as Miraculous as my Arnica which I consider a Miracle Remedy.

I do wish that Hahnemann was alive today as I am certain that he would have blessed our contribution to Homeopathy.

Joe De Livera 9 years ago
Dear Joe,
I also request you to see whether my observation matches with your patients. I have also seen the tongue becomes nearly pink (coating disappears) after giving Eupatorium Perf 30 in wet dose.

Thank you for your continued search and help to the suffering humanity. Such findings can be the only true solution to address the mass of sick around us.

Individualzing with indicated remedies are great, but how many sincere doctors be available to address this big mass.

Sincere thanks,
Reva V
Reva V 9 years ago
Dear Vira

I have given Eupat Perf 30 in the Wet dose to 3 patients so far and they have ALL confirmed that their chronic Catarrh from which they have suffered for many years has suddenly ceased. They are not sneezing any more and they are all very grateful for this Miracle remedy.

One patient was the 7 year old girl with Chronic Asthma whom you met at my residence in Colombo and the mother informed me just yesterday that her standard routine of about 25 shotgun sneezes she fires almost daily have suddenly stopped.

What better evidence can we have about the efficacy of Eupat Perf 30 to treat Cattarh ?

I have also promoted its use to provide prophylaxis for Colds and shall keep you posted on the results. I am confident that it will also help prevent colds in a manner similar to the higher potency 200 CURING DENGUE in under 6 hours. My greatest sorrow is that all doctors who have the evidence of my cures refuse to use it as they have been forbidden to do so by the handlers BIG PHARMA. We have lost over 200 patients including a 16 year old student who dies last Sunday of Dengue. She died in just 6 days when her Platelet count dropped to 12000.

Please visit the link below to read the response of a Hemophiliac who has responded to my Joepathy:


Kind Regards

Joe De Livera 9 years ago
Dear Joe,

Great to know. With prayers to get more such simple and effective tools to help the suffering humanity in every possible ways...

Reva V
Reva V 9 years ago
Thanks for inputs , even in Delhi Dengue has been causing havoc .

last week the wife of the principal of a leading Govt medical college in Delhi died dut to dengue.
vikas_grower 9 years ago
To Vikas

I would like to know if your medical doctors have permitted their patients to use Homeopathic remedies especially Eupat Perf 200 in the Wet dose to treat patients suffering from Dengue.

Here in Sri Lanka ALL Homeopathic remedies are equated to witchcraft and I had a case a few months ago where I offered to medicate sealed bottles of spring water in their presence with just 3 drops of the Alcohol pack of the remedies which I offered them free of cost but not one of them accepted my offer even after I informed them that I too could not understand how just a teaspoonful of the medicated water could CURE Dengue within about 4 hours.

They admitted that they did not have any drug or other protocol to cure Dengue. They later informed me privately that if they had accepted my offer they would face the loss of their license to practice!

This is thanks to BIG PHARMA who have the medical profession in their pockets here in Sri Lanka.

They preferred to let a patient DIE rather than accept my offer to CURE Dengue.
Joe De Livera 9 years ago
There is hardly any awareness here and the Govt is least interested except for saying that 'Do not let stagnant water to collect in or near households' .
vikas_grower 9 years ago
I regret to announce the death of a 9 year old girl at the Children's Hospital in Colombo yesterday.

The parents were not aware that I could have saved her if only they had contacted me a few days ago when they first warded her.
Joe De Livera 9 years ago

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