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The CURE for Dengue


Daily News Sri Lanka
September 26 2011

The cure for dengue

The Times of India gave much publicity recently to two villages where people were rushing to homeopathic clinics to obtain the drug Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200 to fight the dengue epidemic. Here in Sri Lanka, despite the government recently introducing the BTI Bacteria imported from Cuba and spraying it on stagnant pools at considerable cost, the results have been an abject failure and dengue continues to infect the population with over 20,000 cases recorded this year with over 200 fatalities.

A meeting was recently held at the CSR (Centre for Society and Religion) Colombo to commemorate the death anniversary of the late Professor of Pharmacology Dr Balasubramanium. Among the distinguished guests present were some medical doctors. Prof. Carlo Fonseka addressed the audience after which 82 year old Joe de Livera, who still functions as the CEO of a very old family owned business organization in Pettah, also spoke.

As a guest speaker, he delivered a lecture on the efficacy of Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200 which he has successfully prescribed to many patients as the cure for dengue.

“My goal is to spread the news of this amazing Homeopathic remedy that will cure dengue, as widely as is possible, as it has proved to cure a patient in under six hours and saved many lives. What is more important is that it can help to ensure that dengue is eradicated from Sri Lanka and this can only be achieved if the government and the doctors will permit the use of this remedy in hospitals. All that is needed is that the doctors give the patient a teaspoonful of the remedy which is made by medicating bottles of standard drinking water sold in supermarkets, every few hours as prescribed”.


Allopathic Medicine throughout the past century has traditionally been prejudiced against Homeopathy since it has no clinical proof, but the fact remains that it works in some mysterious manner to cure disease, especially dengue.

He also believes that a few other diseases that are often helped and cured by Homeopathy, like Eczema, Asthma, Arthritis, GERD (commonly known as Gastritis), to name only a few, cannot be equalled by drugs. It is this prejudice on the part of the medical profession that he is trying to overcome as he is absolutely convinced that Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200c which has been used for over a century is the ultimate remedy to treat viral diseases spread by mosquitoes. He feels very strongly that the current attitude of doctors to virtually refuse to use the one remedy that will cure dengue can be construed as a violation of the Oath of Hippocrates that they all solemnly took when they first registered as doctors.

Joe de Livera’s plea, especially to the doctors present, was that they use the remedy Eupatorium Perfoliatum in the 200c potency which he prepared to activate in their presence in sealed bottles of spring water to prove that there was nothing else - drug or other substance - used to activate the bottles of spring water. Unfortunately there were no takers!

It is no exaggeration that dengue has reached epidemic levels in Sri Lanka and it is in the hands of the government and the medical profession to give Homeopathy a chance to help cure this epidemic of dengue.

Arnica Montana

Turning briefly to Arnica Montana, he came out with many facts about its use for various diseases which he has collated in his website. He has found the wet dose (a bottle of water activated with just three drops of the Homeopathic remedy) to be far more effective in comparison to the standard dry pellets used by Homeopaths.

“I am a living example of the efficacy of this remedy as I have taken a teaspoonful nightly since 1996 which is almost 16 years ago. I do not use any drugs whatever on a daily basis as many of my age do, except on a SOS basis like after surgery, and I have not required any drugs to treat standard ailments like coughs and colds which are only too common and which I have noticed I do not catch as often as I did before my involvement in Homeopathy. My BP is under 120/80, Pulse around 70 BPM. Cholesterol and Triglycerides are at normal levels.

I believe I have proved that Homeopathy is by far more effective than the drugs that many use on a daily basis”.

“At 82 years of age I do not have any ailment or pain in my body. I use Homeopathic remedies exclusively to treat myself and those have enabled me to maintain my present state of health which is the envy of many who are half my age. Even today I drive myself daily to office to execute my duties as the CEO of my organization, as I have done for the last 60 years”.

After the proceedings many rushed to obtain Arnica 30 which he distributed in bottles of water free of charge. A few wanted the dengue remedy, but unfortunately none of the doctors requested it.

Joe de Livera quipped: “The problem they have is that they depend on disease for their livelihood while in my case I am trying my level best to not only cure, but to also eradicate this dreaded disease even before it strikes anyone. It is the loss of their revenue that the doctors are concerned with, as if by using this remedy, a patient can be cured of his dengue, they stand to lose a considerable slice of their revenue. This remedy when used as a Prophylactic in small weekly doses has proved its efficacy in preventing Dengue and it is unfortunate that the doctors are not agreeable to using it even on a test basis to verify if my findings are true”.

He concluded his speech by referring the audience to his website: www.joedelivera.com in which he has collated a wealth of his experience in the treatment of disease with ‘Joepathy’.
  Joe De Livera on 2011-09-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Joe De Livera 9 years ago
very interesting news also enhance knowledge. thanks for sharing us.

Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago
To Mahfooz

I am glad I bumped this post up as you may not have read it if I had not done so.

Where are you located and is Dengue reported in your area?

What is the reaction of the medical profession to the use of Homeopathic remedies to cure Dengue?
Joe De Livera 9 years ago
Dear Joe,
I am located in Pakistan and now a days dengue is spread here very fastly. Homeopaths are trying may remedies as per symptoms But the most successful medicines now a days is Eup.Prf.200 and in homeohorragic condition Crotolus-200. However, Arnica is a complementary medicine. Though the incubation period of this epidemic disease is about one week but using these medicines with panadol tab the fever vanaish in 4/5days. But patient feels weekness too much for which China-200 is being advised.

dr. mahfooz
Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago
To Mahfooz

Have you ever tried the Wet dose method that I use exclusively today after I was converted to it by Luc de Schepper in 2005. It really amazes me even today that it can possibly work to treat an ailment as it comprises activating a 500ml bottle of spring water with just 3 drops of the remedy. I used pellets as Luc did originally but discovered that they were not as effective as the Liquid dilution in 87% Alcohol.

In the case of Eupat Perf 200 you will soon observe the difference in the patient's response where a dying patient suddenly wakes up usually within 3-4 hours of administering a teaspoonful of the remedy which sometimes has to be slowly poured into his mouth in drops as in some cases the patient is comatose. It is the sudden animation scene that follows this slow infusion of the remedy that is worthy of a movie as in one instance the doctors treating a patient had informed his sobbing wife that he was beyond help and that she should resort to some Poojas which are commonly done in Sri Lanka for lost causes. This patient had been virtually comatose for about 4 hours after the dose and he suddenly woke up without the body and head aches with a ravenous appetite as he had not had any food for some days due to total aversion to food which he originaly puked up.

His Platelet count had dropped to 24K and he was very weak and with subsequent doses of Eupat and the juice of Papaya leaves which were given thrice daily, he recovered within 24 hours with the blood count at 125K

I have never had to use Crotalus as the Eupat 200 in the Wet dose ensures that the Platelet count is stabilized. I do not really believe that there is any bleeding in the so called 'Hemorrhagic' Dengue as it is most likely descriptive of the reduced platelet count which is due to the virus attacking the Red Cells which seem to burst in the body thereby restricting the oxygenation of the blood where, if the level drops below 15K, it renders the patient comatose and makes recovery very difficult.

The idea is to give a dose which is a capful of the bottle of Eupat Perf 200 in the Wet dose every hour or more often after violent succussion of the bottle every time, and the patient always falls into a deep sleep shortly after the first dose and wakes up in 4 hours in a bath of sweat, fully recovered. I have recommended that the subsequent doses are slowly dripped into the patients mouth through his parted lips to ensure that he is not woken up which is sometimes not possible.

I am glad that I was able to study the reaction of some patients personally as Seeing is Believing the Mystery of Homeopathy, how just 3 drops of the remedy in a bottle of water can make the difference between Life and Death.

Joe De Livera 9 years ago
I realy read your expertise here in forum and do agree with jeotherapy. But I use it where, the patient is under my close observation. However I use pills and its repitation as per patient requirement.

Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

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