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Somebody please help me. I'm almost 8 months pregnant and cannot breathe with out afrin. how do i get off the stuff.
sun16 last decade
You need to check with your doctor but I have been successful using a combination of over the counte 12 hour Sudafed and prescription nasal spray Rhinocort.

I was using it a night just to breath so I could sleep. If you are using it all day, you will have to put up with some discomfort for a couple of days. The Afrin causes a 'rebound' stuffiness after a few days. Is actually the source of your problem not the relief.

Check with your doctor about using Sudafed and see if you can get a prescription for Rhinocort.

Let us know how it goes.
dzfromny last decade
sun16 Hi my name is Hilary and I am 7 mounth pregnant and. I was useing afrin too and got off it so here is how I did it .I stop useing afrin in bothe side I would just put it in one side and the one I did not use afrin in did get stop up for about 3 days. and when I felt that I could do the other side I stop that side to and I ues lots of saline spray and I went out and bought some Claritin_D 12 or 24 hour don't matter and I did this in Decmber and I am still takeing the Claritin-D and my Dr also gaive me some Astelin to use. my nose does do get stop up but its not bad and I know it will go away after I have the baby so good luck.
hilary821 last decade
ok. Its been tough. The last time I used it was monday night at 8pm. Its now wednesday, 3:00 pm and I still haven't used it. I just quit cold turkey. How long before I start feeling better. I can't use sudafed b/c of my blood pressure. I waas able to get a prescription for rhinocort. Hopefully it will help soon.
sun16 last decade
rhinocort will take a week or so to start working. Too bad you can't use sudafed.

How long have you been using the nasal sprays? The longer you have used them the longer it will take to get over the 'rebound' swelling that occurs after it wears off.

Do yourself a favor and throw out any over the couner sprays you have in the house so you won't be tempted to use them again.
dzfromny last decade
I had this problem some years ago, after the worst hayfever of my life. I used Beconase for 2 weeks, and it worked, of course, but I didn't like how it made me feel, so I stopped using it. At which point my sinuses broke down completely, I didn't smell anything for 2+ years. I still have the smell of sulphurous blood when I put my head upside down inside my sinuses. This stuff is POISON!
I fixed my sinus problems by changing my diet. Cutting out all sugar, dairy and wheat. It worked a treat.
I think that drug remedies are simply quick fixes with big paybacks to problems which could be solved by diet change.
Reading the posts it appears that most think there is some chemical out there that will fix them. It's a lie we all bought into.
Diet and allergies are inextricably linked, and you'll never know for that's true unless you try it.
anon001 last decade
Thanks for writing kaetiekalfou, but this post area is for those that really know what addiction to these chemicals is like. Diet will not cure the problems of rebound conjestion, caused by overuse of these products. I agree that diet does play a major role in our lives, how our bodies function, etc. But to say to these poor folks (including myself) that a diet change, alone, will cure them from this addiction is absured. Besides, we are not talking about alergies here, we are talking about medicines that were overused, and almost impossible to quit using.
AtlantaDavid last decade
I have to say I think the word Addiction is wrong. It put's the whole responsibilty on the user.

But the fact is, these products only work whilst you use them. When you stop using them, you need them again for the same reasons you needed them in the first place. This isn't addiction at all.

I could have remained on the Beconase, but I chose not to because I felt it was making my symptoms worse. In fact, I spent 3 months with a head like a concrete block, nostrils running like waterfalls, couldn't do anything, because I felt (intuitively) the drugs were making things worse, not better.

I only got some slight relief when I cut gluten out of my diet.

Just sharing my views.
anon001 last decade
ADDICTION: (noun) The state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.

Okay, I over reacted the first time I wrote, but I think the real issue here, is, that I'm not familiar with Beconase...so I don't know whether the chemicals in it react in the sinuses like one of the 3 that are found in over-the-counter sprays.

The spray I use is 4-Way. It contains Phenylephrine which, when overused, creates a situation where ONLY that chemical will relieve conjestion in my nose. The ingredient in Afrin is different. That product will not relieve my conjestion the same way 4-Way does. Those that 'have to use' Afrin, wouldn't find relief using a dose of my 4-Way spray. It's all about which of the sprays/drugs you overused, and got...well... sorry...addicted to.
AtlantaDavid last decade
Flonase, Beconase and Rhinocort are prescription nasal sprays that do not have the same effect as over the counter sprays.

Addiction really isn't the proper term for this type of condition but those of us that have had the problem refer to it as such.

The over the counter sprays cause a 'rebound' stuffiness if used for more than a few days so people end up using the sprays to overcome the stuffiness they actually caused.

The prescription sprays are topical steroids that help reduce the swelling in the sinuses.

I'm not a doctor but I was using the over the counter sprays only at night for a very, very, very long time.
I also have allergies and have been getting treatments from a specialist for years.

If you've been using the over the counter stuff for a long period of time, you should see a doctor for help.
dzfromny last decade
You can get Beconase over the counter in the UK.

You know, I just don't think it's fair to say people are addicted to something when it's the only thing that helps - and was initially prescribed or recommended by the same healthcare professionals that now stigamtise. That kind of demonises us a bit, don't you think?
anon001 last decade
I'm Sidney. About six weeks ago after an upper resp. infection I lost my sense of smell. I also have been using nose sprays for allergies for about six years. I read on a site that this addiction could cause a permanent loss. Has anyone had this problem of heard of it? I also was given Amantadine (for flu) during this time. I felt very strange on it and stopped after three doses. This is also when I lost my sense of smell.
sidney1 last decade
Hi Sydney,

I'm not a doctor but I'm guessing that if you've been using over the counter nasal sprays for six years, that is the source of your problem. If you recently had the flu, I'm also guessing that you were using more often too.

If you want to try to get off the nasal sprays, you will have some moral support here.
dzfromny last decade
I'm Theresa, and I am 18 years old. I have been addicted to nasal spray for over a year now. It all started when I had a very bad cold, and could not stand the nasal congestion. I felt as if I could not concentrate or even function with a stuffy nose. I started using the spray,felt immediate relief, and was satisfied. I noticed that after my cold was over, I no longer felt sick, but still had a stuffy nose. I once again could not stand it. Ever since that cold, I have been using nasal spray numerous times every day. I always have to have it with me. I check my purse before I leave the house to make sure I have it with me, and that I am not going to run out. I get anxious and irritable if I cannot find it. My friends make fun of me jokingly, but this problem really does worry me. I am concerned for my health. I don't want to have to use this stuff forever, it's embarrasing.
treereesamarie last decade

First of all, you need to go see a doctor to help you overcome this.

You need to stop taking the sprays as soon as possible. Try using Sudafed. It comes in a 4-12-or24 hour tablets. You need to go the the pharmacy, they keep it behind the counter. The Sudafed will help with the stuffy nose. You may have to combine that with Claritan if you have a runny nose too. You can also purchase a Saline nasal spray. It is just salt water, to help keep the sinuses moist.

A doctor can give you prescription sprays that don't have the same effect as the over the counter ones.

The sprays you are using have a 'rebound' effect. After using them for more than a few days the sprays actually cause the sinuses to swell, then you use them again to relieve the pressure. But the sprays are the cause so as long as you keep using them, you won't be able to get over the problem.

See a doctor but try some over the counter medicines too but stop using the sprays.

Write back and tell us how you are doing.
dzfromny last decade
I am 25 years old, and I have been addicted to nasal sprays for around 13 years. I started using them when my parents gave me them for my allergies. I was first using otrivin. That quit working for me around 6 years ago. Ever since then I have been using Claritin's version of dristan. I have been trying to wean myself off them for the past couple months. I first dilluted it by half with saline. Now I am down to 0.01 of a mil. of claritin to 8 mils of saline. The wierd thing is that it is still helping. I am presently taking prescription nasoquart and otc Claritin extra strength decongestant 24 hour. I have also been doing nasal flushes every day with saline. I haven't slept in the past 2 weeks. I'm almost at the end of my rope and I'm not sure what to do next. Can anyone help me? I'm sooo claustrophobic, and have panic attacks nightly.
lilandy11 last decade
sorry, I meant 0.1 mils to 8 mils.
lilandy11 last decade
The first thing you need to do is quit the nasal sprays completely no matter how much you are diluting them. You are probably still getting some rebound stuffiness from them.

I am assuming the 24 Claritan with decongestant means that is has Sudafed in it. Try taking it around 3 pm.

Stop the nasal sprays except for your prescription. Keep posting and give us updates
dzfromny last decade
How long does the rebound stuffiness usually last? I know it depends on how long you've been using them, but I just would like to know how long to expect to be stuffed up. Thanks.
lilandy11 last decade
it's been 16 hours since I last took nose spray. I deffinately have rebund stuffiness. It's almost midnight and I'm sooo claustrophobic right now. I'm using a nasal strip, and drank a cup of neocitron, nothing seems to help. My 24 hour claritin decongestant seemed to have wore off somewhere around 8, and I only took it at noon.
My left nostril is much clearer than my right, and I haven't been taking much nasal spray in that side for a few days.
Does anyone know a company that sells nasal cones in Canada online? No drugstore in my town carries them. And do they help with the rebound congestion?
lilandy11 last decade
What is a nasal cone?

I use 12 hour Sudafed combined with Claritan or Zyrtec. If you are using Claritan with a decongestant, it probably has Pseudophedrine in it already. If you are taking the regular Claritan try the Sudafed too. It helped me.

I also used a presription spray called Rhinocort.
dzfromny last decade
A nasal cone is a little plastic/rubber cone you insert into your nose to hold the nasal passages open. I actually purchased a couple online last night. I'm affraid that they won't go far enough up the passage to help though.

I caved this morning and took a little nose spray. I couldn't handle it anymore. I maybe slept an hour last night, and had panic attacks every 5 minutes. How long is it going to last? I just don't think I'll ever be able to quit!!

I just am at a loss. I pretty much can't dilute it anymore than it is, but just saline itself isn't helping much.

Someone mentioned a shot of something the doc can give to help with the rebound congestion...how much does it help, and is it just one shot?

I am really glad I stumbled on this site. It gives me hope. But a little tiny part of me still wonders if I will ever again be able to breath freely without the stuff.

Thanks again.
lilandy11 last decade
It will take a couple of weeks after you stop the sprays to get somewhere back to normal but if you have allergies or sinus problems it will be a constant fight.

I was on them for over 30 just at night so I could sleep and I stop almost 1 year ago.

Some people have tried using them in just one nostril for a while then giving up on the other so you give them up gradually.

I have an allergy Doctor that gave me a shot of cortizone at first to help me get over the rebound effect of the sprays at the beginning. That shot lasts about a month. Long enough to help you through the worst part of the first couple of weeks.

I continue to use Rhinocort, a prescription steroid spray, 12 hour Sudafed, a decongestant. You can get the Target brand for much cheaper than regular Sudafed. Its sold behind the pharmacy now. I also use Zyrtec or Claritan sometimes for my allergies.

Check the Claritan you are using. If it doesn't contain Psuedophedrine try the regular Claritan and get the Sudafed separately. Don't take Claritan-D and Sudafed. You would be taking 2 different types of decongestants.

You really should get a doctor's help. Go to an allergist and ask about the cortizone shot too.
dzfromny last decade
OK GUYS - Here it is. A few answers for you I hope. One day I woke up and realized I had been addicted to nasal spray for about a year.

The only way to quit this is cold turkey. You are too strong to let this stuff control your life, like it unknowingly did mine for more than a year.

Day 1 - Three hours after last spray, all passages sealed shut so tight that I could not even swollow correctly. No sleep that night at all.

Day 2 - Passages still sealed tight. Could not eat. Did not sleep that night. Had small panic attach because I could not catch my breath.

Day 3 - Nasal passages opened up briefly when I was walking outside. Great feeling. 1 maybe 2 hours sleep this night because when I came back inside sealed up tight.

Day 4 - One nasal passage opened up so I could breathe all day. Off and on during the night.

Day 5 - Both passages started opening up and would then close back, but I knew I had beaten it at this point. Slept all night breathing through one nostrel.

The days after this continued to get better. Overall it took about 1 1/2 weeks to totally be back to normal, but 5 days is really all it takes.

Sure, I still have stuffy nose from time to time and my allergies are horrible, but nothing is worse that having to squirt that stuff every 2 to 3 hours.

jmccool last decade
Congratulations Joel. It takes some will power to get over this addiction.

Have you tried Claritan or Sudafed to help?

You should go see an Allergist who can help with some prescription meds too.
dzfromny last decade
Hi. I found this page on a web search and was so happy to find out im not the only person with this problem.Been using otrivin nasal spray for at least 14 years. I started using it just at bedtime and over the years got more frequent. When I was pregnant i started carrying them around and using it all day for the past almost 8 years. I constantl get the flu and colds like literally every month usually more. I tried all the percription sprays saline etc but nothing worked. I knew i was going to live the rest of my life like this. Got to the point at night I was using it every 10 mins! it is so dry in our building and the vaporizers dont help. Well after reading your forum and finding out it is harmful to the heart i had to stop. i thought it would be impossible as i tried before and only last a couple hours. you guys gave me hope and strength and I have been off it for more than 4 weeks now. But the right side of my nose is still all stuffed up. Was using allergy and sinus meds untill i realize those had the decongestant the same as the sprays. The pharmacist said it is also harmful to the heart but doesnt cause rebound.So been taking it days when its really bad and im hoping once i can breathe normally I will stop the allergy meds too i also using rhiocourt but i dont get relief from either. If I touch the inside of my nose it literally stuffs up right away. I hope its not damaged. Isnt 4 weeks a long time for it not opening up yet? No matter what I cant go to the sprays. Im a single parent and I dont want to hurt myself anymore for my daughters sake. I have severe pain in head and face. I have tmj artifical joints and nerve damage the pain is bad and have to live on morphine and fentanol. So this nasal problem causes more pain there as well. The pain was brutal when stopping the otrivin. If it wasent for this website i dont know if I could of ever quit but you inspired me.
elissa last decade

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