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Flitting arthritis

Last November I developed arthritis in my left knee. I developed quite a lot of problems with muscle cramps and tendonitis. An X ray revealed no bone deformation and uniform gaps across the joint. In January, I starting getting arthritic symptoms in other joints, initially elbows then ankles and then my right knee. A blood test was completely normal, with no rheumatology factor and normal ESR. Uric acid was at the upper limit of normal. My GP prescribed a 4 week course of prednisolone peaking at 20mg daily. This had little noticeable effect. He then referred me to a rheumatologist who I saw in April. He thought that I had some osteoarthritis in my right big toe and possibly some spinal stiffness. He was not sure of the cause of the other arthritic symptoms. I have also been seeing a homeopathic doctor. He advised taking flax seed oil which I have been doing, together with 1500mg of glucosamine sulphate daily. He also prescribed arnica 12c – 2 pills daily and ruta gravia 12c – 2 pills daily. My knees are better but still have constant inflammation. Arthritic symptoms in other joints have become more widespread but not constant all the time in most joints.

My present situation is that arthritic symptoms continue to move around joints, currently they are quite extensive. My ankles are inflamed in the mornings and the symptoms come and go during the day. My neck, spine and shoulders have also been inflamed and pretty uncomfortable – though not all at the same time or in the same place – but with the inflammation and stiffness lasting several days; I have not needed to take pain killers; my knees become sore rather than painful and ache - as does my back, neck and shoulders. In smaller joints, only my right big toe has been affected and occasionally quite painful. Sometimes, I have very mild symptoms in one or both wrists and in some fingers. Sometimes the arthritis in fingers can be very brief lasting for less than 30 mins; on another day a different finger might be affected briefly. On a few occasions both my first fingers have been affected and this has lasted several days in my right finger - again not painful enough to need to take painkillers.

It is hard to pin down when the symptoms are worse. I did think that there might have been a dietary connection as they seemed to be worse following food high in purines (ie a gout connection) but I am no longer 100% sure of this. My knees usually feel better after walking. Resting also seems to help a bit.

With regard to my personal profile:
· I am male, 60 years of age. Non smoker and not a heavy drinker. I have always been very fit. My weight is around 70 Kgs and height 1m 80 cm. We have a very healthy 'mediterranean' diet, eating lots of fruit and vegetables, fish and very little meat
· We have had a prolonged period of enormous stress in the family due to a teenage daughter’s depression and major, frequent suicide attempts. This is no longer an issue as she is better.
· I used to sleep very well but this is no longer the case.
· I am a very emotional person
· I am a bit of a control freak and am a type C personality ie always on the go and a perfectionist.
· I have watering eyes (as does my mother)
· I have also been prescribed silica by my homeopath. I started seeing him when I developed tinitus 18 months ago. This is still present.
· I have not had any major health problems. I did suffer from post-viral fatigue syndrome 19 years ago. This took 18 months to clear fully.

If anyone can offer any advice, I would be extremely grateful. I am worried about the possibility of rheumatoid arthritis.
  Climber on 2005-06-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
it seems like you are happy with your homeopath and that the treatment is helping..is that right?
your blood tests have been clear, so rheumatoid arthritis not an issue at present?
you could drink nettle tea to help with the uric acid and avoid any other foods which are know to bring on gout symptoms, such as red wine and acidic foods - I am sure there is someone with more info on this on this forum who may have more suggestions food wise.
let us know if you want other homeopathic suggestions.
erika last decade
Thanks Erica for getting back
The problem is that I am not sure if these are gout symptoms. The rheumatologist thought not. All I know clinically is the uric acid is at the upper end of normal and there is no rheumatology factor at present - though this factor does not show in 20% of cases anyway.
I have been drinking lots of water.
Climber last decade
nettle tea will help in any case.
are you still seeing your homeopath?
erika last decade
Hi Erika
Many thanks for the reply again. Got the latest blood tests results today from my GP and he thinks high uric acid could be the problem. He has prescribed allopurinol.
Re nettle tea - any advice on how best to make it?
I am due to see the homeopath later this month, so will ask him about homeopathic remedies for gout. If you or anyone else has any suggestions I would be grateful.
Climber last decade
I usually buy nettle tea bags from the health shop, but if you want to make it fresh then make sure you pick unpolluted stinging nettles. I am sure you'll find the info on this in a good medical herbal book.

'general' homeopathic gout remdies= arnica, benzoic acid, bryonia, bufo, colchicum,lycopodium, mag-carb and nux-vom. there are many others of course but you could check out the symptoms of these remedies while waiting to see your homeopath...
erika last decade
Many thanks, again. Erica.
Climber last decade
it's a pleasure.:)
erika last decade
Dear Climber,
It seem your complaints stemmed from emotional background and sensitivity to environment. I suggest you to go through homeophaty as usual but seek help from an EFT practitioner near you. You may find related information from web by searhing "emotional freedom technique" words. They may also help through telephone.
medicin last decade
thanks for the reply. What is EFT?
I am still concerned about the possibility of rheumatoid arthritis because my symptoms are still there. So far all the blood tests I have had during the past year have been negative with no inflammatory indicators but I am having another test next week.
Climber last decade
Our body reacts emotional stresses by organic diseases. For example if you experienced a deep sorrow your enegry system and subconscious mind "zzzt"s. This usually result as a herpes in your lips; or you may experience abcesses in your skin or find yourselve complaining from continuous stomach pain. During the stress period you may also defecate like sheep feces; that is shaped like round sea-shore stones. So you have to get rid of these emotional memories and stress first. Than consentrate on the complaints.
EFT is for "emotional freedom technique". By this technique you resolve the emotional background of your organic disease and within a short period time your complaints faint or totaly resolve. It is not permitted to give the mail or web address of my mentor Gary in this forum but you may find through search engines in internet. I also can not help you because I am living in Turkey.
I urge you to consider consulting to an EFT practitioner near you, of course together with homeopathy. Being a medical doctor and EFT practitioner myself and also having the similar arthritic complaints, I enjoyed the benefits by myself and for my patients in long term.
medicin last decade
please present your complain in follwoing format
1. Age
2. Sex
3. country
4. climate
5. current complain-from how many days-
6. current medicine you are taking
7. sign & Symptom of disease
8. Slight back history of menses , any chest pain before menses
9. family back ground
10. qualification of patient
11. Nature of working
12. desire and aversion of food
13. Mind-behavior, anger, irritability, hurry, impatient…and so.. on and how you are peculiar from other person, public speaking or not , you can describe all the detail about behaviour,love and affection. If any secret thing can not want to discus at forum then you can share your talk directly to email by clicking on doctor. For a good prescription mental detail is must be.
14. Aggravation & Ameliration
Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
deoshlok last decade
Thank you for the message.
Quite a lot of detail was included in my first posting but here is a bit more:
Age 61, athletic build, fairly fit and not overweight

Sex Male

Country United Kingdom

Climate Temperate but quite damp at times

Current complaint 15 months

Current medication Allopurinol for about 9 months

Signs and symptoms stiff knees, a swollen feeling in my ankles and quite often my elbows, stiffness and mild pain in other joints but which is not consistent e.g. today I have felt my kneck, shoulders and lower back somewhat, also my right wrist a bit this morning; stiffness can occur in one or more finger joints for a short time and then disappear; on a different day, the pattern can be different. The only consistency has been my knees and more recently ankles and most recently elbows.

Back history of menses No chest pains

Family background My sister who is younger has osteo arthritis badly in some joints. My mother did not suffer from arthritis. My father had some gout problems.

Nature of work I work in education and have had a fairly pressurised job. I have been very stressed but not because of work. We had some major life threatening problems and other difficulties with a child which lasted for six years. This caused severe stress and left me with depression three years ago, but from which I have fully recovered.

Food I like most foods. I have a very slow digestive system ie take a long time to digest food. I don’t like vinegar and never have.

Temperament I am a busy person, quite emotional, a perfectionist and a bit of a control freek. I have a very stable and happy home life.

I am now concerned about the possibility of rheumatoid arthritis.
Climber last decade
Many thanks for the message. Have you had a diagnosis for your arthritic problems in terms of organic disease? Are you now recovering?
Climber last decade
Dear Climber,
I am male and 49. I had the same stiffness and pain and feeling of swollen due to business (fiscal) and divorce problems. The pain and stiffness was in my both wrists and suspected of RA. However there was no sign of RA antibody and a very little high blood sedimentation rate. Though I had three tooth decay aggreviated and had to be corrected.
<- "By this occasion any tooth problem causes joint complaints (also swelling). You need to have it checked." ->
Now I do not have problems with my wrists but have a little pain and stiffness in my right hand. This was the area affected to minor traumas of my motorcycle (the suspension system was hardened). I sold the cycle and now having my last tooth decay getting fixed. I also continue EFT for my right hand 1st finger stiffness and pain. I also try to forgive myself for business faults and my ex wife for divorce by self EFT sessions. Dr. Candan
medicin last decade
Thank you for the reply. Very helpful and encouraging.
Climber last decade
You're welcome.
P.S. Please have your teeth , oral bone structure and sinuses checked in detail.
medicin last decade
Apologies for coming back again.
Why is it important to check teeth, oral bone structure and sinuses?
What sort of checks and what are you looking for? This is important in order to get the right kind of person with the right kind of expertise to carry out the checks.
Climber last decade
Dear Climber,
First of all apologies from you and Influenca Ltd. (website owner) for this long letter. What they need is to sell homeopathic drug. Not doctors to involve in their patients. However as my faith is to help, I would like to give a long letter.
During my entire professional MD business I found that any focal infection (i.e. a small granular abscess in teeth bone, an ethmoidal or maxillar sinusitis, a diverticulae in intestine or a candida presence somewhere in the body) result in primarily discomfort of joints. This may be because the joints bear extreme micro-traumas during the life time and sensitive to any inflamation. More than that the chemical characteristics of joint cartilage is very similar to bacterial wall. Though when body try to defend itself by antibodies and leucocytes, these defense materials may gather in cartiages or connective tissue and cause inflammation (for example juvenile strepteoccal arthritis or glomerulonephritis). During my practice whenever I prescribed a proper antibiotic to an artritis complaining patient they usually recover by the first week. Which shows there is a connection between bacteria / fungus and arthritis.
There is also a possibility of arthritic pain and antidepressants like paclitaxel.
The last one is the close connection of subconscious memory of stress and organic disease.
As a result, I suggest you to consider to a) get your teeth controlled by an orthodontist, b) Later and if they are OK check any possibility of chronic sinusitis by ENT specialist,
c) if you had influenza vaccine this year have your immunoglobulines checked,
d) if they are OK and you use antidepressants talk to your psychiatrist for drug side effect and /or any subliminal blockage of self forgiveness (may need hypnotherapy or EFT sessions).
My belief is that you may overcome your complaints by believing in your own power given by the nature itself and forgiving the past and yourself.
Wish you good health and prosperity.
Dr. Candan
medicin last decade
Dear Climber,
I would like to add an extra comment on dental health. I am not a dentist but a GP but experienced many health problems are related to dental health. Please find below the comment of a dentist in California for dental health.
Chronic pain, whether it is in soft tissues or joints, responds quite often to jaw orthopedic therapy. This has to do with a couple of well known mechanisms that involve the trigeminal system.

First, basic brain research has shown that the trigeminal nerve has the ability to modulate all spinal input into the brain. When trigeminal sensory input is abnormal due to jaw malalignment, the trigeminal system causes the brain to register spinal input abnormally. Hence, sensory input is perceived as pain which otherwise would not be.

Secondly, the trigeminal nerve has a predominant influence on Substance P levels in the body because of its enormous size, and secondly by its influence on Nerve Growth Factor. Elevated Substance P levels have been shown to correlate with fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. Substance P is known to mediate the inflammatory pathway, as well as hypersensitize all nerve endings.

Thirdly, the trigeminal nerve is known to have a major input into the limbic brain, which controls the neuroimmune response. Research has only recently come to understand the role of the trigeminal nerve in nasal and environmental allergies. Publications only within the last year have theorized that it is the trigeminal nerve that mediates nasal allergies, sick building phenomenon, asthma, and environmental illness.

Research from Scandanavian countries has shown that TMJ dysfunction correlates well with rheumatioid arthritis; that TMJ dysfunction preceeds the development of Rh factors, and that rhematoid symptoms increase as the TMJ symptoms progress.

Lastly, I must point out that this is not a disease that I set out to treat, but one whose symptoms often resolved in the course of treating TMJ dysfunction. Clinical experience would indicate that there would be a large number of patients who would have subclinical jaw dysfunction (covert and without pain) that is causing their arthritic symptoms.Dr. Jennings - Northern California"
medicin last decade
Dear Dr Candan and Dr Jennings
Thank you both for taking the time to write back to me and for the very helpful advice which you gave. I will follow this up.
With best wishes
(Ian Wilson)
Climber last decade
Hello, I have been having similar joint pains, kneck and back most predominant. I searched and found this was the most likely culprit.
The give away was the watery eyes.

Do a GOOGLE search for
Spondylitis Association of America
for more info
and GOOD luck and
BEST wishes to you!

designer davis last decade
Many thanks for getting back to me. I do have watery eyes but I don't think that spondylitis is my problem as I have no inflammatory indicators in my blood tests.
Climber last decade
The remedy that I have used for Cervical Spondylosis is Rhus Tox 30c in the wet dose which is made by inserting 3 pellets of the remedy into a 500ml bottle of spring which is shaken hard every time before a teaspoonful which is the dose is sipped twice daily.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thanks Jo
I will follow this up.
Climber last decade
I have been diagnosed by my GP with progressive osteoarthritis which is now affecting my knees, ankles, elbows and back. I did not think that osteoarthritis could affect so many joints so quickly. I am not in pain but quite a lot of discomfort through inflammation and stiffness.

Blood tests continue to show no evidence at all of any kind of infection ie all the indicators such as sedimentation rate, esr, kidney function are all normal. I do have a fungal infection on a toenail which has been there for quite a while.

I am taking the usual supplements - glucosamine, chondroitin, fish oil in the recommended doses but they dont seem to be having much effect.

Dr Candans suggestion re antibiotics was interesting but I am not sure if this is now still relevant to me given that there are no signs of an infection.

Any further advice greatfully received as the prognosis does not look good.

I am fit and not overweight.
Climber last decade

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