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Polycystic Kidney Disease



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Polycystic Kidney Disease

My sister in-law has Polycystic Kidney Disease. We have been looking at remedies and we feel sure that Arsenicum Album is a constitional match for her.

I have several questions:

1. If she is treated with the proper homeopathic constitutional remedy, what might she expect to see with regards to her PKD?

-will well-prescribed homeopathy simply keep the disease from progressing?
-can it cure her?
-can it make cysts actually disappear?

2. For the time being, we are on our own with using the homeopathy. Can someone help us with dosages? We ordered some 1M tablets of Arsenicum Album.

-is 1M a good potency?
-how often should she take them?
-for how long?

BTW, she is currently under the care of a physician. She is not on any medications. For the past year, her disease has not progressed any according to scans, etc. Although her kidneys are functioning well enough, they are full of cysts. And her liver is very, very enlarged.

Thank you so much for your help.

  aspen on 2005-07-30
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
How do u know that arsenic album is her constitional remedy.r u a doctor if so well and good.constitional remedies are only used when the pathology is reversed.this is not the right time it shall not do any help.apis 3x is the remedy for the removal of the cysts.try this medicine first atleast for 30 days and observe the progress.
sajjadakram635 last decade
Thank you for your reply. No, I'm not a doctor. And we don't "know" that arsenicum album is her remedy. We are just really trying to do something! I have been told homeopathy is very safe, and that people have had success with self-treatment. I have had huge success treating my family for acute conditions and have had success (confirmed by a homeopath) on treating my daughter with a constitutional remedy, which helped her through a rough spot. So that is where we are. My sister in-law lives in the states in an area where there aren't homeopaths, so care under a homeopath would be difficult for her to obtain. My thought is that if we can find some homeopathy that helps her, she might be inspired to go to the effort to get to a homeopath for thorough treatment.

I've been looking at Gibson's book Studies of Homoeopathic Remedies. Arsenicum Album fits my sister-in-law according to Gibson's descriptions in these ways:

-appearance: spare, stylish, neat and well-groomed.
-restlessness of a hard-pressed executive
-quick movements, walks across the floor rapidly
-face and hands look skinny
-speech rapid and precipitate, with special emphasis on accuracy and detail.
-worried about things
-excessively tidy, fastidious, fussy
-sensitive to circumstances
-irritated beyond measure by slackness and idleness on the part of others
-waves of fear when alone, fear of being alone,
-delusions of vermine
-extremely chilly person
-always wants to be well-wrapped up
-thirsty person, always carries water to sip.
-wakes at about 1 a.m. each night
-the headache section matches completely
Other symptoms match throughout. Then under the section "urinary system", Gibson says of Arsenicum album that "It [arsenicum album] has proved effective in chronic renal disease when orthodox remedies have failed."

I could go on. She matches with some of Margary Blackie's descriptions of the arsenicum album--for example, the love and understanding of beautiful things and desire to possess them.

So I don't know if that is enough to call it a match--it is more of a match than what my homeopath gave to me as a constitutional remedy.

Can you explain what you mean when you say "constitutional remedies are only used when the pathology is reversed"? I don't understand.

We will try the apis. How often should she take it?
aspen last decade

what you said is perfectly alright.once the cysts are removed by apis or any other remedy.at that time if arsenic is given in few doses of high potecy the disease will never return.this is the law of constitional remedy.i appreciate your interest in homeopathy keep on study it shall never deprive you.apis shall take some time.give it a chance atleast for 30 days.
sajjadakram635 last decade
Excellent! I get it! Is that one dose per day of Apis 3X each day for 30 days?
Thank you so much!
aspen last decade
apis 3x 5-10 drops thrice daily and watch the result.thanks.
sajjadakram635 last decade
I have been told I have PKD, and that no help is available to me from doctors other than blood pressure medication. I am asking if there are any homeopathic remedies to help my condition. I also suffer from a poor pumping heart.

I would be very grateful if someone with homeopathic knowledge can help me.

Thankyou very much
SONNY last decade

My mother(age 56) also suffers from PKD. She is under allopathic treatment for the last 4 years.The reports state the disease as "Polycystic Kidney and Polycystic Liver".

I want to know whether I can administer Apis 3x on her? Whether it has got any side effect or not?
I heard that the cysts can effect the brain in long run and that can cause drastic situation like paralysis. How much of this is true? and what is the chance of that happening?

She displays the following symptoms: At times she feels dizziness and vomits profusely and can't digest anything, not even medicine. Her livers are enarged and ultrasonography reports shows presence of cysts in large quantity. Also she feels stiffnes and pain in the pelvic front region and pain in the chest. All the pains are in the right side of the body.
Adiitonally, she has got constipation, and her haemoglobin level hovers around 8. She also feels a pressure at the right side of head whenever she does some heavy work, like carrying a weight of around 1.5 kg, etc.

Please help me with suggestions and prescriptions for medicines. I am very tensed about her situation.

Thanks in advance,
ranasish last decade
Tomorrow i shall let u know the remedy.
sajjadakram635 last decade
A while back you suggested Apis 3x--5 to 10 drops thrice daily for getting rid of cysts. Can we use Apis 6x, as Helios does not offer Apis 3x? Also, in terms of teaspoons, what would 5 to 10 drops be? (remedy came without a dropper)--I know that might sound like a silly question, but coming up with an appropriate dropper seems more difficult than asking this question. Thank you!
aspen last decade
Apis 3x is if not available,u can use 6x.The bottles containing liquid remedies are always equipped with droper.Ask your supplier to supply u the medicine in dropper bottle.
sajjadakram635 last decade
i am 54 now , was diagnosed at age 40 to have PKD, my dad had it and plenty kidney stones but lived to be 74 , my granny to be 75. i was told it might bother me later in life or not at all. my concern is that most nephrologists will start dialysis and this means you never get off it. what kind of life is it when you are at the clinic all day 3 or 4 times a week??im having symptoms now, actually for 9 yrs of pain and infections. will this alpis 3x actually work? does anyone know of an actual case of reversal. my mind is saying i wont have the dialysis. im only 54.but i may change my mind. ive had hardly no life for 4 of the last 9 yrs. anyone please reply. thanks
jaymichel last decade
aspen, if you really think Arsenum Album is her constituinal remedy, she should also try Silicea-3x three doses a day. Low potency Silicea may re-route cystic fluids.

Arsenum Album people place great importance to cleanliness, they eat and drink everything pure, this short circuits the immunity system.
girilal last decade
I have been using the apis x6 for 2 weeks now and the cysts I had in my breast are gone. I do not know if the ones in my kidneys are gone because frankly, I'm afraid to take a blood test and lose my hope that this has given me because no matter what, I will NOT have dialysis.

My urine is still quite clear.I am also taking chlorophil and it makes it frothy. Is there anything else I can take to 'jump start' my kidney function?
one80 last decade
hy wife has pkd
she is 42
at presentshe doesnt have any symptoms of the disease
she gets swalling on her feet
after long standing as she is a teacher.
but this is happening for last 12 years.
after taking rest swelling goes,.
what can anybody suggestto me?
mahipal last decade
You should also try Apis 6X as suggested earlier by oher doctor.This is a very good Kidney remedy.
Rajendra last decade
Request somebody to please let me know whether using the above presecribed drugs we can completely remove the cyst available in the kidney. The main purpose of me asking this question is I have asked alopathy, ayurvedic and some of doctrs following homoepathic medicines but all of them have given a negative relply saying polycystic kidney disease is a genetic disease and the same cannot be cured. By cured what I mean is the cyst will disappear gradually.
ajinkya,mantri last decade
Hi, I have PKD, and its in pretty late stages now. Can anyone tell me that the medicines presribed above are patient specific or can be used PKD generally.

vivek last decade
Anyone attending this thread?
vivek last decade
have u had success in treating ur sister in alw kidney cysts. I want to know becuase mu husband is also suffering from PKD and i am looking for a cure
bolu007 last decade
I remember reading 'Colchicum' as the remedy for polycystic kidney.
aconite last decade
hi acinite,

if colchicum has to be given for cyst what potency should be used assuming symptoms are matching?
anupam180909 last decade
sorry i misspelled aconite as acinite
anupam180909 last decade
what's the condition of your sister-in-law now?
kasly last decade
Though there is no medicine for any disease by name in classical homoeopathy ( only symptom what it matters ), we may cross this barrier to think for the remedy which ultimately help the suffering individual. That should be our main motto. In PCKD one can use Apis 3x twice daily in wet dose atleast for 10 days first and then wait for 10 days to go for the second series of dose. The gap is must. It will certainly help you for PCKD. God bless you.
sdg540 last decade
Hi Sir

My wife is suffering from Bilateral Polycystic kidney disease, she is now 30 years of age. We got it diagnosed through ultrasound and after that we have done several tests like LFT, KFT and etc and all these tests are normal but she has developed 4mm stone in left kidney and the size of the cyst is 18mm in left and 31mm in right and the kidney is slighly enlarged. So i request you to please let me know if there is any cure for this disease.

Kunal Vaishnavi last decade

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