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I am 22 years old and both my kidneys are shrunken. The size of my right kidney is 4.8x1.7cm and that of the left kidney is 6.2x2.3cm. I am on dialysis since January 2012. I want to know whether I can get rid of dialysis using homeopathic medicine.
  prabal on 2013-05-06
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Hello prabal.
I would like to try and help you but can not promise anything.
But I need some information. Can you please fill out the form below, I will investigate your case.

1. Any mental or emotional shocks occuring in the patient`s life.
This might include such things as griefs, major financial losses, separasjon from loved ones, identity crises, and other life stress.

2. Any major illnesses wich might have affected the overall health of the patient. Particulary, venereal diseases, prolonger infectious diseases, and mental breakdowns or imbalances.

3. Any treatments given troughout the life of the patient. Since therapies can frequently be suppresive, this factor can have major importance in the evolusjon of the pathology into deeper regions. For this purpose, one must consider such tings as drug treatment, surgery, psychoterapy, natura therapies, and even meditatie techiques. Particulry, kortison, birth Control pills, thyroid hormone, tranquilizers, and antibiotics .

4. Vaccinations which have been administered and the patient`s reactions to them.

5. Tolerance to temperature, humidity, weather changer, sun, foggy weather, wind, drafts, closed roms, etc.

6. Changes which occur at particular times of day or night, and also during particular seasons.

7. The quality of sleep, the quietness or restleeness of sleep, position of sleep, times of waking and reasons for waking, need for covers over various parts of the body, whether the window must be open or closed, etc. Common drams, somnabulism, peculiar sounds or gestures during sleep, etc.

8. Appetite, thirst, food cravings, food aversjons, and food aggravations.

9. Sexual desimes, sexual satisfaction, and particular inhibisjons or obsessions regarding sexuality.

10. The functioning of the various systems of the body: Endocrine, circulatory, gastrointestinal, eliminative, respiratory, skin, etc. In women, menstrual function and childbearing history.

11.Overall quality of energi available to function in daily life and under various circumstances.

12. Emotional limitasjons: Specific anxieties, fears or phobias, depression, apathy, lack of self-confidences. Irritability, etc.

13. The quality of the patient`s life in relationship to loved ones, family, friends, and colleagues.

14. Mental symptoms such as poor memory, inability to concentrate or comprehend, delusionary or hallucinatory states, paranoia.

Parakletos; practitioner of classical homeopathy.
Parakletos last decade
Thanks for your response.

I don't remember myself having undergone any mental or emotional shocks but I was very fearful in my childhood. I used to be terrified when I was locked in a room. Sleepwalking was also my problem in my early childhood.

I suffered from jaundice in 2006, but was cured through simple home remedies.

Before I was diagnosed with my kidney problem, I never took any allopathic treatment or vaccination. But one thing I would like to mention: When I was born, my heart was not beating, and I was declared dead. But the doctor gave me an injection in my heart and my heart started beating.

I cannot tolerate extreme weather conditions, especially cold.

Nowadays, I have to go to toilet more often than normal, about 5-6 times a day, and this causes me to wake up while I am asleep.

My appetite is very low, and now I don't like the taste of any food which I used to like before when my disease did not reach to its end-stage.

My energy level is very low. My legs have become very weak.
I fall down when I bend my legs. I have to take support of my arms to stand up while sitting.

I also want to add that my liver and spleen have become enlarged.

The above two problems were not before dialysis was started. Gradually these problems have shown up while I am on dialysis.

I am on weekly dialysis. My urine output is nil. My creatinine level reaches about 10 every week and urea reaches about 150-200. My hemoglobin level is maintained
at about 8.5 by erythropoetin and iron injections.
prabal last decade
What about your thirst, you drink a lot?

Warm room, maybe a small room, you have a problem with that?

Do you have any swelling in the body, for example in the legs / feet, maybe under your eyes?

Do you have any problem with birds?

Can you feel a little clumsy at times?

Jealousy is something that characterizes you?

Parakletos last decade
My thirst is normal and I suck ice cubes when I feel thirsty in order to avoid too much fluid to be retained in my body.

I live in a very spacious house having cross ventilation and so I have no experience of small rooms.

I have swelling in my legs, and my last ultrasound report states that I have ascites.

I have no problem with birds.

Jealousy is not at all a part of my nature.

I am mentally sound, I have a B.Tech degree and I have been the best programmer in my college, and also won the first prize in a programming competition held in my college.
[message edited by prabal on Mon, 06 May 2013 17:25:22 BST]
prabal last decade
Do you have any pain? In case what kind of pain, can you describe them?
What's the color of your urine, it is very pale? Or it may be red sediment?
Some odor from urine, for example as violets? or perhaps horse urine, in other words, a strong odor?

Is your stomach working properly? Or is there some kind of constipation or diarrhea?

Is there anything that can relieve your symptoms, at least for a short time? Heat, motion, cold applications, lie still, etc etc ...?

Do you have any special peculiarities, such as biting nails, biting the inside of your cheek, ticks, grimaces, etc etc?

Are you a person who likes to have order, will not be satisfied until everything is in its place?

This is a serious case, therefore, I am very careful before I suggest any medicine. And that is why all the questions. So I hope you can be patient with me?

Have the doctors mentioned 'hepatorenal syndrome'?

Parakletos last decade
Currently I don't have any kind of pain, but my back slightly aches when I sit or lie down in a position for a moderate period of time.

My urine output is nil and so I cannot tell the color of my urine.

I have to go to toilet about 5-6 times a day. I used to have diarrhea but not nowadays.

Lying still is the only way I feel some relief as my energy level is very low and my legs are very weak.

I used to bite nails earlier but I no longer do so now.

I would like to mention another thing: My urine was foamy for the about 7-8 years, which I did not have diagnosed at the right time.

I would also like you to suggest me a medicine which can increase my muscle mass because this is the main reason for my suffering.
prabal last decade
Hello again.
I would suggest that you try a medicine called Arsenicum album.
Start with Potence 200C, later it may be that you need 1M. Take the 'one dose, ie: 3-4 pills, or, 8-10 granules.
After this dose, wait a few days, 5-7. contact me again after that, or before if something special was going to happen.

When taking medication, pour pills / granules in the lid of the container, then pour into your mouth. Do not touch them with your hands. Let the medicine melt under the tongue, then swallow. Take your medicine at least half an hour before or after food / tooth brushing. Do not drink coffee or other caffeinated drinks / food.

Parakletos last decade
First of all I would like to thank you very much. But I am afraid of taking a medicine which is metal based. Can it have any adverse effects as it is made of arsenic? If you could suggest a herbal medicine, I would be much grateful.
Thank you.
prabal last decade
There is no metal in homeopathic medicine. We're not trying to kill people. :)

This medication is so diluted that there is nothing left of of the origin substance.. The point is to use the energy of the different substances, or you can also call it vibrations. The entire universe is made ​​up of energy, and every plant, animal, mineral, etc., has its own energy. We, who work with homeopathy, will try to find the energy that can suit the patient's symptoms. This energy, if the right one is found, it will send a signal to your energy or life force. After that, the life force begin a healing.
Parakletos last decade
Thank you. I am now assured. I will take the medicine tomorrow or the day after that. One question: Do I have to take only one dose?
[message edited by prabal on Wed, 08 May 2013 06:21:04 BST]
prabal last decade
Yes, only one dose. Then wait 5-6 days.
Parakletos last decade
I underwent dialysis today and have taken the medicine. I am also taking hollarhena, alserum 7x and adonis v6 for the last 3-4 days. I was also given 100ml albumin injection (20g) after dialysis today.
[message edited by prabal on Sun, 12 May 2013 15:36:45 BST]
prabal last decade
You told me to report 5-6 later after taking the dose. My condition has never been worse. All my body is hot and I have become even more weak. I cannot stand while I am sitting.
prabal last decade
You can often experience a worsening(aggrevation) in the beginning of treatment with homeopathy. This could be a good sign that the medication is working. Wait 4-5 days again and see what happens next. Such a worsening of symptoms can last a few days, maybe a week, but will gradually diminish. If the medicine is causing this.

Parakletos last decade
Hello Parakletos

I underwent dialysis yesterday and my condition is still the same. My legs have become extremely weak. Please guide me further.
prabal last decade

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