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V, dilution method should help you. do it slowly...
hypogirl80 last decade
This is the second week of my 3-way Off-Afrin system.
I'm down to only 20% Afrin/80% saline (I started with 80% Afrin). Over the last couple weeks, there have been several nights when I only had to use the solution in one nostril because the other one remained perfectly clear. Up until the most recent titration ratio last night, the treated nostril remained entirely clear all night. Last night, the treated nostril got a little stuffed during the night, but I just turned over and went back to sleep. I am hoping this is a sign that the system is getting back to normal. I did not have to take additional drops. I have been measuring an exact amount(.5cc max for both sides)into my 6cc syringe so I am sure not to be taking more volume to make up for the weaker potency.

I am going to stay on 20/80 for a few more days before further dilution. Also, for the first time in two weeks, after my morning irrigation, my nose was a little runny.

I'm still putting on a Breath Right strip before bed and am using the Nasiline irrigator twice a day. I plan to do away with the BreathRights as soon as possible (they are expensive and leave a residue on the skin), but I plan to continue with the nasal irrigation even after (hopefully) I kick the habit for good.
lfnyc last decade
Success. April 16th was my last sniff of Otrivin - I used breath right strips each night for a week AND Aerius allergy pills, but went cold turkey. I can breathe! There are still times that I long for some Otrivin, but I think it is the 'addiction' rather than the need. If I can give anyone advice, it is to be tough, go cold turkey, and within a week you will feel much different. Good luck everyone, it is a terrible addiction to break.
hardtobreatheinont last decade
Here's how I beat my addiction. I started to use the Rhinostat system, and that got me from having to use nose spray every two hours up to every five hours. If you don't know Rhinostat, it's basically the dilution method that many here have described. But what really worked was going to an ENT doc. He gave me a script for Prednisone, and told me to stop using the nasal spray altogether. He said that it would be an uncomfortable few days, but by the third day, the Prednisone should kick in, and I should get relief. Well, I couldn't stop the nasal spray altogether, but I did limit it as much as I could. As the doc said, by the third night, I could breathe without the spray, and I have only used the spray once or twice since then ( I'm on day 6 )-and even then, the spray was very diluted. So, I wholeheartedly recommend going to an ENT doc, get the meds, and get off this crap. I am so thankful to be able to sleep at night
ihatenasalspray last decade
Hi,I have been using Otrivine nasal spray for over 40 years now,about one a month.Apart from the constant use I have not found any drastic side effects.I only use when I have a blocked nostril as I feel very claustrophobic if I cannot breath fully.I would like to stop using but the relief outweighs the sacrifice.When I get a cold I also get bad coughs that can last for months.I am not sure if this has anything to do with the spray but would be interested in finding out.Have I used the spray too long for my nose to get back to normal???
bluey last decade
Sorry to hear about your troubles caused by nasal spray addiction. I know how you feel. There are great articles on the internet by Rachel Scott Ph.D. regarding nasal spray addiction treatments. Look them up, they just may be able to help you.

Good luck
jaykay last decade
I was using nasal spray for the last year and a half. Went to see my doctor becuase it was just not helping me anymore and causing more problems then fixing. So it has been 3 days off of the nose spray, my doctor prescribed Veramyst to help with some of the discomfort but does not seem to be helping any. The only relief that I get is going outside. As soon as I step outside instant relief and I can breathe normally. Not sure why but it is frustrating because as soon as I walk back inside my nose seals shut like a cement door when I could just breathe normally not 2 minutes ago. Therefore not sleeping well due to nasal congestion and I am working on my second box of tissues. Hoping to have some more relief here soon.
CD2010 last decade

Although it sounds like there's something in your house that's giving you problems, ask your Dr. to give you a script for Prednisone. As I said in my post, my Dr. said it would take 3-4 days to take effect, and he was right. But by the third night, the drug kicked in and reduced the inflammation in my sinuses, and I was able to breathe without the instant relief sprays. I now use Nasonex and Astelin, and must confess to using Afrin before bed-but I hihighly diluted the Afrin with saline, so it's about 25-30 % Afrin, and the rest saline. So get yourself a Prednisone pack, and hopefully it will help you as it did me.
ihatenasalspray last decade
Hello again,since my letter a few weeks ago I have stopped taking Otrivine and am fine.I still get one nostril blocked when I go to bed but am learning to cope without the spray.
However do not get over worried if you think you are addicted I just stopped after 40+ years,and my doctor said it is still OK to use if I get a cold.reading a lot of this stuff can scare people into thinking all sorts.Just do what you feel best with.
bluey last decade
I have not posted here in awhile 1 because i've been really busy and 2 because I still go through this struggle. A doctor shouldnt of told you its okay to use it when you have a cold. I quit cold turkey but i get sick very easy and then i start using again when I had a cold. i finally quit yet again a month and a half ago and I just got a bad cold and after not sleeping 2 nights and being extremely uncomfertable I sprayed last night on both sides and this morning on one side. The side that I sprayed the second time is super stuffed up now but I'm waiting untill it hits the 8 hours as listed on the bottle. I was so proud of myself a couple times now of quitting but its a vicous cycle. I swore I would never ever use it again. I was able to use it during a cold for a couple days and back off it again and I never went back to heavy use every 5 mins like I use to, but I was using a couple times a day untill I finally stopped again recently and here i go again with a nasty cold!
elissa last decade
I last posted in may when I was 2 weeks into 'withdrawl'.
Since that time, I've stopped using the Breathright strips, but I still do Nasiline irrigation twice a day. About 4 weeks into the process, my Afrin/saline solution was down to ~10% Afrin. I found that I only needed it in one nostril at night, so I decide to go without it completely. What is interesting is that during this time, one side continued to get slightly stuffed at night. This went on for a couple weeks, so I decided to continue to dilute the solution.

Now I'm down to 5%Afrin...only at night and only in one nostril...usually the right side gets a bit stuffed while the other stays clear. I'm very careful about the amount I use...I measure it in an oral syringe and use no more than .25cc.

What is strange is that the residual stuffiness happens only at night.From reading this and other blogs,this seems to be almost universal for those of us who are otherwise 99% successful.

Its not lying down because if I can catch an afternoon nap, both sides remain crystal clear, so its not just the physical position involved. Nor can it be attributed to 'rebound' inflamation because this was going on for the 2 weeks off the Afrin solution all together.

One final word for the frustrated: If you can't get off Afrin (or what ever) altogether, or need it for relief from a cold, used a diluted solution...I felt absolutely no difference in to potency until I got down to below 15% Afrin.

Now that its down to 5%, it doesnt pack that immediate kind of punch, but it still works enough to clear the passage of the stuffed side for the rest of the night. I'm going to do this as needed for another month, then water it down again.
lfnyc last decade
This is a very frightening challenge, but I found a sollution without having to resort to another nasal spray, possibly coticosteroids which can be like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Like one of the other posters, I chose one nostril and gave myself permission to use Afrin in the other until I experienced relief and then if I needed to, I could change. The magic bullet came in the form of the strongest Breathe Right nasal strip out there. I can now sleep without issue and I have not needed any spray at all in 3 weeks. If I need them during the day, so be it, they make a smaller, clear version that is pretty inconspicuous...and at this point, who care what anyone thinks!! Good luck to all!!
sharonsquick last decade
Nasal sprays only swell the membranes and make it where you must keep using to be able to breathe.

Xclear is a safe alternative and cleans out the nose. My husband has sinus infections and has greatly reduced them and antibiotics by using this.
glazer last decade
Hi everyone, I found this forum a couple of weeks ago as for the past year I've been addicted to nasel spray. I really wanted to get it out of my life so read all the above storys. I started doing some research and found this website called RHINOSTAT. Basically what it is is they send you a vile of your regular nasel spray along with and bottle of saline, both in drop form not srays. For the first day you use the regular nasel drops as normal as often as you need it. It has two lines on this bottle, once you get to get second line you fill the vile back up with the saline. So each day your diluting your nasel spray. To be honest I wasn't sure if it was going to work but though I'd give it a go. I'm only on day 5 and one nostrals has completely opeded up and I haven't used anything in it for almost 2 days now, and the nostral that was my worst I haven't used anything in almost 12hrs!!!! I seriously can't believe how good this works!!!! I also don't get the anxiety that came along with the nose getting blocked. Like I said before I've been addicted for a little over a yr and couldn't stand not to use nasel spray as I thought I was going to die but please get onto this website as I promise this works!!!!!
happygirl2010 last decade
I was addicted to Nasal Spray (Sinex) for about 2 years. It was truly not excellent.

Obviously the more I used it the more I needed it and I was stuck in a vicious cycle.

This was made worse when I started work in an office after I finished Uni. 'Office Illness' gets passed around quite a lot due to air conditioning and the like and I found myself using more and more nasal spray. This went on and on and my nose was a mess. I was getting nose bleeds and bunged up and everything constantly.

Anyway. I decided to quit. I came on the internet and had a look at peoples stories (I hadn't realised that it was such a big thing). I saw that people were quitting one nostril at a time and using other methods etc. I thought 'screw it' and quit cold turkey.

For the first 3 days I was a state. Both nostrils totally blocked up, I couldn't breath or talk or anything.

1 month later and I can breathe perfectly well. I didn't realise that I had lost my ability to smell and taste!

When I tasted a nice hunk of Dover Sole I almost died! The flavours were amazing and something I hadn't been able to do for 2 years!!

It sounds stupid, but not being enslaved to a little bottle that I would take to work, to the pub, to my gf's etc has made my life 100000% better.

Also, try doing nasal irrigation. It's awesome!
TheDuke last decade
im glad i found this sight, ive been addicted to nasal spray for 2 years now, im wanting to quit but im scared to ive tried before with allergy meds and nasal steroids but they made it worse! if i cant use my nasal spray i completely have an anxiety attack! here lately ive had to switch my sprays because wal-mart stopped carrying my brand ive used for the past year one side of my nose is staying plugged up now uhg its so irritating! if i try to quit cold turkey my nose feels like its cemented shut to the point i feel i cant even swallow hardly! and then I freak out with anxiety attacks. how long will my nose stay stuffed up like this since ive only been on it two years? HELP!!!!
mandi86 last decade
mandi86, i too was very glad to find this site a few weeks ago. I too was addicted to the spray for 2-3 years. I recently tried the dilution method mentioned by many in this forum but that didn't work well for me. So last week I tried the one nostril at a time method. I used the spray in just one nostril. Even just doing that helped the other nostril not be as clogged. The first day for several hours the non-spray nostrial was clogged but I felt I could breathe. By early evening I could tell a difference in the clogged nostril and it was clear by the time I went to bed. I did use Breathe Right nasal strips to help. The next day was even better. Just to give myself time, I used the spray in one nostril for about a week. Then this week I did not use it at all in either nostril. Again, the first day the one nostril was clogged but again I could feel it open up by the evening. Again I did use the Breathe Right strips. by the 2nd day, that 2nd nostril was open. Last night I did not even use the Breathe Right strips. I woke up a little congested in one nostril but it went away when I got out of bed. I have air issues at work but yesterday I took an oral decongestant and that helped too.
So you might try it that way. I think it helps if you feel you can breath through the one nostril, not so panicky about not being able to breath as I was concerned about that. I also do use nasal irrigation (NetiPot, you can get it at Wal-Mart or a drugstore) and I think that helps also. Hope this helps you.
jean51 last decade
I have been addicted to nasal spray for 2 years now. I was first addicted for the very first time when I was 11 years old. At that time I simply stopped cold turkey. But now it seems to be almost impossible for me to do that. I have been trying the one nostril method along with the dilution method but so far I am still addicted. I also am using flonase and it hasn't helped yet either. I only wonder how long I will have to deal with this addiction before it finally goes away. I am down to 20% spray and have been using it in the right nostril only for two weeks. But my right nostril still gets stuffy at night and I am forced to use the spray. does anyone know how long it might take before I am free of the addiction using the modalities that I am using.
MichaelSipes76 last decade
The first thing you should do is get the advice of a doctor. Seeing you are using Flonase, that tells me you already are doing this.
The one thing that might help you overcome the addiction is a Cortisone shot from you doctor. It will help reduce the swelling in your nose caused by the sprays. It will last about 3-4 which should give you time to stop the sprays.
The fight will always continue. You need to throw out any over the counter sprays you have. You may end up with a few sleepless nights but it will be worth it. I would take a few sick days or do it over a long weekend when I've given them up. It took me several tries before I finally beat the spray.s
dzfromny last decade
I've been leaning to get rid of my nasal sprays. Mainly for the fact that I know I am losing my sense of smell and taste bigtime. Will I be able to get back to normal as soon as my breathing clears up without using the sprays?
24hrsStuffy last decade
I have been using Otrivin for almost a year now. The addiction has got quite bad recently and I am going through one bottle every week or two. I was reading this forum last night after researching the side effects and decided I will once and for all kick this addiction.

I tried to give up once before but my nose closed up so that not even one bit of air could get in. I started freaking out that I was chocking as everytime I swallowed my ears would pop because the air didnt have anywhere to go!

After reading all of the tips on this forum I went to buy myself some breathe right nose strips and at 7pm last night give up otrivin cold turkey. I am feeling so motivated and I know I can do this! My nose is a bit stuffy but no extreme side effects yet. The nasal strips really helped me during the night too. I have tried to get over the fear I feel when my nose starts to get blocked and just tell myself that it will clear up soon.

Its been 17 hours and no otrivin. I still have some in my bag in case of an emergency but I am hoping I can get rid of this addiction for good!
mizza last decade
I started using a Vicks Inhaler around 9 years, and eventually moved onto Otrivin which worked a little too well. I quickly got addicted to its effects. Iwas addicted to sleeping tablets also, which helps to cause similar effects as the nasal inhaler.
Around 6 months ago I went cold turkey on the sleeping tablets, and found by eliminating coffee; chocolate; sugar; energy drinks etc, I could sleep okay. I found my joints got better also (a side effect of prolonged use to one-a-night Nytol)
I always thought the nasal spray would be harder.
Around 5 nights ago I started spraying into only one nostril, and 2 nights ago I thought I would just go cold turkey and stopped completely ... to my surprise I woke up in the early hours and whilst my nose was blocked, the nostril that hadn't been squirted in for a few days was less blocked.
Last night was easier to sleep, I though it is uncomfortable I think that I am past the worst and every night is getting easier. I refuse to back down, now I am gaining momentum.
9 years without missing a night .. It can be done!!
Leeberg last decade
I have finally found a way to beat the nasal spray addiction. I went to an ENT doc and told him that every time I was put on a steroid pac for a week or so, everything would be fine, except then after a day or two I would get clogged up again. He said that was because being on a prednisone pac for only a week didn;t give my nose a chance to get over my afrin addiction. So he put me on a super dose of prednisone- 5 pills a day for 5 days, 4 pills a day for four days, three pills a day for three days, two pills a day for for two days and finally one pill a day on the last day. A total of 55 pills over 15 days. It worked. At the same time he gave me scripts for nasonex ans Astelin, and told me to use them. By the 2nd day, the prednisone was letting me breathe, and roughly a month later I have not had to go back to any form of Afrin or any other type of instant relief nasal spray. If your doc thinks you can handle the prednisone onslaught, I highly endorse it. It absolutely worked for me.
ihatenasalspray last decade
The first thing you need to do if you really want to kick the habit is to throw out your bottle of Otrivin. If its in the house you will be tempted to use it.

I kicked my habit with a combination of generic Zyrtec and Sudafed. A shot of cortisone from a doctor will help too. One of the people got prednisone from their doctor. I can't handle that stuff. That is really strong. Cortisone is a much milder steroid. A doctor will even prescribe a non addictive steroid spray like Flounase.

If you can't kick the habit yourself please see a doctor for help.
dzfromny last decade
hi i am 30yr female i have been addicted to nasal spray for about 14 years, reacntly i have a bad bout of bronchitis and nasal spray was not working i have been to dr after dr thinking something was seriously wrong with me cuz i am unable to breath, i am on second bout of antibiotics, the only thing i found that has been helping so far is a vamporizer putting my head right in the steam, i was on mucnex md and it helped when i first got sick whic was over a month ago, i have not used nasal spray in that time it was not working, i am on nasonex now and i have only been on it a week but it seems to be taking the swelling down in my nose, i can breath alittle bit today, i have been totally out of it not wanting to leave my house cuz everything made my breathing worse, u have to use the steriod nasal spray the correct way or it wont work and can cuz problems, you put it in ur nose and point it tored ur ear u dont put it all the way in ur nose like u do with otc sprays. but i found the thing that helps the most is the steam from the vamporizer, its been 37days and i have not used reg nasal spray even tho i am tempted too. i just want to beable to take deep breaths and breath normally again. i think i am getting there
nyki28 last decade
I havent posted for a while because i've been ashamed that i quit and kept going back. Well its been a couple months now and im still stuffed on one side bad alot of pain in the nose. I've gone through hell the past couple months. Had a sinus infection and took the antibiotics didnt do anything. I started having severe dizzy spells that I was blacking out. Went to an ENT said I have Labyrinthitis sinus backed up and going to the inner ear. He gave me omnvare new spray, doesnt do anything. I've been feeling so lightheaded out of it all day and night. I hardly have gone out. I am afraid i will never feel better if i damaged myself from the otrivin. I am close to sparying it but havent gave in. We wanted go to on a vacation for aw eek and been anxious to get better but almost 2 months and no change. I hate living like this. Has anyone else had any problems like this? it feels like I have a flu. Always tired, dizzy out of it.
elissa last decade

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