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dissolving kidney stones with homeopathy?

Is it possible to dissolve kidney stones with homeopathy? what remedy can be taken, please advice..
  forestsummer on 2012-01-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Dear Forestsummer,
For those who suffer from recurrent kidney stones, homeopathic treatment can be very effective and a safe alternative to any kind of surgical intervention. Not only does Homeopathy help in eliminating kidney stones and reliving the pain, its use also eradicates ones tendency to develop stones recurrently.

Choice of medicine in homeopathy is based upon the symptoms presented by the patient. In a nutshell Homeopathy forms a very safe and an effective bet in avoiding surgery by removing and preventing renal calculi from recurring again.

Other lifestyle modifications like increasing fluid intake (10-12 glasses of water) and a well regulated diet is the first step in prevention of stones.You may need to avoid or limit the intake of foods containing oxalates like: like Beetroots, chocolate, coffee, cola, nuts, spinach, strawberries, tea, and wheat bran.

Please provide with following details:
1)Blood examination.
Straight X-ray.
Excretory urogram.
5)Computed tomography.
6)Renal Scan.
8) Stone Analysis.

a) Do you pass blood in urine?
b) Which kidney has stone (left or right or both)?
c) What is the colour of urine?
d) Any pain or burning feeling while passing urine?Location of the pain?
e) Any symptoms of swollen?
f) How is your thirst?
g) Nausea or vomitting while passing urine?
h) Is ther ease in passing urine while standing or sitting position?
i) Any aggravtion due to cold or hot food/compressions etc?
j) Any hot or cold sweat? explain?
k) Any fever ? at what time of the day?
l) Your Age / weight ? Any other health problem and medcine in use?

Waiting for your update.

[message edited by Nikkie on Tue, 17 Jan 2012 15:42:59 GMT]
Nikkie last decade
Hello Nikkie, thanks a lot for your post.. to start with, I have no traditional examinations. the closed I could get was a radionic test which determined low functioning of the kidney and other reseach in tcm, antroposphical medicine and own observations (e.g. if I warm the kidney areas, urin excretion is stronger and smellier). it is not very scientific, but I hope you can read between the lines.
Symtpons I relate to kidney stones or calcification:
- I hd extreme backpain in the left kidney area, which could only be kidney stones. from pain and feeling. I never got a test, as I got at the same time a herniated disk, soon after, because how I walked.
- backpain in kidney area, gets better when area of kidney is warmed or kept warm.
- antroposphical view, kidney related to letting go or not being able to letting go.

your questions
a) Do you pass blood in urine? NO
b) Which kidney has stone (left or right or both)? LEFT< WITH EXTREME PAIN
d) Any pain or burning feeling while passing urine?Location of the pain? PAIN HAS CHANGED INTO NUMBNESS, FEELS LIKE IF WATER IS BUILDING UP.
e) Any symptoms of swollen? SWOLLEN LEGS, OTHERWISE I CAN NOT SEE
f) How is your thirst? YES AND DRY LIPPS.
g) Nausea or vomitting while passing urine?
h) Is ther ease in passing urine while standing or sitting position? SITTING BETTER TOOK RECENTLY SCHLUESSEL SALTS AND GOT COLD FEVER. MEANING NO SWEAT, SIVERING,
l) Your Age / weight ? Any other health problem and medcine in use? 36, 115 kilo (increased extreme weight, about 15 kilo in recent months. tennis ellbow (or gout? due to uric acid?), pain in knee on the alignements (Gout?, can not explain why, does not get better, backpain and slipped disk pressing on nerver, which causes left leg to be numb (Again, warmth on back/kidney, reliefs thsi pain and numbness). I took recently for a long period of 3 months Aurum metD20/Ferrum Meteor D10 (antroposphical medicine, not sure for what, for burn out I think) and i took recently STAPHYSAGRIA 30C for issue I wrote on other post (masturbation).
Other symtpons: lack of memory, forgetting things, not being able to remember words I just said, having thin hair which more and more space, I am having on Monday a eyedoctor exam, as the hospital found out I have 50% sight on the right eye only.
I also did the last 6 month liver and gallbladder flush. expelled lots of stones, largest was 1 inch in diameter.

Also, I have low ph in urin of 5.0 to 5.5 due to dehydration, which might have cause kidney calcifications.

I was always very healthy and relate thsi to my nightwork and stress I had in recent years. I stopped all, just need to stop the night work.

Sorry..:S I am a wrack..:) I would like to go to a proper doc, but cna not afford it..:S I hope soon I get some money back from tax man..
forestsummer last decade
Please visit the link below and read about the therapy I have pioneered to help patients to Expel their Kidney Stones.

Joe De Livera last decade
Dear ForestSummer,

1)What is your food like ? Explain in details with timing?
2)You weigh 115 Kgs. That is too much for your HEART :(
3) You need to drink 10 - 15 glasses water daily?
4) Is it possible to get on scan of yo kidney area and blood test and urine test to get the clear picture.
5) At present do you take any medicine ?
6) Do you have any prostarte problem ?

Dont worry you will be ok.

Nikkie last decade
thanks Nikkie, lots to think about..

1. problem, because i work nights, I eat irregular. I want to avoid eating at night, but I do, due to extreme hunger. so when I work, I eat at 18.00h, and then between 12.00-3.00am (toast with butter) if I do not eat between the times above, I try to eat after 4.30am (I read the liver rests so it might be better). if I have eaten lots at 4.30am, I do have no breakfast when I am home. if I eat at 12.00-3am, I have breakfast. I started avoiding diary products (I ate a lot of it, now sometimes meat, but only when partner is cooking meat, I eat lots of good biodynamic veg..)
2. yes.. if I tell you I was weighing 80 kilo at one point, when I did lots of sport, you might not believe it. Also, I think I received hormones over the water, which might have ade things worst. I have breast developing as a man. Fat is mainly around hips, kidney area (funny, wants to protect kidney?). I can not do sport, because I have mucus developing in my lungs. my rcent observation is that its linked to lack of hydration. if I drink a lot, it goes. MUcus seems to protect the body from further dehydration. This why I want to tackle this issue with the kidney, as I can not absorb enough..:S it feels as if water goes trough without any impact on body.
3. no..:S they do not offer this here for free, only if you are crying for pain. I had a recent blood test, perhaps I can get a print out, but not sure..
5) I took for over 5months, Arum Met D20/Ferrum meteor D10. Antroposophical medicine. It gives some support, as I was burnt out. WHen I stopped taking it, I was weak. I would like to carry on this medicine. I should have gone already to the doc to follow up, but as I said, no money. this why I am very grateful for your help..I took two days ago. 3 x Staphysagria, but stopped and will let it leave as it is, as i developed sensitive tooth and tooth root inflammation in several teeth.
6)I think so. it is only a problem after sexual activity. PAinfull, between navel and genetils, difficult letting water out. Otherwise no.

Just one note. if there is a difference in treatment - perhaps my kidneys are only calcified? not stones? Or just working weakly (for sure)
forestsummer last decade
just one note. I recently used a Berberis D2/SiliceaD19 comp for sinuses infection. I read on Joe website about berberis dissolving kidney stones. this numbness I felt, was during this period. it started 2 weeks after taking the remedy.

I do not want to pass the stone. I wonder if its possible to dissolve.
forestsummer last decade
I did a liver flush before and taking magnesium sulfat, which was widening the bile conducts in the liver. I wonder if this would help if a stone is passing the ureta? i read on joe website people have pain. which is not good I think personally
forestsummer last decade
Dear Forestsummer,

I am sorry ! Without medical reports ( as mentioned above) i canot go ahead with the treatment for you.

As far as your body weight is considered it can be tackled. Provided if You change your lifestyle.

Since it is an online forum, just on assumption i dont go with any treatment.

Please take care of your self.

Nikkie last decade
Hello Nicki,
well, that I am in a tricky situation. How can I get a scan if i do not have pain? do you have suggestion what I can say, so that they can me? As I could not pay privately and do not want to wait until its too late. can you read kidney issue in blood or urin? but only if it has been tested for?

the weight issue (and with this the craving for rubish food) and perhaps the body's low ph level?? (this is the real reason why I want to takcle the kidney, but perhaps there is another way around it and tackelt he ph without kidney involvement?

could you help with this?
forestsummer last decade
Dear Forestsummer,

Reading your very first post, i drived my self to see the symptoms.......

Let me see for 1 month how this plan works for you:

1) Your early morning 6:00 am (After clearing your bowls) will start with aloe vera Natural juice. Add two table spoon to half glass water (slightly warm water).


1) Take Two glasses of warm water empty stomach in the morning.


1) Boil two glasses of water to which fresh ginger is added. Boil for 15 min.
Move to glass and add honey and splash of fresh lime juice. Sip it.

You can choose from above three options :-)

2) Start walking at from 6:30am to 7:30 am . If going outdoor is not possible you can walk inside your house also. Do walking as per your comfort level.

2) If walking is not your love then play soft music (taking care you dont disturb other family members) and start dancing with out giving much jerks to your legs.

3) After finishing your small exercise session you can have 10 cashewnuts.


3) Have a 10 RAW, leaves of fresh spinach.

-----This clears your Exercise session----------

1) Your Breakfast time will be 9:00 Am. Include fruits and salads and good amount of cereal. Strictly avoid Junk or preservd or white sugar(istead use natural Honey). You will not consume any water 1 hour before or after your meal. Also make sure every tim you take water it should be warm or room temp.

2) Adjust your self to consume 12 glasses of water in a day. Taking care after 6:00 pm you will limit your intake of water. else you will have to break your sleeping pattern for urination.

3) Have your Lunch at around 1:30 Pm to 2:30 Pm. Make sure it does not have any rice or oily or junk or sweet or junk drink. If possible try to have one cup of Home made yogurt.

4) Your dinner should get over by 8:00 pm, and should be very lite. In case if you are getting delayed for Dinner please have fruits for dinner, thats all nothing else. When i say fruits it should be fresh not canned. If that is not possible Just take one Glass of Milk with Honey added to it. If you can make arrangemnt for turmeric it will be very nice. Just add two pinch of Turmeric to the warm milk and sip it up.

5) Any time of the day when you feel hungry you will just have fruits or salad. No junks please.

6) Please go to bed early and rise up early :))
Pray for 10 Minutes minimum before going to bed :))

7) Important Golden rule ( follow it strictly)Always have king size breakfast and Lunch and dinner like poor man.

8) Have your food with smile and relish it. Share happy movements with friends and try to make them happy as much as you can.

Hope you will start following this and keep me updated every day.

Dont worry you dont have any problem, you just have to bring some changes in your lifestyle on priority. I will be monitoring your health card strictly so better be prepared for it. Once you start following you will start feeling good in just few days.

Have a cheerful Day.

[message edited by Nikkie on Thu, 19 Jan 2012 06:17:21 GMT]
Nikkie last decade
Dear Nikkie, thanks a lot, I had to think about it how to do it, as I work nights, but I will do the best. is there no remedy to get rid of fat and particular cravings? I crave mayo and fatty thing sa lot...

I also wanted to ask... also if you work at night one should not eat? as this is the problem really..
forestsummer last decade
Dear Forestsummer,

Slice one garlic (not the entire garlic pod) into thin pieces, golp it inside your mouth with small amount of water. This should be done before going to bed. When i say before going to bed, it will be anywhere between (9:00 pm to 11:00 pm). No one should not eat after 10:00 pm. Day is for working and night is for sleeping, if your try to manuplate with your systems schedule then we get toll of our health. For your food cravings insteady of taking big hefty meals (That is total of 3, you can break down into 5 small meals :-).

Once you start with the above dietry advice, we have medicine for all your problem, so dont worry. BUT, before going for any treatment we need to do some base work. Dont worry once you start you will start seeing the result in weeks time and we can get lot of improvement. Keep me updated.

Have a Healthy Day :-).

Nikkie last decade
thank alot will try,
forestsummer last decade

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