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Hi, I would definite appreciate your input in anyway I can solve my problem. This is my story:

I took a homeopathic remedy about 3 years ago and I know I am still feeling the aggravation. I don't remembered the name of the remedy but it was for high blood pressure and digestive problems. I have taken many antidotes, coffee, vick vaporub, eucaliptus. I felt the relief of the symptoms but they always come back and stronger. I was reading your blog and I think that I fall in this category of aggravation. see below:

The current symptoms aggravate and the aggravation remains for a very long time, possibly until cured by other treatment. This usually means there is a very serious pathological condition with tissue changes. Such a situation might involve the pathology being incurable.

It seems to me that I am stock with this problem. I know you are not expert but any comments to alleviate my worry will be helpful.
  kora123 on 2011-11-27
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Is any doctor help for agg plz i m also a victim of homeopathy
faheem_bhat41 last decade
Aggravation don't lasts such long time, if there are such tissue changes then it might be some kinda suppression that the remedy suppressed your real disease into your system and caused something else may be in some cases the bigger problem appeared because of suppression.

There isn't any SPECIFIC remedy for blood pressure so no one will understand what remedy was given.

The question is what you should do now?

The best answer is your case now should be taken by a professional classical homeopath, ONLY that treatment will completely CURE you or let you out of your sufferings. And don't go back to same homeopath again if you are Sure about aggravation cause that much.

Pardon me but you haven't stated your suffering?
Paki1 last decade
It might be relevent to look at how our medicines work, to understand what is currently happening to you.

When you take a homoeopathic medicine there are 3 main stages to the reaction.

There is the initial Primary action of the remedy, what we call the medicinal effect. This is the direct effect of the remedy itself, as it creates an artificial version of your own disease in your body and mind. This is when true aggravations occur - apparent worsenings of your normal symptoms. If the remedy is not very suitable for you, this primary effect may actually include new symptoms too. The remedy does one thing only at this stage - it tries to create a temporary false disease state in you. If the homoeopath has done his or her job, this state is very similar to yours, if they haven't then it may appear quite different. These pure medicinal effects are short-acting - a few hours, days or weeks at the most. The patient's sensitivity is very important here, and hypersensitivity can result in prolonged medicinal effects.

The next stage is the Secondary action of the remedy. This is the response of your vital force to the medicine. It is often directly opposite to the first effect (ie. where you were sleepy you suddenly become sleepless). If the dose and potency is well selected, this opposite effect just extinguishes the medicinal effect and a certain amount of your natural disease as well. If the dose or potency is too strong you will swing to the opposite pole of where you were. How long this lasts is often in proportion to how strong the dose was and how many doses were taken.

This is one of the first places where a problem can occur. If the remedy is too strong, and is not chosen to be very similar to your natural disease, your vital force is pushed in the wrong direction, and will push back in a completely different way to how it was previously. If the remedy is repeated several times, or especially given daily, this can create a new disease which may add itself to the old one, or even replace it in some cases. So it is possible to force the vital energy to adapt to the remedy just like it would some other kind of traumatic or dangerous experience.

This 'push back' can also occur through the normal excretery processes (bowels, skin, sweat, urine etc), since the vital force naturally uses those whenever it tries to heal itself. If those channels are already part of the disease, it will appear that the aggravation goes on much longer. However this is not precisely an aggravation, but now the your own vital energy attempting to create balance by eliminating the disease matter inside the body. The miracle of healing is that even mental and emotional problems can be 'excreted' this way. Often these symptoms can appear new, but there is a clear direction of cure (inside to out).

How long this elimination goes on for depends on many things. How long has the problem been around? How much suppression has occurred in the case?

The third stage occurs when the vital force has stopped this 'push back' and has achieved a state of better health (again assuming the remedy is a good one). This means that now the central control systems, the government if you will, is making better decisions and will now begin to correct whatever problems have been created by its previous disorder.

This is where the amount of tissue change is most relevent. If it is extensive, or the damage has been serious, the efforts necessary to repair may be painful, long lasting, and result in a variety of symptoms associated with the healing of the body part. This is not to be mistaken for an 'aggravation' or evolution of the disease. The practitioner needs to assess this stage regularly, to make sure the vital energy is still showing healthy functioning, and so to avoid interfering by treating these curative reactions.

David Kempson
Professional Classical/Sensational Homoeopath
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
The important thing to remember is that the remedies are not 'still working' several months or years later. That is impossible. There is no need to 'antidote' the remedy in such cases

Imagine that you get a chronic headache from going out in a freezing rain. The patient is sitting in a nice warm consultation room with you. Would you start treatment of that headache by trying to neutralise the freezing rain? Would you tell the patient to stay inside, give them warm clothing? There is no freezing rain, there is only the impact it had, remaining like a vibration or a memory.

Memory is actually a good analogy as well. Imagine your problems all started with your father yelling abuse at you in front of your friends when you were a child. Is the problem the father - would keeping him from yelling again help the patient? The father has probably forgotten what he did, may not even yell at all anymore. No, it is the effect on the patient that is relevent, not the event itself, which has often passed and is untouchable by us.

It is not the power of homoeopathy to alter the course of history. We can only affect the present, heal the problems that are occurring as a result of the event.

This means that taking a full case, taking into account all the symptoms both new and old, and prescribing the correct simillimum, is the best way to deal with it.
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brisbanehomoeopath last decade
David, thanks for taking the time to explain the different stages of homeopathy. I think you are right. it seems that I am on the third stage, my body is trying to adjust to the changes caused by this remedy. At first the changes were violent (blood pressure high rocket) even with the medication and over time they have diminished, but still persisting.

I am afraid to take another homeopathy remedy. Can I just let the body do its natural healing (if possible). Any simple solution? What can I do?
kora123 last decade
It is quite likely that your dosage was incorrect. What potency was given, what physical form was the remedy in that you took, and how many doses and how often did you take it?

Careless dosing often creates many problems for patients, and some practitioners seem unaware that simple precautions exist to minimize the aggravations.

Stopping part way through treatment will not help you. Uncured, the cause of your disease will simply regrow all your symptoms again.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade

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