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medicine for lipoma

hello doctor
i am anubha and i am suffering from lipoma in my both arms and in my thigh portion since 8-10 years and new ones are also developing. i have no other dieseas. i can sleep well and i am fond of eatting spicy food.I am sensitive to cold. i feel uncomfortable from high dose medcinies.
pls advise me some suitable medicines.

thanking you
anubha agrawal
  anubha agrawal on 2012-02-04
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hi Agarwal,
Lipoma results from some digestive trouble and resulting nutritional deficiency.

There are two protocols I have verified independently on my patients and found working consistently. Before I write that please give the following details. I will address any underlying cause and then give you this protocol.

1 Age
2 Give your food habits, from morning to evening
3. Is there any acidity or other digestive trouble? Do you have a few bowel movement once or twice a day?
4.What work do you do and is there any potential chemical or other exposures known

5. If you sit on computer, how long do you do in a day

6. How often do you use your cell phone and cordless phone

7. Which country you live in and what is the climatic condition (rain, hot, cold) in your city

8. Do you have any habit that weakens your system (frequent sex, masturbation etc)? or did you had any major illness where you were hospitalixed

Reva V
Reva V last decade
Thanks for replying me
iam sending u the details required by you

2.i am pure vegetarian.I have a normal food habit,but i like to eat spicy food

3.Sometimes,i suffer from acidity

4.I am a housewife

5.i sit for about 1 hour

6.6-7 times a day

7.I live in Raipur(chhattisgarh) in India.
the climate is normally hto

8. no
anubha agrawal last decade
Thanks for the details.

Please buy MAGNESIA CARB 30 in liquid dilution. Prepare wet dose and take twice a day, one dose in the morning and one dose in the evening for 2 weeks and write back. Closely monitor your health and write down all the differences it made in this 2 weeks.

Please note that it is a good practice to not continue the medicine, if you find any new complaints.

Insert 5 drops of the Liquid dilution into a 500ml bottle of spring water If you cannot get spring water, use purified water (like RO), but make sure the water has no chlorine.

Shake the bottle hard 10 times every time before taking a teaspoonful which is the dose. Use either the cap of the bottle or plastic spoon. do not use metal spoon or bottle.

Store it away from direct light. Do not store in refridgerator.

If you have any questions, write back

Reva V
Reva V last decade
hello doctor,
i also have this problem. There are numbers of lipomas through out my body and are increasing in size and number everymonth. I am very much worried Please tell me how to cure it ?
mandeep926 last decade
Hi doctor

I am a ship Captain and i am suffering from lipoma in my stomach (big size many) and Both hands (8nos) since 15-20 years and also developing. i have under gone operation of on my small intestine on 2007 found a big size of tumor which was Benin. After that I am quite ok, no other problems. no other dieseas. i can sleep well and love to eatting spicy food. taking homio medicine from local doctor no name given by loacal doctor. taking medicine for quite long but no use. I am sensitive to cold.
pls advise me some suitable medicines.

1 Age - 42

2 Food habits, con-flakes,roti.tea etc. noon - rice chicken, fish , vegetable. evening - roti meet vegetable, fish. Tea.
Tea 3 / 4 / 5 cups a day.

3. Suffering acidity. heaving high constipation. Bowel movement once a day sometimes once in two day.

4. I was Ship Captain, at present doing office. No Chemical exposures.

5. On computer, i sit 5/6 hours a day

6. cell phone previously not at all - last 2 years using more then 50 call.

7. I live in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Same as Calcutta.

8. Previously - chain smoker. sex normal, masturbation - some times. Take very short time. No other Major problems.
cmsuc last decade
Age 37
food habbits --Normal,Veg
no acidity, sleep well. Non alcholic. 5 hours sitting in front of computer.
Belongs to india.
san_dedicate last decade
Hello CMSUC,

Can you post a thread alone about this?=
see the forum front page and post new
topic button.

I think that needs to be done so your
case can be looked at by itself.

( san dedicate already posted his
thread alone)
simone717 last decade
I have already posted my thread alone.
My Age is 37, Having multiple fatty glands all over body, mainly back.legs,arms,stomach
suffered from more han 15 years. earlier 4-5 fatty glands were, now more than 30.
My mother is having 4-5 small fatty glands.
I am pure veg,non alcholic person,
Sleep well, Wt 75,height 172cm,generally no acidity problem.working in cement indstry,sitting more than 5 hours in front of computer.
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san_dedicate last decade
Hi San,
I replied in your seperate post and I can give you hope to reverse Lipoma. Continue the recommended medicine and get back to me.

Hi CMSUC and Mandeep,
I request you to post a seperate threaf with the complete history and send me an email directly to me. I will then reply the thread with medicines based on your individual constitution.

You need to provide details. The standard questioner from Nawaz Khan can help here:


Reva V
Reva V last decade
HI Rena V,
Can i also send you an email with all the detailed survey as prepared by Nawaz Khan on the link you mentioned.
I am having lipomas, i tried some homeo medicine before, but it made me dizzy, and i was in something like a drunk total lethargic condition.

Need your help on this, at least stopping the further spread of this.

omeriqbal last decade
Please start a new thread with the case information. Send me an email with the link to your new thread. I can reply to it.

Reva V
Reva V last decade
Hello doctor

I am Mirza from The Netherlands and I am suffering from multiple lipomas.
I have in my both arms(5), in my thighs (average 15), abdomen-chest(10),
waist(under the ribs)(10) and back(8)

Since 2 weeks, I have started to take Calc.Flur12x (Daily 2 tablets) and Conium 200 (3 granule once a week)

And I bought Dr Reckeweg's R-17 and i will take 10 drops thrice daily in little water.
A doctor from Dr. Reckeweg Homoeopathy suggested to me this medicine.

1) Age: 29 male

2) Foot habbitts: egg, cheese, vegetables, chicken, milk, coffee, fruits. But mostly i eat canned foods.

(I smoke to much)

3) Generally i have constipation problem. Sometimes once in 2 days and when I woke up in the morning
my urine is dark yellow.

4) I am designer, No chemical exposures

5) I work with pc and i sit average 5+ hours in a day

6) 3-5 times

7) I am living in The Netherlands. Generally rainy and cool.

8) Masturbation once in a day.
(I have read on a website frequent sex or masturbation can be one of the causes of this problem. Is that true?)

And I have sleep problems..

All these remedies are right for me? ((Calc.Flur12x (Daily 2 tablets) Conium 200 (3 granule once a week)and Dr Reckeweg's R-17 10 drops thrice daily))

Or do you suggest to me another remedies?

MirzaHolland last decade
Lipomo form in the ground of systemic weakness. You cannot drain your energy through masturbation and still expect a recovery. Yes, you need to stop it completely. Simple steps like staying away from precursors to advanced techniques like Pranayama (kapalbhati) will be required to help yourself.

Take Nux Vomica 30, once in the evening for 1 week. Thsi will help to reduce the craving for smoking and help yourself to give up that habit. Every night, before you go to bed, dissolve KALI MUR 6x (cell salts), 5 tablets in 1/2 glass of warm water and drink it. This will help to get your bowel movement every day.

please write back after a week.

With Prayers,
Reva V
Reva V 9 years ago
please stop all other Homeopathic Medicine. R17 is no good.
Reva V 9 years ago
Dear Doctor Reva

Thank you for answering. I will completely stop my habbit and use Kali Mur and Nux Vomica.

Can you suggest me a medicine for lipomas? I know there is no successful solution for in lipoma cases. I was believing R17. Some of the doctors on this site suggest this medicine. This is a disappointment for me.

Sorry for my English btw

MirzaHolland 9 years ago
First you need to build your constitution to be able to respond to the medicine. Conium 200 and Calc Flour is great, but you need to clear the basic issues, before you expect any result from it.

R17 has Naja in low potency and I dont understand the rational for this medicine to exist.

Reva V
Reva V 9 years ago
hello doctor
i am sachin and i am suffering from lipoma on my body but it is small and little pain, one one time ,pls advise me some suitable medicines.

1 34Age

2 nonvegiterion ,and daily 3 time having food

3. i have gas and digestive trouble

4. yas i sit on computer, 10 hour long in a day

5. i useing cell phone 10 time in a day

6. i living in india , bangalore

8. yas i have habit masturbation

thanking you
sachindas30 9 years ago
I have lipoma on my left cheek from last 1.5 years..Now it is growing very fast..now quiet visible...looks very odd.. i am taking medicine frm last one year..but i think no change...now small size lipomas ( 8-9) i can obeseve on my right arm.. and one one my thigh...My age is 43 years..Male...sitting on computer 6-7 hrs in a day..using cell phone 3-4 hrs daily..Vegiterian...but eating 3 times...i am fond of eating in between meals..i love fruits speailly Orange, sweet lemon, mango..etc..I love to eat spicy food,,,also chaat tikki, golgappa...once in week.. Please tell me traetment..
One more query...if i operate my cheek lipoma.. will it recur on my face again....
vikasg69 9 years ago
Vikas and Sachin,

Please take Phytolacca 30 every night before going to sleep and keep the bottle under your pillow (yes, keep the bottle next to you during your sleep). This will start melting away the lipoma. You need to take it for the next 2 months, but report after a month of use.

In addition to this, take the following medicine for one month only:

1st Sunday: Take Syphilinum 200 - 1 dose in the morning.

2nd Sunday: Take Medhorinum 200 - 1 dose in the morning.

3rd Sunday: Take Syphilinum 200 - 1 dose in the morning.

4th Sunday: Take Medhorinum 200 - 1 dose in the morning.

On these sundays, dont take any other medicine.

You following sincerely and reporting back promptly is much appreciated.

reva v
Reva V 9 years ago
Please tell how to prepare the medicine...and how much i have to take...
vikasg69 9 years ago
Hi- if you click Reva's name?

you will see her profile and she does have all her dosing
instructions, pellets, liquid etc on there and that
is quite convenient to have as a reference.
simone717 9 years ago
Thank you Simone.

1 dose is 4 pellets to be taken dry on tongue. No water, food or anything in the mouth for 1 hour both before and after food. Do not brush your teeth both before and after the dose, for 30 to 60 minutes.

The best time to take Phytolacca 30 is after go to bed. Take the dose, keep the bottle under your pillow and turn off the light.

Reva V
Reva V 9 years ago
Hi Reva,

I have started the medicine as per you mentioned...after i hv started taking medicine Phytolacca 30. Only one week have passed...i observed itching and Redness (like some allergy ) below my balls where both the thighs joining...I apply some homeopathy cream...it recovers but again started...
Is it due to the medicine which i have started or some other reason...???
Please reply should i continue this medicine ??
vikasg69 9 years ago
Please do not apply an external cream (even Homeopathy). It is a good sign. Stop taking more Phytolacca. It already started working for good and let us wait for your body to wear off its benefit and then we can start again.

For now, no more Phyto. No external cream, even if it is itching. You can apply coconut oil, if needed.

You have to co-operate to tolerate the itching and redness, even if it grows. Is there a pain?

Reva V
Reva V 9 years ago
yes i have pain also. In the morning it was bad... But now it is tolerable...

Tomorrow is the day to Take Medhorinum 200 ..Can i take tomorrow dose? Please suggest
vikasg69 9 years ago

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