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Negative thinking, fear and tension

I am a 32 year old software professional. I am very contented with my professional life. I was always a good student, good daughter. I was always a caring mother but not over-protective initially. Sometime back we had bad experiences with my daughter's health for sometime one after the another. Even through that period I found myself to be fine. But now as days are passing I find myself more indulged in negative thinking related to my daughter's health only. I find myself setting patterns like I wore that new dress on that day and then my daughter threw up so now I would always avoid wearing this dress. At times I will try to convince myself for not being rational but few times only I succeed. All my negative thinking is related to her only
Now I feel myself to be overly concerned for her. Everything small thing make be become nervous. Thankfully I do not take any tension for anything other thing in my life - be it professional issues or financial issues. The only thing I am always worried about is my daughter. I am not able to sleep properly. If I do anything for my personal pleasure like reading a book or watching movie - i have a guilt feeling. I feel if I plan for enjoying activity, I will have bad effect on my daughter’s health. I have totally stopped engaging my self into any activity that would give me pleasure. I have built of this belief - like if I do x thing then it will be bad for my daughter. And the list of the this ‘x’ thing is growing. I find myself always thinking negative and at times when I go against them and try to break the belief something bad happens and the negative belief/feeling becomes more strong. I used to be very carefree and ambitious female and now its only about my daughter.In my professional life and other aspects of personal life I am very confident, I know I can do anything. Issue comes when I start relating these to my daughter
I am concerned about hygiene also but that too only for her. For myself or anybody else I not worried about hygiene or anything. Please let me know if homeopathy can help me in this case
  testloa99 on 2012-04-04
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Pl also describe what is happening to your daughter. A proper medicine can be found out for her.

You Pl take

1. Mimulus+Gentian+Red chestnut (4+4+4) drops 2 times a day in 2 teaspoonful of water

Pl take the treatment for 15 days and then give feedback

R.P. Tamhankar
shouse_nsk last decade
Can you please tell me in more details - why I am experiencing all this and what is it called in medical terms. How will this medicine help me
For my daughter - she was fine till the time she was on bottle. She would not take lot of solid food even at two years of age. People asked me to stop bottle altogether and then she will be forced to take food. I did that but her food intake was not great. Slowly she started catching frequent infections - ear and throat. Since last year feb she is fine - I gave her septillin for some time. It helped her immunity and food intake. Now I have stopped it. She eats food with lot of distraction. I have to engage her in games/stories, then she will take food.The doctor says her tonsils are enlarged. Also for past two months she threw up couple of times(it was not that she ate a lot that she threw up). Her stools are hard. I was told she might not be feeling to eat because of gas or tonsils. She was not a very good eater anyways but now I am concerned about these vomits(in two months - 5 times) and enlarged tonsils that she has
testloa99 last decade
These are Bach Flower remedies. They are selected on the basis of mental status of the patient like fear of known thing, anxiety for others, negative thinking etc and like that. They will relieve your mental symptoms because your description shows that your are suffering from mental symptoms.

For your daughter, pl give her
1. Baryata Carb-30 (30c) 6 pills 2 times a day
2. Calc Carb-30 (30c) 6 pills 2 times a day.

Pl keep 30-40 minutes gap between 1 and 2.
Pl give this treatment for 15 days and then give feedback

R.P. Tamhankar
shouse_nsk last decade
Thanks for the quick response
I also got her seen from a Homeopathy doctor in my town last week. I wasn't aware of this forum. She prescribed her:

1. Lycopodium (5 days - 5 pills two time a day)
Gap of one day
2. Byrta Carb (5 days - 5 pills 3 times a day)
Gap of one day
3. China 30 (20 days - 5 pills 3 times a day)

Along with this tonsilats for 1 month(1 pill - 3 times a day)
I just started with these for couple of days only
Please provide your inputs on this
testloa99 last decade
Thanks for the quick responses to all the questions
One more thing I missed telling was - I was diagnosed with Hypothyriod in 2010 with TSH level being around 5.5. I took the medicine for around a year. Initially I was taking 25mcg of thyroxine after 6 months the levels did not reduce a lot so doctor prescribed 50mcg. Again when I got the blood test done after almost 6 months the TSH was 5.5 so I was asked to take 75mcg. Before I could start with this increased dose(i took it for 2-3 days only)I had acute Gas problem and I was asked to get some tests done(this was about 3 months after my last blood test)then my TSH came as 0.9 (which is almost at the lower end of the range), this happened last year august time frame. So the doctor asked me to stop the medication and get blood test done in 6weeks. I got blood test done in Dec and the TSH was around 5. As of now I am not taking any thyroid medicine. I missed giving this information earlier - not sure if this changes the medicine that you prescribed me
Is this condition of taking tension, anxiety totally curable. If yes then approx how much time it takes. Sorry if I am asking too many questions - it is just that I cannot share all this with people around me. I am not sure how they will take it, they will feel after being so educated how can I think like that but this is something I feel I am not able to control too much

Please consider this as well
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testloa99 last decade
You need not worry to write any information because you have not revealed your name and identity. In case you feel so, you can also get my mail address given in my profile and describe the symptoms which you would like to avoid in a public platform.

The medicines I have suggested, you start taking them, we will take a review after 15 days and if necessary, I will revisit the case.

R.P. Tamhankar
shouse_nsk last decade
Hi Testloa,

You asked why this ocd thing is happening. I have
had relatives with it. It happens bc you are trying to
avoid something that is terrifying to you. In your
case I think it is a 'what if' about your daughter

You are close enough to what triggered this that
you can backtrack and see the layers of things
you are putting on this to avoid the thought.

In therapy and also on tv where they have showed
patients and the therapy- they try to get to the
original fear and then desensitize the person to it
so it becomes worked thru and then back to
neutral. I saw a case of one person worried about her
Mom dying and the therapist took her to funerals
and grave yards and did this several times and that
got it out of her system.Another person had someone
throw liquid jello on her at a party-her ocd started little
by little after that- so some party at 12 and at 16
she had 20 rituals to go thru the day with and was
non functioning. Once they got to what happened
they dribbled liquid on her head a few times!! till
she just did not care.

So it is a game with your mind that if you do-x and y and
Z that this feared event will not happen. It would
be good to see a therapist who understands this
and can have you go safely into the emotions of
your fear and they will settle down then.


simone717 last decade
Thanks R.P. Tamhankar and Simone for considering my queries
I will start with the homeopathy recommended in the last thread

I did read a lot about OCD as well in past couple of days
I did not want to go through alopathy medicine route. Therapy was something that I read at place but getting someone good and reasonable is very difficult. If you search on internet lot of therapist names might come but whom to trust is something that seems to be matter of chance
I live in Bangalore, can you please recommend me some good therapist here
testloa99 last decade
I will see what I can find out for you.

We have here sites where patients
review the therapist and you can
tell a lot from that, instead of going
from one to the other- like you said,
a matter of chance.

The homeopathy has a good chance of
just clearing your mind of the original
fear, which got magnified like a shock
or something, into not being able to
deal with it- thus the OCD gets layered
on top of this original reaction to
'handle' it but instead makes life
worse. .
simone717 last decade
Thanks Simone, it would be great if I can find some good therapist

Just a question - i got confused with your last explanation should I go ahead with homeopathy or not

I was thinking of expecting some relief from homeopathy medicine as suggested by R P Thamankar and parallely therapy - request both( RP Thamankar and Simone) to please reply
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testloa99 last decade
Yes , you should do the homeopathy-
RP was prescribing Bach flower remedies
for you specifically.

See how that works and then if not
working as well as you want, you would
go to another prescription.

Bc the homeopathy can resettle the mind
back to where it was before you got
upset and then none of this would be
there- so you would not even need
therapy. The homeopathy is the most
important but it helps me to understand
the workings of the brain and emotions and how that manifests.

Personally if I understand something,
then I can work on myself and be a lot
calmer - for instance if I felt some
OCD coming on- I would sit and not
do it and then watch the fear come up
and see what it is and see how it is false and ride with whatever emotions
come up and release it and keep doing
it till it was neutral.
simone717 last decade
Hi- YC Janardhan Reddy seems to be
the expert in your area. Try to contact
him and get a referral of someone trained
as he is and has experience.

Read more at Association of Behaviour and Cognitive Therapy in USA- also they have a book cd Breaking Free from OCD.

The Reddy person has a paper on using the Behviour
Therapy on 'non responders' to medication and you
don't want medication anyway. Good results. Talking
therapy does not work, but combo does.

Questions to pick therapists are: where trained in
this technique and were you in supervised clinic setting.
How many clients have you treated and are treating now?
Has this ocd ever touched your life in family members?
do you do telephone in between seessions and do
you have staff to work with you inVivo experiences.

these are all the right questions to find appropriate
person if you want to go down that route.
You are not that far into it and it is obvious that having
a sick child who is not getting well is causing this.

I think that homeopathy can certainly fix your child
and take care of this for you. Don't worry.

If I had a sick child that I could not find treatment
for I would be super focused - If you realize
homeopathy can take care of this you can start to relax.
However the therapy or at least the book will open
you to causes of this, as in need to be in control,
and perhaps overprotective parents or lax parents-
and help you to learn how to get better balance.

Homeopathy can and will work on both of you,
just stick with it.Also I assume you are
following prescription for daughter from the homeopath you saw in person. In person is usually best. So-
if you start getting results and like that
person you should go to them for
a session with you- so all tools can be
used face to face. The bach flowers are
very gentle low key so just see if they
help or not right now.

best Simone
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simone717 last decade
Thanks for all your inputs
The negative feelings that I get doesn't make me do the same thing(as washing hands etc) again and again. I can probably describe more when I am talking in person
Please let me know if you are trained in this area or homeopathy and if I can reach out to you on phone or something
One question - what is 'inVivo experiences'
As you mentioned if the homeopathy medicines work then I will be back to where I was before having all these negative feelings - are there chances of it coming back again. What are the chances of it coming back with therapy
I will definitely try to get in touch with -YC Janardhan Reddy
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testloa99 last decade
Hi testloa,

The homeopathy and finding the right
remedies for you is one path to pursue
where you can solve the entire thing.
It would go away and you would
hardly remember why you did it . It would
just be gone. That is the best option, the
most healing option. That is why I said
1.Try what RP said 2. Go to the homeo
you got for daughter if you trust and see
results for your daughter. 3. There are
many homeopaths on here who work
different but could also work on you
if the above does not work.

You are going to be Fine. Your mind
is on overload bc of your daughter.

I just thought you should know about
the therapy bc sometimes that helps
to create a balance in your life where
you were unaware that you need
that-like being over responsible.

Homeopathy will create a big shift
to health- it will work.
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simone717 last decade
In vivo is part of the behaviour therapy-
where they have staff go out with you
-not in your case but others where
once they find what makes you afraid,
they - do in Life ( in Vivo) real time
de sensitizing you to area of life that
upsets you.

Think of someone who had bad airplane
experience. then had to fly for work.
then started doing many odd rituals
to 'prevent' another bad airplane
experience. Staff would have to go
the airport with him and work with him.
simone717 last decade
Thanks for the detailed response
Now when I read about OCD and I look back into my past life. I see I did do certain actions for other things in my life - for instance about 2 years back I had issues in my job and with my manager. Going to office was a nightmare for me. Those days I did certain activities like - while walking if I crossed a a stone,something in my mind will force me to go back and don't cross over the stone. But this was a phase and everything was related to my job, when I left that job and took a different one I was totally fine. Even that time when I was going through all this things were not that bad as they are now. To me it feels if there are any issues with things/person for which I am very passionate about I get these kind of feelings. Now the situation is something like - i set patterns I ate this food that day and something bad happened so this food will be totally out of my menu for ever or at least till the time I gather enough courage to break it and I am successful which is rare. So that means these things got bigger in past one year. These feeling were there present in past also but it never took over my life and they were more like phases I came out from most of them. Some things I still follow as rules even today and breaking them is very difficult
I would go ahead with the medicines given by RP and see the results. I am just hoping things would work and i would be back to normal
testloa99 last decade
OCD behaviour seems to be how you
respond to heavy stress. But usually
there is one base line incident that began
this and that is what they try to find
in therapy. Bc people put layers of
this behaviour on the more stress, so
you try to find the first time you did it
and then work on what happened there.-
not always easy to identify bc that is
what the ocd behavior is trying to
cover up in the first place.

How is your daughter doing on her
treatment?? Is she improving at all??
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simone717 last decade
If I really think about it. I can just track back to my 11th class where I remember I use to follow certain patterns and when I started building up patterns since I was going through a very bad time with my teacher not treating me properly in class. There is use to do certain things everyday. I changed my school after 10th. I was a very bright student with very good rapport with all the teachers.I clearly remember two things : one day while coming back from school I was thinking of something
like if my maths teacher in my old school meets this teacher then he might get a good image of me(basically he considered me a useless student which was not what i was). The next day things went fine in school probably he did not scold me (usually he would pick on me and say bad words in class). Since then I use to narrate the same story on my way back to home so as to replicate what I did previous day

The other thing was(i still follow it) - i ate something in dinner. Next day was my maths paper and this was the first time my paper went very bad. I topped in all the other subjects but in maths could not score even 50%, since that day(almost 15 years) I would never eat that same item in dinner just before some exam kind of thing

By the end of the year I did very well in maths and was his favourite student. I left the story narration activity once I left the school after 12th

After this I remember for any challenging task - be it engineering exam, college exams or job. Whenever I feel stressed because of something I would build some idea that if I do this things will be fine. All this was mostly towards taking away some pleasureable activity from my personal life - like I would give up on watching tv or going for movie for something good to happen. I have this feeling I have to give away something of my interest to earn something else
After the school incidence - i remember experiencing small incidences but the major was the time in previous company. I had a very bad experience with my manager. Now I have a very carefree attitude in my job. I work fine but I don't get stressed out with things. I am happy that I am able to control my feeling to some extent in work related activities. It was an issue with the job and so the issue went away when I left the job

Now I have started having all this for my daughter and it is getting bad day by day. I have very good family. I am the first child in the family to get as educated as I am. In my relatives and neighbourhood I was always an example of a good daughter and good student. It is just this feelings for my daughter that I am not able to enjoy my life and probably even putting constraints on her as well

I am giving her medicines as recommended. I am done with 5 day lycopodium and 5 day byrata course. As for improvements that doctor can tell that better looking at her tonsils. Her eating is as it was- at times when she does not respond well to food or her stools are hard - I apply asafoetida(heeng) on her tummy. I will update the post when I go the homeopathy doctor after 1 month prescription completion as she asked us
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testloa99 last decade
Hi, I think you should do another post
and ask Nawaz or the Brisbane homeopath to take your case. I don't know how busy either one of them are
right now.

But it seems like this stems from
shame and mortification from having
to take abuse from that teacher and
not being able to confront him bc of
your age.

The remedy is chosen with the above in
mind but also on all your other individual things, what you like to eat
how you sleep, weather likes and so on.

If you want to do this make another
post and one of them will give you
a list of questions to answer. Or
you could go see your daughters
homeopath and tell her what you
just put on here and have her
suggest-You did the best you could
in that teacher situation and the
remedy can erase the trauma from it-
would be wonderful for you and
best, Simone
simone717 last decade
Thanks Simone, I will start another posting referring to Nawaz and Brisbane Homeopath
testloa99 last decade
Simone - i was lucky to get reply from both but I have means to decide whom to go with.........any suggestions
testloa99 last decade
They are both great. I would advise you
to click on their names from your
post replies - their profile will come
up and then you will see all their posts.

Go thru some of those and then decide
what you think will work best for you-
it is a personal choice .
simone717 last decade
Hi again,
you have to pick one and fill out
that persons form- then you will
start working with them.

They are both very busy and you cannot
fill out both forms and have them both
take the time to study and come up
with a prescription and only then??
you decide- ( if you work with someone
and after a time- no improvement-
then go work with the other one or
go to your daughter's homeopath.

don't worry about making a mistake-
just take the plunge and see how it
simone717 last decade
Thanks Simone :)
testloa99 last decade

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