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Please can someone help with reocurrent coughs and asthma in my 2 year old please

If anyone is willing to help me i will post more info. my 2 year old keeps getting these loud barking coughs and lots of colds. he also gets croup and asthma has been on several lots of oral steroids and i am desperate to help him. The remedy tub seems to help but not for long and he has had it so many times it seems not to work anymore, i will answer any questions when asked.
Many thanks
  pixie wood on 2012-01-08
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
please give full case history for advice.

Mahfoozurrehman last decade
Thank you Dr Mahfooz
I had treatment during pregnancy bu iv the stuff was called Flebogamma. this was because i have a rare platlet in my blood which would cause my babies to heamorrage when anti bodies cross over, i had this treatment once a week from 20 weeks onwards,
My son was born 2.5 weeks early and needed a platelet transfusion as his we're so low.
I breast frd for 5 months but milk dried up due to my under active thyroid i also went through a lot of anxiety and stress when pregnant,
lots of cold as a baby and once he reached a year old he had his 1st episode of asthma since then it is usually a cough and cold every 3 weeks which he sometimes gets croup relieved with cold air or steam or he will get asthma. his coughs are loud and barking (this current cough) alternates from barking to very wet. he has a coughing fit in the morning which results in him retching.
He has blue eyes, fair hair looks a bit pale on the smaller side for his age. pretty independent. loves his Dad he is a righ Daddy's boy. he also loves to go out on his bike loves being outdoors, he used to have an amazing appetite but now it's not so big and will sometimes skip meals. he does have these patches on his face someone said was eczema but it is not irritating him and is not dry. but becomes more obvious after being out in the cold air. please ask me questions. we have been to a homeopath but it is failing to work i am sure i am not good at giving description. i need to be asked more questions, Tub has been a godsend worked wonders but now it seems to be the only remedy that works but very very short lived he cannot take 200 potency every time he has had a very bad experience and it is too strong for him so we stick to 30c which seems good,
Thank you so much
pixie wood last decade
he is also pretty strong willed
pixie wood last decade
Please give him Nux Vomica 30 in the morning and evening for 3 days and see how that affects in next few days.
Tubercullinum should not be repeated often. It may be repeated after 3 months on need. Have you given him that very often?
kadwa last decade
He did have one nux vom the other bay which loosened the cough and bought on a fever then asthma was very bad for 3 day's. He had tub 200 3 weeks ago and before that he has ghad quite a few 30 times and it has cbeen repeated sooner than 3 months a few times this was by a homeopath i am concerned now
Will give nux vom thanks
pixie wood last decade
Hi Dr Mahfooz i am sorry i do hope i have not messed up but i only gave one nux vom yesterday and he already got better and have not given more. do i need to and also is it to help long or short term,
I am so very grateful for your help
thank you so much
pixie wood last decade
Nux helped your child as he is strong willed. There is no need to give more medicine if he is doing well.
Please give him the remedy again if there is a significant relapse.
kadwa last decade
Hi are you able to advise again please ? My son had a very good spell since the nux vom 2weeks ago he got a cold with mild croup for 3 mornings and was just on the verge of going to asthma and I have 2 nux vom 2 separate days he got better but a cough lingered on only upon running around, he now has another cough and the start of a cold, he loves his dad and likes to follow him everywhere (if I didn't put this in previous post) I'm sure everything else is the same thank you
pixie wood last decade
Can somone please help nuv vom 30c is not working anymore and my chils is usually sensitive to 200c is it better to give not long after a 30c. he has had about 4 30c the last few days but cough worse tonight. getting a barking sound now. thanks
pixie wood last decade
Please give him spongia toasta 30 in the morning and evening for 3 days.
kadwa last decade
he has had this lots before and never has worked thank you kadwa
pixie wood last decade
Please give him sulphur 30 in the morning and evening for 2 days.
kadwa last decade
Isn't this the child I am treating with Calc in another thread?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
No this is my other Son he is 2 the other post is 6 year old??
this ones cough has eased. they are similar except one your treating doesn't get full on asthma like this one
pixie wood last decade
I cannot stand this coughing tonight it's constant he hasnt stopped for about half hour now and is sniffly again, he had sulphur about 4hours ago is this long term or an acute remedy, it seems to be worse after a sleep and seems to go on for most of the night too it's looser tonight but lots more coughing!
pixie wood last decade
Can you describe the cough in detail - sound, frequency, what he looks like, perspiration, triggers for the cough, when it is worse, what makes it better.
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
Tonight it sounds wet and barking the cough is quite changeable sometimes being drier, it's worse after he has had a sleep for a while then calms down and if he s jumping or running around he coughs more, he can go quite a while without coughing during the day and it does seem worse at night too after he's been led down for a while, nux vom seemed to be very good bit the 30 didn't work for long this time, I say barkIng hope it's right, it can be quite noisy, seems like his nose is stuffy again after being ok ,
pixie wood last decade
It does come and go in the night there are quiet stages
pixie wood last decade
What is he like when he coughs? What does he do? What does he look like? What happens just after he finishes coughing? How long does he cough for? Can you do anything to help him while he is coughing? Does anything make him worse while he is coughing? Does he ask for anything or say anything around the cough?
brisbanehomoeopath last decade
The cough stops and starts through the night he is restless when couging. keeos tossing and turning. the coughing could go on for half hourish it's not violent. nothing helps him. just laying down seems to make it worse. he doesn't ask or say anyhting. it is important to know that he has had one sulpher before bed. i do not know if this is acute or long term if acute he usually responds very quickly to one 30c dose and never needs more than one 'unless' it is a remedy used frequent he has gone to 200c before. he is very sensitive to 200c unless taking 30c few hours before,
I have not repeated sulpher today as difficult to know if he is getting better or not the cough is very loose but nightime is the worse.

After the 1st message last nighti said cough was barking but this changed to looser. it is changable thank you
pixie wood last decade
I do appreciate your time. i am at my witts end with never eneding coughs, colds asthma and croup. and 2 homeopaths that have struggled with my kids. thank you
pixie wood last decade
Hi Dr Mahfooz
I did not realise it was you replying saying to give spongia and sulphur i looked at the name kadwa and thought it was someone else. the sulphur must of worked as the cough is loose and much better except after running. but alot better thankyou. i wondered if this was long or short term. thank you again
pixie wood last decade
i am confused on this post lol. it is Kadwa i need to thank. i am confused who helped lol
pixie wood last decade
Logging in to observe progress.
Joe De Livera last decade
Ok Kadwa the cough certainly improved but has been loose since i last updated. if he jumps or runs it gets very bad, tonight it has started to get bad again. more dry and barking type noise. i'm just so fed up with the never ending coughs with my boys. thank you for your time!!
ok i may need to wait for symptoms to progress as he now has a high fever
thank you
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Just want to add something that maybe important and it is his skin his forearms and tops of his legs are covered in tiny bumpy spots and thy sometimes have balls of puss in they don't look white and pussy just bumpy he has had this a long time
Thank you
[message edited by pixie wood on Sun, 25 Mar 2012 15:31:32 BST]
My sons cough has become worse alternating with a loud noise like a bark, I've had to give calpol for the fever, he is eating but not drinking much atal could this be an aggravation from the last remedy given? My other son has had similar and w me think his may of been aggravation and they both had remedies around the same time, I'm unsure of what to do thank you
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pixie wood last decade

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