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Receding Gums

My gums are receding and are sensitive to cold and sweet foods/drinks.
I cannot eat hard food or I have painful gums.
The tooth enamel is lost and I have many cavities.

I do have a hypothyroid condition and I am being treated for it (Ferrum Phos 6CH and Kali Phos 6x) Both of these remedies are working.

I tried Merc Sol 30 but no difference. I am taking Calc Fluor 6x.
Please advise me.
  pollen on 2011-11-04
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
If you are being treated with homoeopathy, then your oral problems should be clearing up as well.

If they are not, then you need to request that your homoeopath change your treatment - all complaints should clear up under homoeopathic treatment, not just one of them.
brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago
Thank you for your reply.
I did speak to my homeopath.
Because I have to snack constantly, so there's food in my mouth all day. This is what is causing my poor dental condition.

He asked me to rinse my mouth every time I eat.

I constantly eat because I have a hypothyroid condition and I feel weak if I did not eat every few minutes.
What he prescribed me is helping my condition slowly.

I am using Neem toothpaste.
Please advise me what to do about my teeth.
pollen 7 years ago
I m worried that your treatment is not going with proper medicines. bcs homeopathic medicine treats whole body at a time not a particular diseases. Maximum gum,cavity and enamel problem occurs bcs of digestion problem that u have.Perhaps u can take Calc phos 6x and Kreosote 30 or Hecla Lava 30 any one of last two according with other symptoms following homeopathic materia medica.

u can also use Plantago Mejor Q 10 drops in a mug of lite hot water as a mouth wash(only doing this also relief u from ur gum problem at the easiest way)

Dr. Showrav
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Dr. Showrav 7 years ago
Please note that Kali Phos 6x does work and cure gum receding permanently. Your homeopath has made an excellent prescription. Stay with that. Kali Phos 6x bears repetion very well and hence do not hesitate to take as often as every 2 to 3 hours.

You can do Thuja 200, every night for 3 days to reduce your sensitivity. Only if this does not help much, I would suggest Staph 200, one dose only.

If you decide to follow the above, I can suggest you some follow up medicine to prevent cavities.

Reva V
Reva V 7 years ago
Hi Reva V,
Thank you for your reply.
I am taking Kali Phos and Ferrum Phos 6CH for my hypothyroid symptoms and others. I contacted my homeopath in India and he insisted that I should continue with his prescription.
He is helping me to heal slowly but permanently. I feel confident in his prescription and your assurance about Kali Phos.
After taking Kali Phos for a few days (3 times a day), my sensitivity is much better now. I still cannot eat anything too hot/cold/sweet/spicy foods. Some times the lining swells and my tongue has a slight burning sensation when I eat some spicy food.
Kali Phos has helped with the weakness I get from hypothyroid.
My other problem is that the lining of my cheeks swells from inside every time I eat certain kind of food. Also, it swells and hurts when my gum line is hurting.
I only want to take remedies that work best with Ferrum Phos 6CH and Kali Phos 6x.
Please advice me.
pollen 7 years ago

Please continue with your current medication. No change is needed. Given that you are snacking too often, wash your mouth throughly every time after food. You can take Kali Phos more frequently for a few weeks and then go back to your current dosage of 3 times a day.

Reva V
Reva V 7 years ago
Hi Dr. Reva V,
I shall continue with Kali Phos more frequenetly and then 3 times a day.
Then, I will report back to you.

Thanking you,
pollen 7 years ago
Dr. Reva V,
I am taking Kali Phos 6x for a week and I only see a small improvement.

I wanted to ask you: is it possible that I have this pain in my gums and cheeks might be related to my thyroid medication (Synthroid)?
I had this pain 6 months and then it went away with Ferrum Phos and improvement in my hypothyroid.
Now, the pain is back, I think the doctor in my last visit decreased the dose too low.
I started to feel weakness and body chills. HE said that I should take Kali Phos until the weakness goes away. It has been a weak now, the weakness is going away slowly.

Thank you.
pollen 7 years ago
Hello Dr. Reva V,
I have been taking my hypothyroid medication prescribed by my GP, Synthroid.
I did some blood test last week and I just got back from the doctor's office.
She said that my TSH is not in the normal rnage and she must lower the dose.
She lowered the dose two months ago and I have been feeling worse (weakness, cold body, fatigue, tired eyes, constipation).
She wants to lower it further more and I am worried that this might make my condition even worse.
I spoke to my classical homeopath in India and he said to take Kali Phos 6x 3 times a day until the weakness goes away. It has been a whole week and I feel better.
Ferrum Phos has been working all along but now the TSH is saying that I should decrease my dosage of synthroid while will me feel worse.

Can you please guide me as what to do and what is going on with my thyroid?

I have taken Calc Carb 200 before and it did not work.
Iodum 200 and Thyroidinum made things worse.

Please advice me.
Thanking you.
pollen 7 years ago
Start taking Calc flour 6X .
It can form glands in there perfect condition and can develop ur tooth problem. Kali Phos 6X, Ferrum Phos 6X and Calc Flour 6X take three times a day.

Those medicines will remove ur problem permanently but need some time to complete their work.

Be patience and pls leave all Alopathic medicines and have faith in Homeopathy as it will give u a complete and perfect cure as soon as possible.

Dr. Showrav
Dr. Showrav 7 years ago
Dr. Showrav,
I have full faith in homeopathy as I have been treated by homeopathy all my life. My late father was a classical homeopath.
I will take the remedies you suggested.
What do you mean when you say: 'It can form glands in there perfect condition and can develop ur tooth problem.'
When my dose is not right (my hypothyroid symptoms appear which includes weakness, dizziness, fatigue, and swelling in the inside of my cheeks, swelling in urethra, swelling in anus, pain in gum, negative mood, etc)
The swelling in the anus causes constipation and and then when I do move my bowels then the stool is dry and hurts the anus and it bleeds a little. Or at least that is why I see blood in my stool when I'm constipated.
My synthroid dose goes up and down but my weakness does not go away for the past 2 years.
I have been taking Ferrum Phos 6CH and Kali Phos 6x which have helped greatly.
My homeopath is far away so I cannot understand why my body goes through this.
Can you please explain to me when do I see the swelling in different parts of my body when my symptoms are worse.
Also, to keep my energy level normal I must eat something every few minutes.
My iron has always been low, I have been tested for high levels of testosterone and I have a lot of facial hair. my hair is graying and I'm only 38 years old.
I am usually sluggish and have a negative attitude towards life.
I am a teacher and I enjoy my job. I am a very positive person when I am well.
Please explain to me what is going on in my body.

Thanking you,
pollen 7 years ago
u pls start taking Calc flour 6x along with kali n ferrum phos in same way. It will boost up ur improvement rate. Calc Flour is used to keep all glands of body in their perfect form,so it will surely help u to cure ur body faster.

Dr. Showrav
Dr. Showrav 7 years ago

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