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Yes sir
I think I should continue the remedy to get a dense head of hair
my hair fall has not been much but i still feel density is very less
so i wish i can continue with some medicine which will help in regrowth of hair
so that i can get new hair growing on the head
david_501 last decade
OK, then, please give details of your current mental symptoms?
nawazkhan last decade
Res. Nawaz Sir I am recently at my hometown and i was travelling for the last 24-25 hrs, thts y i wsnt able to reply, well abt my mental symptoms, i am still desperate to get a good dense hair cover because there is a big spot because of alopecia, though the hair fall seems to have reduced but there are not much hair left, when i came here i realized tht i dnt wanna visit my frnds or relatives because i dnt want them to comment on my hair, so sir its holding me down also, i am trying everything i can, i wont give up and homeopathy is a great hope
david_501 last decade
Hi, Please take Jaborandi (Pilocarpus) Q, 4 drops mixed in 2 sips of mineral water, 3 times a day, for 5 days.

Many prayers for you.
nawazkhan last decade
Res Nawaz Sir
Been taking the medicine for 5 days but the results have not been that good this time I have noticed a increase in hair fall and I am still hopeful of getting positive results in the future
I want to show my picture to you so that you can have the exact idea of my condition so please tell me should I attach it here or should I send it to your email id, in that case please tell your email id, sir the density is the main cause of concern for me, and the mental condition is pretty much the same I am not depressed or something but I wish my hair would get better
please advise sir
david_501 last decade
Hello Mr. Sahai,

I have been taking both Kali Carb 30C and Sulphur 30C one pellet every 3hrs for the last 10-15 days, but see no noticeable improvement. I am still losing a LOT of hair. When I apply oil to my hair my hand is full of fallen hair. There is also a LOT of dandruff, never seems to reduce. The top of my head is now almost completely bald.

Regarding the sulphur cream that you recommended, my pharmacy doesn't seem to have it. Can you please let me know what 1/4 British Pharmacopia is in terms of a percentage?

Can you please advise me on what my next steps should be?
Thank you!

aprakm last decade
Sorry i wished a little late but actually I was waiting for your reply, I thought it would be better to write after getting your reply, anyways I hope that you are having a good time with friends and family,
May the almighty keep showering his blessings on you.
david_501 last decade
( Dr. Nawazkhan Kindly see)
I have gone through the history of your hair problem carefully and I summarize it as follows. Please advise me wherever necessary, so that we all understand the problem correctly. Once it is done, the treatment can be found, if treatable.
Severe acne when you were in High School put you under a lot of stress.
On 12/2/1, you were under a lot of stress when hair started falling for 2 years.
So noting your mental state, which is supreme in Homeopathy, Nawazkhan, rightly prescribed Acid Phos. You saw the slowing down of hair fall.
On 12/5/10 you sent out the SOS. The hair falling probably increased due to stress caused by your mother's condition and subsequent sad demise.
I took over the case as the SOS obviously wanted a change. As you were dejected with no-progress, I do not want to continue with Acid Phos, for the time being. Your one of the symptoms is hair dry and brittle and falling, I gave Kali Carb. You had dandruff also. So I added Arsenic Alb. When heavy dandruff was mentioned, I replaced Arsenic Alb with Sulphur and enquired about sulphur ointment also.
There is no satisfactorty improvement at present.
Now we have 4 problems: (i) Hair falling (II) Hair dry and brittle (iii) Dandruff-heavy (iv) Fresh hair not growing.
Regarding (I), I feel it is due to heredity, triggered by emotional stress. Nawazkhan has timely controlled it to the extent possible at that time. Let us now try Fluoric Acid (2 drops, 6 hourly) . It is not available at abchomeopathy.com. Try to get from outside. In the meantime take kali carb and Arnica Oil from abc.. and continue sulphur(3 times a day). Arnica Oil will increase blood circulation, which will provide nutrition to hair roots and thus prevent hair from dying and let the not-fully-dead roots sprout afresh.
Reg. (ii)-Kali Carb will take care
Reg. (iii)-Please tell the pharmacy that the quantity of Sulphur should be one fourth of what is prescribed in Sulphur ointment in British Pharmaecopia. These days, British, US, USSR etc. medicines and hence Pharmaecopia are available in big phamacies. “Made to Order” sulphur ointment is available at abc.. Tell abc..that we want for use in head hair.
Reg. (iv) Arnica Oil is known even to allopaths.
We are working voluntarily to give relief to sufferers. So let us consult each other to give our best advice.
sahai last decade
While buying Arnica Oil, enquire if it is ok for head hair also. If not, please make hair oil by mixng one ounce arnica mother tincture in 5 ounces Olive oil(extra virgin quality preferred).
sahai last decade
Res. Nawaz Sir

I have sent an email on your yahoo ID, please have a look at it, Waiting here for your reply Sir.
[message edited by david_501 on Sun, 26 Aug 2012 09:38:17 BST]
david_501 last decade
Hello Mr. Sahai,

Big apologies for the late reply, I was out of the country for a month. Thank you so much for the detailed analysis! I was taking Kali Carb over the last entire month and half, but it doesn't really have seemed to help the dryness and brittleness of hair.

Regarding fluoric acid, what potency do you recommend? Just out of curiosity, what does fluoric acid help with?

Also for Arnica Oil, please let me know which of the following products seem good -



Or do you still recommend I get Arnica from abc?

Also, should I still continue with kali carb? If so, what potency and dosage? I have been taking 30C about 3 boiron pellets each 2 times a day.

Thank you so much doctor.. I have also started with pranayam in parallel to homeopathy, lets see if it helps. Already have a big bald section from the crown to the front of my head, and I'll try everything to get back my hair.

aprakm last decade
Discontinue Kali Carb.
Fluoric Acid is to stop hair fall. Use potency 6. But you have to get from outside.
Arnica oil of abc. is for massage on blunt injury, not head hair. For head hair, make your own in the ratio I have given before. But you have to get (i) good olive oil and (ii) Arnica mother tincture from outside. abc. does not have it.
Product at Coimbatore will be ok, if cannot get mother tincture.
sahai last decade
For your thick dandruff, you have to use Sulphur. Thick dandruff also encourages hair fall.
NOTE: 1 Boiron size pellet placed under clean tongue is good as a dose.
sahai last decade
Thank you so much for your reply Mr. Sahai. A few more questions -

1. I presume potency 6 of fluoric acid means potency 6C? Do I need to take it with water (what dilution) or just the 2 drops?

2. What should be the frequency for the sulphur dose?

3. Here we are trying to minimize/nullify hair loss (which obviously is the first thing needed given my current situation). Just out of curiosity, is there a medication which would also encourage new hair growth?

Thanks and Regards.
aprakm last decade
6 or 6c are the same. Just 2 drops. Freqency for sulphur :3 times daily. Arnica encourages growth.
sahai last decade
Thank you very much for sharing of hair loss topic.
homeopathy01 last decade
I am a 19yr old,sufring from rapid hairlos for da past 8 months...i am losin hair n ma crown...i was preparin 4 ma board xams ...wich kept me awake upto early hourz n da morning durin xams... And also i went on a diet 8 months ago...i doubt f dis afectd my nutritn..i tried a few alopathic medicines that dint work..and nw i've stard wid acid phos 200,3 globules b4 evry meal, and arnica....am i on da rite track? ..also does shavin my head help dis condition?
cr.vp last decade
How are you taking Arnica? No strong smelling thing should be taken within an hour,if possible, of a dose.
sahai last decade
I use arnica mixd with coconut oil...
cr.vp last decade
Acid Phos is taken in case of depressing emotions. Shaving the head will not help. If convenient, prepare Arnica oil as suggested in my note dt. 2012-08-26. Take Arnica 1, 8 hourly.
sahai last decade
Hi , My name Kishan from New Delhi , India . My hair has been falling since last 4-5yrs.Lots of baldness shows on my head . I am under a lot of stress . It is very complicated that i m going bald in this age .
I lost and losing hair completely on TOP ,PARIETAL RIDGE and TEMPLE areas .My hair are dry , dull , itching problem in scalp with dandruff .

Right now , i m using an Ayurvedic Tail since last 6 months , but when i don't use this Tail . Hair starts falling again .

So please solve my problem . If there are best medicines in Homeopathic with help of that we can stop hair falling and get regrowth in hair complete . Can i get my hair completely back .
So please solve my problem . I will very grateful to you .

Here is my description :
Name - Kishan
Gender - Male
Age - 26yrs
Weight - around 62kgs
height - 174cms
Country - New Delhi ,India
krisshpal last decade
Prepare hair oil by mixing 6 ounces of olive oil, 1 ounce of arnica mother tincture and 1 ounce of jaborandi mother tincture.
Orally, arnica 1 8hourly, arsenic alb 3 6hourly.
Read my earlier suggestions regarding avoiding strong smelling things in the mouth.
sahai last decade
Dear Nawaz Sir , I have taken 5 days acid phos 30 ,4 drops 2 times in a day . Now my hair falling stop something . But i have not seen regrowth of hair . So now what I next . Plz suggest me . I m waiting for your response .
krisshpal last decade
Hello nawazkhan, please suggest some medicine for my problem .More hair loss at my vertex and other areas looks like normal. it means total density is less but the scalp is visible on standing below lights that too only on the vertex.

1. ID
2. Age: 30 years
3. Sex: Male
4. Single/Married: Married
5. weight: 75 kgs
6. Height: 5'11'
7. country: India
8. climate: Moderate
9. List of your complaints: hair loss at vertex
10. Since how long are you suffering from each complaint: Roughly 2 years
11. Diabetic or non-Diabetic: non-diabetic
12. Desire sweets/sour/salt: love sour and salt taste
13. Thirst: Normal
14. Tongue and Taste: Tongue is white
15. Current BP (without medicine and with medicine): 130/80
16. What exactly is happening?
My hair has been falling since last 2 years more so in the last 1 year. I was under a lot of stress when my hair started falling, so I'm not sure if that triggered it. Allopathic doctors diagnosed it as hereditary hair loss.
17. How do you feel? I'm okay
18. How does this affect you? It doesn't affect me much.
19. How does it feel like? I don't know
20. What comes to your mind? I don't know

25. Current and previous remedies/medicines you are taking or took in the past?
i was using biotin 10mg allopathy medicine for a month. and i shaved my head for more than 6 times in the 6 months span. still the growth is not recovered. then i took a Homeopathy Medicine called 'Scalp Tone' currently i don't know the combinations and proportions of the medicine. the hair fall was less while taking scalp tone but i couldn't find any new hair growths. I could see some short hair fall for more days which i think as a fresh growth but it falls after growing it short.i would like to make that strong . please suggest me some better medicine fo this
26. Family Background: I have younger sister father mother living my my native madurai, india. my father is about 58 years old and he is having the same density problem . totally the density of hair is less for my whole family
27. Educational Qualifications of the patient: M.Sc computer science.
28. Nature of work, what do you do for living? I'm a software engineer.
29. Desires, likes and dislikes for food: i wont take much junk food, but I like spicy food and natural food like green vegis.
30. Name of foods which increase your problem: I don't know
31. Mind-behavior, anger, irritability, hurry, impatient…and so on.. How are you different from other persons, public speaking or not , you can describe all of the details about your behavior, love and affections.
Was very stressful when i think about my personal things otherwise i am very quite and normal.daily my and my wife gets into some quarrel that makes me more tensed and i could think this might be the one of the reason of hair fall. there is no work tension in my office. One more important thing . alwasy my back body gets pain while getting up in the morning even some thins in the joints . that was reduced when i started doing some exercise and jogging.
32. Aggravation (increases-time, season,)& Amelioration (Decreases)
I get impatient and easily irritated when I'm tired, sleepy or hungry.
33. Attached here your photographs of the affected area. (if required/optional)
34. Location of the disease: More hair loss at my vertex and other areas looks like normal. it means totally density is less but the scalp is visible on standing below lights that too only on the vertex.
35. Side of the problem (Right or Left), (Upper or Lower part of body): Upper
36. Color of the secretions/discharges e.g urine, stool, sputum, Saliva etc.:
Urine: Pale yellow, some time white when i take plenty of water
Stool: Light brown
Saliva: Colorless
nrkamlesh last decade
I have four complaints
1.Eustachian tube blockage
2.Head ache ...don't know due to eustichian tube blockage or a different problem
3.Acne and Scars on face
4.Extreme Hair fall

1,2 and 4 started after taking retinoids for acne problem.there is no past history of head ache or any head injury

I have gone through sinus surgery but no improvement in head ache
and blocked eustichian tubes

i am 28 year old hair became thin after taking retinoids

plz advice any remedy for all my 04 problems

[phone number removed by moderator]
Gaurav9818978730 last decade
I am 23 year old female and suffering from severe hair fall but no hair growth.My front and temple area scalp is slightly visible and my pony tail getting thinner. My hair length does not increases,very dry and brittle hair. Previously I was anaemic but not now but my ferritin level is 60 mcg and and have pcos problm. Pls help me out. I am very scared about my hair loss at this age..
bandyopadhayria 9 years ago

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