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Asthma/pollen allergy (help brisbane) or anyone having command over it

SYMPTOMS OF ASTHMA: - During asthma attack, I feel breathlessness, wheezing, feel itchy in the back and when I scratch it the feeling shifts to my chest area. In extreme cases, shortness of breath coupled with tightness in my chest. Inhaler provides instant relief, which is followed by spitting of phlegm. In morning time, I spit out transparent thick threadlike or oblong and sticky phlegm. It is mostly very thick, jelly like and sometimes in the form of thick threads or ball shaped transparent mucous. It’s colored when I have taken antibiotics. The sputum is less viscous during pollen season or when my nose, being sensitive, gets irritated by touch or sneeze. Sometimes when I try to extract it by puffing out forcibly, the phlegm flies out of my mouth in the form of a ball shaped or oblong type thick mucous. In the morning the symptoms aggravate and I usually choke due to such tenacious phlegm. After eating food, it loosens up and ultimately I spit it out.

My asthma is also triggered by excessive running or during uphill climb.
I use ventoline inhaler. Relief is instant but takes a longer time when it’s coupled with fear, especially when the phlegm is not timely excreted and I start getting panicky. The wind pipes get more constricted. In such cases even the inhaler stops working. I am not that much prone to colds and cough but pollen season really takes a toll, I wear a mask but it still is not a total defense. That watery discharge keeps dropping from my nasal section in to my throat and infects my chest. Sometimes when I am running, thick mucous drops down from nasal track into to the throat area and I spit it out. Hay fever is getting worse with every season.
Asthma was only exercise triggered but now it has become a mind game. Discomfort in my abdomen area. I have constant constipation. When I eat a lot and don’t pass stool I sometimes experience a mild anxiety/asthma feeling(flatulence)
1. I get a severe attack during running/sports session after which I feel panic/fear that I would not make it. As a result, feeling of numbness starts shooting up from my leg area. It slowly subsides after 3 to 4 puffs of ventoline inhaler or when I take few chunks of food or when I take anti-anxiety tablet. It mostly happens during pollen season or just after that when my stamina has totally diminished.
2. No particular food makes my asthma worse except for pickles and sour juices containing preservatives.
3. Mostly it’s triggered after accumulation of phlegm in my chest due to hay fever. It can also be triggered upon laughing out loud or after I sneeze or when I hastily take water and it accidentally enters windpipe.
4. My asthma gets aggravated in the morning when I wake up in an air-conditioned room (summers).
5. When I lose my inhaler somewhere and cannot find it, which really gets me into emergency situation even if it’s a mild attack.
6. During long session of speaking I feel out of breath and a bit panicky. Drinking water or puffing inhaler offers relief. The more I think about my situation the more I feel it, same goes for depression.
7. Feel pressure in the abdomen section till burping starts. I don’t know how come my asthma is connected to my burping.

8. Burping and passing stool, to certain extent, relieves asthma triggered by anxiety and spitting out phlegm also relieves symptoms of asthma.
9. Sipping a hot cup of tea somehow rescues me in the morning, followed by 2 puffs of inhaler
10. In air-conditioned room I feel relaxed and my anxiety drops down a few notches. Sitting in a warm room aggravates my condition (in summers) and sitting in air-conditioned room brings relief. However, after spending night in a chilling room, a lot of phlegm is accumulated in my chest.
11. Exhaling the air forcefully makes me feel a bit better.
12. During masturbation my asthma totally vanishes and my anxiety also subsides.
13. When I am regularly playing tennis and my stamina develops, especially in a city where there’s a beach. Running makes me feel less anxious.

• Muscle tension, backache and stiffness in the nape area when I am depressed (Initial stage of Cervical Spondalosis). X-Ray of back, it showed early signs of cervical spondalosis.
• Very weak memory.
• Loss of sex drive and premature ejaculation. I have curved penis, the causes of which is not known. It could be Peyronies disease, as the lower area is comparatively softer than the upper.
• I feel like fainting when I stand up after sitting for a longer period specially after offering prayers. I feel weakness and dizziness and I fear that I would faint.
• Teeth grinding (bruxism). I can almost see through the lower edges of my teeth.
• Sometimes my toes get stuck and stiff in some specific direction especially while I am driving (accompanied by pain) which gradually comes back into normal position on pressing them. The fingers of my hands also go through such phenomenon.
• Experience a mild anxiety attack related to breathlessness, use inhaler but that tightness in the tummy does not subside till heavy streak of burping and gases takes place.
• Something starts happening to me when I drive fast due to anger, during heated arguments, and anticipated self imagined misfortune. Heartbeat accelerates and a sort of fear emerges from my legs.
• When I run a lot I feel a little pain in my heart area but it soon goes away when I slow down or when I become regular in my exercises.
• Sometimes when I feel the urge to urinate I feel difficulty in the beginning (1 SEC) after which the flow becomes normal. It has a foul smell, sometimes.
• There’s a white yellowish line near the tip of my nails or atleast it appears to me.
• The area between my kneecap and ankles is bumpy and hurts when I run but the pain goes away after regular running.
• I have bone-snapping problem when I sit. There’s no pain but the crunching sound could be heard, which irritates me. Not only knees but also sometimes I felt the same phenomenon in my shoulder and elbow.
• My head feels itchy when I sit in a car full of heat.
• My hair becomes thin in the end and when they fall a small root type of thing is found attached with it.
Thyroid tests are ok, sometimes sugar is low, blood pressure is low once in a blue moon after which the headache lasts for hours.

THIRST: Get thirsty a lot and when I don’t get water in time I get panicky, nose also remains dry

TONGUE AND TASTE: Tongue is sometimes white coated, taste is normal. On coughing, sneezing or exhaling air a small white yellowish ball type foul smelling thing comes out of my mouth.

Too much thirst, anger, humidity, fear, bad news, fight, while giving speech (heart beat races) or anything that demands courage.

One homeopath declared that all my problems are triggered by my faulty digestive system (tummy section), other told its DNS/sinus problem.

FAMILY BACKGROUND: My paternal grandmother had asthma; from my mother’s side we may be prone to c ancer. Father passed away at the age of 65 internal bleeding in urine.
DESIRES FOR FOOD: Like junk food, Chinese, etc. Have craving for sweet, sour and saltish food.

I dont have depression, thanx to homeopathy but kindly treat my asthma/pollen allergy. if you require past history or nature then i can post it here
  thundercracker on 2013-05-09
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Which homeo meds hv u taken so far n in what potency?
Zady101 last decade
Some of the homeopathic/allopathic medicines that I have used are:
1. Thuja 1M, (one dose after a week or as per instruction then waiting for 3 days)
2. Ipecac 30C, (its combination with nat sulph 6x showed great results for asthma)
3. Staphysagaria 200C (prescribed on arrival of pollen season but haven’t used this one yet)
4. Sabadilla 30C. (prescribed on arrival of pollen season but haven’t used this one yet)
5. Arsenic album 200 (It increased my stamina)
6. Nat Phos 6x (only for one week)
7. Nux vom 200c at night and Sulpher 200c at morning (7 days) Asthma relief 70 %
8. Tuberculinum 200c (Depression gone)
9. Bryonia 200c (2 doses 2 days) with sulphur and tuberculinum (good response)
10. calcium jodatum 30 (for pollen but didn’t help much)
11. Rush tox 30c or Hiper Sulph 200c (considerable improvement in allergy)
12. Bryonia 200c(considerable improvement in allergy)

13. Use antihistamines in pollen season
14. Brotux (homeopathic syrup) it leaves my airways minty which gives me relief
15. Ventoline inhaler
16. Lexotanil/anxit for anxiety (when needed)
17. I also take general supplements(fish oil)

now a days since i dont have any homeopath doc to guide me , so i randomly take ars alb 200 , ipecac and nat sulf. pollen season may apparently be over, but its not cuz my chest is producing phlegm and gets tight .
thundercracker last decade

Will analyze and come back to you.
Zady101 last decade
libra981 last decade
OK. Please stop homeopathic meds that you are taking. Wait for a few days.

Please take Kali Bich. 200 as per the below method:

Please put 5 pellets or 2 drops in 3 teaspoons water. Let is dissolve.

Take 1st teaspoon.
Wait 15 minutes, then
Take 2nd teaspoon
Wait 15 minutes, then
Take 3rd (and last) teaspoon

Please avoid coffee.

Please update me in 1 week
Zady101 last decade
thanx doc for the quick response. sir u mean to say that i should wait for two days and then start ur prescription?
thundercracker last decade
and then after taking ur med i should wait for 1 week and then give u progress? thanx sir will buy this med right away
thundercracker last decade

If you have not taken any homeopathic remedy in last 1 week, then you can proceed immediately with Kali Bich. Otherwise please wait a few days.
Zady101 last decade
now everythings clear to me, i have the medicine,wil wait for few days. Thanx alot,wil get back to u
thundercracker last decade
Logging in to observe progress.
Joe De Livera last decade

What's the status?

Why are you creating multiple threads?

I have devoted a lot of time to your case. It's your moral responsibility to give me feedback.
Zady101 last decade
sir i aint creatin any threads, maybe they were created previously. Its been two days that i have taken ur medicine, clear reduction in phlegm formation. I puff inhaler before exercise or wen i eat alot,otherwise m ok. Feelin very slight depresion bt not a major concern.once i start treatment i dont stop it nor change the doctor sir.
thundercracker last decade
after exercise phlegm comes out easily, wen i eat alot my belly becomes prominent and i feel breathlesnes bt with that sattlin starts n phlegm comes out easily. I cannot tolerate heat the way i used to. Ur medicine helped as i nearly used to choke on waking up.whats next sir
thundercracker last decade

We will take stock of the situation once you have competed 1 week.
Zady101 last decade
sir does this mean i am supposed to give feedback everyday til the end of the week and ul consider them accumalatively or u want me to only submit feedback at the end of the week. By the way I really appreciate ur quick responses and ur dedication towards handlin my case
thundercracker last decade

Yes please give your response when you have completed 1 week.
Zady101 last decade
sir my asthma has worsen , i puff inhaler atleast 5 times a day,it starts early in the morning wen i wake up in an air conditioned room,i literaly choke up on thick sticky phlegm.asthma also aggravates wen i eat alot n feel on my upper tummy region. Sir help i think that 1 week is almost over
thundercracker last decade
Please take a dose of Kali Bich 200 on 3 days consecutively. :

Put 2 drops of the remedy in 3 teaspoons water. Sip it at once. This is one dose.

Please take one dose a day for 3 days.

Please update me after 1 week.
[message edited by Zady101 on Mon, 20 May 2013 18:42:01 BST]
Zady101 last decade
To Thundercracker

If you do decide to use an alternate therapy aka 'Joeopathy' which has helped many patients who suffer from Chronic Asthma to be helped and many CURED by my therapy, you may state so on this thread.
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe, you already treated this person and then said he took too much of your time.

simone717 last decade
Thanks a lot Simone!

And my apologies for the misunderstanding, and taking things a bit far.

I can see your objectivity and zest to help the patient.
Zady101 last decade
Apology accepted Zady. I am glad you are helping
people out on here.
simone717 last decade
its been a week now,i followed ur instructions.although the quantity of phlegm has reduced but asthma persists. I tried my limits yesterday,had jogged for 5 mins which was folowed by mild asthma attack,after 6 to 8 puffs of inhaler on two mins interval somehow relieved me. After havin tea i spit out thick oblong and very sticky phlegm, then i played tennis and the sesion went well with a few burps i was fine and then only my stamina posed hurdles bt no asthma. Wats next sir as wakin up in the morning my chest is clogged with phlegm
thundercracker last decade
Please keep waiting. Please do not take any homeopathic medicine for a few days. Give your body a bit of time to recover.

In the meantime, please get Kali Bich 1M.
Zady101 last decade
ok wil get it today,bt plz let me know wen i should take it
thundercracker last decade

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