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Memory loss ADHD typical results of masterbation from age of 10year

Homeopathy fans I really need your help. I hope You will help me out.

Age: 32
Weight: 79 (Over weight of 7kg)
Height 172
Pulse: and blood pressure are normal.

My current symtoms are here as follows. I would try my best, but of
course you can ask if more detail required in some thing.

1. HEAD:
Outer Head:
- Falling of hair, hair became thin and later colour change
(turning less black and , more later started whitning), dandruff, hair fall
like comming out from the roots, and a lot of dandruff drops. Dandruff is oilly. Every time I make back and forth my hands in massage way it drops about 5-8 hairs. Doing it for some minutes may collect about 20-40 hairs down.

Inner head: No headache

2. Eyes
- No problem but just, blue circles arround eyes.
3. Nose
- A Craving to clean the nose with finger

4. Mouth
- Ok

2. MIND:

- Weak memory. Difficult to remmber things, just read things go
- Difficult to memorize
- Absent minded
- Very forget full, Often forget the bank card code, some times even code that I have been using for months. forget the
name of the person just told or asked in introduction.
- Forget what was about to do, come in the room to take some
thing, but forget what I came to take, When in shopping forget the
purchases and leave just after making the payment,
- Forget what what was about to do, what have just thought. Memory just like very old people. Very difficult comprehansion.
- Lowered intellect.
- Stupidity, Speak whcih did not wanted to speak, when speaking
seems mind is not controlling the tongue,
- Mistakes in writing, for example wanted to write " Word" but
may be written "wodr"
- Indecisive, Go to shopping and it gets very diffiult to
decide, quite often come without buying any thing.
- Slow in thinking and decision making. Feels there is some kind
of lack of communication between mind and body,
reactions are slow.
- Low IQ.
- Feels I have too persons in side me, one command or prohibts
other, and this makes decison also dificult
- Slow in collecting thoghts,
- Difficult to concentrate
- MInd has and thinks of two things at same time (Mind switches from core object to the other and then there starts two parallel things).
- Mind switches to other objects when studying, or when some
body is talking with me, or even when I am alone and concentrating on
something.For example some friend or colleage starts discussing some
thing with me, and I listen for a while to him and soon later my mind will
switch to some other thought/event which may be qite irrelevent to the situation. After some moments I come back , often
forget what person has said or at least loose the thread.
- Not Possible to concenttrate when in lecture/ meeting..
- When My self talking also after a while I get lost such that
forget why I started this talk and what was the theme and what I wanted
to say actually or to which results a wanted to come up.
- Impatient when people talking, and in company,
- Impatient when eating, want quickly start to eat (But not
quickly eat)
- In consatnacy, cannot continue a job once started, after a
while get tired of it or want to do it other way, and soon get bored of
- Gréat distraction of mind, mind switches to other objects, tasks, situations,
other then relevants to the current task/situation. A sever state of attention disorder.
- Anxious. Want to be things started quicky , but soon when they have
started want that they should end quickly.
- In patoientce when talking in group, interupt others to talk myself( even unconsiously).
- Spontaneous.
- When reading want to skip and quickly want to get what the end of storay and get idea what it about is. Not very through.
Get tired of mental work very soon, want to siwtch lighter job. Can not exert mental effort. Mental or physical smal task feels big.
Lazy to dig information. Just inclined to overview.
But previously as normal I have been quite through person reading documents such, like I have to defend a case in court in the morning.
- Mental work feels hard, get bored and tired quickly, and starts feel sleepy.
- Sever lack of will power. Cannot full fill comitment and dedicate to aim
- Mind feels exausted, Mental work feels heavy task.
- Mental operations are very slow, espacialy mathmatical and logical
- Mind not any more creative, defficency of ideas.
- sever lack of Confidance

- Thought tormet with each other, can noth think clearly
analaticaly and concentrated.
- Thoughts sexual, imagine naked woman, want to have sex, Lustful
(Staphisagiraya 30C and Nat. Mur 200C bit improved the situation)

4. NECK:

- Tension in back under the neck in uper shoulder level. It
shifts some times to right side and some times to left. Tension
starting from the shoulder level goes up to neck muscles.

- Tension from rigt side of the right front sholder goes to
center of the chest. Craveing to strech the chest by turning uper half the
body right and left.
- Tension increases when eat oily food, especially margarin,
butter on bread. (Usually I avoid to eat these things and eat very very
rare when there is no other way)
- Tension also goes back under the shoulder of right side. (But
it is uncompforatble tension which also effects mode and I intensily
become hyper tense, ). Some times ago used Sepia 200C it little bit
releifed but it started making my body too much dry, and itchy , so I
discontinued, It also increased black spots on diffrent places on my body
after 4 doses I discontinued. Itching have gone away. Dryness
also improved signifficantly with Nat. Mur 200C, and also improved
mental symtoms.


- almost ok

8. ABDOMEN/Liver

- Oily things give uncomfortability. Aftre eating oily stuff fried, or butter bread,aggrevation of tension in shoulder and chest, and back muscles, mode gets bad and laziness.

- Scars in penis, penis bent down word, loks like broken in the
midle. Due to sever bending.

- Was diagnosed with chronic non bactarial prostitus. Have ben in
this condition for about 12 years. It was painc when peeing in urethra
and neck of the bladder, also pain going from the
from prostate area to rectom walls.But luckily prostitus solved
with my self treatment with staphisagirya 200C, and 30C. Nat Mur. also
given positive effects,
1M dose helped to bladder to empty it. Before I needed wait for
long, to empty. Nat. Mur 200C worked good for mind symtoms, I was
surprise , after taking the 200 dose after 3 hour I felt the change.
SYMTOMS Present.
- Errections not hard,
- Emission from penis of prostatic fluid/precum during erotic thoughts
- emission from penis of prostatic fluid while talking to a young lady;
_ Ejeculation becomes very soon after penetration in vegina,after entry in vigaina it happens within one minute.
- Ejeculation quantity have decreased significantly. Low quantity of white stuff(Prostatic juice and semen)o comes out.

Have to wait for about untill it empties. At the end of main stream there remains feeling there is still need to peeing,
and after a while waiting, with concentration and intentionaly contracting muscles some drops/ small stream flows. These may be
two or more times till I feel I have finnished and can go now.bladder empties.


- Impatient,
- Whant to eat more
- Get tense very quickly
- Low temprament, spontanous
- Feel better In sunny day and fresh air
- Feel better in Fresh air
- Dislike darkness, cloudy weather. Feel depressive

NOTE 1.: Some months ago, I used 1m doses of Phosphorus. It hellped my
general condition, the it stoped after some more doses.
Then I switched to 10M and took one dose only, but after some
days my hair started falling, and whitninga nd thining. Just reverse of
I later took 200C to switch the body in lower mode but it did not

Following remedies done good work for me. Phosphoric acid 200C,
Staphisagiraya 200C, Nat.Mur 1m and 200C. NAT. Mur also helped to decrease skin dryness.
  pendo on 2005-06-13
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Try anarcadium 30 or continue with phosphoric acid 3 times a day.( Two Tablets)

[moderated - please don't post contact details to the forum.]
kalibrom last decade
Which potency you suggest of Phosphoric acid.
pendolino last decade
Dear Pendo

Are you sure that your prostatitis is gone....please do some checks(digital rectal exam,prostate mri)to find out whether your prostate is alright

Most of your symptoms still point towards an inflammation of prostate of some kind

Once properly diagnosed....treatment can follow

sazim1 last decade
Well! It has been non bactarial chronic prostitus. It has been improved quite much. It is not as uncomfortable as it has been 1 year ago. What is still there I just asume that may be it has not returned to ideal condition. Let say It has improved to about 75 percent. I dont have so often and so terible cutting pains as it has been. Urine frequency also has lowered. Bladder also got better. Here With bladder Nat.Mur 200C, and 1M worked nice.
pendo last decade
Take Anacardium 1M, one dose and then wait for ten days to see the response of your mind and body to the remedy. Your symptoms clearly point towards Anacardium.

rajivprasad last decade
For your hair loss.... look at your shampoo if it has Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and propylene glycol in it.. if it has, chang it immidiatly.. sodium luryl sulfate (SLS) leads to hair loss, eye damage, skin irritation, it can leave residual effects in the liver, heart, brain and kidneys.
About your memory... do you use deodorant? Most deodorants have aluminium in them. When you buy personal care products, READ what they put in it.. also don't buy hot take away food that is in plastic container. Plastic release Xeno estrigane that can cause problems with prostate and eventualy leads to protate cancer.
Hilda last decade
Thanks Hilda and Rajivprasaad.
Actually I dont use use shampo, may be once or twice a month pentane. But wash my hair with soap(Imperial Leather) and every two three days. I take bath everyday morning and use soap on rest of body other than head, and on head after every two three days. actualy I have reduce untatural things due to hair loss. But it is not helping.
pendo last decade
Another thing to mention is that I was suggested by our veryactive contributor of abchomepathy forum Sabra, Juglans Cineria 10M dose every week and six doses and was supposed to report her feed back every week. But I dont now she has not replied me on e-maila and also she is not present on forum. May be she is out some where on summer vacations or just has trouble with internet connection. As you know we all miss her.
pendo last decade
Sorry for my spellings mistakes in previous post.
pendo last decade
Some cases of prostatitis, is caused by a dislocation in the back, this is a mecahical problem, that homeopatic remedies cant correct, it need chiropractic help along with homeopathy.
In this case it seem evident, as the remedies used, esp ac ph, is having sutch problems.(causation or part of causation due to the dieseases ravages in the body).
Suplement of vitamin d, and lots of sunligth/ligth is essential for ac phos patient, they have a serious lack of it, along with lack of vitamin e,a, and maybe zink,magnesium, silica, and lack of vits B.
allvis last decade
Feed back I sent to sabra was as follows.
23-05-05 First dose of 10M Juglans Cineria taken.
24.05-05 Almost no change
25.05.05 Some improvements mostly in nervous system(At least it felt me so). But There have ot been any aggrevation.
30.05.05 Body energy lowered. A bit aggrevation in symtoms.
31.05.05 More aggrevation, out of control eyelids. Nervous, anxiety. started feeling very depressive. Weeping tendancy with
with emotions when thought of symtoms. No desire to mix up with any body. Lack of confidance. Such a feeling that
most symtoms improved in last month have returned back. Felt very depressive in after noon and evening.
Life seemed terible and burden. Talk sense lessly and out of control.
01.06.05 Improvement felt at late night, and significatn in the morning. Not much depression.
Another 10M dose of Juglans Cineria taken.
02.06.05 My wife arrived from home country and we had sexual intercourse at night. This act was after 5 months.After intercourse have been feeling tired and lazy. Depression, Tired and extreamly lazy
(No desire to do anything, even common home task)

03.06.05 Again we had one intercourse at night. I felt extreemly sleepy afterward and tired. Experienced extream low energy. Slept immediately after act.
Such tired that small task seemed huge burden. After 7 hours sleep when awoked up still tired and and wanted to sleep.
Sever lack of energy, body and mind exhaustion. A bit burning feeling in the area of prostate/bladder sphincter
and urethra.
NOTE: Just having little sexual thing in mind causes precum drops comming out.
04.06.05 No big change noticed. Just a bit Pain in urethra sphincter after sex
05.06.05 No change noticed in previous symtoms
06.06.05 A bit pain in the urethra in area of bladder neck and prostate sphincter. Would like to mention I did not had sex last 24 hour, as I was feeling
exhausted and tired from last days.
In the morning after 7 hour sleep I was still feeling sleepy after awake up. Tired no desire to do any thing
Extreamly lazy and unfunctional. In 25 minutes bus journey to work place almost slept the whole way. although had 7 hours sleep already.
06.13.05 Not very much change. Feel sleepy and tired. No desire to do any thing. Lazy and tired. Memory weak. When need to do some thing it seems a big job.
Just stand or sit with work but cannot start untill heavily pressurized. Still no will and pleasure to do any thing. Everything seems a burden.
17.05.2005. Have not taken yet Juglans dose this week as waited Sabra's further guidance. I just used herbal korean Ginseng present at home in liquid form(Not homepathis dose). In 12 hours felt improvement in my energy level. But I think this is just temporay effect of Ginseng.
ANOTHER PROMINENT SYMTOM: is that I cannot start work(Even very simple work). I just stand beside the work and cannot take the initiative. Small work seems a big task.
pendo last decade
No remedy alone will be able to help you, you need to go to a nutritional theraphist.
Most cases of adhd, has food intoleranse, and lackof vitamins and minerals, atleast as maintining causes, in many cases its the direct causation to the problem.
On your symptome describing, i find several food intoleranse symptomes, as intoleranse of dayrie,sugar(carbohydrates), and white flour.
You should get tested for this.
One diet that cures most of this, is the Atkins diet, without me saying it would be the rigth one for you, but a modification of it may be the cure.
Homeopatic remedies, if chosen correct, will aid in the cure.
Step by step, but alone it will if any only palliate the problem.
Besides, Organon), the basic guideline all homeopaths has to work after, demand that the diet, and other circumstances is taken into considderation, what i do not find in these suggestions you have got here.
Before now, that is.
allvis last decade
"Indecisive, Go to shopping and it gets very diffiult to
decide, quite often come without buying any thing."<< rhis is mainly a Barium carb symptome.
But the picture presented , is clouded, maybe by wrong use of homeopatic remedies, prooving symptomes is present.
The case show overexcitement as the main theme, and for that i would have used ac phos, and removal of acids while clearing the picture.
A remedy that comes to mind, due to the presented symptomes, is Cocculus, but the picture may change, when cleared.
It is no way a prescription at this point.
Nor are any doing away with the diet advices given.
This case needs a proper hand, and no hit and miss therapy.
allvis last decade
Dear Allvis!
I have problem with high fat, butter, egg,cheese omelets, cream. So I avoid these. At hom I use low oil in my meals. Would like to mension I use Olive oil. Olive does not makes problem to me, even if eat soem thing fried in it. But eggs, and other oils especially when uncooked(Like margrin on bread) makes me problem immediately.
About "Indecisive". It is very unclear for me too, Some times it seems me that me be I cannot collect the thoughts and analyze so cannot make decision.
pendo last decade
Everything you express point to the food.
You need a proper diet, as i told you.
Many things here, point to sulphur, and swinging bloodsugar.
Diet is essential.
You cant get cured without it.
And herbals like Ginseng, gives a energy boost, shortly , but will give after the first boost, a lowdown on energy, this is simply cause your system has limited energy, Ginseng dont give you more energy, but gets the energy you have , up in a higher gear,use it up faster, leaving you run on empty mutch faster.
I dont recomend this for you.
allvis last decade
Hello, I'm very surprised nobody has suggested Lycopodium clavatum. For me it's the first remedy you should take, i'm confident it will work wonders!!!!!! Here in france we have different dilutions so you should try a low number dilution, take ten granules once on a weekend on waking before breakfast, and wait to see what happens. Good Luck. Amanda
grenoble last decade
You say that you have a low IQ, yet you intelligently list and track your symptoms. You must be bright to have such insight. I commend you on trying to improve your health. I think that you are basically normal and your problem is mainly a spiritual matter. You were born into a world that is not perfect and filled with sickness and disease and like all of us you are probably selfish and lack self control. Your only hope for permanent change is if something perfect comes and lives inside of you. Thankfully God promised to send His Spirit to live in those who believe. Her is a quote from the book of Acts chapter 2 verse 38: Peter replied, 'Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.'
chargoo last decade
Rejuvenate your metabolism by being with nature for 3 moon cycles, Eating only such items that which can be consumed without any cooking. And stop indulging in the senses beyond the absolute basic needs during this period and watch yourself revitalize.
gamer555 last decade
wow man.

i'm having all the same problems.

i write down allot of my problems as well.

i'll list off as many remedies i came up with as i can think of. these are pretty much all original ideas so don't take them to the bank but you do what works ya know. i am constantly analyzing everyting about myself so allot of stuff should be helpful.

1. i remember you said your speach was slured, i tried voice exercizes focusing on just the annucciation. believe me once i started doing voice exercizes i could speak so much more fluently. i think i have a lazy mouth. the only problem with that is that it takes time and i am often left mentally tired, it seeems like a bigger chore then it is like you said.

2. to improve memory i try to read and not watch tv or websurf. i think the next best step is delete my facebook and myspace because i find myself always checking and i think that if you continually check things that make your ADHD worse it enables it. For instance i'll find i can for hours on end just go from peoples facebook pictures to facebook pictures letting my mind run free. When i'm done i have even less attention. so try to read more. Novels more so then magazines.

3. diet is impritive and try to stay skinny. that helps because i find being skinny puts less pull on your lower back. i used to go to a cryopractor and i'd have to go once a week or i would feel all wacked out. I lost 20 lbs after i graduated college and have a flatter stomach now and there is no tug on my lower back. and if ur lower back is messed up it travels up ur spine messing up ur upper back, shoulder, and necks.

4. if ur thinking about sex allot i would suggest just trying to limit yourself in your masterbation habits. i have a feeling that much like your stomach's metabolism grows so does your penis. so if you can slow down your penis metabolism (so to speak) you should have less sexual thoughts.

5. the best thing you can do for the mind, and this is gonna suck is quit drinking and smoking weed. i quit smoking except special occasions a few years back and lost allot of anxiety. I quit drinking last year and only drink for special occasions like new years, weddings, birthdays, superbowls, etc... honestly, quitting drinking is awesome. i still go out to bars all the time and i find that at first i feel real out of place but when everyone gets really drunk and i am THE BEST conversationalist there. but on a serious note you won't feel any positive effects of quiting drinking til you stop for at least 3 weeks. after 3 weeks you'll start to feel allot better, i'm talking not even a beer after work.

6. your pretty much screwed with your job though. you shoulda picked a caereer you could zone out at. i just quit my office job cuz its just to much of a burden, i really don't know what to do.

7. o yah, when people talk to you and your brain switches to something else. Try wearing sunglasses more often. That way they can't see your eyes. Sometimes i get lost in peoples eyes because i feel like i always have to pay attention to where i am looking so i'm thinking about where they can see me looking and not thinking about what they're saying...

thats alll i got for now... i like what the guy said at the bottom about only eatinng plants not cooked at all. i eat pretty much just veggies but i cook them. i don't know what the deal is with not cooking them, i'll have to look them up.. or someone could tell me by posting below me... please respond and tell me i'm not crazy... thanks
dannyboy 123 last decade
I am not suggesting any medicine but what i think of all i am posting.

Always remember that body has it's own repair system and it keep on repairing our body if something goes wrong.

Here overall symptoms suggest that health, immune system has been effected.

What you can do is abstain from all things which are harmful for your body or has energy loses. You should quit smoking, drinking and also try avoiding on getting into sexual act more frequently, though this is not possible suddenly but you can keep on try the same.

This things will stop harming you body so that you can notice that you body has already begun with repairing with it.

Next comes increasing immune and strength, light exercise along with yoga, jogging etc will help you refreshing and feeling energetic inspite of feeling lazy.

Also stick with vegeterian food, as eating non-veg tempts you go for other bad habit like drinking and alos play a role in getting sexually arosed. Also eat less during night time, can stick with fruit juice and light meal at night time, just think of keeping half empty stomach at night, it will help you to control your desire.

To boost up your healing processes you go with any of the medicines mentioned above and keep faith that you are getting healed day by day. don't lose you hope in between so that you can break your rules.

Also try to go to bed early, and wake up early.
ksushil last decade

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