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So, did you start taking Ruta 200C?
nawazkhan last decade
'My wife finds me selfish'
I am afraid that she is correct.
nawazkhan last decade
No didnt get time will take it after sometime.

*Initially she used to think that Im selfish, but now she finds that im selfish, by my attitude.
shreekantk last decade
before i take Ruta 200c are you suggesting some other remedy? let me know.
shreekantk last decade
She is right. You must follow directions, if you want to get well in a timely manner?

You might have a lot of time, but, I am very busy person. Please respect the time, energy and efforts of others who are trying to help you.
nawazkhan last decade
Yes sir.:)
Geet2012 last decade
So, did you take Ruta 200C?
nawazkhan last decade
Yes i have consumed Ruta 200c as prescribed.
shreekantk last decade
And what is the response?
nawazkhan last decade
the pain in the anus has little reduced. But not so much.let me see tomorrow
shreekantk last decade
Ok, post your mental and physical symptoms tomorrow.
nawazkhan last decade
please let me give me a day for identifying symptoms
shreekantk last decade
Please take your time.
nawazkhan last decade
There is improvement in fistula as the swelling on the opening of fistula has reduced. There was no pus draining from fistula.

There is a pin like pain in anus for the whole day. I found that there was a break in the skin from where little pus was flowing out. I aplied Calendula ointment.Though there is
some part of swelling still remaining.

For 2 days after taking ruta, i felt relief in the stomach and used to go once for defecation. The feeling of stomach tighten was gone.
On 3rd day I went twice for defecation.

About gas: Gas passes out all day long, mostly starts after lunch when i drink water.But there is no tightening of stomach, above or below the belly. Blurps had reduced.

Liking: I like sweet, non spicy food. In couple of days I had to overstretch working hours and need to sit for 10/12 hrs a day.
I mostly eat chocolate icecream at 8.00 pm. 3-4 times a week.
Like to study, but not getting enough time.

Please see the detailed info below:-
1. ID
2. Age: 40
3. Sex: Thrice a week. Kidding... Male
4. Single/Married : Yes
5. weight :62
6. Height Â…. 5.5
7. country :India
8. climate : Current climate is Rainy
9. List of your complaints :
Older complaints: -
A) Measles/Chicken pox: - between 3-6 yrs
B) Identified < percent of TB virus, was on injection for a month. Age: 12-15 yrs
C) Sufferred from Typhoid and was admitted for a month time in hospital. Age: 20 - 25 yrs
D) Sufferred from Jaundice. Health was very critical. was in hospital for 15-20 days. Age: 7-9 yrs
E) Worms in stomach: Age - 3 to 6 yrs.
F) Lots of Lice in hair and lice in eyelashes. Used to scratch my eyelids. Age: 4-6 yrs

Recent complaints:-
A) Fistula in Ano from 4 years.
B) swelling and Pus flowing from anus: Recently
C) Dandruff on eyelids/scalp/Around nose (6 years)
D) Frequency of passing of gas increased (recently)
E) Frequent mouth ulcers & bad breath, (reduced in this year)
F) Cough & cold was frequent (reduced from 1.5 years)

10. Since how long are you suffering from each complaint : As given above

11. Diabetic or non-Diabetic : Non diabetic
12. Desire sweets/sour/salt : Sweet
13. Thirst : Because of mouth becoming dry, i feel thirsty for few sips of water,now and then.
14. Tongue and Taste : Mouth is dry. Toungue, white and pink coated.
15. Current BP (without medicine and with medicine) : Normal

16. What exactly is happening?

17. How do you feel? Uneasy cause of pain/pus flowing from anus. Uneasy when Pus flowing from anus. Scratching the eyelids to remove the dandruff
18. How does this affect you? Pain affects my work.

19. How does it feel like? Near the opeining of Fistula, there is a skin fold. There is pain in fistula tract.
20. What comes to your mind? Family Responsibilities, sometimes i get angry, thinking of securing current & future. I like scientific/fiction movies. Porn movies. Playing action

video games. I like to do exercise and be muscular (currently I'm not)
21. One situation that had a big effect on you? I left home due to quarrel in house when I was 27 yrs and was afraid of what would happen to my future.

22. How did that feel like?
23. What sensation do you experience in that situation?

24. What are you showing by that gesture of your hand (Habits or Actions)? try to inact people, by voice, actions etc

25. Current and previous remedies/medicines you are taking or took in the past?: myristica sebifera 3x, silicea pentarkan,jondila syruph

26. Family Background: My father was a diabetic at the age of 45. He cured himself by doing yoga & exercise for 10 years. He is 70 + now. He was suffering from hemmorhoids

sometime back. He too takes homeopathy remedy. He describes me as 'Nux Vomica'. But my wife describes me as 'Arsenicum Album'. Or she sometimes feels that I'm physco/maniac

cause of inacting people. He was complemented by saying that he looks 50 yrs old.My grandfather suffered from fistula in ano. My mother died of Jaundice & Piles.
27. Educational Qualifications of the patient: Bachelor of commerce. 3 yrs diploma in IT

28. Nature of work, what do you do for living? : work as a TL in IT. working pressure is more

29. Desires, likes and dislikes for food: I like veg non-veg, medium spicy, sweets, juices

30. Name of foods which increase your problem: Maybe banana, spicy foods,non-veg

31. Mind-behavior, anger, irritability, hurry, impatientÂ…and so on.. How are you different from other persons, public speaking or not , you can describe all of the details about

your behavior, love and affections. : Introvert in public. Afraid of cannot perform any kind of assigned work. Low moral on critical situations. Anger at home on loved ones.like

to study. somewhat absent minded. I inact other people. Tease others. Fear of poverty, disease.
32. Aggravation (increases-time, season,)& Amelioration (Decreases). Pain in anus starts from 11 am onwards. pain is fistula was there till there was flow of pus. Color of pus

was yellowish/white from both. When Im getting pressure for defecation, and try to wait for 5-10 minutes, the presurre is reversed from anus to stomach. And loud noise comes out

of stomach. When i drink water after having food and sit in one place (workplace), gas starts to build and start farting. There was pain while urinating3 months back, but no

complain as of now.

33. Attached here your photographs of the affected area. (if required/optional)

34. Location of the disease: Fistula in ano. Fissure in ano
35. Side of the problem (Right or Left), (Upper or Lower part of body).: Not able to sleep in the night on left side. There is rumbling in stomach.
36. Color of the secretions/discharges e.g urine, stool, sputum, Saliva etc. : Yellowish white discharge of pus from Fissure or Fistula. Waterish saliva.

For Females Only
37. When is the period during the month approx date? Any monthly cycle issues? Regular, early, late, before problems, after problems, pain, any other discharges?
38. Are you pregnant? If yes, please give pregnancy start date? Any current issues?
shreekantk last decade
I had worms in my stomach.Age: 3-6 years
shreekantk last decade
Ok, give me some time to study all this.
nawazkhan last decade
After eating lunch/dinner, when i drink water, my stomach tightens.
When i sit continuosly for few hours in one place, the anus swelling starts to pain & pus starts to flow out.
shreekantk last decade

'I mostly eat chocolate icecream at 8.00 pm. 3-4 times a week. '

Please stop for the time being.

I would like you to take Arsenicum Album 200C, 4 drops mixed in 1/4 glass of mineral water, 2 times a day, for 3 days.

Many prayers for your good health.
nawazkhan last decade
I have completed the Ars Alb 200c course. I did not find a significant change though. There is still some pain in anus & flatulence
shreekantk last decade
'I did not find a significant change though. '
What minor change did you find? How is your comfort level now?
Please shed some light on all of your current mind symptoms?
nawazkhan last decade
Minor changes are that, there was a little pinch of pus coming out for sometime from anus. I had to apply calendula in the skin opening on the outer ring of anus.
There isnt any pus coming out of Fistula though.
Let me observe more when i'm in office tomorrow.
Gas is still a concern
shreekantk last decade
Ok, please take your time. Where is the gas pressure mostly?
nawazkhan last decade
I feel pain in my stomach above the belly.I feel good when i loosen my belt.
shreekantk last decade
Please take Carbo Veg. 200C, one dose daily, for 3 days.
nawazkhan last decade
i started with carbo veg, but yesterday night i was feeling uneasy and not able to sleep. Carbo has agravvated the symptoms.Gas was formed in full stomach.
shreekantk last decade
Please stop the remedy and wait.
nawazkhan last decade

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