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Gastro Entritis - 7 yr old Daughter needs help

Weight 46 lbs
Height 49”

My daughter is a very bright 7 ½ year old who has been suffering from chronic stomach acid reflux pain for 5 years. Her pain is described as a burning sensation that worsens and lessens but does not disappear. When her acid pain is intense, her breathing becomes audible and heavy. Sometimes the acid comes up to her esophagus making her voice hoarse and swallowing slightly difficult. She has crampings after eating where she feels like holding her stomach, at least once a day. She moves bowels once a day and the consistency is somewhat loose. Her overall growth is poor and her bones are not attaining mass. Possibly due to malabsorption of nutrients although she eats well. She is definitely allergic to dairy and eggs. She may be allergic to many other foods, but it is difficult to determine which ones because her skin prick and Ige Blood tests came back as negative. She also complains of occasional nausea.

Meds: My daughter is currently taking 30 mg Prevacid every am., gastrochrom 4xday, and singulair 5 mg at night. She takes Tums, Pepto Bismol and liquid Mylanta throughout the day. This regimen provides very little relief to her acid pain. She does take Levsin occasionally if the cramping becomes unbearable and Zantac if the burning is too much.

History: When My daughter was almost 2 years old in June 1999, we had taken a regrettable 2 week holiday to Morocco. Towards the end of the trip, we all drank a bottled water which gave us diarrhea. We recovered but she was found positive for Clostridium Difficile and was treated by vancomyocin but the diarrhea continued. In Feb 2000 she developed eczema behind her left knee. By this time her weight and height increase was poor, her abdomen was bloated, she had pencil thin arms and legs, with an irritable personality, and eosinophils were 6.7%.
In Sept 2000 she was found to have candida overgrowth and began Nystatin treatment ½ tsp 3times day for a few months. At the same time she began a strict food elimination diet when she tested positive to allergies in wheat, milk, eggs, corn, tomatoes, peanuts, beef, orange, and chicken. Her stools were still frequent and loose. In Nov 2000, she developed a urinary tract infection and was treated with Suprax. By now the eczema had erupted all over her legs and thighs.
In March 2001 she tested positive for Blastocystis Hominis and was treated with an antibiotic. Her diarrhea had stopped but she was left with a constant burning stomach pain for which she was taking Pepcid AC with no relief. She continued the restricted diet for 2 more years.
My daughter had an upper endoscopy with biopsies at Yale New Haven on June 2001. Gastritis was found with multiple food allergies and evidence of eosinophils. She was prescribed Prilosec for the next 2 years, but with no significant improvement. She also stayed on the no wheat, milk, eggs, corn, tomatoes, peanuts, beef, orange, and chicken diet strictly for 2 years. During this period she tried Nexium, Zantac, and Prevacid. She has stayed with prevacid since 2003. In Dec 2004 she was on an 8 week course of Protonix, with no improvement. If we take her off of Prevacid her acid pain worsens and she has night wakings.
In Apr 2005 she tried a 3 week course of Medrol 2 mg. There was actually some improvement in symptoms while on Medrol and no significant side effects.
Also we have experimented with various foods, goat, fish, chicken, wheat , rice, and find it difficult to pinpoint her allergies, but will continue food trials. One possibility is complete Neocate E028 formula pineapple flavored for 4 weeks allowing gut to heal and then reintroducing foods one at a time. But she was already on a strict diet with no improvement unless she has developed an allergy to rice which is her staple.
In July 2005 we had an endoscopy done for upper GI, the result indicated inflamation of the stomach lining. Biopsy results are awaited.

Family History: Her father had ulcer, has high cholesterol, and food intolerance. Her mother had asthma as a child. Her older sister, and 2 younger brothers have asthma, one of them has pollen allergies. Her paternal grandfather has bronchitis and asthma. Many of her cousins have asthma and allergies to grapes, grass, corn, shrimp.
  lotus on 2005-07-16
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
The family history seems to indicate a genetic strain of inadequate immune systems.

Whatever provokes an attack of asthma the root cause is due to an ineffective immune system .

One way of progressively weakening the immune system is to use repeated doses of antibiotics.

Just as you should never treat Cancer with carcinosin
TB with Tuberculinum
Candida with homeopathic candida albicans.

Checking the recent updated position on asthma , in the Oxford Textbook of Medicine confirmed little change in the orthodox view. There are enormous chunks of uncertainty.
"What is Asthma?." is a question that has a million answers. Simplistically it is a cramp or spasm of the circular muscle fibres of the small air tubes that drastically reduce the amount of air available to the 300 million alveoli which exchange deoxygenated air for oxygenated air,also involved is a watery secretion that inflatesthe mucous and has a 'plugging' effect on the already restricted airway diameter - giving rise to breathlessness and in bad cases cyanosis where the lips go blue. It's classified in textbooks as an abnormality of the immune response,and is the response of a damaged or depleted immune system.
It is only possible to treat the condition realistically if we know the cause of the spasm.Here we arrive at the ragbag nature of Asthma.
Extrinsic Asthma - brought on by external factors is similar to hay fever and may be seasonal if due to pollens at specific times of the year , or all year round if due to such things as domestic pets, dust or house mites. This type is at present more normal among young people and is esentially an allergic reaction to external factors.
Intrinsic Asthma happens spontaneously and the hypersensitivity is triggered by many factors. Also it tends to be "late onset" starting after some trauma/stress outcrop in 20/30's or midlife.
When I first came across Asthma I used to say that no one dies of Asthma. I soon realised that was not strictly true. Asthma associated with syphilis either primary or inherited could kill , but this was very rare.
Only in the post 60's did non syphilitics start to die of Asthma.That timing is in my view very important and should be kept in mind.

In the past I have treated asthma along strict homoeopathic lines. I ask myself what are the signs of imbalance that I see in the individual. One then tries to match those signs to a particular remedy - and bring the individual back into a natural balance.
In more recent times I have taken an interest in TB and AIDS as they have a bearing on the basic theory of Homoeopathy. Because of that interest I have become more aware of the essential underlaying part that the immune system plays in all physiological problems.
There are many ways to get asthma and I will list a number of those , but for now I'd like to trace one particular path leading to Asthma as being , in my view, typical of the many roads leading to that condition.
Dr D. Foubister was a Consultant at a London Hospital for many years. He was a noted homoeopath who published many books and pamphlets and died in 1988. He pointed out that one of the basic roots of all illness is inflammation.
Mutiple Sclerosis is condition resulting from inflammation which has disseminated along neural pathways damaging and scarring the myelin sheath.Any disease ending in '- itis' indicates an inflammatory condition - meningitis; of the brain and spine - endartitis; of the artery - endocervicitis; of the cervix - endocarditis; of the heart - proctitis; of the rectum - colitis; of the colon etc.
To quote the Oxford Textbook of Medicine "The pathology of Asthma is characterised by the infiltration of the airways by esinophils and other inflammatory cells which migrate in response to chemotactic factors released by mast cells macrophages and lymphocytes.
Esinophils contain a substance, which damages the airway and is responsible for the large amorphous pink masses in the muscous and submucosa seen in patients who have died of Asthma." So inflammation is a characteristic of Asthma, which accounts for the widespread use - in the past - of steroids in their anti-inflammatory role.
Let us for a moment look at the reason for,and function of, inflammation in disease of all kinds. I quote a medical dictionary
"Inflammation is the defensive reaction of tissue that has been attacked and is the start of the natural process of healing. Inflammation is instigated by the immune system and is essential to the proper natural bodily process of healing. - It involves pain, heat,redness, swelling and loss of function of the affected part. Blood vessels are dilated so that the local blood flow is increased. White cells enter the tissue to engulf bacteria and foreign particles. Similar cells from the tissues remove and consume dead cells and the process of healing commences."
Before man came down from the trees - in evolutionary terms - inflammation has been essential to the natural process of healing and is today correctly shown to relate to the body's basic defense system and to the immune system.
However since the mid 40's [i.e. approx 50 years] antibiotics have been used to abort or short circuit the natural healing of the inflammatory process. I have often said to people that antibiotics are ok in the role they were originally employed - in life threatening conditions and NOT otherwise.
It has long been established that whatever provokes an attack of asthma , the condition itself is due to a defective or underactive immune system .
A consultants handbook points out that -" Both humans and animals have an apparent relative immunity against a second infection if they are left for 6/12 weeks before being treated. However if antibiotics are promptly given in the early infection no such immunity develops and immediate reinfection is then possible". Obviously we have here a direct relationship between inflammation and the immune system - both being natural bodily processes .
But the short circuiting of inflammation has many affects. From a homoeopathic point of view the inflammation does not disappear under antibiotic treatment. It is dispersed from its original local intense and painful site - where the immune system is busy healing the body - and driven along the path of least resistance. Where it takes up a chronic character such as tennis elbow,trapped nerve, neuralgia, rheumatism etc. Its function as part of the healing process is defeated and the immune system is affected.
In some individuals the immune system becomes underactive and results in lethargy - M.E. - and numerous minor infections 'the never well syndrome'. In other individuals the immune system becomes overactive and gives rise to many allergies due to its supersesitivity. Among the many immune/allergic effects is Asthma.
It has been shown that in TB, and particularly in AIDS , it is possible to inherit a damaged immune system. That being taken in conjunction with the time span since the 40's we now have a third generation of people treated with antibiotics. It is interesting that the first generation had few allergies - that the second generation in the 60/70's had increasing degrees of allergic response and that some of the third generation now die due hypersensitive allergic response.
It would also be of interest if a study could be carried out to see if the rise in Asthma was paralleled by the rise in the uncontrolled indiscriminate use of antibiotics.
So having shown a homoeopaths view of the mechanism of asthma and identified antibiotics as one of a number of culprits let us look at other aspects and culprits listed in the Oxford Textbook of Medicine [15.142 tab 1.] as;-
"Drugs which may produce or exacerbate asthma."

"Pharmacological effects;- ORAL
Cholinergenic agents e.g. carbachol pilocarpine
Cholinesterase inhibitors e.g. pyridostigmine
Prostaglandin F2alpha
Histamine release e.g. curare derivatives
Beta sympathetic antagonists
Idiosyncratic effects;-
Analgesics and anti-inflammatory agents
Idomethacin [inlcudes] Artralin
Indocid. Indoflex. Indomod.
Kap-ind. Rheumacin.
Mefinamic acid[inc] Ponstan
Flufenamic acid
Fenoprofen [inc] Fenopron. Progesic.
Ibuprofen [inc] {Apsifen. Brufen. Ebufac. Fenbio {Ibular. Ibumetin. Iboslo. Inabrin
Ibuprofen (cont) Maxagesic. Motrin. Novaprin.
Nurofen. Paxofen. Proflex.
Relcofen.Seclodin. Uniprofen.
Diclofenac [inc] Volterol.
Naproxen [inc] Laraflex. Naprosyn. Synflex.
Tartrazine-containing compounds (used to color medicine & food ;E102 food additive)
Carbamazepine[inc] Tegretol
Idiosyncratic;- BY INJECTION
Aminophylline[inc] Phyllocontin
Hydrocortisone [inc] Cortisol. Cortril. Dioderm
N-acetyl cysteine
Idiosyncratic;- INHALED
Benzyl Penicillin
Cephalosporins[used intransplant ops to suppress the immune system
Alpha-methyl dopa
Cimetadine[inc] Tagamet
Piperazine[inc] Antepar. Ascalix.
Pancreatic extract
Pituitary snuff
Ipratropium bromide(hypotonic solution)[inc] Atrovent."
The Oxford Textbook of Medicine also points out;-
"The potential exacerbation of Asthma by drugs used to treat it presents a particularly acute dilemma as drug effect may be difficult to dissociate from spontaneous deterioration. Apart from potential problems related to tartrazine there are well documented cases of worsening asthma after both aminophylline and hydrocortisone, the latter may be particularly aproblem in asthmatic patients with analgesic sensitivity. -- Bronchodilator and other drugs formulated as a dry powder sometimes have an irritant effect , as also may the propellants used in pressurized aerosols."

I would suggest Syzygium 1x, one tab tree times a day half an hour after eating.

Garbo veg
Natrum mur
and Phos
may all be required after the Syzy.
walkin last decade
Thanks a lot for taking the time to go through my daughter's case history and also for suggesting the remedy.
Should I stop all of her other medications and give her syzy or is it okay to give along with them.
If she does'nt take her pain or anti acid med.,how would she cope with it ?
Would this remedy take care of all of her problems?
What about her diet?Do
I need to make some changes?
Please reply.
Thank you
lotus last decade
WALKIN : Good explanation worth re-reading repeatedly. The remedies suggested are also right on target. specially PHOS.

LOTUS : Apart/ Alongwith from WALKIN's suggestion, I suggest as follows :

1. Perform a Celiac disease biopsy of the G.I.Tract. Doing various pathological tests will be only indicative and not conclusive. Performing an Scan or MRI is hardly useful.

2. Your Child must be exposed to the SUN light for as many minutes as possible, intermittently and not continously. Surprisingly, this alone reduces food intolerance levels and rectifies G.I.Tract malfunctioning. This takes many months to see results.

3. Depending on your location, the child should be taken to a LLLT therapist (Low Level Laser light Therapy), for entire chest and G.I.tract area treatment. This is highly safe, though expensive and takes many 1-2 hourly sittings for the same. The LLLT therapist should give IR-890nM, 100mW powered laser therapy to the child. LLLT is given on the surface of the body, is non-invasive and totally safe. GOOGLE search = LLLT therapist + (your area district name).

4. Give food with only one or two ingredients in it and not with multiple ingredients. A normal meal may have more than 25 ingredients in it like wheat, salt, different spices, oil, fat, wine, sugar, meat, greens, preservatives and so on. This helps in reducing food intolerance level and the G.I.tract repairs itself. This all takes many months to see results. Discontinue all starch and high protien related foods.

5. Dr. Edward Bach flower remedies : Scleranthus + Walnut + WhiteChestnut. Mix equal quantity liquid in a glass bottle. Take 2-3 drops of this remedy directly on fresh cleaned/gargled tongue. 3 times daily for many months. This will alter and remove the child's hereditary'ic tendency for physical distress.This remedy can be taken in conjunction / addition to any medicines you are taking currently.

6. Instead of current AntAcids medications : Experiment with this : Half teaspoon of SODA BICARB (eating soda) in about 200 ml drinking water. After every full meal. This 1000% safer than AntAcid tablets and does not irritate the G.I.Tract. SodaBicarb, hardly stays for 20-30 minutes in our G.I.Tract, whereas the AntAcid medications stay for more than 8 hours.

7. If you can. give her colloidal silver water. About 10 ml added in plain water. 2-3 times a day. This will help strengthen her G.I.Tract.

8. Tissue Salts - Bio-Chemic : Ferr.Phos-3X + Nat.Phos-3X + Nat.Sul-6X + KaliSulph-6X. Two tablets of each. Eight Tablets = one dose. Dissolve on tongue. 4-5 times for the first month.
For PAIN specific, give Mag.Phos-200X, 2 tablets every hour till pain persists then stop.

Incidentally, SUN light alone is sufficient to rectify most bone disease problems, subject to the patient refraining from junk food.

Keep Smiling ... HA21
HA21 last decade
for the said problem of your daughter i would suggest to take arsenic album 30 three times daily and natrum phos 3x 5tablets three times daily i dont find reason of its failure.
sajjadakram635 last decade
If you are going to use the szyzgium 1x, then for the first few days change nothing. Simply add in the Szyzgium at least half an hour away from any other medication ,

If things then improve drop other medication one by one.
walkin last decade

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