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Cat Remedy!!!

My 11 year old cat has problems eating, chewing his food, swallowing. He must be in pain trying to chew and opening his mouth because he cries a lot when trying to do so. There is a lot of saliva around his mouth as well- bad breath as well. I used to have a cat with similar symptoms that the vet diagnosed as gingivitis - eventually he became very weak and died. we couldn't help him. I am afraid to have my cat, at his age, put under anaesthesia in order for the vet to examin him, especially if there is no cure for this disease. This is why I am hoping that there is a remedy that can help him. I have been giving him echinacea drops in his food which i process in a blender thinking that it will help by boosting his immune system. Any information and help is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!
  alexroi on 2005-09-05
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Consider giving MERCURIUS VIVUS 30C, 2 x daily for 7-10 days. In the mean time you need to open your cats mouth and have a look to see what is going on. How do the teeth and gums look? ARe their ulcers/infection/decay/rotting/bleeding? Post your case on www dot homeocurecenter dot com and you will get the rest of the healing you need from a professional.

Change your cat to either a raw food diet or wet food at the very least. Diet is key, it is what sustains them and makes or breaks their health. If you do feed a wet food please buy it from a reputable company like Solid Gold, Innova, etc. Any pet food you buy in the grocery store including Iam's and Science Diet and Eukanuba is made with garbage.

All the garbage the slaughterhouses throw away from feces to tumors to claws and beaks. Ethoxyquin which is a preservative found in many pet foods is also used as a rubber preservative put out by Montsano corporation. And they allow our animals to ingest this! JUNK! Your dollars are better saved even if it means spending a bit more on a healthier alternative.

Stop all vaccinations if you are still doing so. They contain mercury and many other harmful chemicals and metals, which can manifest themselves as breaking down the immune system, hence mouth issues. BTW you cannot vaccinate an unhealthy animal. That is the law that is never told.

Dry food causes nothing but major problems and makes it difficult for cats with mouth conditions to eat. BARF has great websites about raw feeding. I feed 18 cats this way, every day, I prepare ahead and have never had to take them to the vet yet.

I have a cat that has had nothing but mouth issues from her previous junky diet including excessive salivation, rotting teeth and bad breath. Gradually she is healing from homeopathy and from the help of that website I just posted. She was so thin because she could not eat when I rescued her. Now she eats like a horse and has put on weight. Teeth are still not perfect, but improving tremendously daily.

Namaste27 last decade
Thank you so much for your reply. It is not only helpful, but very encourraging. I will try to examine Tommy's mouth and teeth - not an easy task, especially now that he is in pain - and post my case on the recommended website. Also I will start preparing him raw, fresh food and stop giving him canned food. I will also stop his vaccinations, he's had quite a few in his lifetime already. Can you recommend a few websites about raw feeding?
I am glad you have been able to help cats with similar problems. I am taking care of 8 cats and 2 dogs myself.
Me and Tommy are very greatful. Thanks
alexroi last decade
Type in BARF on any search engine and read all you can. Have to read the diet to retrain the mind to understand why this is best. It takes some getting used to. And then it is SO EASY, you will never go back.These websites will give you the percentages you need of meat to veggies to organ meats.

The main meat source for my cats is chicken leg quarters, the bags you buy from Wal-Mart, because they are cheap and ground hearts and livers. Or you can buy whole chickens and grind them.We switch between hearts and livers, hearts one week, livers the next.

Bought a meat grinder on E-bay that can handle gridning leg bones and we grind every 2 weeks, for 22 animals. Meat is chopped with a cleaver, because whole legs are too large and then shoved bit by bit into the grinder.

My dogs get the meat mix every other day and the cats get it daily. The days the dogs do not get the meat mix they get raw meaty bones. A local slaughterhouse sells them to us by the pound for cheap. Call around even to local butchers. You can also feed the dogs pork necks, turkey and chicken necks and backs, and pigs feet if you cannot find a good raw bone source. Marrow bones/kncukel bones and rib bones are good as well from a cow. NO CHICKEN OR TURKEY LEGS OR WINGS WHOLE. You can give them chicken backs. Some even feed raw rabbit, raw whole fish, etc.


We store the ground meat mixed with organ meat in tupperware containers and freeze. Defrost as needed. We use large rectangular containers and defrost ahead of time, outside the fridge. When defrosted they go back in the fridge. Do not worry about spoilage or old meat if you overdefrost. They can eat it, they will not get sick.

I make pureed veggies for them weekly in my Cuisinart. Carrots/sweet potato/kale/spinach/etc. I use 3 veggies weekly and rotate.

Supplements include Wal-Marts liquid pet multivitamin by Dynamic Pet Laboratories, granulated kelp, ground almonds, ground flax seeds, apple cider vinegar, canned pumpkin. And every other day they all split one can of salmon. Portions are 1/4-1t of each supplement or most of the supplements and BARF sites can better direct you. Depends on animals size.

Cannot give you exact measurements because I feed 22 animals in one large batch daily.

Treats are hot dogs/cheese/canned fish and or if you forgot or ran out of ground meat. These are treats, not fed daily, but here and there. I also give them some of our cooked meat once in a while for a treat that is all. My dogs like red grapes and sometimes melon. One loves cooked broccoli. All cruciferous veggies must be fed cooked, because they make they gassy otherwise.

Took me 6 months to nail down a recipe for my herd. Glad to see it has sparked your interest. I cannot even look at pet food as normal anymore. Stick to the basics and work up from there: Raw meat, raw organ meat, pureed veggies. What spurred this was I lost a dog to parvo she was a wolfe hybrid. My shepperd survived. Had they both been on raw food, she may still be here. Bless her spirit.

I went cold turkey. One of my cats did not eat for 2 days and then she picked at it for a week. Now she eats it every day. Fasting is good. But not for longer than 2 days. My animals get nothing to eat until 3PM. Dogs eat even later. They fast in the wild because they eat only when they are able to find prey. You can offer broth if they won't eat.

If you go cold turkey, wait until you have the diet nailed down. You want to keep their bodies balanced. Don't worry if they put up a fuss. Canned and dry foods are like candy to them. They will hold out or they may dive into the raw meat right away.

Your dogs teeth will never again need to be brushed because the bones they gnaw on will clean them perfectly white.

Canned pumpkin is a must because it cures either constipation or diarrhea. Bones tend to constipate and or loosen stools. Animal stools will become drier/dog poop will turn almost white and will no longer be sticky/gooey/and grosse. Cat poop gets better as well. Cats will also drink minimal water on a raw food diet, because the raw food contains so much water, unlike kibble.

they may detox at first, so be prepared for smelly breath/skin/fatigue/diarrhea. It will pass.

SO much to tell. Good luck, you are on a road that will seem challenging at first, but well worth it in the end. You may find days you do not want to grind or prepare, so prepare ahead. I mix the meat with veggies and supplements daily and even though I want a day off now and then, I remember that they depend on me to live, and live a healthy life.

Namaste27 last decade

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