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Pollen Allergy - Mother & Daughter - No Relief from Sabadilla for Daughter (29th May)


Every year in spring I suffer from pollen allergies. Over the counter medicines provide very little relief for couple of hours. This year my 4yr daughter has also started to get the same.

Key Symptoms for my 4yr girl

1. Severe cough day & night
2. Partial or complete nose block while sleeping
3. Some phlegm from nose when she wakes up
4. couple of sneezes when she wakes up

She got a bad tonsillitis infections and is just recovering from same.

I started to take NuxVom 30x, 3 times a day, 2 pellets since yesterday (19th May) but there is no relief

Key Symptoms for mother:

1. Excessive sneezing once I wake up or when come indoors from outside

2. Running nose throughout the day

2. Alternate nostril block during day

3. Complete nose block while sleeping

4. Severe cough during night and day. I can feel some nasal back drip (this year only)

I started to take NuxVom 30x, 3 times a day, 4 pellets since yesterday (19th May) but there is no relief.


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  vandy5858 on 2012-05-20
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
The root of this problem lies in digestive disorder.

I strongly suggest to keep milk and wheat away (GFCF). In addition reduce processed food where possible. This itself should make a large difference.

Now every evening take a dose of Lycopodium 30c.

In the morning take SABADILLA 30c - 1 or 2 doses with 4 hours apart, based on severity.

Please report back after 2 days. I suggest to stop Nux Vomica. The above recommendations are true for both of you.

Reva V
Reva V last decade
thanks Reva. Couple of questions and some details on diet.

We are vegetarians and milk is the main source of protein for my daughter. I would stop for this week and see if it helps. Though will be concerned if I have to stop for longer

On Wheat, we are from South India and eat very less wheat may be 3 times in a week. I can definitely eliminate that from diet.

One thing which I am still confused is that if it really is diet, why only the months during the pollen season in NJ we have this issue. Rest of the year we have been very blessed and healthy and the diet is pretty much same.

I could not find the medicine in the nearby store and will get them tomorrow morning and begin the dosage from evening.
vandy5858 last decade
Your immune system is not working
well enough. It thinks the pollen is
a threat to the body.

When the immune system is working
correctly, vital force high, then there
is no allergic reaction.
simone717 last decade
Simmone well clarified your question. Thanks Simmone.

Lower immune system is struggling to handle Milk and Wheat as repeatedly verified. Pollen is a threat during this time. North Indian's kids shows severe wheat allergy in US, which is hard to understand. so is other kids for milk.

The closest root I could find is multiple vaccination on the same day, which is quiet common here in US. Always give 6 weeks of gap between each vaccination, no matter how much the smiling nurse trys to convince you. Make sure your kid is feeling quite healthy before vaccination.

Sabadilla is available from Whole Foods. Yes, stop Milk and Wheat only for a week to see for yourself. You can read GFCF more if interested and I have verfiied its fact. They show how to deal with it, but it can be cured with Homeopathic medicine.

Reva V
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Reva V last decade
In my case, I never had allergies until
after my second child. I was low
energy and all pollen in the air had me
inside with air cleaners going to cope.

I went thru 4 remedies and the allergies
were one day - gone. It has been many
years and they have never come back.
so I know homeopathy can totally end
this. :-)
simone717 last decade
Thanks Rev & Simmone. I appreciate your help. This is 4th time I am falling sick this year starting with jan an as I would say I sick of falling sick.

I was able to get both lycopodium & sabadilla from Iselin, NJ. They have lot of homeopathic medicines.

I will start lycopodium today 21st May in the evening and sabadilla tomorrow morning onwards. I will report back in 2days.

Can you please confirm 1 dose is equal to 2 small sugar pills.

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vandy5858 last decade

I took my daughter for her follow-up with her pediatrician since her antibiotic ended last Friday.

She showed be tow polyps on inside of both the nostrils and also lot of white spots on back of throat. She mentioned these are also due to allergies and will go away.

I am very concerned and not sure if the inflammation/polyps are really due to allergy or something else.

As for myself I spotted couple of drops of blood in phlegm when I coughed up.

No other change for us.

So far we both have taken 2 doses of lycopodium yesterday and today And 2 doses of Sabadilla today morning with a gap of 4hours.

Please help. I am very worried looking at my daughters polyps and white pus spots at back of throat.
vandy5858 last decade
From what you described, the boils and polyps are result of most common after effects of antibiotic that she has taken. After you stopped and given a few days it should go by itself, as your doctor says.

Any time antibiotic is consumed, the gut flora (good bacteria), which is extremely important to keep your immune system will be destroyed. If not promptly replaced, it leads to slow recovery of diseases.

Please take Probiotics from your local health food store and give twice a day. You will see impressive results. Please continue with Sabadilly and Lyco, which will also help.

The one I recommend is 'Garden of Life''s KIDS probiotic powder ($15). This should be promptly used during and after the course of antibiotics. This can be used by both your kid and you. You will see the result on the very next day and will help to heal the boils too.

After you are over with your acute disorders, you can write back and I can help with constitutional medicine to address the root of the problem. You may have to fill in one of the standard questionier in this forum

Reva V
Reva V last decade
Thanks Reva for your assurance and guidance.

Last 2 days my runny nose and sneezing have reduced. I tend to think it is combination of weather (rain) and medicines.

However my cough and phlegm are on the rise. When I wake up in the morning phlegm is off-white to pale green and it is lot from night's accumulation. During the day I cough and phlegm is off- white.

As you suggest, I will continue with medication and probiotics and reply back on Sunday.

Once again thanks for your help !!
vandy5858 last decade
After you start taking Probiotic, you can stop both Lycopodium and Sabadilla for a while.

Take Lycopodium only if there is any nose block in the night.

With Prayers for a healthy living of all lives in the world,

Reva V
Reva V last decade
thanks Reva. Very thankful to you for your advise.

I gave last does of Sabadilla to daughter and myself yesterday morning. I did not give lycopodium as nose block seems pretty much over though not completely out of way.

I have also bought probiotic as suggested by you. I will start it from today (25th May)for whole family. I iwll report progress as I see more changes.

I also stopped milk and wheat completely since last Monday. Very difficult for me to assess if that made any significant impact. I will stay off it for another 2-3 days and slowly reintroduce milk only for my daughter to see if her condition takes a negative turn again.

I will revert back again as I see changes with pro-biotic also.

appreciate your help with our health issues !!
vandy5858 last decade

I started pro-biotic for the family. We are still on GFCF

Updates on my daughter :

1. polyps & white pus cells seems to be declining

2. Phlegm has reduced though not completely gone

3. With temps warming up, she is showing allergy symptoms again. 5-6 sneezes once she wakes up. Blocked nose while sleeping.

3. Throat seems to be little sore. I hear her trying to clear her throat during the day

4. Little cough is still there as well.

Is it ok for me give her pro-biotic and sabadilla both since her allergy symptoms are back ? Is there any other remedy she needs ?

Updates on self :

1. No allergy symptoms so far

2. Phlegm reduced considerably

3. Cough still is there however it now comes during the day 3-4 times suddenly and episode continues for 2-3min. It happens sometimes while talking or sometimes while eating food.

4. Feeling slight pain in throat since today morning.

thanks for your help !!
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vandy5858 last decade
Hi Reva,

I started sabadilla for both of us since Sunday.

Updates on Daughter :

1. Her allergies are not getting relief. She is sneezing quite a bit now, has watery eyes and below eyelids are slightly swollen.

2. No cough

3. Polyps have reduced quite a bit though white patches on throat are still there.

4. She is still on GFCF and is taking pro-biotics along with sabadilla.

Updates on self :

1. Slight phlegm in throat and coarse voice but everything else is fine.

2. Still on GFCF and taking sabadilla

Please suggest :

for daughter, should we try another remedy since sabadilla is not giving her relief ?

Her composition is different than mine. I feel very cold and never like direct cold air even in hot summer blowing on myself. Whereas she feels very hot, gets red even if she is outside for 5min in summer. Cannot take even slightly hot water for shower or food even in winters.

thanks for your help!!
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vandy5858 last decade

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