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Baldness please suggest

Please advise, I am 29 years of age and loosing hair day by day the front portion has almost become bald.My scalp itches and also I have white flake coming out everyday even if I use antidandruff shampoo.Very recently I ordered for Arnica Montana 6C liquid after going thru the suggestion in the forum.Should I take it, if yes how should I take the dose. Please advise ASAP.
Thank you in advance
  Sukhomoy on 2005-08-19
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I used to recommend the use of Arnica 6c in the past to arrest hair loss but from the feedback that I have received I believe that the 30c is more effective. You should use the Split dose method which I have described many times on this forum. (1 drop of Arnica 30c in 400ml spring water succussed and 1 teaspoonful sipped twice daily.)

Sulphur 1M also used in the Split Dose method (1 drop in 400ml water) and a teaspoonful taken succussed is effective to stop dandruff. Please note however that this remedy may only be taken every 4th day. It must not be taken more often as it can aggravate your condition.

You will notice that the itchiness of your scalp will reduce in a week and you may use it for about a month on the strict dosage above. It must not be used on a long term basis unlike the Arnica.

Please post your response to the remedies in 2 weeks.
Joe De Livera last decade
I failed to mention that you should only use Johnson's Baby Shampoo instead of your normal shampoo.

Do not drink coffee and cold drinks as they antidote the remedies
Joe De Livera last decade
should I create a split dose for sulphur separately, take it every 4th day of the week twice for that day.
For example every thursday. Or somthing different please suggest.
Sukhomoy last decade
You may only take a teaspoonful of Sulphur only once every 4 days. This is because Sulphur is a deep acting remedy which cannot be used frequently as it can aggravate.

The Arnica may however be taken twice daily.
Joe De Livera last decade
My wife also loosing hair and she is 24, but this happened after we came to US - New York from India. Can she take Arnica split dose like me.
Sukhomoy last decade
My wife also loosing hair and she is 24, but this happened after we came to US - New York from India. Can she take Arnica split dose like me.
Sukhomoy last decade
Yes....... I don't mean to answer for Joe but I am following Joe's protocal for hair loss as well and I am a female too. Arnica is not sex specific.
jentoun last decade
Arnica can be used by anyone, even those who do not suffer from Hair Loss.

I cannot really understand how it works but I have used it since 1996 every night and can confirm that at age 76, it has helped me to maintain my quality of life without any aches or pains whilst physically looking at least 20 years younger.

Almost everyone who uses it confirms that they enjoy a deeper sleep pattern than before and I believe that it is this factor that enables the body to recover and rebuild better during this 'deep sleep' period.

It can be considered a tonic and I recommend that all who read this post use it even for a week and see the result.

I might add that it has recently been found to be a remedy for ED (Erectile Dysfunction) and anyone interested can read about this on:

Joe De Livera last decade
Sorry to pop in here. I’ve been taking Arnica 6c for hair loss, for one month and a half now and I’ve noticed that you now recommend Arnica 30c in the split dose method.

Should I continue with arnica 6c or I should prepare the next split dose with arnica 30c?

Thank you,
belciuge last decade
The feedback that I have got from those who are using this remedy is that the 30c is better. You can use the split dose as this is more effective.

Have you had any positive response in your hair growth? If Arnica is your remedy you should have noticed a reduction in your hair loss and if you are lucky you should also notice the new growth.

You can also use the Arnica/Coconut oil mix directly on the hair as this too helps.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi Joe

Yes, it did reduce the hair loss and I hope the hair will grow back. I’ve written a post about my progress a week ago. Thank you for your help.

I don’t use arnica/coconut oil mix on the hair as I don’t like to put oil in my hair.

I will use arnica 30c in the next split dose.

Thank you for replying.

belciuge last decade
I have ordered for Liquid Dilution format of Arnica Montana, is that OK for split dose. Should I put just 1 drop in 400 ml of spring water and have just 1 spoon twice daily. Please suggest ASAP as I am going to start from today.
Sukhomoy last decade
Joe De Livera last decade
Hi, I've been following the thread with interest. I will start on this remedy this week. I will like to know: is it ok to use any teaspoon, plasic or glass to take the remedy? Also, do I need to refrigerate the remedy after taking it.

ChuaJA last decade
Please read my post on:

In your case it is not critical that you follow these instructions but it is best to refrigerate the bottle.

You might also consider using only Johnson's baby shampoo on your hair and also use the Arnica Q/ Coconut oil mix that I have recommended as this helps.
Joe De Livera last decade
Belciuge. You can use water instead of oil in the same ratio given by Joe De Livera. But wait for O.K from Joe as it is his prescription. Use pure water( condensed from water vapour by distillation, rain water collected after it has rained for a few minutes and cleaned the atmosphere, water from springs that do not have medicinal value eg. in Dehradun there are Sulphur sprigs(Good for skin diseases), France has pure water springs(Evian), soda water springs(Vittel), springs that give water good for liver( probably Homeopathy working here and in suphur springs) etc.
If you use pure water, you can success as advised by Joe earlier(Various threads) and increase the effectiveness in every successive dose.
sahai last decade
I had never thought of using Arnica Q diluted in water. I see no reason for it not to work except for the possibility of the mixture evaporating and not being present on the scalp for any length of time like in the case of the oil mix.

An extension of this same theme would be to finish a bath by pouring the the Arnica Q mixed in water but I have never tried this formula and hope that others will use it and report results. It may however prove to be rather costly as Arnica Q is not exactly cheap.

I have used the Coconut Oil/Arnica Q mix which had worked admirably well and it is up to others to also use variations of this theme to keep the Arnica as long as possible on the scalp.

It is by sharing our experiences in the use of remedies that Homeopathy can progress to help others who may consult a homeopath, perhaps of the classical school who is not alive to the many possibilities of using remedies other than in the manner s/he was taught in college.

It is a shame that many have criticized me for daring to use remedies in ways other than those prescribed in the classics which have invariably worked, and which I have shared on this and another forum.

It is possible that these attacks were motivated by jealousy or through frustration where those who go out of their way to criticize me may have felt better if they were able to claim a "first" in using the remedy in the manner that I have recorded.

I can assure those who even now stoop to criticize me that my intention in sharing my 'discoveries' is not done out of a sense of pride or bravado in my achievements. I do not look for any honour in doing so but am motivated by the hope that others who see my post may perhaps also use the same remedy in the manner that I have found it worked, perhaps better than the standard remedies used for any ailment, which could help a patient in distress.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you Sahai and Joe.

In Romania there is pure water without medicinal purposes, it’s called plate water. I’m not sure I could find Arnica mother tincture. I will try this way, with water, to see how it works.

Joe, you are right and I’m sorry some people gave you such a bad feedback to your way and experience in prescribing the remedies. As I said before I will always appreciate the time and the knowledge you share with us on this forum and on otherhealth.com forum. You did a lot of good to me and other people and we all take great use of your knowledge and experience.
Thank you.

belciuge last decade
Even when water dries up medicine will stay on the head. The medicines in globules/pilule form in the market,made on a large scale, are packed after evaporating the medium(pure alcohol).

ArnicaQ is available in the store of this web-site.
sahai last decade

I agree with you that the water mix with Arnica Q should remain on the scalp. I had not thought of this aspect of using this remedy and the only way is to use it to see if it will help.

I shall await your report in a few weeks.

If you are ordering the Arnica Q from the ABC store you may also get the Nat Phos 6x from them as it is not convenient for me to send the stock to you because of our customs regulations which specify that a number of forms have to be filled up.

Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you for your replies. I can’t afford to order from abchomeopathy but I will use the arnica tea. I have been pouring 1 liter of nettle tea (very concentrating) after each hair washing for 4 years now and I want to try a combination of arnica and nettle tea. I will report the results in a few weeks. The nettle tea keeps my hair in good condition and probably revigorate the hair roots.

Joe, thank you for asking about the conditions of sending me the Nat Phos 6x. In Romania it’s much simpler, especially if you’re sending an envelope to any country – they don’t ask what is in there - :) I mean I wasn’t asked since the envelopes (those with the dictionaries and the CD) I’ve sent in U.S. had a simple stamp and I put them myself in the postal box.

belciuge last decade
I have started using sukphur 1M as advised but could you please tell me weather this will cure my dandruff because white flakes and still there in my sculp and itching has not stoped.I prepared the medicine as advised.I have also started using Johnson's baby shampoo but I couldn't get rid of dandruff. Even after washing hair with shampoo it itches and while flakes stucks in nails. Please suggest.
Sukhomoy last decade
I note that there is no improvement in your scalp condition after the first dose of Sulphur 1M.

This is no cause to complain as some Homeopathic remedies such as Sulphur are slow in action and it can take up to 2 months to ensure that your scalp is cured of its condition.

Do not exceed the dosage in the mistaken hope that more is better. In this case more frequent doses can be counterproductive and you will have to be patient.
Joe De Livera last decade
I am a little confused on the dosage of Arnica 30c. To me diluting 2 or 3 pellets in water seems to be not as strong a dose versus 6 pellets a day under the tongue. Please explain. Thanks.
dsimp1961 last decade
Also I seem to have heavier hair loss since taking over the counter Fish Oil Capsules. Could this be because of the mercury that might be in it? Only other meds I'm taking is 1 Appearex per day, and 1 daily vitamin per day.
dsimp1961 last decade

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