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Hair loss

I have recently noticed that my hair is thinning. On top mostly. I can remeber chunks of it falling out in the shower about 8 months ago and when I combed my hair. I had recently moved to a very small country area to attend a dental hygiene program and I know the move really bothered me because it was far from home and I did NOT know ANYONE! The hygiene program was stressful my first semester and I am wondering if that could be what caused the thinning on the top of my head. And when I comb it, it doesn't break off it comes out. Please HELP!

  Sara on 2004-05-12
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I have used Arnica 6 successfully to reduce hair loss. I have also observed that it promotes the growth of new hairs which can be identified as new as they stick up above the longer hairs which are already on your scalp.

Suggest you take a dose every night for a month and verify if there is any perceptible difference in the daily loss of your hair.
Joe De Livera last decade
Excellent you may also study phosphorous 200.
kalibrom last decade
if related to stress then 1 dose phosphoicum acidicum 30c---but if been occurring prior to any stress need more info...
John Stanton last decade
You might also consider using Johnson's Baby Shampoo as it is very gentle on the hair. It is possible that the chemicals in the shampoo that you now use are the cause of your hair loss.

I have used this shampoo for about 25 years and at 75 years of age, I still have a good head of hair. The combination of Arnica 6 with this shampoo is perhaps the ideal way to promote the growth of hair.

This baby shampoo is also the ultimate remedy to eradicate Under Arm BO which is a major problem here for us who live in the tropics.

If you take the Arnica just before sleep, you will find that you sleep very deeply. I have used Arnica 30 every night for many years and this is perhaps the reason for my BP to be below 120/80 with pulse 68.
Joe De Livera last decade

Can somebody please tell me How can Arnica 30 replace Arnica 6c for hair fall treatment?

I am residing in Canada and can't find Arnica 6c.

simoune42 last decade
You have stated:
"How can Arnica 30 replace Arnica 6c for hair fall treatment?"

Am I correct in interpreting your question to read as:

Can Arnica 30c be used instead of Arnica 6c ?

Yes you may use Arnica 30c but I have discovered that Arnica 6c is more potent in treating the loss of hair.

You may order Arnica 6c from the ABC Remedy Store by clicking on the cage at the top right of this website.

If you use this remedy please indicate your response after using it for a month.
Joe De Livera last decade
Hello Dr. Livera!

Thank you for a quick Reply. I feel that before I start using Arnica 6C, I should discuss full medical condition with you.

I am currently living in Canada. I moved here 4 years ago from India (right after I got married). While I was in India and until 3 years ago ..I had beautiful, healthy silky shiny straight hair. I even participated in few hair competitions.

In last 3 years, first I started noticing that my hair started to feel very rough, however thickness was more or less maintained. So, I thought probably it was due to water or weather change and the condition would go away eventually. However, even during my long visits to India, the hair condition (rough feeling texture ...and may be coarseness) did not change much. Still, I kep positive attitude and kept on blaming the problem on Hair cut.

The problems started to multiply almost 1.5 years back ..when I started noticing huge hair fall. Only touching hair was sufficient for loads of hair to come off. I tried to apply oil ..but it was impossible not to notice 100s of hair falling off every time. So, I stopped applying oil, instead used curd / egg shampoo (one egg + shampoo) mixed together. Also, I was consuming 400mg of Vitamin E orally. The problem did not improve. At the same time, I was facing severe acne problem on my face, chest and back. I took antibiotics for acne for 3 months during Jan - April 2004.

My hair problem continued. However, during last 6 months, it increased / I started noticing thinning of hair and sought of baldness in the front. At the same time, quality of hair is getting worst. Hair are getting coarser, uneven texture (if you run your finger along one strand of hair ..you can feel unevenness and varying thickness). Hair of varying thickness on the scalp. They getting wavier. Some hair are still intact with original quality. However, increasingly hair are changing to bad quality. I have noticed similar change in quality of hair all over the body. I have noticed similar hair on Husband's body too (it could be coincidence??).

I feel very anxious and depressed when I see the falling hair, baldness and hair quality. I keep standing in front of mirror and trying to cut the hair that look unusual. But, it never seems to end. My whole life has to come to still and only thing I can think of is my hair problems. It's starting to affect my overall confidence and sex-life.

About me and eating habits:
1. I have 30 years old female. I am 5'7" and weigh 125 lbs. I have gained 5 lbs over last 3-4 years. I am not dieting.
2. I eat well. Like to eat fruit ... Papaya, grapes - black and green and some apple / ornages.
3. I don't drink as much water as I should ...may be 500-800 ml a day.
4. I used to drink lot of canned juices ..stopped doing that as it's more of sugar than anything else.
5. I have a sweet tooth and used to eat lot of candies. Have cut down on that for last 1 year.
6. I don't drink colas ...
7. I drink coffeee occassionally.
8. No alcoholic drinks / may be 1-2 times a months
9. I am largely vegetarian ...once in a while fish / shrimp
10. I got married in Oct 2000 and have a monogamous partner.
11. I am not taking / have never taken any birth control pills.
12. My menses have been regular. Thet normally last for 5-6 days and the next one is normally after 27 days approx. For instance, if this month it started on 4th/5th, next month it would be 1st. Menses are very painful for the 1st day only.
13. I take soya milk + regular milk with all-bran kellog's cereal everyday for breakfast.

Medical condition:
1. I have had thyroid tested once recently. All normal
2. I have been very healthy all my life.
3. I have had vitamen and hormone test done. all normal.
4. I took atibiotics for Acne treatment. However, hair loss started much before that.
5. I have not been pregnant yet.
6. I consulted 2 dermatoligist. About hair fall, they recommended Minoxidil, however I am reluctant to use it. And, regarding the hair quality ..they ran some tests with hair samples, but were confused about the symptoms and could not reach any conclusion.
7. I have no history of baldness in my family history.
8. No medical illness in family history
9. I like to use a smapoo with a conditioner.
10. Once in a while like to use henna / egg / curd ..but haven't been able to do that for some time.
11. I have started applying oil again and leaving it overnight. It seems to give a soothing feeling and take my attention away from "qaulity" of hair. I usually use Coconut oil / Mustard oil.
12. Apart from that, I developed some knee pains and tailbone pain (likely injury) for last 3-4 years. I use painkiller once in a while, but not frequently.
13. My acne is almost cured.
14. I am also taking some viamins .... Ferrochelate (iron + Zinc) and Biotin daily.

Thank you for your help!
simoune42 last decade
I forgot to mention that I am not anaemic
simoune42 last decade
Simoune, Are you Sara???
If not, please form your own post for answers. Sabra

Sara, Hypericum is also good for hair loss. Have someone at health store muscle test you for heavy metals. Did you have any vaccination before going to this lonely location??

You were also under a great deal of stress and sometimes this happens. Look forward to regrowth with a positive view. Blessings, Sabra
sabra last decade
Hi Simoune,

Thank you for your detailed post which helps me to get a better insight into your problem. I would like to tell you that I am not a qualified Homeopath but have had about 40 years exposure to this Science and have been actively involved in helping others for the last 30 years. I live in Colombo Sri Lanka and Homeopathy is my hobby. I have used Arnica 6 every night before sleep since 1996 and feel that I owe my wellness to its regular usage as my BP is 120/80 Pulse 65 at age 75. I note that you are of Indian origin and now live in Canada and it is possible that the harsh winter conditions there may have also contributed to your problem. I have not taken any allopathic drugs for the last 2 years when I had to take them after surgery. Before my surgery I had avoided them completely for about 20 years and have never taken them after my surgery. I believe that drugs are the root cause of other major problems that befall mankind and to be absolutely pain free and to lead an active life at my age is, I believe a great Gift from God.

I note that you have a problem with Acne for which you have taken antibiotics but you would have discovered that these antibiotics are of no use to eradicate them. I have used Arnica 30c to treat Acne and this has usually eradicated this ailment in about a week. If you are able to get this remedy you can use the 30c potency as this will help with your Alopecia and with your Acne. Please note that arresting hair loss cannot be done instantly as it is a slow process that will take some time. I have observed that within a month of starting on Arnica, you should note a reduction in the loss of your hair and later you will discover the new growth as the new hair can be identified from the long hair as they are short and tend to stick up over the old growth. If after a month you do not see any improvement in your hair loss then Arnica is not your remedy and we can think of others like Hypericum that was suggested by Sabra. I have no experience in the use of Hypericum to arrest Alopecia and you can get instructions from Sabra who has more experience in Homeopathy than me. Other remedies are also available and we can try them all till you get one that helps you.

I would like you to start on Arnica 30c ASAP and let us see how it helps with your problem. In the meanwhile do not use any harsh shampoos on your hair. Johnson's Baby Shampoo is what I use and recommend as it is very mild. It is also the best under arm deoderant as it eradicated BO. I note that you do not drink sufficient water and this is essential. Force yourself to drink more as this is also part of the therapy. I note that you take Vitamins and would like to suggest that you stop all vitamins. I do not take any at my age and have stopped the Vit E that I used up to recently as this has been found to cause other problems. As long as you have a healthy diet there is no need to use vitamins which may be the cause of your problem. You may however use a good Fish oil extract. I use Pulse which is derived from fish in the Arctic circle whose oil is reputed to have anti oxidants. This too helps with Alopecia.

All Homeopathic remedies are adversely affected by Coffee, Cola drinks, and preserved meats containing Saltpeter like bacon, sausages etc. Do avoid them.

Post your response to this therapy from time to time and adopt a positive attitude to your problem which I am confident that we can overcome.

Joe De Livera
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you Dr. Livera!

I am not sure which fish oil to buy? I tried the local pharmacy and they sell all kind of fish oils .... cord lever oil, salmon oil, etc. I am not sure if I'll be able to find pulse oil or not.

I just want to confirm that I should NOT be taking Vitamin E and other vitamins with this medication?

Also, I am sure if my symptoms match with ALOPECIA or not. I do have some baldness in front. But, it's not in patches. And, hair on rest of the scalp are still intact.

Also, If it's not too much of inconvenience, could you please post further replies on the post that I started.

Thank you!
simoune42 last decade
Is almost always hormonal in origin . I once treated a woman [elderly] who was on thyroxin and used a nosode to deal with it . But one can always consult Dr Agrawal's Met Med of Glandular remedies.
passkey last decade
Dr passkey:
Could you please advise for the following?

My dog had transmissible venereal tumour in Dec 2003, underwent chemotherapy of viscristine and the tumour is gone. No side effect for the chemo was seen until three months ago when he had alopecia on his croup, near the tail area ahere his tail touches his back, and noe I seea new alopecia area aat his shoulder joints beginning and worsening. Two months ago he was given silica 30C because of anal sac , gland infection , very common in dogs. The pus seemed to increase and now disappeared. His fetor also disappeared. But his coat of alopecia is just as bad. I switched to fluoric acid 6C plussed for 2 weeks but still no improvement. Please advise.

Thank You !
mensbestfriends last decade
My daughter aged 15 has severe hair loss. Usually after her bath you would find a lump of hair. I had given 1 dose of Phosphorus 200 and for nearly 2 months have been using Arnica 6C. As of now her hair loss is not arrested. In fact most of the time you find her sleeping also. Is it coz of the Arnica. Anyway have discontinued it now. She happens to be appearing for her high school exams(10th Std in India) this Mar 15th. Most of the time she is sleeping. Her exams finishes on the 29th of March. What do you suggest for the hair lost. As mentioned in some post do I alternate it with Weisbaden 200C.

Thx a lot...Reni
reni2005 last decade
Arresting Alopecia is not easy but it usually works if one persists in experimenting with various remedies through a process of elimination.

In the case of your daughter since she feels sleepy with Arnica 6 you can stop it together with the Phosphorus 200 and only use Weisbaden 200c on alternate days.

Suggest you also check her physical condition as she should not have any problems with her hair at 15 years.

Also use only Johnson's Baby Shampoo on her hair.
Joe De Livera last decade

Pls refer to the post of my daughter - energy levels. It is about my daughter.

Kindly go thro it and suggest some meds for her.

Thx a lot... Reni
reni2005 last decade
Hey, I'm the last person to try to give you a disease.
It was never said you had it. I only noted your symptoms and made a suggestion. It could be adrenals, sex hormone and other hormone imbalance causing the hair problem. I implied that many disorders of autoimmune, endocrine & immunity is a big problem and I think important to look at connection between them all.

I don't know what kind or what level of tests you had done. But, tests miss lots of ailments--for different reasons--of the first level of testing.

This example falls in with high cholesterol--HDL and LDL but not testing the triglycerides, diabetes--1hab, and fasting & non-fasting test, iron for anemia-& testing ferretin levels--the stored levels of iron, etc. You get the picture. I'm pro wellness; I'm on the same road you are.

So, I hope you do get some answers.
Hilife last decade
Please read the many posts on:


I have described the method I now use of succussion of the remedy which I find gives better results to help in the curative process

You may follow the instructions and report results with Weisbaden 200 which you may use on a daily basis if you use the Wet dose method described in my post.
Joe De Livera last decade
As a child my hair was super thick...so thick and so curly I couldn't do anything with it and my mother didn't found it very difficult to maintain! Now I'm 30, and for the last 5 or 6 years my hair has been thinning at a ridiculous speed. My hormones are very unbalanced, so I'm thinking it could be that because my menstrual cycle has always been irregular and I get severe PMT. I've just started taking a progesterone only pill, maybe that will level my hormones out and I can see if there's a difference.
The other thing is stress. The first time I noticed this hair thinning my mum was very ill and I was extremely run down and stressed. The thinning seems to have got worse again recently, and my mum died just over a year ago. Obviously there could be a link to stress there. I've looked on other web sites though and some of these doctors reckon stress doesn't affect hair loss! Seems odd to me I would have thought it was obvious since stress effects your general health and well being. I just don't know what to believe or what to do about it!
I've had a thyroid test and that seems ok. I will take some of the advice on this forum though...it's great to know I'm not alone with this!
emms75 last decade
Hi Joe De Livera,

Are you a doctor? I have tried everything, but my hair just didn't grow. I need a real doctor who can give me a honest advice - which product in the market can really help me regrow hairs without scar. I heard about the hair transplantation, I don't want to suffer the pain. Also, I want to use the product that won't cause me hair loss if I stop using it.

seekingdr last decade
I am not qualified to be entiled to the title "Dr".

I do have however over 30 years of experience in Homeopathy and one of my specalities is Hair Loss where I have been reasonably successful in helping many people some of whom were desperate with losing their hair.

If you are interested in using the Weisbaden 200 as I had advised above, you may do so and report results.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you Mr. Livera
seekingdr last decade
Phosphrous 200 is fine but also take arnica hair oil.
kalibrom last decade

Do you mean take arnica oil orally or put on the scalp?

Hilife last decade
Has anybody ever tried using "ARNICA mother Tincture" mixed with regular oil (Cocunut / Olive oil) to be put on scalp.

Does that help to grow hair?
simoune42 last decade

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