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Weight Reduction with Nat Phos 6x. Latest News

I first discovered the amazing effect that Nat Phos 6x had on weight reduction last September when I gave this remedy to an obese man to help with his gastric reflux problem. I was surprised to discover that he had shed about 5 kg in about a month when he saw me to get more supplies of the remedy.

I released my discovery to the World last Christmas Day on this and other Homeopathic Fora and the response from members of this forum to my post was indeed very heartening.

Since my post last Christmas Day, I have had many remarkable records to substantiate my discovery that Nat Phos 6x is the Ultimate Weight Reduction Remedy. I have recorded a few cases that used this remedy and it is safe to state that the weight loss is usually a pound per week or 2 to 3 kg per month. Incidentally I had inadvertently stated in my first post on December 25th 2004 that this weight loss was 2-3 kg per week due to a typo which I persuaded Simon Boradley to correct for me as a special favour.

Many of my friends who read my post on Christmas Day have used it and many have confirmed that they have lost weight with this remedy. A group of Homeopaths who are students of Dr Luc de Schepper and members of the RICHroundtable have used it on a volunteer basis with positive results.

I do not have the benefit of carrying out any clinical tests in Sri Lanka with Nat Phos to test the etiology of weight reduction but my observations are that it seems to work by accelerating the passage of food through the gut thereby preventing the complete absorbtion of the food by the body, which will in turn prevent any weight gain. This weight loss may be due to the increase in the quantity of urine that is usually passed by the person taking the remedy. The ideal dosage that I now recommend is 2 tablets after lunch and 2 after dinner. The rate of success is in the region of 90% and the maximun weight loss was recorded in the first patient who was a massive 125kg at 6 ft and dropped by 30kg in about 6 months at which weight he is now stabilized and comfortable. Another girl who works in my organization who was 92 kg on January 1 has reduced her weight by 13.5kg up to date and is now on just 1 tablet after each of 2 meals daily. Apart from the weight loss she has noticeably reduced in her bodily proportions which are quite streamlined today.

I have not had any negative after effects reported with its daily use and it also seems to be an added boon to senior citizens who suffer from constipation who are now depending on this remedy to help with their daily functions. It in interesting to record that one person who used liquid paraffin for years is now solely dependent on Nat Phos which he also stated helps him to sleep deeply.

I am glad that I was able to quite accidentally discover and record the amazing effect that this remedy which has been in use for over 150 years in Homeopathy, to help control gastric conditions, and to also reduce the weight of the obese throughout the world. I do hope that those who read this post will spread the word about the amazing ability of this remedy to reduce weight to all who would like to reduce their weight even by a few pounds, which it will do very safely.

It is interesting to record that I tried to contact many newspapers and TV and Radio Broadcasting Channels in the US and UK to inform them of my discovery which I was offering them free of charge to be published and broadcast in their media so that the many millions of people who see this message who are overweight can benefit from my discovery. I regret to state that there was absolutely no response received from any of them. It is possible that they were influenced by the fact that I was trying to promote a Homeopathic product which is usually taboo in many medical circles.

It was ironic to note that the BBC had a whole newscast on April 16 2005 on a new discovery that a firm in Belgium had made of RIMONABENT which is based on a chemical closely connected to Cannabis. Tests were carried out and the following results were noted:

"The Dutch team taking the higher dose of rimonabant showed improvements in cardiovascular risk factors such as cholesterol levels, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome, a condition which can increase the risk of heart disease.

However, they also showed the highest level of side effects such as nausea, dizziness and diarrhoea.

Rimonabant works by blocking the endocannabinoid system in the brain which regulates hunger."

It is indeed unfortunate that I encountered no interest especially from the BBC who made Headlines a few weeks ago with news of this latest "discovery" which I presume will soon be released and marketed at a very high cost to the public, but showed no interest in this very safe alternative that I was trying to promote through their media which has absolutely no negative side effects and which was also more positive than Rimonabent in its effectiveness.

It is now accepted that the level of Obesity in many of the developed countries of the world is over 50% of the population. It is my hope that the Governments of these countries will be made aware of Nat Phos 6x as being the ideal Weight Reduction Formula which is also very cheap to buy as it only costs about $3.00 per 250 gm for the product in India and this pack contains about 2500 tablets. Sufficient publicity has to be made by these concerned Governments to publicize this remedy for general use after they carry out clinical trials to satisfy themselves of its characteristics and especially of its safety prior to its being used as the Ultimate Weight Reduction Formula.

I hope that through the medium of a Forum such as this and especially those who read this post, that more publicity will be made about this amazing remedy which can positively reduce weight in at least 90% of those who use it in the manner that I have suggested above.

Joe De Livera
Sri Lanka
  Joe De Livera on 2005-06-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I am 90 kgs and suffer acutely with water retention problem. My eyes look puffy and face looks tired. I am very optimistic about NAT PHOS 6X, could anyone please tell me if it will help me in some ways. Also should I have to stop drinking tea altogether.
Another thing, i want to make sure is the diet pattern that works better with this medicine to loose weight.
Kindly, write to me if there is anything I need to know.
Neeru Thakur last decade
I believe that you can be helped with Nat Phos 6x. The dose is 2 tablets taken after 2 meals, lunch and dinner.

Yes, you may drink all the tea you like but not coffee, cola drinks and preserved meats like ham bacon sausages as they antidote the remedy and prevent it from reducing weight.

You can also try to reduce your diet and avoid all fats and reduce on starch and sugar which contribute to putting on weight.

You must also engage yourself in exercise daily if possible and it is important that you sweat during your exercise routine. Drink plenty of fluids in the meanwhile.

It is important to weigh yourself prior to treatment and to weight yourself at the same time of the day, say after breakfast and after your toilet routine every week.

Please report progress on this forum in 2 weeks.

How old are you and where do you live ?
Joe De Livera last decade
i need help

i am living in france and yesterday i went to a pharmacy and asked for nat.phos.6x and they said
in france it s ...ch

Would this work?
They did not want the 6ch one so they gave me nat phosp.5 ch

They said that 6x equal to 3ch

is that true? thanks
i am overweight of 15 kg
i have tried diet and exercices but nothing worked.

angie-c last decade
The Nat Phos 6x that I have recommended for Obesity is the Biochemic Natrum Phosphoricum which is Triturated Sodium Phosphate.

I do not think that the Ch potency is the same as the 6x which should be the equivalent of your D potency and must be in tablet form. Suggest you check with www.Boiron.com who will advise you as to where you can get this remedy.

You may like to know that I have just today received news from a person who has lost 5kg using this remedy which I gave him on June 1.

The only condition if you decide to use this remedy is that you cannot use any coffee, cola drinks and preserved meats like Ham Bacon and Sausages as they all antidote the remedy.
Joe De Livera last decade
Dear Joe De Livera,
I have read with interest your treatments for hair loss and obesity and I sincerely appreciate you sharing your experiences in this forum. I have just started your "wet" method of taking Arnica Montana for hair loss.

I wanted to take Nat Phos 6X for weight loss since I am about 15 lbs overweight. Would it be OK to take it along with Arnica?
At my local homeopathy store, they have a product called combination 12 cell salts which includes Nat Phos 6X. Would it be OK if I took 2 pills of combination cell salts?

Thank you for your time.
jatin9 last decade
Dr. Joe,

I have read your story of discovery of 'Weight Reduction'and sincerely appreciate for sharing your experince with this Forum.

My wife have a complain about her bally and leg. Her bally is a little bit large and leg is thin not big enoug to support her weight. She complains leg pain and her stmoch becomes full even with a little bit of any meal. At this point, after hearing your discovery, am thinking of going for 'Natrum Phosphoricum' 6x, she also is suffering from 'Depression' and receiving allopathic medication for over 10 years.

I do not think the info I gave is enough for you to advise us any medication since homeo treat a person in a whole but not the ailment alone. However, considering her large bally and thin leg, is it OK for her to take Nat Pro 6x?

If you require more info please let me know.

Thank you,
sthillaiyah last decade
Please report response of your hair to Arnica in the wet dose. I hope you use the 6c but the 30c is also OK.

You should also observe that you sleep more soundly after the night dose.

Nat Phos 6x will help to reduce your weight. You may take it with the Arnica.

The Combination 12 will not help with your weight. It is only Nat Phos that will help. Dose is 2 tablets taken after lunch and dinner.
Joe De Livera last decade
Nat Phos 6x will help your wife to control her Gastric problem and also her weight. It will however not work to reduce weight if taken with the drugs she uses for her depression.

If you wish to stop the drugs for depression you may use Nat Mur 6c dose 2 globules twice daily and report her response in 3 days.

PS. I am not qualified to be entitled Dr. I do have about 20 years experience in Homeopathy.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you Joe. Sorry for addressing you as Dr. It was my way of expressing respect. However your 20 years of experience will count.

I will start with 'Natrum Muriaticum' 6c (my wife) as soon as possible and will report developements.

Again thank you for your prompt reply.
sthillaiyah last decade
JOE DE LIVERA , ARE YOU SURE THAT YOU HAVE DISCOVERED THIS as you claim under your following posting : http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/34236/

Please read a posting dated 14th November 2004 by "HA21" under http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/12290/. The thread name is "Hair loss! which remedy?? pls help", started by "STARLET" on 07-11-2004. Please note the date of that posting. Please also note that you yourself have also posted many times under the above post.


Also, by your own words, since you are not a qualified professional, I would also add that coconut oil cannot be used for succussion and to increase the potency of the liquid remedy, as mentioned in your posting. This again is misleading and a false statement to the readers of this forum.

I am from India, the land of plenty, where more and more new homoeopathic formulations are being prepared and sold specially at OTC medicine shops. Your this ready-made formulation is available on over the counter (OTC) in all homoeopathic stores in Bombay and rest of India and THIS IS AVAILABLE SINCE AGES. I also understand that you source your stock of homoeopathic medicines from Bombay (India). That could explain all this "my discoveries & my gifts" of yours.

How does this become your formula or new discovery, as you have tricked us into believing. You have repeatedly claimed in your posting dated 08-08-2005 and again on 09-08-2005, that you have discovered it. It is wrong to adapt someone else's formulation and call it your own discovery.

The Natrium Phos 6X, discovery and supposedly GIFT of yours to the world, is also false, since this formulation is also readily available OTC, in Bombay and rest of India, since decades.

You are taking false credit, for someone else's work, capitalising respect repeatedly on your age, blood pressure and what-nots. Your posting reeks of EGOism, when you claim "my discovery or my gift". You take that subject or disease, for which most people are hopingly looking for magical remedies and you try to capitalise respect and credit for it BY DIGGING OUT OLD POSTINGS AND OLD FORGOTTEN LITTLE KNOWN FORMULATIONS.

You have shattered my respect for you and your false postings. You have also shattered my respects and high regards for persons of like your age.

You should profusely apologise for your claims of your so called DISCOVERY and GIFTS to this forum and all other forums and the world, as you always make out in your postings.
Nisha-India last decade
What I love is the wonderful cooperation on this forum and the respect everyone seems to have for each other!

You stand out like a sore thumb! Like something a person hopes goes away very soon!

I have had nothing but generous help from Joe, he is willing to go way beyond what he has to, to help!

I believe you are terribly mistaken and misguided!

I was away yesterday and didn't see this thread until now.
Your posts on this forum seem suspicious to me?
cruthbh last decade
Dear Joe,

My wife ,as per your suggestion, (please see your reply on August 4, 2005 above)took Nat Mur 6c for 3 days and we noticed a positive response. Her talk, face, all shown good signs. However her BP raised up from 135/86 to 166/100. Noticing this bp raise she stoped Nat Mur with 3 day. However the good signed are still be seen. We all happy about it and thankful to you.

Could you please advise her. You know very well the difficulty of convince a depressed person. She always againt to my suggestions. Someorhow she agreed to take Nat Mur for 3 days last week. Now she says she wouldn't take any medications otherthan her regular allopoathic medicines. Since she is getting better, she may agree to continue and respect your advice. Please, if you don't mind, advice her directly.

Thank you
sthillaiyah last decade
I can see that you have a problem on your hands with your wife which we can mutually solve if you can convince your wife that Homeopathy can help her to overcome her 10 year old depression and also to reduce her weight and control her gastric condition both of which may be the cause of her depression.

I would like to have more information from you about her weight, height, and other data about what treatment she has had for the last 10 years when she was treated for depression. Also can you give me more details of her depression, how it started and what her present state is which was helped by the Nat Mur 6c.

You may give her the Nat Phos 6x after both lunch and dinner in the meanwhile and use the higher potency of Nat Mur 30c and see if it still affects her BP.

This is the first time that I have been informed of Nat Mur lifting BP levels. Natrum Muriaticum is common salt and at 6c potency the concentration is 1Million Millionth of Sodium Chloride. How it has raised her BP, I just cannot understand. This is the reason why I would like you to use the 30c where the concentration is the equivalent of 1 drop of the remedy in the water of all the oceans of the world !

Please reassure your wife that she can be cured by Homeopathy and not to be disheartened by this raise of her BP.

Please also inform me how you check her BP and what her BP is now when she is not taking the remedy.
Joe De Livera last decade
Touting nat phos as a weight loss remedy is not practising homeopathy.
If one wants to alleviate weight gain should you not be adhering to homeopathic principles and searching for the simillimum?
saltOftheEarth last decade
Touting nat phos as a weight loss remedy is not practising homeopathy.
If one wants to alleviate weight gain should you not be adhering to homeopathic principles and searching for the simillimum?
saltOftheEarth last decade
Touting nat phos as a weight loss remedy is not practising homeopathy.
If one wants to alleviate weight gain should you not be adhering to homeopathic principles and searching for the simillimum?
saltOftheEarth last decade
I must admit that I was taken aback with your latest attack on me and the methods I adopt to help anyone who requests assistance to cure an ailment.

You have accused me of TOUTING Nat Phos as a weight loss remedy as according to you, it is not practicing homeopathy. If you consult any dictionary "Touting" necessarily implies that the person sells or promotes something for a FEE.

As you may know, I have always maintained that I derive no fee for any assistance that I can give others who consult me here in Sri Lanka and on this and other forums. Homeopathy is my hobby and I am happy to be of help to others and I offer it freely at my own pace, using my own methods which have seldom been unsuccessful.

I do accept that I do not always subscribe to the classical outlook in Homeopathy and tend to use the "this for that" method used in medicine but is frowned upon by the 'classical' group to whom Homeopathy is akin to a religion, with dire consequences to those like me who deviate from the narrow path prescribed. I resort to the classical method only when I find that I do not get the desired result from a spot diagnosis and prescription especially now that I have Radar 9.1 which is easily the most accurate method to locate a remedy. If you are interested in this controversy that I was subjected to by a coterie of 'classical' homeopaths on the Otherhealth forum you can read about it on:
Homeopathic Warfare (Copied) http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/34713/

In the case of Nat Phos 6x for weight reduction I do not think that it is at all necessary that I use the routine classical method of eliciting the details of the causative factors for this problem as in most cases it is due to overeating over a number of years. This problem is usually solved by Nat Phos 6x thereby giving the individual a chance of hopefully eating less and enabling the Nat Phos to reduce weight at the rate of about 1kg per week. I have had over 50 overweight persons in Sri Lanka who have used this remedy and continue to use it daily as they find that it is actually reducing their weight. I believe that there are perhaps many thousands throughout the world who are also using it and are deriving some benefit from it. I am also informed that some companies that manufacture weight reduction drugs have also capitalized on my discovery and have incorporated Nat Phos 6x into their own distribution channels under their own brand at premium prices, as they too have discovered that this remedy really works.

I do not see any harm at all in prescribing Nat Phos 6x for weight reduction as it is extremely safe in use and its use is gathering momentum throughout Sri Lanka and also worldwide. Whenever it does not help this is due to the persons also using some other drug, coffee or other other product which antidotes the weight reduction capability of Nat Phos 6x. It will however always help to reduce any hyperacidity in the stomach.

I do hope that my reply to your post will not result in another onslaught against me, similar to that which I encountered and had to overcome a few days ago on this forum. I was indeed pleasantly surprised that many who had been following this controversy came to my aid and effectively stopped this onslaught, which was so very uncalled for and was obviously calculated to frighten me off this forum.

I would like to conclude by stating that I shall not reply any other nasty posts that you or others who I believe comprise the 'classical' group of homeopaths can post to needle me, as I feel that it is far better to be sincere and help those who seek a cure for their ailment on this and other forums, rather than endeavouring to pick holes in the methodology adopted in doing so which to me is largely irrelevant, as it is the cure that is paramount and not the method adopted by the prescriber.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe

I’m sorry you had to be the subject of so many disputes and discredits and for not being recognized and helped in carrying out clinical tests for your discoveries. I, for one, think that you are a wonderful person who tries to help others. I really don’t care if what you’ve discovered has been discovered by others a hundred of years before or yesterday, I care when the information is presented to me when I mostly need it and I care even more when that info proves to be invaluable to my health and well being. Like it was in the case with Arnica 6c which helped me in reducing my hair loss problem. Another sensible point here is that these information is presented costless!! And the homeopathic treatment is very cheap. So, you open the forum and you get what you’ve been looking for and for what you would have to pay a lot of money to a doctor. And that, most of the members of this forum and of otherhealth.com forum will agree with me, thanks to Joe De Livera.

Thank you, Joe De Livera for your work on this forum and on other forums. Thank you for your work and abnegation to the world.

As for classic homeopathy and “modern” homeopathy or whatever its name is, here is my opinion: classic homeopathy works fine but like you said when it is a general problem like hair loss or weight problems there’re remedies that could help thousands of people because they work almost like an allopathic medicine – aspirin for example. In Romania there are only “modern” homeopaths and I did two treatments in the course of years, treatments with more than one remedy a day in low potency, 5, 7, 9 rarely 30 or 200 (sometimes even 7 a day). Both treatments helped me a lot.

In regards to Nat. Phos. 6x for weight loss: I would like to try it as I, too, have 8 kilos in plus but I’m already taking Arnica for hair loss. Is it o.k. to take both remedies?
Another problem: I live in Romania and we only have Nat. Phos. 5c, 7c, 9c, 15c, 30c, 200c etc., in granules. What is the difference? Can you prescribe a treatment with Nat. Phos. in concentration c. in granules/pellets?

Thank you a lot for reading my post and for your concern.

belciuge last decade
Hi Nisha

I’ve read the link with the starlet post about hair loss.
Here’s what HA21 says about Arnica:
“Take 20 ml. of Arnica Mother Tinture and 80 Ml of Raw castor oil (un-refined). Stir and mix till totally dissolved into one homogenous mix. Castorl oil is thick and purgative in nature, handling is stick n cumbersome, though is a good protien provider to the external skin Apply this every 3rd day well massaged into the scalp - no use oiling the hair. Try to do it before bed time and wash off the next morning with some mild shampoo while under running shower. Avoid letting the shampoo stay on the head while bathing.”

Then after a while the answer of starlet:

I thought I would report my progress for the benefit of others who are also suffering from hairloss.

I have been taking Arnica 6c for just over 2 weeks (two balls, three times daily). As of yet I have not noticed any change :-(

I have been taking fish oil supplements and vitamin C. I have been washing my hair with Johnsons Baby Shampoo and been using Johnsons Baby oil for my scalp. I am still experiencing severe dandruff and my hair is still falling uncontrollably.

I will continue taking Arnica 6c for another 2 weeks, hopefully I will see some changes. I will report my progress then.

Joe De Livera says:

It is obvious that Arnica 6c is not working for you. Suggest you use the higher potency 30c and take it for another month. If this too does not work for you I shall suggest another remedy later which has worked with some cases.

I note that you use Vitamin C and I would prefer that you do not take it as it may antidote the Arnica due to its high acid content. Also do not use the Baby oil which is paraffin as it will block the hair follicles which must be open.” in first of his posts here and then:


It is possible that the dandruff you are now experiencing may be the real reason for your Alopecia. Kali Sulph 6x is the remedy for this condition. Dose 2 tablets twice daily. You may stop the Arnica 30 till the dandruff clears up.

Please report in 2 weeks or earlier if the Kali sulph helps you.”


“You are correct about your not having Alopecia as this would have caused greater loss of hair in patches.

I believe that if your dandruff is cured, the loss of your hair will also be arrested.

Graphites 30c is the remedy for Dandruff. Dose 2 balls twice daily under the tongue. You may supplement it with the Kali Sulph 6x but if you have not purchased it already, you can stay with the Graphites and watch for results.

No coffee, cola drinks and preserved meats like ham bacon and sausages.”

and in the last post:

“Your case is complicated and in your own interest I would suggest that you consult a comptent homeopath to help you.

Further delay in doing so may jeopardize your chances of a full recovery.”

I put this here for others to see that Joe responded as a pro and that if you are an ignorant like others on this forum and can’t appreciate the help and concern others give people freely you should stay away from forums like this.

I rest my case.

belciuge last decade
Thank you Elena for your 2 posts. I do appreciate it and hope that those who wish to unnecessarily needle me will stop their negative inputs on this forum where people like you who wish to have some advice to overcome your ailments, post in the hope that someone will help them.

As you stated, I am not interested in who discovered what. The fact is that the Arnica treatment that I have promoted to you and so many others really works and if it will help just one person to overcome an ailment, it gives me some personal satisfaction that I was instrumental in doing so.

Nat Phos MUST be used in the 6x potency which is the Decimal potency as against the C which you use for Arnica which is the Centisimal potency. Each remedy has its own potency for a particular application and for weight loss you will have to get the 6X. This is a Biochemic remedy which was first discovered by Dr Schuessler about 150 years ago and you can read all about it if you input Dr Schuessler on Google. It is always available in the triturated form which is made by mixing 1 part of the Sodium Phosphate (Nat Phos) in 9 parts of Lactose which is ground and not succussed. This is the difference and the x cannot be used instead of the c and vice versa. At 6x the dilution of the remedy is 1/1Millionth and at 6c it is 1 Million Millionth.

You can use the Nat Phos 6x together with the Arnica therapy as they seem to compliment each other.

I do admire your command of English for a Romanian. Have you been in England for any time to be so fluent in English ?
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe,
Now that the Arnica 6c is helping me alot with the discomfort in my spine, I am noticing other things that I am sure were bothering me, but the soreness/pain masked everything else. I just knew I felt lousy, but had my mind totally on the main thing that was making me feel that way! I am taking one thing at a time. Losing weight is what I want to do, but I haven't been focusing on the right diet (WW points system) to lose faster, being I have had other health issues to deal with too. So, I say that Nat Phos is still really helping me,.. in the way that I have not been gaining more weight. Which is the same as I posted the last time. If I can stay the same weight, or go down a 1/2 pound or 1 pound a week I feel it is a success for me!
Thank you so much for your help!
cruthbh last decade
Hi Carolyn,

I am glad that you confirmed on this forum that Arnica helped you for your chronic back pain which I believe was the result of a motor accident for which you had taken drugs for many years which would obviously not done your body any good. Arnica came to your rescue and it will always help you.

Nat Phos 6x will help you to slowly reduce your weight as it seems to work in the body by accelerating the passage of food from the stomach down to the colon thereby not permitting the food to be completly absorbed as it would be, without the Nat P. Please keep a written record of your weight weekly.

You might like to read the post I have just made to Jane on


She too is another convert to Arnica which she finds is helping her.

Joe De Livera last decade
Hello Joe,
cruthbh last decade
Whatever key I hit sent my
'Hi Joe' right off to get posted. :0)
What happened to me was when I was 14 yrs old..50 yrs ago..I fell. Was injured in my tail bone area, nature fused it together...the middle of my spine near my waist on the left side was injured and my neck. Nothing was done at the time, my mother was a WW2 widow and we only went to the doctor when something showed, being money was not something we had much of. I gave up going to Chiropractors..
..went to many of them over the years, when I grew older..they really couldn't do much...mostly told me that I was a mess! I never went to an MD about it.
I always had problems, but the last 15 yrs or so it has gotten steadily worse as I age. I really have never taken any drugs for it.
I am thrilled that I am doing so much better! I have to believe the change is from taking Arnica 6c, being I haven't been doing anything else the last couple months. I am very thankful for your help! I will keep you posted on my progress.
cruthbh last decade
The cure is important, so by just giving nat phos for weight loss, when in fact the case could be a sulphur case what good are you doing? If taking nat phos and sulphur is the simillimum the patient gets no cure just frustration.
Also, there was no attack as you mentioned, it is just a question, that is how we learn, by questioning, you should know that.
saltOftheEarth last decade

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