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This is well worth a look 4 any alment

I no u might have tryed alot of cures that say they'll do a lot a cost a bomb i have but listen to ths im not tryin to make money jst give u info from my experience!Most of your posts can be helped with a detox called kombucha tea this tea is made fom a mushroom like plant (its not a mushroom) this plant has bin around for 1000s of years since roman times boasting to help a list of alments including cancer and aids! this tea works by boasting the immune system and detoxing the whole body. Im not a doctor im speaking on experience and it works, it doesnt have any side effects as long as its prepared in a clean invironment like your kitchen.
this sounds cooky but its completely natural and free to make as much as u want once you get the plant which costs only $25 on the net or less unless you no sum1 with it. the tea has a plesant enough taste made with black tea its like a sparkling cider made with green tea sparkling ginger ale. its very easy to make looks a bit strange but if it does what it says why not try it!and it does what it says! I no this is'nt giving u mush info but its to put you on the right track but any questions e-mail me and ill be more than happy to answer!
  robert_healy on 2005-07-29
This is an internet forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
If anyone uses this please report effects.
walkin last decade

heres some proper info:

"Is Kombucha tea the answer to all your health problems? "
Called the 'miracle cure-all', Kombucha has been made at home for health and vitality by many generations right around the world.

Kombucha tea is a powerful health drink, which is reported to be the answer to many health problems.

Pronounced [Com-boo-cha], It is made and drunk right around the world. It has been a 'secret formula' for those 'in the know' and a lifesaver for many a poor person in the less blessed nations.

Kombucha works with your body to boost its natural, inbuilt ability to fight sickness and disease as well as bring a healthy balance back to your metabolism and organs.

Because it has been around for so long, many researchers, chemists and others from the medical profession have spent time investigating the sometimes quite astonishing results from this natural remedy. Even the FDA (food and drug administration) have researched Kombucha, such has been the interest in it.

You have probably heard people say that "anything that is good for you tastes bad." Well, Kombucha doesn't fit into that category.

It is a very pleasant tasting drink, so much so, that many people use it as a drink for guests and special occasions.

Sparkling and a pleasant taste, you can even change the flavour to suit yourself.

Kombucha is made at home and really is pretty simple to make. It also doesn't take up much of your time. I have yet to find anyone who cannot make it.

Could you have better health?
Need a stronger immune system?
Want rid of sickness in your body?
Want to ensure you stay healthy?
Could do with more energy and vitality?
Want better skin?
Have you 'tummy' problems?
No matter how bad your situation is, you should consider if this inexpensive, easy to make health drink is for you.

You will be able to find in shops, Kombucha made by commercial producers - be careful! Many manufactures of the shop bought Kombucha have to preserve the drink to keep its shelf life - often this involves pasteurisation, which kills a lot of the health giving elements you want to keep.

Like pre-packed frozen dinner, shop-bought Kombucha isn't as good for you as the one you make yourself.

This site should tell you all you need to know about making and drinking Kombucha.

Kombucha is a pleasant tasting, powerfully effective health drink / food supplement which you can make at home for next to nothing.

The taste can vary depending on how you make it but the basic recipe, which most people use, will produce a slightly sparkling drink that tastes like an apple cider or dry white wine.

Though there is alcohol in it, it is normally so low that commercial producers can sell Kombucha as "non-alcoholic". You can expect less than 1% by volume alcohol content.

Sugar is used as part of the recipe but it is not used as a sweetener. The sugar is broken down and converted into different components of the finished drink.

It has been drunk for many generations. In fact, it has been around so long that we are unable to tell where it was originally discovered or when.

Kombucha is a fermented drink made from sweet tea and a Kombucha mushroom or Kombucha culture as it should more properly be called.

The culture is live and is a co-dependant blend of healthy bacteria, yeasts and other micro-organisms.

Though, it may appear complicated at first, Kombucha is actually very easy to make.

This website contains all the information you need to start making Kombucha in your own home and answers many of the questions that you may have.

We should clear up the confusion and difference between Kombucha Tea and the Kombucha Culture before going much further.

Kombucha tea

Kombucha, or Kombucha tea is the actual health drink, which we make from sweet tea and a Kombucha culture. It is known by a number of different names around the world including - Cainii Kvass, Kombuchakvass, Tea wine and Teekvass.

Kombucha culture

The Kombucha culture is the live substance which is put into the sweet tea to ferment and convert it into Kombucha tea. The culture is probably best known as a Kombucha mushroom, though this is an incorrect definition.

The Kombucha culture has been known as a mushroom, a lichen and many other things but the best and most accurate definition we have today is a "symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast".

This is just a scientific term for a co-dependant live mix of bacteria and yeast. That definition sounds a little complicated, though it is where we get the more friendly term "SCOBY" from.

The culture has been given many names, Günther W. Frank, in his book - "Kombucha, Health beverage and natural remedy from the Far East" lists 70 different names for the culture including - Combucha, Brinum-Ssene (Latin for miracle fungus), Champignon miracle and tea fungus.


Kombucha drinkers around the world have reported a massive list of ailments and sicknesses which have responded positively to drinking Kombucha on a regular basis. This is how the name "Miracle Fungus" or "Cure-all" has been birthed.

The secret of Kombucha is not that it 'cures' a multitude of illnesses but, that it boosts your body's own system to fight those sicknesses.

It does have various components, which on their own fight problems, but its probioitic properties are what make Kombucha tea so extraordinary.

Kombucha tea is probiotic, detoxifying and energising. It helps build up immune systems, fights yeast infections and helps joint problems. In fact the producer of Kombucha Kit (UK and Ireland) 'guarantees' that you will feel better from drinking Kombucha made with the kit. If you don't feel better after drinking Kombucha made with a Kombucha Kit you can have a full refund.

Components within Kombucha tea

Research has been carried out for many years into what exactly is in this drink. Based on research old and new, I can tell you of some of the known active components in Kombucha Tea.

Lactic Acid: Found in Kombucha in its most potent form L-lactic(+). Lactic acid is essential for the digestive system. Interestingly, it is not found in the tissues of people with cancer, and its lack has been established as indicating susceptibility to cancer.

Acetic Acid: Its main function is to inhibit harmful bacteria. Acetic acid is used as a preservative because of this action. It is also what gives Kombucha that 'kick' to its smell and taste.

Malic Acid: Is also used in the body's detoxification process.

Oxalic Acid: Encourages the cellular production of energy and is a natural preservative.

Gluconic Acid: Is effective against many yeast infections such as candidiasis and thrush.

Butyric Acid: Is produced by the yeasts and when working with gluconic acid, helps combat yeast infections such as candida.

Nucleic Acids: Work with the body aiding healthy cell regeneration.

Amino Acids: A group of acids which are the building blocks of protein. Your muscular system is made of proteins. As a group they have many benefits including building cells and repairing tissue, they also form antibodies to combat invading bacteria & viruses.

Enzymes: Are proteins that act as catalysts, speeding the rate at which biochemical reactions proceed. Therefore they boost the actions of other health giving components within the Kombucha and your body.

Kombucha also contains vitamin groups B and C, beneficial yeasts and bacteria.

But then, as one Kombucha drinker so beautifully put it:

"Its overall effect - an extended feeling of well-being - cannot be fully explained by the individual ingredients alone. Kombucha is certainly more than the sum of its parts".

My experience of it is that once u start takin it if theres growths or rashs on ur skin they will all dissapear sonn after starting, u will have more energy, hair starts growing faster, and you find your not catching colds like every1 else! it effects every1 diff but its always good effects! Remember if you take it, its still a detox to so breaks must be taken or your system will rely on it!!
robert_healy last decade

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