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chronic nocturnal emissions

hello sir
my name is khuram.i am from pakistan.i am suffering from nocturnal emissions from last 14 years. i am 32 years of age.
almost every night i get one or two night night fall daily some time it happend three or four time in a single night as for i get erection in my aleep white thick semens comes out and some time whitesh watery. i have taken so many medicines including homeopathic allopathic and unani medicines .i fell so much pain in my back amd knees from last five to six years.i have done my all tests urine test blood test ultra sounds every possible tests but all is normal
i have consult so many homopath doctors locally, taken so many remedies with zero result, from last one years i have taken Acid phos,Avena sativa q Caladium30 Calc Carb30,Gelsemium30,Nux vom200
Nat mur6x Selenium200 DIOSCREAQ dioscrea 30 also taken picric acid 30 and nat mur from last two weeks
and so many other which i did not remember now almost i have taken 23 or 24 homeopathic medicines with big zero result..there is no dreams when i get these night falls.my urine is absolute normal ,there is no dribbling of semens.there is no constipation, no pain in my genitals, please can you suggest me any homeopathic medicine which i can take to stop daily nicturnal emssions.

best regards
  rooza on 2013-02-07
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Dear Khurram,

Insha Allah you will be cured completely if you follow my following instructions:

1. Avoid to take worm things such as egg, meat etc.and fried food or musalas.
2. Try to take vegetables, natural cow milk etc milk but not at night drink at morning.
3. Try to take barlay flower in breakfast.
4. Do not take any liquid 2/3 hours before going to sleep.

5. Please take THUJA-Q 15 drops at night (only one dose daily and continue it for a week time)and Salix Nigra-Q (10 drops morn and afternoon)

Note the changes and report after one week.

Mahfoozurrehman last decade
dear sir
i am realy thankful to your reply.
sir from last 23 days i have alrady taking thuja q 10 drops at bet time. but there is no one percent reliefe,and i have also taking avena sativa q ten drops two time.nothing is working.and i have alredy taken dioscrea q and dioscrea 30 two months back.
these are the remedies which i have taken recently,other then these i have taken so much other homeopathic medicines which i have mentioned you in my last post. all the instruction you describe to me i have alredy following,every hakeem ,every homeopath docter and allopath doctor tell these instruction.these thing i am follwing from last 12 years.and one more instruction they tell ,that empty your bladder before going to bed.
absolutly nothing is working,
i have studied so much about my broblem from last so many years and i came on a concolusion that these daily nocturnal emissions heppend because prostate has used to from last many years to fill and empty to fill and empty in few hours gap and the weaknessn of the nerves that hold the erection during sleep, nerves are so weak , unable to hold the erection during sleep.
i may be wrong , but other then this is going on i don,t know.
please please guide me what shoul i do.
remidies u told me i have already taking,and i have always purchase imported germany made or usa made remedies.
i am totally blinded that whome should i consult.
please guide me.
and recomend me other remedies.
best regards
rooza last decade
Please take Syphlinium-1m only five drops on commencement of treatment and take with confidence the other above written medicine as stated and report after 2 weeks.

Mahfoozurrehman last decade
Dear rooz,
I understand your hopelessness but Mahfooz sahab is one of the gems on this forum and he will not leave you till you are cured.Only you have to have patience,because he will take your full details if you don't respond to this prescription.
Secondly you have not noticed that he has prescribed Salix.nigra. to you ,this is very effective medicine.
Thirdly homeo remedies have trimendous potentials of curing almost any ailment of Human,animals and plants,the thing is that some times it takes much more time to get right one and that tests our patience (I do agree that disappointment is natural in such condition-but think that it is a test by Almighty) because the fall out of your problem (the weakness) will be taken care then what remains is the cure of main problem,you have a peculiarity there you ejaculate WITHOUT DREAMS probably this may be a clue for your remedy.off course he will ask for your history to find other such areas so have patience to spend some time but be sure Homeopaths on this forum are very good and they don't leave people in half way. Best wishes
God bless you
bapu4 last decade
dear sir
i have used the rededies as you precribed.
salix nigra q 10 drops two time
thuja q 15 drops at bed
there is absolute no differnce the nocturnal emissions hepping at the same rate two or three times in a night.please tell me what should i do.should i continue it or not.
rooza last decade
Please take Syphlinium-1m only five drops on commencement of treatment and take with confidence the other above written medicine as stated and report after 2 weeks
Mahfoozurrehman last decade
dear sir

the remedies you have suggested me has no effect instead of reliefe i hva got more nocturnal emissions than before almost three or four nocturnal emissions in single night.
u suggest me salix nigra q and thuja q at bed time.
please tell me what should do i now.
please tell me more suitable remedies for my broblem.i am very much worried about me.
warm regard
rooza last decade
dear sir
please reply my.

i have used the remedies u prescribed to me,but nocturnal emissions hepping at the same rate, minimum two times in a night and some time three time in a single night.

salix nigra 10 drops two time

and thuja 15 drops at bed time

but it is not working.

these nocturnal emissions eating me up.

i am feeling weak like hell.
i feel dizzy through the day
feeling pain in my every joint.
my colour become absolutely pale as i have no blood in my body.

please plese please sir do somev thing ,please sir study my case and recomend me most suitable remedies.

best regards.
rooza last decade
You are reqested to fill patient qestionare form on this forum.
libra981 last decade
Please take Sulpher 1m and wait for one week without any medicine.

dr. mahfooz
Mahfoozurrehman last decade
dear sir

please sir reply me as soon as u can.sir i have already taken sulpher 200c in 2003 for almost a month daily.
shoud i take sulpher
in 1m potency again .
sir please guide me.

best regards.
rooza last decade
yes. 1m
libra981 last decade
dear sir
i am rooza.i have described my problem of nocturnal emissions almost years ago,and you suggested me some remedies.i have taken then as you suggested me,but i got no reliefe,then i left this forum.in between these 13 months i have taken so many rededies and other medicines but i got no benifits.nocturnal emissions heppening four or five times in a single night, there is no stopege in nnocturnal emissions,
sie please pleses please help me.
rooza 9 years ago
dear sir

please guide me to stop these daily nocturnal emissions
rooza 9 years ago
dear sir
i am khuram shahzad
i have described my problem of nocturnal emissions almost year and half ago.then i left this forum,between this period
i have taken so many herbal remedies to stop these emissions,but nocturnal emissions never stop.
i am having two or three emission in a single night.i am suffring this problem almost from sixteen years.
please help me out in the name of allah if any body can.
rooza 8 years ago
cloudsfly 8 years ago

which is best medicine for nocturnal emission.
abhay deo 7 years ago
Take conium 30 c 6 drops in small water and Keep in tongue for 30 sec .this is 10 min before food

Same take China offinalis 30 c 6 drops- 10 min after conium and minimum 10min before food.

Take acid phos 200c after 10min of food taking.

Take selenium 200c after 10 min from acid phos.

This is important step . Completely Avoid viewing hot contents and jerking . Medicine won't work even a single percent it you don't follow this.

I am not a doctor . I am a similar patient like you. HOMEOATHY is best of all. It cured me completely.now i semen leak only once in a week which is not a bug issue for me.
Irvie 6 years ago
Conium 30 c
China 30 c 6 drops 10 min before food leaving 10 k in bet two medicines.

Acid phos 200c

Selenium 200c after food
Irvie 6 years ago
hello sir.

I am khuram shahzad.i am from Pakistan.

I am 35 years old.i am suffering from nocturnal emissions from last twenty years.

these nocturnal emissions started when I was fifteen years old.

these nocturnal emissions started when I masturbate two or three time in a day

for two or three days continuously,before that I never masturbate and not having any nocturnal emissions.

this is the biggest mistake of my painful life.i stopped masturbate then.
from august 1996 to 2 November 2016 I have nocturnal emissions almost every night till today.

I have not one nocturnal emission in a night ,I have atleast two or three nocturnal emissions in a night.

I have nocturnal emission with every erection during sleep.if i have three or four erection in a night

I have three or four nocturnal emissions in a night.

the only time when I have not nocturnal emissions when I am not having sleep.

when I sleep the erection comes in sleep and semens comes out.

I am taking medicines from last sixteen years.

from homeopathic to allopathic I have taken so many many medicines and homeopathic remedies

with no result.

I feel so weak and sick.there is no words to describe my condition right now.

I sleep ony for or five hour in a night.i feel extremely dizzy during the day.

I feel exreme pain in my back and legs.

I have taken almost every homeopathic remedy.

now I am having suicidal thoughts.

I do not want to live like this.

I have naver slept a good sleep from last twenty years.

pleas sir help me help me.

khuram1 6 years ago
Try something called "anchor the yang". Its Chinese medicine and yes that's the name. Get the tablets Especially if you are warm at night or have energy boost at night or more anxiety / rapid heartbeat at night.

Also try rehmannia 6 or rehmannia 8(8 worked better for me().

Eat more cooling uncooked foods like lettuce.watermelon.pineapple. (search yin/yang food charts on Google image and eat food from yin side.


Also try nux vomica 30x. Which helped me alot
starone 6 years ago
Hello khurram did your nightfall cured? I am also suffering from this disease..
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Fahad5 2 years ago

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