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Eczema help for 3 year old

Dear Kuldeep,

I was reading the concerns related to Eczema.
We would be grateful if you could help us.
Our 2 and half year old son has Eczema right from the time he was born and he also has lots of food allergies(Wheat,Dairy,Egg,various kinds of nuts ).
He basically grewup on Soy milk and now he drinks rice milk.
Eats rice,turkey,fish,carrots,spinach, apple , banana .

He is undergoing homeopathy treatment
Nitricum Acidum 1m
Chrysarobinum 30c
Petroleum 1m
Graphites 30c
Calcara floride 1m
Now the doctor has asked us to give him only Petroleum every 10 days and Nitricum Acidum every day twice and Calcara flor every day twice.
His worst affected areas are ankle and areas around the feet.He would sometimes scratch till he bleeds.
His other affected area is the elbow and areas around his wrist and finger tips.
He also has had three episodes of Bronchitis in a period of six months.
Very easily gets cold and cough.
We regularly give him antihistamine(Benadryl & Zerteck).
Would Sulphur help in this case.

Pls help us.
  Vinfern on 2005-06-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
When my son developed eczema around 4 months (very severe), I took him to India and warm weather cured him in 3-4 months.

do you live in colder areas?
periopatient last decade
We are from India but right now we are residing in the South East part of US.
We took our son to India couple of times but did not see any positive change in his condition.
Did you give your son any medication?
Thank you very much for you reply.
Vinfern last decade
After 3 months of stay in India, he cleared up pretty good (I found profound change after I started solids) but it was not gone completely. Then I gave him some ayurvedic medicine that my doctor prepared just for him. I continued for about 3 months after I came to US.

Next winter I went back and stayed another 4 months. (I did not want to take any risk).

I am not sure how long you stayed each time but first 2-3 weeks I did not see much change.

If you would like to contact my doctor I can give you his email. It helps if he happens to see your son though.

I never gave him any medication that doctors prescribed here since they all have tendency to develop asthma in the long run. (any eczema medication has that tendency)

Hope this helps. I am not sure how we can contact outside of this board but I would like to talk to you on the phone too. I remember how much my son suffered.
periopatient last decade
All the symptoms your three year old is suffering are of Atopic Allergy. It is a condition in which the skin and the respiratory systems are involved and the symptoms sometimes alternate in both these.
The skin is affected with itching, irritation, rawness on scratching, oozing of serous fluid, exfoliation of peeling off of the skin etc. and especially areas like folds of elbows, knees, ankle areas etc.
It is associated with recurrent nasal catarrh, wheeze etc. too.

Homeopathic Medicine has good remedies to see that with treatment the symptoms of skin and respiratory systems subside and the same allergens do not the cause similar deleterious effects.

Dr.Venugopal Gouri.
DRVenugopal last decade
Dear Periopatient,
I am glad to hear from you and I appreciate your concern.
You are right the medications(steroids) prescribed by the doctors here would only suppress the symptoms and that could later develop into Asthma or arthritis.
We have no choice but to apply these ointments when his condition gets bad.
We are hoping the Homeopathy would work sometime.
Its been more than a year our son has not slept peacefully through the entire night , he getup scratching his knees and elbow and crying, its painful to see him suffer like this.
It will be very kind of you to give me your doctor’s email. Please click on my user name and that should show you the email address.
Vinfern last decade
Dear Dr.Venugopal,
Let me start by thanking you for your view, you are 100% correct , all the three previous episodes of bronchitis was preceded by wheezing.
Please refer to my reply to user Periopateint. Doctor we just can’t bear to see our son suffer like this, we fell we are helpless.
He also starts to itch around his ankle and knees badly after bath. We apply moisturizing lotions.
We have tough time to feed him b’cos of all his allergies. Hope he is not suffering from LeakyGut Syndrome.
Doctor in my first posting of the issue date June 8, 2005 I had listed some Homeopathy medicines do you think if we are in the right direction.
Vinfern last decade
If you can give some details of the child now it would be easier to suggest a course of Homeopathic medicines. Before you look at other options I opine you give this two months time.

Where was the first lesion on the body noticed?
Where all it has spread to now?
Do you feel the skin condition gets worse in any particular season?
When is the itching more, day or night?
Is there any oozing after scratching?
Is it thin, watery? Does the area become raw too?
Is there any peeling off of the skin from the affected area?
If you give him bath with warm/cold water does he feel better or worse, i.e any change in itching?

Does he suffer from recurrent bout of cold, cough?
Is there any nasal discharge, nasal blocking, sneezing etc.?
Does it get worse after exposure to cold, intake of cold etc.?

Is the cough worse during day or night?

How is his appetite, thirst, urination, bowel movement, perspiration, sleep etc.>?

Any family history of similar illnesses?

What are the changes after Homeopathic medicines?

Dr.Venugopal Gouri
DRVenugopal last decade
Dear Dr.Venugopal
Thanks for immediate response and interest in my son’s condition.
The first lesion on the body was noticed on his scalp and forehead almost within one month of his birth, where his skin was flaky and oozing a yellow liquid.
Also he had severe colic till he was three months old (we guessed that it was due to his formula intake). After about six months his scalp and forehead got better but he had a few patches/lesions on his cheeks, elbows and ankles. When he was six months old we also found out that he was allergic to milk and later on to wheat and eggs. His eczema got worse after allergies and hives.
When he was one year old we took him for an allergy test and found out he was allergic to several food items (milk and all dairy products, wheat, eggs, soy, green peas, peanuts and other nuts, mangoes, garlic, legumes, lentils, coconut, mustard and sesame seeds, some grains ) .
At 15 months we started him on homeopathy and ever since the skin all over his body has worsened due to itching and scratching. However we continued with the homeopathy for almost a year.
Graphites 1 (every 10 days)
Chrysarobinum 30C (Morning & Night)
Nitricum Acidum 1M (11 AM & 3 PM)

It cured the oozing but my son was still itching and scratching all the time leading to bleeding and wounds all over the body.
We stopped the homeopathy but continued with oral antihistamines and steroid and non steroidal ointments because those were the only sources of relief.
The itching gets worse in winter due to the drying of the skin ( also because the heater is on during winter). In the day time there are ways of distracting him, but I think his itching gets out of control evening onwards. Also he starts itching uncontrollably when he is upset.
Theres no more oozing like before, but he bleeds after scratching.
I see a lot of his peeled off powdery dry skin in the bath tub and on his bed if he has been scratching. He prefers warm water but he still itches after bath.
The only thing that eventually stops him from itching is an oral antihistamine.
He can catch a cold or cough very easily which leads to wheezing.
He also starts coughing violently after crying which again leads to tightness in breathing sometimes. He also wheezes when it rains and there is humidity especially in winter. His appetite is good. If he is thirsty he’ll drink either rice milk or sometimes juice but doesn’t like drinking water.
He urinates often and has bowel movements once or maximum twice a day, no constipation so far.
He doesn’t perspire much (maybe partly due to the AC running in the house). His sleep is not very deep.
He wakes up very easily. He needs to cling to mom when asleep and wakes up several times at night crying and itching. There is no known family history of similar illnesses.
We’ve recently been prescribed a new set of homeopathic medicines.
Since then there has been an improvement in his condition. He still itches sometimes, but it is not uncontrollable.
Present Medicines given:
Petroleum 1M (every 10 days)
Calcarea Flour 1M (Morning & Night)
NItricum Acidum 1M (11 AM & 3 PM)
Vinfern last decade
The following medicines should be of use to him. To start with give SULPHUR IM six pills twice a day for seven days followed by SARSAPARILLA IM six pills morning and bedtime during the second week. At the end of second week post the progress.

Sarsaparilla mother tincture, five drops morning and bedtime for all days during the two weeks would also be good.

Since Homeopathic medicines interact it is advisable to use only one prescription at a time.

You can use glycerine based soaps and also to temporarily drive away dryness moisturiser can be used.

Dr.Venugopal Gouri.
DRVenugopal last decade
Dear Dr.Venugopal,
Thank you very much for your kind attention.
Do you think if its a good idea to wait for a week before we start the new treatment.
As mentioned in our earlier posting about his food allergies, could this be due to Leaky Gut Syndrome?

Thanking you in advance.
Vinfern last decade
You can start the medicine right away too.
Also in leaky gut syndrome there should be some digestive disturbance atleast. Also the symptoms as of now clearly fit in for Atopic allergy.

Dr.Venugopal Gouri.
DRVenugopal last decade
Dear Dr.Venugopal

I am treating a case of eczema; the boy is an Indian, born in U.S.A. His grandparents brought him to India, about an year back. He is now three years old.

I followed a single medicine, wait and watch approach. I used to give a single dose, and wait for minimum three weks, before takig up the case afresh, and change/continue the medicine, based on the current situation.

The medicines I used are Ars,Petroleum, Rhustox, Mez,Sulphur,Alumina and a few others.

I am happy to report that he is 90% better, and he is going bak to U.S.A. by the end of this month.

Now, my question to you is,why do you suggest Sarasapilla mother tincture, along with Sulphur 1M? Are you not contradicting your own statement of give one medicine at a time?

How do you know, in advance that the boy needs Sarasparilla, after Sulphur?
Is it not better, to review the case after you establish a reaction with sulphur, and then take the symptoms afresh?

I understand your logic of giving sulphur 1M, twice a day, but, how do you know ,the reaction, won't set in before a week?

Is it not better to tell the mother, to stop the medicine, once she sees an appreciable aggravation/amelioration? It may happen much earlier or later.

I somehow, get confused, with the different methods of drug administration, which are against the basic philosophy of homeopathy.

Perhaps, there is some other explanation, which I miss, and will be greatful, for any clarification.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
Hello Dr.Murthy,

I agree with you, the incidence of the atopic allergies in children of Indian parentage in the West is on the increase. The cause we do not know as of now.

I have had considerable success in treating these with various remedies.

Since the mother tincture acts on the nutritive plane and the IM potencies work on the dynamic plane, hence Sarsaparilla mother tincture and Sulphur IM simultaneously.

The predominant symptom of the child from the parents' post as of now is the dryness and Sarsaparilla is one the prime remedies with the symptom, hence Sarsaparilla IM after Sulphur IM.

I agree with you, there are different modes of drug administration and since Homeopathic Medicine is an evolving science there are bound to be variations and depending on the progress the changes to prescribing are always made. I have observed too that the response is much better and nearer to what the patient desires.

Dr.Venugopal Gouri.
DRVenugopal last decade
Thank you so much Dr.Venugopal

for replying so nicely without getting annoyed.

I too believe MTs, and for that matter ,even biochemic medicines(6X potencies), where some molecules of the medicine are present, work on a differet plane, and hence both can be administered simultaneously.

I said so in the recent post, on 'biochemic medicine ' too. I am glad you are confirming my observation.

Coming to the method of administration, I am aware of both the methods, give a dose and wait approach, as well as give repeated doses ,till a reaction is established.

I am only slightly, uncomfortable to prescribe another homeopathic medicine to be taken, after a fixed time, without assessing the case once again.

There are as many methods of administration, as there are homeopaths, and I don't see any possibility of some standardisation n the near future.

Any way, that is a seperate subject.

Most important is, I am not a doctor, but, a devoted student of homeopathy, and am venturing into helping a few persons close to me, with guidence from experienced people like you, on various forums.


bandarbabu2000 last decade
Dear Dr.Venugopal /Mr.Murthy,

My wife and me sincerely thank both of you for your valuable inputs.

Dr.Venugopal in your earlier posting you mentioned about giving our son Sarsaparilla mother tincture or Sarsaparilla 1M pills.
Amongst the two which would be more preferable.
Since we buy the Homeo medicines from a local store here and they in turn get it from the Manufacturer(Boiron) it would help for me to tell them the right potency of this mother tincture.

Dr. Venugopal, our son is still continuing his old medication until we get the new medicines (it will be at least a week before we get it). Right now his symptoms are still the same, certain days he is calm and then certain days his condition is aggravated.

MOST if the times he gets up in the morning scratching his wrist, elbow , knees and areas around his ankle and a little bit around his neck.

We are also giving him Flax Seed oil/Fish oil to supplement him with Essential Fatty acids

GLUTEMIN to assist with his digestive tract system

PROBIOTICS to also increase the beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract.

I agree with both of you about the increasing number of Eczema cases in kids here.
Nobody in my or my wife's family has any history of Eczema or food allergies.

I am not sure if its the food habits of the parents and the living conditions(Air conditions in Summer and Heaters during Winter) and probably the increased use of cleaning and disinfecting liquids that people use.

I have more faith and hope in Homeopathy than in allopathy for the simple reason that there are no side effects and since it concerns our 3 year old son its even more important not to inject any steroid based medicines.

I know homeopathy is a slow healing process and we are hoping for the best.

Once again want to thank everyone who shares his or her knowledge and experience that would help people in pain.
Vinfern last decade
Dr. Venugopal,

In your earlier reply you mentioned
"Also in leaky gut syndrome there should be some digestive disturbance atleast. Also the symptoms as of now clearly fit in for Atopic allergy."

I was under the impression that the proteins from the undigested food particles that were not processed by the LIVER escapes into the blood stream through the intestines, thus causing the body to treat these food particles as antibodies and there by triggering allergies.
Please correct me if I am wrong.
If his Atopic Dermatitis and food allergies are linked and they can be cured, you have no idea how grateful we will be to you.

Vinfern last decade
Hi - I have read through - are you going ahead with the Sarsparilla?
I am glad you have begun to see an improvement in your son's condition, which must cause you a lot of hours of lost sleep and much concern!?
thank you for responding on the other thread and let me know if you are interested in any other input here.
best regards
erika :)
erika last decade
I will be placing the order for Sulphur and Sarsaparilla today.
Is there a reason why you are asking if I am planning to go ahead with Sarsparilla?
Pls let me know.
Vinfern last decade
No there is no reason - I was interested in your case and just wondering whether you were stopping your other remedies and changing to sarsparilla/sulphur or whether you were sticking the ones you are using at the moment.
best regards, erika
erika last decade
Dear Erika,

We plan to continue with the present medication of
Petroleum 5 pills every 10th day.
Calcarea Flour 1M (Morning & Night)
NItricum Acidum 1M (11 AM & 3 PM)

It will be atleast 10 to 12 days before we getthe new medication.
Vinfern last decade
Ok, thanks, let us know how you get on - good health, erika :)
erika last decade
Hello Mr.Vinfern,
Sarsaparilla mother tincture or you can call it as 1x potency.
With the change in food habits you have done for him he is not having much of digestive disturbances. Over a period of time with medication if he can tolerate those foods well and good if not we can follow up with the remedies specific for those.
Dr.Venugopal Gouri.
DRVenugopal last decade
Dear Vinfern

Classical homeopathy doesn't believe in giving two to three medicines together. It is an allopathic thinking, that has crept into homeopathic prescribing.

The reason to avoid multiple medications, simultaneously is simple. In case of an aggravation, you will not know, what do? Which medicine caused it? How do you follow it up?

Similarly, in case there is improvement, you won't know, which caused it.

If you use a single medicine, in case of aggravations, we know what to do.

Similarly, in case of amelioration, for sometime, but, subsequent flare ups, we can repeat the medicine or change the medicine, or look for its complimentary. The prescribers have so many options.

In case of multiple homeopathic medicines therapy, it is a shot in the blind.

Please read the book; 'The Science of Homeopathy' by George Vithoulkus. It is worth the effort, and, you will appreciate, why I denounce multiple prescriptions.

Please understand, homeo therapy, too ,can lead to complications, in the hands of careless people.

My intention is not to scare you, but to make you understand, a little more about homeopathy.

bandarbabu2000 last decade
In my opinion, Homeopathy treatment must be from someone who has been practicing it for a while and who had treated this condition before. There is no need to subject a 3 year old to all this.
periopatient last decade
Dear friends

Thanks to you all for your kind attention.
I sometimes feel just the way user Periopatient has mentioned that "there is no need to subject a 3 year old to all this" ; but the problem here is that we as parents have only two options

2.Allopathy (Steroids with harmful side effects)

We are patiently trying our luck with Homeopathy.
Our son's under the treatment of a Homeopath back in India.
He has seen our son couple of times and knows his condition. I even send him the latest picture of his flared up skins.
Over the period of last 2 years our son has taken the following medicines.

Petroleum 1M (every 10 days)
Calcarea Flour 1M (Morning & Night)
NItricum Acidum 1M (11 AM & 3 PM)

Chrysarobinum 30c
Graphites 30c

It hurts to see the kid scratch and cry in pain, certain days he is fine.
Vinfern last decade

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