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Possible results with phosphorus for ADHD tx. Please advise.

I was advised to try my 8 yr old son (who by the way matches the constitutional profile quite well) on one dose of phosphorus 200C last year for hyperactivity and saw no results. I then tried the 30C a few times with no noticeable change, however, dosing/timing may have been inappropriate. Just about 10 days ago (he is now 9 1/2), I again bought Phosphorus 30C and gave him a few doses and he subsequently became ill with mild fever, nausea, vomiting once with decreased appetite. I never gave him any more of the remedy. He was acutely ill for about 2-3 days mainly with lethargy, bluish/pale and decreased appetite which I naturally attributed to a viral bug. Noone else in the family got the illness. But, it has now been almost 2 weeks and he is much less hyperactive, will read a magazine and attend to things much longer that he ever has! He seems to feel quite better now and has even verbalized to me that he doesn't understand why he isn't running around and playing so much like he usually does. He still appears a bit pale and seems to tire more easily. I really want to know if all of this perhaps may fit a classic example of how he may be healing or could he just be ill with something totally different?? I found it odd that he may have responded to a remedy that seems to fit his profile but not until it was tried after a few different occasions with the last seeming to be possibly the one that has truly helped. We have no homeopathic experts in my area. Please advise as to any thoughts,suggestions, or recommendations on this post. Thanks!
  sriva on 2005-08-22
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hi, it sounds as if you have only partially hepled him, or only palliated his symptoms. Phos is not the correct Rx, unless you have some experience with hpathy its not wise to diy. Not critisising you, its just not as simple as some make out. Leave the boy to recover for a month and then look online for a good hpath.
parachute last decade
I appreciate your response, however, my efforts have been exhausted searching for the appropriate tx as this is why I'm ONLINE at a homeopathy site seeking help. Is this not what this site is intended for?
If there was a homeopath I could turn to locally, believe me I would have been there years ago. I would not have necessarily needed this website. I have read quite a bit about homeopathy and truly believe in it despite my extensive medical background (ironically,which is one reason I am a fan of homeopathy) Please, if anyone can give more directive or encouraging advice on my situation, I'd be most grateful.
How is it that one is sure that Phosphorus is "not the correct Rx" without knowing my child. I am planning to not do any further tx. as of now but would be very happy to detail my situation as I have done so online before but never had anyone return a response after filling out a very detailed acct. of son's hx. (wasn't this site).
Thank you again for any advice.
sriva last decade
Nat Phos is good for all digestive disorders but not well indicated for autism.

The best traditional remedy is Baryta Carb . I have used it in the past and found it very effective .

Have usually used the higher potencies.
walkin last decade
I don't need to know the patient, the reaction he had does not indicate a curative action. As you can see you will get lots of different remedies suggested. What do you do then, try them all? A proper case needs to be taken, try homeo cure center forums for website advice.
parachute last decade
I have a 7 Year old son with Possible adhd/Autism.
I was using Phosphorus for about 5 months.His eye contac,intelligence improved a little. But behaviour and athor issues still continued.
I had to change medicine to
Baryta Carbonica 30 C. He is much better in all aspects.
I have been using Baryta Carbonica 30 C for 3 weeks.
Can I increase the dosage to next level to Baryta Carbonica 200 C ?
Please suggest.
nrnsai last decade
I would not advise you to increase the potency to 200c.

Suggest you use the Liquid dose which is made by inserting 3 pellets of Baryta Carb 30c into 500ml bottle of spring water which is shaken hard (succussed) before a teaspoonful which is the dose is sipped twice daily.
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe and I often disagree about things , but I would agree that its best to steer clear of the 200 it seem to often give problems .

Suggest you give ONE ONLY dose of 1M. and wait for a month to judge result.
walkin last decade
Whilst on the subject -- there are amny post on the net showing that Vaccines are at least partly to blame for autism. The reaction of the vaccine producers are of interest in that connection.

There is a bill making its way through Congress, The Combating Autism Act, which would authorize $860 million in federal funds over five years for autism screening, intervention, education and research -- including a doubling of autism funding at NIH. It is a landmark piece of bipartisan legislation, crafted with great care by co-sponsors Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA) and Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT).
The bill has been endorsed by every major autism organization in America (no mean feat in itself) and is being championed -- in person and on The Hill -- by such influential citizens as NBC President Bob Wright and his wife Suzanne, founders of Autism Speaks, and Deirdre Imus, a leading fighter for the environmental health of all children and wife of the sharp-tongued host of the morning airwaves.
With backing from such mainstream quarters, you'd think that this law would be sailing through Congress. And, you'd think that the American Academy of Pediatrics -- whose members deal daily with autism -- would be scrambling to get the thing passed. But you would be wrong.
In January, lobbyists for the AAP told a small group, gathered in Washington for a private meeting about the bill, that the academy could not, and would not support it. Why not? Because it directs millions of dollars towards "research on a broad array of environmental factors that have a possible role in autism, including but not limited to vaccines, other biological and pharmaceutical products, and their components (including preservatives)."
In other words, Congress wants to study thimerosal -- the mercury containing vaccine preservative and possible contributor to some autism cases -- and that makes the powerful AAP very, very unhappy.
"Any bill that contains any questions about vaccines, we are not going to endorse," one lobbyist informed the group. "There is absolutely no link between thimerosal and autism. Period. To endorse the bill implies that this is an open question, and it is not."
"The bottom line," the lobbyist continued, to stunned silence, "is that we don't want to look into this. It is inappropriate to waste precious research dollars on something that we know will be disproved."
Apparently, the pediatricians haven't gotten the memo from the CDC. The folks in Atlanta are still very much looking into thimerosal and autism, as are officials at the National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), which just funded and published two very significant studies. One showed that mercury from thimerosal accumulates rapidly in the brains of infant primates (after converting to inorganic mercury); and the other showed that a few minutes of exposure with even miniscule amounts of thimerosal can damage dendritic cells, causing immune dysfunction and cytokine-induced inflammation, both of which are found in autism.
Other research continues at places like Harvard, Columbia, Northeastern and Arizona State University, where the first-ever trial of chelation therapy (removal of heavy metals) for autism is about to wrap up.
So while numerous experts are still seeking answers, the AAP is whispering "Stop."
A spokeswoman for the academy would say only that, "the AAP has not taken a position on the bill," nor would she say when, or even if such a decision would be made.
To be fair, there is a long and complicated process involved when the academy does decide to act on legislation, and the private remarks of a few staffers do not equal AAP policy. But the pediatricians' official silence to date on a bill that is so critical to their own constituency is a bit, well, baffling. Their lack of support for the measure -- thimerosal research or not -- is equally hard to fathom. If, as the AAP asserts, thimerosal is perfectly safe to inject into infants and pregnant women -- even in miniscule amounts -- then clearly this federal research will bear that out.
Maybe the AAP will eventually endorse the bill. But I don't have my money on it. Capitol Hill staffers told me that Senator Dodd had to browbeat the academy into neutrality on the measure. They wanted to oppose it flat out.
It's an ironic, turned-around world when children's doctors don't support federal research into a terrible disorder that affects children.
But then again, irony and the AAP have crossed paths before. Even as the good doctors joined a federal lawsuit to limit mercury emissions from coal-fired plants -- complaining that the toxic heavy metal is hazardous to fetuses and infant children -- they worked with local chapters to fight state laws banning mercury in vaccines. Last year, an AAP chapter in New York urged Governor Pataki to veto that state's bill, warning it could lead to flu shot shortages. He signed anyway. (Flu vaccine makers, incidentally, stand ready to supply as much mercury-free formula as needed, if only the CDC would ask for it --which it inexplicably has not).
The AAP recently sent a letter to its chapters offering help, "If your state is considering thimerosal ban legislation." It even listed the phone number and email address of an AAP executive, Ian Van Dinther, who can supply chapters with "additional legislative resources on this issue."
In other words, folks, your family doctor has a message for you: "Shut up and take your medicine."
walkin last decade
Joe De Livera and walkin,
Thanks for your advice
nrnsai last decade

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