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abscessed tooth/gum

I have a puss filled blister and some swelling at the root of an upper molar on the left side of my mouth. I saw the dentist who said they did not think the tooth itself was the source because I have no pain in the tooth and it does not show signs of being dead, however, they could not be positive. The put me on amoxicillian for 10 days, and they excised and drained the blister.

I did not notice some improvement with the antibiotics but now that I have finished it, the symptoms are still there.

How this began was in December I had a weepy left eye that kept tearing up. Within two days I had a terrible sinus infection on my left side of my head. Probably worse than I have had in years. The eye was still watering a lot but did become red/pink eye like while I had this sinus infection. I used a homeopathic similison pink eye drop remedy which subsided the red weepy eye temporarily. I used herbs like echinacea, goldenseal, olive leaf and garlic for the sinus infection which took three weeks to go away entirely. During the sinus infection I noticed the bones in the left side of my face were painful to touch, especially above the teeth. This painful area stayed around after the sinus infection symptoms went away.
This sinus infection began to go away on the left side and moved to the right side of my sinuses before finally leaving. I did end up with pink eye symptoms in both eyes and treated that successfully with the Similison drops. When I finally was well again, I was left with swollen soreness in my left upper gum in the same area of the sore bones. Gradually the bone soreness went away but I was left with a puffy gum above my first upper molar. Eventually, this puffy swelling developed a small puss filled blister. I have been treating it with clove oil, and then eventually moved to a compress of goldenseal and echinacea tincture. It helps and reduces some swelling, but it doesn't go away completely. I am also using a rife machine once cycle per day. (Hulda Clark zapper) Helpful but no cure.

The dentist will want to pull the tooth at my Thursday appointment if the infection is not gone.

age 40
on Armour thyroid, vitamin d, adrenal cortex extract, probiotics.

The tooth does not cause any pain. I do feel swelling or tightness above the tooth when you put pressure on the tooth. The tooth has a large filling but no root canal treatment. I have no root canals and wish to avoid them entirely. I am missing one lower molar directly below this tooth in question.

Please advise or let me know what further information you may need. Thank you and Bless.
  GtWell457 on 2013-03-05
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
In general Hulda Clark Zapper can make homeopathic medicines ineffective. Same is true for clove oil.

Hecla Lava (or Hekla) 3x is very effective. If not available 6x. Use 5 times a day. It should show improvement in 4-5 days.

Use peroxide (Hydrogen Peroxide) mouth wash to clean discharge from abscess.
dhundhun 8 years ago
Good to know about the clove and zapper if I use homeopathy.

I have been using the hydrogen peroxide mouth wash to cleanse.

I will see if I can find the Hecla Lava remedy.

Thank you.
GtWell457 8 years ago
Dear GtWell,

the Hecla Lava is probably going to have to be
ordered. Either on here, abc remedies shop,
or from Helios Homeopathic UK or Remedia.au.

If you are in a western country it won't be
easy to find it- Takes about 5 days to 7 days
for this to get to you. There is a service
called Homeopathy Overnight that can probably
get this to you if you want to try that.
simone717 8 years ago
I was only able to obtain a 30c pellet potency on a short notice. Please advise if I need to dose this potency differently than a 6x.

I had my follow up appointment with dentist and they want me to take Keflex for 10 days. (a stronger antibiotic) and they will see me in two more weeks. If the infection is not gone they will remove the tooth.

So I am hoping this remedy avoids that.

I hope the potency won't cause a problem as this was what I could get ordered in shipped to me quickest.
GtWell457 8 years ago
Wait for dhundhun to advise on this.
Bc the x potencies you can take more often
in a day- c potencies are different)
simone717 8 years ago
Use three time a day for five days. That time need to decide that three is OK or need to reduce it.

Hecla Lava is mixture of several elements, their oxides, sulphides. It is found to be working fine up to 200 potency, but lowest works best for tooth/gum abscess.
dhundhun 8 years ago
Ok thank you will dose it 3x a day and report back my response.
GtWell457 8 years ago
My first dose of 1 pellet created some odd symptoms that passed about an hour. I felt nauseous, cold/clammy and my head felt strange, foggy if you will.
Nothing unbearable though.
I started this remedy on Friday.

Saturday and Sunday the abscess felt almost entirely gone.

Today though, I woke this morning and it seems swollen and sore again and that has persisted most of today. It gradually improved as the day went on but not as good as it was on the weekend. My dose this morning did create a bit of that nauseous feeling again but passed quickly. The second dose no symptoms to report.

I only had one dose on Friday as the remedy arrived late. 3 doses each since. Making today the fourth day.

I will report back after the 5th day. If I need to change anything please advise.

Do I need to avoid chocolate? I am craving this but do not know if it would antidote or interfere with the remedy.
GtWell457 8 years ago
You must stop chocolate, also sugars.

With Hecla, this happens. It heals and then bacteria tries to come back. Don't give any opportunity of bacteria growth.

Chewing gum with Xylitol will help.

Side effects are because of higher potency. It really needed lower. Hope that body adjusts.
dhundhun 8 years ago
ok will avoid chocolate/sugars.

I will also add xylitol gum and keep going with today's doses and report back.
Thank you.
GtWell457 8 years ago
updating that I have finished the remedy and have some swelling still directly at this molars root. It had improved tremendously from when we started.

I see the dentist next week. If the remainder of the swelling is not gone they will want to extract the tooth.

I am using xylitol twice a day.

It seems that my symptoms are better one day and slightly worse the next. Sort of an up and down pattern but not complete resolution.

If I should do anything further please advise.

Thank you again.
GtWell457 8 years ago
today I woke and my eye is very watery/weepy. This is a symptom I have had off an on with the gum abscess but it hasn't been bothersome since starting the remedy or antibiotics until today. There is very little swelling left near the tooth root today. If you press on this area of the gum, you get an odd taste in the mouth(sort of salty) so I think between the eye watering and this, the infection is draining again.
GtWell457 8 years ago
Use Silicea 200, once every day for 3 days in morning. Don't use anything half hour before and after. Just wash mouth with clean water and take it. Early morning is best.
dhundhun 8 years ago
Ok, thank you. It will take me a few days to get this remedy by mail. I will repost follow up when I start it.
GtWell457 8 years ago
I am on day two of the remedy. Shortly after this mornings dose I began to taste a warm salty liquid that seems to be coming from the tooth/gum around that tooth. It seems to be draining. This has been pretty steady all day today.

This seems to be a good sign.

I see the dentist later today but will probably postpone any extraction to wait to see the result of the remedy.
GtWell457 8 years ago
We have postponed taking any action on the tooth for now.

The tooth/gum is still draining as of this evening. I was concerned that the x-ray they took of my tooth today may inactivate the remedy. Tomorrow is my last and third dose of silicea.

I will update soon. Thank you again.
GtWell457 8 years ago
I hope that it drains well for healing. Tomorrow, you have one dose of more dose of Silicea, that should take care of, if part is inactivated by X-Ray.
dhundhun 8 years ago
Yesterday was my last dose of Silicea. Today I am having watering of the eye on the same side as the gum abscess. I have had this happen off an on since the original abscess began. It had stopped finally with antibiotic but I have finished those on Thursday and the draining from my eye has returned. The gum is not more swollen or sore than it has been. So no worse, but not gone yet either.

I am still using the xylitol a few times per day. So only soreness near tooth roots and continually watering of that eye.

I will post more if things change. If I need to do anything different let me know. Thank you again.
GtWell457 8 years ago
There is only a little soreness left in the gum at that molar. You can feel a small amount of fluid and the gum and the gum is still a bit spongy when you press on it. It has not gotten worse though. If you press, you will get salty taste from drainage.

I have developed another problem with a premolar on the lower right side. This tooth had a composite filling repair in November. Every since the dentist did this, it has been sensitive to cold, pressure or chewing on it. But it was manageable.

Today I woke up and this was worse than ever. It feels like the tooth itself is swollen. If you wiggle it, it feels loose. This tooth is very sore and painful to chew. It feels like its too tight in the socket. I am also having a lot of jaw joint pain the past week on the same side.

When I had this filling done I had problems with the anesthesia injection. It was very painful and I had nerve pain for a few days after the injection. The nerve was very sore. I had hoped the sensitivity in the tooth would settle down but today it has changed and become worse.

Is there anything I could try? I hope for my dental problems to settle down soon.
Thank you
GtWell457 8 years ago
Sensitivity should fade away in 1-2 months. But I have seen lasting for a year also.

Prescription strength flouride 1.1% with Potassium Nitrate, once every day local application helps. neutral.." rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank">http://shop.powellfamilydentalcare.com/fluoridex-1-1-neutral....

This strength must be local and not to be swallowed, because of high fluoride content.

Take Bio-compound BC-23 related to toothache four times a day (it has Calc-f, Kali-m, Kali-p, Mag-p and Silicea).

In addition to BC-23, take Calc-p 30 once a day.
dhundhun 8 years ago
Thank you. I am having trouble finding where to buy the BC-23 in the U.S.

Where can I order it?

I will get the calc-P.

Thank you again.
GtWell457 8 years ago
You may order from: http://www.dkonatural.com/product.sc?productId=463&categ...

Meanwhile these seems to be most relevant to you - excerpts from BC23 catalog:

Calcarea flourica 3X
 Onset of toothache if any food touches the tooth.
 Toothache with looseness of the teeth.

Kali muriaticum 3X
 Toothache accompanied by swelling of the gums and cheeks.

Kali phosphoricum 3X
 Severe pain in decaying or already filled teeth.
 Soreness of the teeth.

On need basis, you may buy 6x for the time being and use together.
dhundhun 8 years ago
Thank you so much for your help. I ordered the BC-23 from dko and will purchase the calc-P locally.

I will post back with an update when I start them. It will take a few days for them to arrive.

Much thanks again.
GtWell457 8 years ago
I am on the Bc23 and seeing improvement with the lower premolar after starting this remedy. Most of the pain/soreness and sensitivity is gone. Just a little left in the gum/jaw area.

But the upper molar that I took the heckla and silicea for is acting up again. Soreness and tenderness at the root has returned with some mild swelling. I am unsure if there is anything more we can do for this tooth/gum problem.

I do not have the calc-p yet.

Please let me know if there is anything I should change or do.
GtWell457 8 years ago
Alumen is remedy made from Alum.

Dissolve Alum equivalent to 2-3 rice grains in 2 oz water. Rinse mouth for 2 minutes. Twice a day. Make fresh every time.

If you use oral peroxide instead of water for Alum, it will be more effective.

Buy Alumen 30. Stop rinsing and use Alumen 30 once a day.

Continue with BC23. Keep gap of at least half an hour between rinse and BC23.

Alumen is rarely available. Don't get confused with Alumina.
[message edited by dhundhun on Tue, 02 Apr 2013 02:04:32 BST]
dhundhun 8 years ago

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