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Polycystic Kidney Disease



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Polycystic Kidney disease

I have PKD and am new to the concept of homeopathic medicine. Can someone out there give me some good web sites or information on good reading topics to get me started.
  martinhelen on 2005-11-15
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
it is very difficult to cure the same. can you brief your mental symptom. If i got the mental detail then cure rate will be high
deoshlok last decade
I'm not really sure what you mean by mental symptoms, as I have said; this is a new concept for me. I have just begun my research into homeopathic treatments; however I am a firm believer that natural remedies, if available; are a much better choice than many of the drug chioces available in medicine.
martinhelen last decade
In homoeopathic mental symptom must to choose the right remedy along with pathological symptom. We have no. of drugs of polycystic but It fully depends on your constitution, behavior, and all other symptoms. Homeopathic cure permanently for cure of the disease required some mental symptom.
because our all medicine is working on brain only not at disease and disease take cure autometically by the help of brain.
deoshlok last decade
Ok, then let me tell you that I am a very energetic person, positive attitude, stress easily but thrive off the energy I get from it. I am always in need of being in control. I am a leader, very determined, very strong opinions, but accepting of others rights to differ. I am confident, not fearful, have a lot of common sense. I have a wonderfully supportive family. My physical symptoms to date are minimal, I have many rather large cysts in both kidneys and several small kidney stones in each kidney with a very lg one in left (2.9cm X 1.5CM) My blood pressure is still within normal limits, all my labs are still normal. I have a lot of flank and back pain, probably due to the enlarged size of my kidneys. They reach well into the pelvic cavity. I am prone to urinary tract infections 2 or three times a year. Also, unrelated I have neck and lower back disk problems and mild arthritis in these areas too. Hope this information is helpful. Thank you so very much.
martinhelen last decade
dear Mrtinhelen,
thank you for detail but not metioned age, sex, married/unmarried, body stuts i.e.weight, diseire for salt or sweets, which type of foods you prefer.
deoshlok last decade
I am 44 y/o female, married 5'7" 165lbs. I eat very little meat. Just don't care for it in general especially red meat. Allergic to seafood. Chicken is mostly the meat I eat. Most of diet consists of pasta's, rice, vegetables, don't care for sauces made of tomatoes. Have very litle tolerance for acidic foods, (indigestion) prefer salty foods rather than sweets but try to control salt intake. Als0 I never drink soft drinks, mostly water and some coffee. Also I forgot to mention that I have constant muscle stiffness and soreness.
martinhelen last decade
Plumbum Met is very close to poly cystic kidney problem.Probably u e-mailed me for your problem.The dose is 5 drops of 6c thrice daily.
sajjadakram635 last decade
I hope you will read it and I hope you will read it with sense and understanding!
This merely an attempt, to let you see what the causes are, and how you can work on improvement.

I first explain some logic about life our body and how it is working and operating.

1) The primary component of life is correct thinking, followed by correct breathing, correct nutrition and suitable exercise. If a person thinks right, everything else will follow naturally.
2) Our body is eloquent. Its philosophy is unequalled in its simplicity. It provides us with everything we need; including tools to re-activate, re- deploy and even to repair damaged or ill parts of our body.
3) Our head is the control center, constantly in contact with the body. In case of STRESS the head will be unable to function properly and a lot of communication is lost. The body encounters the same if STRESS is present; it is unable to inform the head of its needs.

Above is the logic and how it is operating. I will in a nut shell explain the cause of kidney disease, and how its operates, after that I will explain in more detail the causes, were you will find them and how to deal with them.

The cause of kidney failure is fear. Fear is stress. (I will explain stress in more detail later on) The process of stress developing into illness is best illustrated by delving into the mechanism of fear. Even primeval man was acquainted with the effect of fear: for example, the use of the war-cry to terrify the enemy and freeze him in his tracks.

The negative energy (stress) of fear attacks the kidneys and the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands are seized by a physical spasm and the secretion of hormones into the bloodstream slows down or stops altogether. Those hormones are all important for life – a clinically dead person will receive massive doses of adrenaline (the secretion of the adrenal glands).
The adrenal glands are located in the back part of the third chakra; consequently, they are connected with: power, control and willpower.

The kidney failure is curable in a relatively short time.
You have to understand that the human body is eloquent. Its philosophy is unequalled in its simplicity. It is a complete self-sufficient system. Orthodox medicine considers stress from the physical point of view as illness or the invisible accumulation of energy culminating in physical disease.
We can call it internal stress; this disturbing factor is what brings our body in imbalance.
Negative stress has a direct effect on the adrenal glands and kidneys, they are seized by a physical spasm and the secretion of the hormones into the bloodstream slows down or stops altogether.

The adrenal glands are orange-colored endocrine glands which are located on the top of both kidneys. The adrenal glands are triangular shaped and measure about one-half inch in height and 3 inches in length. Each gland consists of a medulla (the center of the gland) which is surrounded by the cortex. The medulla is responsible for producing epinephrine and norepinephrine (adrenaline). The adrenal cortex produces other hormones necessary for fluid and electrolyte (salt) balance in the body such as cortisone and aldosterone. Those hormones are all important to life. When the stress grows to the critical limit, it is transformed into fear. Fear grown beyond the critical limit will start to attack the Kidneys, the next stage is Anger and Anger will eventually destroy the body, which currently is happening.

Fear is often denied as no-one wants to be a coward. Or because of a limited understanding of fear as something directly connected with physical danger.

Fear comes from all sorts of angles and situations, more than ever, people today live under the spell of fear. All kinds of accidents, wars, economic chaos, criminality, uncertainty and every kind of prophesy terrify us and make us ill with fear. But the one fear that is in most cases responsible for kidney failure is coming directly from our family
Fear within the family has a direct impact on a child is always a long lasting one. Family fights, physical threats, divorce, hatred, lack of love, jealousy, lying, cheating, etc. All have a common goal, fear.
The work place, your boss, economic matters all can bring fear.

Fear grown out proportion destroys

Briefly some more on fears.
Fear attracts negativity. Fear paralyses willpower.
According to the nature of the stress, an energy channel is blocked and the corresponding organ falls ill. The more stresses, the more definitely the channels close down.
Fears and their location in the human body:
1. The fear of not being loved governs the head, neck, shoulders and arms and the back the thoracic vertebra. In addition to this, the fear of not being loved is the reason for certain congenital deformation of the heart – the opening in the oval aperture which, according to official statistics, occurs in as many as 25% of new born babies.
In reality, the percentage is considerable higher. Recurring infections of the upper respiratory tract, asthma, rheumatism, skin diseases, including allergies, point to the same fear – the fear of not being loved. The sinus junction is the regulator of the heart rhythm, located in the upper part of the heart. Blockages of energy in that region cause disturbances in the heart rhythm.
2. The fear of not being loved + feelings of love + feelings of guilt
govern the backing the region of the IV to V thoracic vertebra, and the in the front – the middle part of the heart, the top of the lungs and the breast.
The fear of being blamed for not loving cause’s different heart diseases: valve trouble, heart attack, ischemia. This fear is often the reason for heart diseases in young men who, when boys, had to listen to their parent’s accusations, were afraid of being accused and are now hearing those same accusations from their wives. The accusations needn’t be direct: a sad face, a tear, a sigh, a frown, especially an unfounded one, will do the trick. Someone with a feeling of guilt is touchy and sees accusations where there are none. The same mechanism holds true of someone with a jealous partner. The effect is also the same in cases of self-accusation: a person who, after a divorce or partner’s death, starts to blame himself, can develop ischemia of the heart leading to a heart attack.
Accusing others of not loving me. If a woman behind her wall of fear is unable and unwilling to understand that she is the one denying her husband love, and refuses to receive his love; when she weeps, complains, grows madly jealous, then her breast will fall ill – a benign thickening of tissues which may develop into breast cancer. Only malicious anger causes cancer. Anger, in its turn is caused by accumulating fears.
A fear of somebody accusing somebody else of not loving. This is a common problem with children who are forced to witness their parents fights. A terrible argument at home, and the child comes down with an inflammation of the lungs. A constant tension between the parents, for whatever reason, causes tuberculosis of the lungs in children. The same applies to grown ups. Except the beginning of the disease, like the stress itself, is not so clearly marked.

3. Fear + feelings of guilt govern the body from the VI to the XII
thoracic vertebra, and in the front – the lower part of the heart
and upper abdomen.
The fear of being at fault, the fear of accusing someone.
Diseases of the cardiac muscle, pulmonary pleura, diaphragm,
liver, stomach and spleen. This is the region of the body where
the solar plexus, with its store of energy connected to power
and ruling, is situated. Domineering, however, is negative and
herein lies a particularly receptive ground for formation of
anger, and accordingly, cancer. Every human being knows
instinctively that angry domination is something that society
considers reproachable, and so the real aims of one’s behavior
are concealed and kept hidden up to the very last moment. And
the development of the disease – cancer – will follow the same
pattern: slow and with far – reaching results.
4. Fear + feelings of guilt + economic problems govern the
pelvic vertebra. The III and IV vertebra are connected to sexual
organs, the V pelvic vertebra, to the bladder. By nature,
economic matters belong to the man’s competence. The
woman is the warmth and love that go with home. If you go
against nature, you’ll have to face the consequences.

The fear of being accused of not being able to feed the family, be a success in business, be a real man, causes impotence and other diseases of the reproductory organs. The same goes for self accusation. When due to circumstances, the woman thinks that she has to be the stronger (meaning economically minded) half, then everything is upside down in this family. A feminine woman doesn’t have diseases of the female reproductory organs. Women who work in the business world are often childless. When the woman takes on too much at her work her pelvis and lower body suffer. The child is love and as such, is attracted only by love – the materialistic thoughts of the mother will chase it away.

5. Fears + economic problems govern the lower part of the body to the tip of the toes. Sacrum represents sexual energy, sexual desire. The person whose desire is blocked by a fear of economic matters and who can’t stop worrying about money will go to bed to fall asleep – not to make love. And if he manages to whip up his desire then it won’t last for long. Statistics show that the number one and most frightening disease among young businessmen today is impotence. If, just a couple of years age, this was a problem characteristic of the well developed Western democracies, then it has now reached those countries taking their first steps along the road of capitalism. The person who worries about money matters will have a long wait if he hopes to rid himself of his stresses once and for all. The result cannot go if the reason stays and in addition, impotence will strike. All diseases of the lower part of the body, whether deformation of the hip-joint, different fractures, venal diseases, gangrene or shoes worn down at the heel, indicate worrying about economic matter. The lower down, i.e. the closer to the toes, the older the problem.
The greater the anger, the more serious the sickness:

- diseases with serous or suppurent secretions from a simple head cold to running infections and overall septic intoxication;
- diseases attacking the integrity of bone tissue from slight fissures to fractures:
- tumors of different locations and nature benign tumors and cancer;
- new and uncommon infections diseases which have no name yet.
The shortest way from the fear of not being loved to destruction runs diagonally from one corner of the table to the other. This is the road of diseases attacking metabolism and the immune system.

The immune system is governed by the thymus gland, situated behind the sternum. Originally, it was a large organ, as big as the palm of a hand but in a typical grown-up today, it has decreased to the size of a fingertip. This spastic shrinking has been caused by the fear of not being loved. To reactivate the Thymus gland, every morning when you wake up make 20 to 30 knocks on your breastbone (center of your breast)

I more or less distanced my self from orthodox medicine. Since I understood that they are only dealing with the result and not with the cause, trying with non effective ways of treatment to extent the life of the patient.

I have a wide knowledge of medicine and I am specialized in joint treatment and organ failure. I know that man’s increasing potential for understanding allows the treating and preventing of diseases to become, more and more, a matter of sorting out one’s own inner life.

Every illness has its roots in stress
Stress is an invisible energetic connection with something negative.
Everything perceived as negative by a person is a stress to him/her.

Medicine considers stress from the physical point of view as illness or the invisible accumulation of energy culminating in physical disease. Both medical science and the patient himself usually interpret stress as the last emotional upset, the last link in the chain of stress accumulated over decades ago, that finally results in illness. This however, is a very limited concept of stress.

Illness or physical “dis-ease” is a state where negative energy has crossed the critical line and the whole system is out of balance. The body informs us (the Head) of the situation so that we can do something to correct it. Our body has tried to send us signals of discomfort for a considerable while but we had just neither paid attention nor taken action. So the body falls ill. Mental anguish, when not taken into consideration, grows into physical pain. It draws our attention to the situation that has to be mended. Suppressing the signal of pain with analgesic (or any other medicine) only deepens the pathology. The disease has to grow in order for the person to notice the alarm signal.

A doctor cannot give you health – nobody can, he can make you feel better for a short while but real health comes only after you have realized the reasons behind your sickness. Remove the cause, start to live in the right way – then you’ll get well. And it’s not too late to start correcting your mistakes. It’s just as simple and as complicating as that, but it needs some learning.

If it seems too hard for you, and you might think that all your problems would be taken away with a wave of the hand? You believe in the power of the hands but not in the power of words, don’t you? You have a hard time believing that this is actually the same thing?
In that case – I’m sorry.
But if you are willing to learn and you are not afraid to admit the mistakes than I will help you.

Once you are familiar with the energetics of the body you will be able to locate the stresses causing the illness. The roots of your fear lie much deeper within your human spirit. And as long as you have fear inside you, your body will know that you still need Scaring. You keep attracting people situations that frighten you, but as soon you stop carrying fear around in your heart, the frightening things in life will stay out of your way.

Learn to release this fear and your body will start healing it self.

If you are still interested after having read the above let me know, and I will try to guide you through.
Alexthink last decade
I have read the post you sent and find it very interesting. I am going to print it and take time to re-read it. There is a lot to absorb. Thank you
martinhelen last decade
Hi Alex,
It was good to read your post. Thanks for throwing light on this very important topic, fear.

My life is a serious wreck now due to fear.Please give guidance on how to release fear.

Thank you
emma-sun last decade
dear Emma-sun,

Stresses that have been built up over the years will eventually cause a physical illness.The main stresses in life that affect our well-being are GUILT, FEAR AND ANGER.And the last one is the stage where it start to destroy.
However, if you are willing learn and to understand the energetics that work in your body - you have to learn first so that we understand each other. The "Teaching of life" will explain the factors for each illness, upon that we will be able to talk and work on releasing the stresses.
You can reach me at:think ad apollo dot lv

Alexthink last decade
I am interested in learning more. How can I contact you for further info.
martinhelen last decade
Dear Dr Beek,
Thanks for the reply. I just sent an email to your address and look forward to further correspondence.

emma-sun last decade

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