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Plz reply Dr.dhundhun, Abdomen bloated all time (Abdomen Fats) 1Plz help Dr.Dhundhun, Abdomen bloated all time (Abdomen Fats) 2Abdomen bloated all time (Abdomen Fats) 3


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Abdomen bloated all time (Abdomen Fats)

Hi, Im 30 years old male.
Im single.

My detail symptoms is as follows,
Dislikes: Open Air
Disposition: Boredom
Intellectual: Absent minded
Difficult Concentrating on mental work like computer work
Lacking self confidence
Forgetful of words while speaking
Thinking about own fate

Fair Falling
Hair greasy
Vision blurred distant
Blurred letters
Blurred figures of computer screen while reading and skip words while reading

Noises in ear: buzzing
Difficult hearing human
Hearing sensitive

Running / wet
Discharge from nose like coptious / albuminous


Clenched Jaw
Odour: sweetish

Voice husky
Voice lost
as comes from nose


Abdomen fats
Less of hunger
Noises from abdomen

Male erection too easy
Male erection impotency
Male sexual passion lacking and diminished
Ejacuation premature

coldness upper and lower limbs

12-Sleep: not refreshing

13-Pulse: Bounding

14- Food cannot convert into energy.

15- Weak memory

16- Difficult in Speaking

17- Physical and mental weakeness

18- Hands and foots are cold

19- Back pain on spine

20- Body is lean and belly is blowted or fatty

Strong, sharp and yellow and white
more at evening and night and in winter season.

Please help me about the remedy and tell the potency and usage.

M. Usman
  musman on 2013-02-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Start with Nux Vom - 30 twice a day for a week. Then Lyco -30 once a day in morning for a week. Report after about 20 days.
dhundhun last decade
hi thnx Dear Mr.dhundhun,
Im using medicine according to your advice, I feel fresh and healthy life but at night I feel gurgling and gas in stomatch, and gurgling and gas remains till sleeping. Wht should i do.
musman last decade
It must be 1-3 day of Nux Vom. Such adjustments are quite natural as can be improvement in 'MOTILITY', the speed with which food moves and bacterial adjustments.

Since Nux Vom - 30 is changing system, take it only once, about two hours before going to bed. Also instead of a week, continue on it for 10 days and let me know. Right now put Lyco-30 on hold.
dhundhun last decade
thnx dear,
actually i cant understand u. I was taking nux 30 twice a day since as u prescribed.
do I continue nux 30 only once at night 2 hours before going to bed and for 10 days instead of 1 week? do i take lyco 30 at morning and how much time i shld take lyco, and continue both medicines?
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musman last decade
I mentioned you to take Nux for a week. Then stop it.

The Lyco for a week then stop it. Let me know the status.

Now, Nux appeared to bring some changes, which could be better than expected. So now you may have to continue Nux for more days may be up to month. So right now Lyco is not required for some time.

New plan is that you take Nux 30 once only for 10 days and let me know. If it helped better then I may recommend changing potency of Nux and continue using it.

Dose is reduced because it is showing changes.
dhundhun last decade
thnx dear,
I will use nux as u prescribed.
can I know ur name Dr. and
e-mail id also? if u dont mind.
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musman last decade
Today i didnt take nux at morning and my body went to previous state. I feel all the day sad, unhealthy and unfresh. Speaking and urine problem increased. In previous days When I take nux at morning, After some time I feel fresh and joyful life. I will take nux at night before going to sleep as u prescribed anf will feel fresh
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musman last decade
Eight days have gone of using nux 30 twice a day, of which last 3 to 4 days I used nux at once. Now Im feeling some better not fully healthy. Plz guide further prescription.
musman last decade
Take Lycopodium 30 twice a day for three days. After that once a day in morning for five days.
dhundhun last decade
ok, thnx dr.
musman last decade
This is what Allen writes in his keynotes about lyco. How this case has been managed, decision I leave to the reader and patient.

- It is rarely advisable to begin the treatment of a chronic disease with Lyc. unless clearly indicated; it is better to give first another antipsoric.
- Lyc. is a deep-seated, long-acting remedy, and should rarely be repeated after improvement begins.
- Aggravation. Nearly all diseases from 4 to 8 P.M. (Hell. _ from 4 to 9 P.M. , Col., Mag. p.).
- Amelioration.
- Warm foods and drinks; from uncovering the head; loosening the garments.
mani_jee last decade

This is in response to 'mani_jee' comments and waste of my time. The prescription is not antipsoric. Antipsoric prescriptions are in high potencies.

Your complications are result of sedentary lifestyle and I am prescribing based on famous Nash's flatulence - lyc, carb, chi. Others will follow in due course of time.

dhundhun last decade
ok Dr.Dhundhun I will follow you as you prescribed. I request you to do my treatment as a special and sensitive case.
I shall be thankful to you.

musman last decade
Hi Dr.Dhundhun,
Four days have been of using lyc 30. I am feeling not quite healthy or cheerful. i feel some light weight of abdomen and nothing else. I still feel physical and mental weakness.
i am worried.
Should I continue lyc for once remaining four days or as you prescribe?
musman last decade
Stop Lyco and give a gap of three days. Then start taking Carbo Veg 30 twice a day and Nox Vom 30 once a day. Nux, 1 hour before going to bed.
dhundhun last decade
ok thnx dr.
musman last decade
Today I get up at 12am and after taking break fast I feel coolness in whole body. I take panadol one tablet alopethic medicine for fever and drank seperate tea. After that I sat at the sun light and listen music. I feel active and better. When I go at my room sit on bed and start playing fighting game at laptop, After some time I feel headache and tired and feel icy and coolness in whole body. Now im feeling headache and coolness in body.
Please prescribe something.
musman last decade
Start taking Carbo Veg as mentioned in previous post.
dhundhun last decade
thnx dr.
musman last decade
from last night im facing more urine problems to uptil evening. Today i have taken carbo veg 30 twice a day, when i ate something after some time I go to washroom for stool. Please guide.
musman last decade
You may have some stomach flu or general flu. Take care of flu. Fever, chill, stomach symptoms are related to that. Flu goes away in 2-3 weeks.
dhundhun last decade
i m feeling some better but not more activeness. I feels some symptoms,
Im feeling some back pain.
I feel that, my night sleep have become disturbed and less prolonged, i slept about 4 to 5 hours.
When I take carbo veg some time before or after eating, semi-stool comes, when I take carbo veg about 1 to 2 hours before eating than no stool come?
Should I use some medicine for flu and fever, chill?
how much time i should take carbo veg 30?
plz guide.
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musman last decade
If two dose of Carbo Veg seems to be more,then take one does only - in morning. Carbo Veg seems to be helping with your main problem.

In evening take Nux Vom as suggested.

You should use Carbo Veg and Nux Vom for 10-15 days.

Flu has its own course. Take care of it. Both remedies are indicated in flu and should help. If flu bothers more take some medicine based on symptoms otherwise don't interfere homeopathic course.
dhundhun last decade
thnx dr. i m not interfering, i will do as u prescribed.
musman last decade
I was using carbo veg 30 twice and nux vom 30 once a day since 8 days. Im feeling not very activeness and healthy. Back pain is much better now. Im feeling much physical and mental weakness. My cheeks are now chapped. blood veins appeared at both hands. Im much worried. Today I do work in a office of normal routine and work about eight hours and after that Im much tired as I did very hard work. I think medicine is not curing my illness.
Please tell me wht should I do either continue the current medicine or as u prescribed?
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musman last decade

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