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Seeking constitutional type. Please help!

I am a female with a problem of bruxism (teeth grinding & jaw clenching) at night while I'm sleeping. It is connected to a lot of pain in my neck and jaw during the day, fatigue while chewing, gum problems, cracked teeth, headaches, and severe pain in my jaw, face, and neck while exercising, preventing me from being able to work out like i used to. It is hard for me to sit up and read - i get very uncomfortable. It has been going on for the past few years - i believe it may have started after a traumatic dental visit several years ago where i had to have 9 cavities filled and a cracked tooth fixed with a crown and my mouth never felt the same and it was a very emotionally jarring experience. I have visited dental specialists, physical therapists, had an MRI at the hospital due to a bump in my neck near my spine, and regularly get massages and see an osteopath. Though sometimes a short-term fix, nothing seems to truly help and I am very frustrated that I never feel like i used to. Never feel 'normal' anymore.
I was told it was connected to stress, so I went so far as to quit my stressful job! thankfully my husband is supportive of this move, but sadly it has not made much difference in my physical symptoms although i have much less stress now. I believe homeopathy can help as this is an unconscious behavior i am not aware I'm doing. My osteopath has homeopathic training though prefers to use osteopathy to treat patients as that is her primary focus. I told her i read Belladonna can be helpful for grinding and she did give me 200C of Belladonna to take every other night for 3 nights in between visits to her. I can't say i noticed much of a difference as i took it right before bed and I don't know if I'm clenching at night or not. I was very interested in finding a remedy and investigated constitutional types. After much research online, I told her i thought i may be 'Causticum' type (what really resonated was the personal issue I've always had with justice/fairness/treating people equally). She agreed I might be Causticum and gave me a 1M causticum dose. The first dose i took after an osteoopath session and felt very sleepy and then, very happy later that week - though this could just be attributed to physical treatment and the fact i thought i was pregnant and was very happy about it. Later I felt back to normal with the same pain problems (also found out not pregnant and was disappointed and had very severe PMS pains and mood swings during that time). I took a second dose of the Causticum 1M about 3 weeks after the first and noticed no difference. She said at that level if it was my constitutional type i would feel like a whole new woman so I'm assuming it's not my constitutional type. She does not want to take the time to discern my type, preferring instead to treat me with osteopathy (but I have been paying for this treatment for years and feel there must be something more effective that can actually get me back to normal) I am limited with what information I can find online and in books about other types I relate to. I am really hoping someone can help me so I can stop this vicious pain cycle of grinding and clenching my teeth at night. Here is more about myself:

-I am 30 years old, petite but with a nice shape. Dark hair, fair skin, greenish eyes.
-I enjoy warm weather and wish i lived near the ocean or water. Although i enjoy the change of seasons, i do not like the cold that winter brings. I get goosebumps a lot and am usually chilly except while sleeping when I tend to get hot and emit a lot of heat. Sometimes I wake up irritated and hot in the middle of the night when the heat is on. I like warm drinks and cooked food. Only cold drinks and food when in very hot climate or mid-summer. Dislike cold sweet drinks for the most part (especially fruit juices and sodas).
-I am health conscious and eat well except I do crave sweets sometimes (chocolate, ice cream, cookies, candy), especially after a meal or late at night. I love red wine, but try not to overdo it with that or sweets. I am prone to cavities and my dentists never understand why since I have good hygiene habits and never drink soda. i don't eat any meat - haven't since I was 12 when I became a vegetarian. Started eating fish about 5 years ago, but limit it to 1x week or so. I feel terrible and gross about the thought of eating a living creature- especially mammals that are so similar to us and our pets, and that would make it impossible to enjoy eating meat. I didn't like going to the zoo when i was young because it made me sad.
-i am a hard worker and have always been money conscious - trying to pay for things myself even when I was a small child. I paid my way through college and paid for my wedding. I felt guilty for my parents paying things for me and always worry about their financial state. I am a hard worker professionally, but if i have the chance to relax, i can be quite lazy some days and then feel bad for 'not getting anything done.' I feel guilty and worry about a lot of things. I think everything over and never make rush decisions. I weigh both sides of everything over and over again. For this reason, i can be quite indecisive. I worry about making the wrong decision. I have a lot of ideas but rarely carry things to fruition.
-i care about people immensely and want to make the world a better place. Fairness has always been important to me even since I was little (one of my common sayings when i was young was, 'But that's not fair!)' My husband says my feelings get hurt because i expect too much from people - especially friends or family members who maybe aren't as thoughtful with me as I am with them. I like to think of myself as an optimistic person, but on the same hand, I often second guess things and wish things were different. i can be very sweet and caring but had a terrible temper when i was younger and it still is a problem sometimes especially with my husband who is as stubborn and opinionated as I am. It takes a while to get me that angry, but if I blow, i really blow up and have the urge to strike in these extreme scenarios. In a work situation if i can't express my anger, it comes out as tears, which I resent. i like to be right and get the last word in an argument. i often like things done my way at home, but can be very yielding and flexible when working with others. At work I am very dedicated, controlled and professional. I have heard I can be intimidating, which always made me laugh because I can be quite silly and fun and don't think of myself as intimidating. I always performed well and got top notches at work, but privately I often felt overwhelmed and cried from frustration and stress. My moods can be all over the place - from goofy, fun-loving, and sweet to brooding, dissatisfied, critical. I love to learn and am constantly reading/researching all sorts of random things. I am very knowledgeable about a range of topics, have a ready opinion to offer on most things, and consider myself an intelligent person.
- i have gotten cold sores since i was little on my lip periodically (my parents both get them). It takes weeks for them to heal and when they come I feel extremely depressed and wish to isolate myself from everybody, staying home in bed if i could. I find they are triggered by extreme sun, stress, seasonal change to cold weather, and the holidays. Although I am an attractive person, they make me feel like a monster and I try to hide from the world when i have them. I bite my nails and pick at my cuticles and wish i could stop but have been doing it since I was little.

But I am generally a healthy person and so this teeth grinding has been a big struggle for me as it has such a big effect on my daily life. Any advice on a constitutional type or homeopathic treatment for me is appreciated! If there's any other information that would be helpful, please let me know!
  kabeco on 2012-10-17
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