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Uterine fibroid

Hi every one, i am Sana, have develped uterine febroid of size 3.8*3.9mm,
with thick indometrium.
Following are the main symptoms
irregular periods, one time late other time twice a month, now its been 55 days, no periods.
pain full peroids, bleeding with dark clots on 2nd and 3rd day, periods lasts for longer period then usual
frequent urine
tension in lower abdomin
lechorrhoea like cooked starch,some time thick, some time not,no smell, no stain

Other symptom

irritats quickly
aggressive, anger
like to be alon
vertigo when searching for some thing and could not find
exame phobia
emotional, gets depress easily, gets easily tired mentally as well physically
pain lower back
  Sanaali on 2013-06-28
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

(Note: - Sensations are also important and should be especially noticed. For sensations of pain, of all kind see section 5. The special sensations may occur in any part of the body, or internally or in the head or extremities. Give the sensations in your own language to express it. No matter how simple or even ludicrous, it is necessary to give it.)
Examples: - It may be like a mouse or bug crawling; like wind blowing into the ears or eyes; as if someone was pulling a hair; as of a blow on the back ; as if the year was grasped by an iron hand ; as if claws were grasping the bowels; as of a splinter in the throat or flesh like a string of thread on the tongue or in the throat; as if joint were dislocated; as of a band or cord around the head; as though you had a cap on or hat; as a plug in the ears or some other place; as if another person lies along side of him, or that one limb is double; as if abdominal muscles were pushed out by arm of a child ;
as if boiling lead were pushing through rectum ; as if anus would fly to pieces during stool ; as if moisture, or a drop were running through the urethra; as if legs were made of wood.

(Note: - These are merely illustrations, a few which have occurred to other person, and are given that you may understand what is meant by sensations. Always give the locations as well of the sensations.)
- How is your memory?
- For what is it poor?
- At what time is it poor?
- Do you remember what you read?
- Do you read with interest and pleasure?
- Can you apply you mind easily?
- In what way is your disposition changed during sickness?
- Are you mild, easy, gloomy, hopeless, obstinate, irritable, snappish, petulant, “real ugly” or sullen, cheerful, happy or in what way is the disposition affected?

Do you answer the questions of others promptly or slowly?
Do you comprehend easily?
Do you have anxiety, apprehension of the future, aversion to people, company or things, bashful, desire for company or solitude; desire for death; confusion of mind, delirium, discontent, disgust, dread of future; of people, of animal or things, any peculiar feeling, mind full of crowding ideas, ill humour, impatience, indecision, indifference, jealousy, too easily exited to tears or laughter,
laziness, loquacity, disappointed love, melancholy, easy to be offended, feel like quarrelling, sadness; scolding, screaming, sighing, taciturnity (silent mood), persistent thoughts, or crowding of ideas aversion to work, play or anything else?

How does the future look to you?

Have you any delusions of any kind, or do you imagine you see things that have no existence, that you family has turned against you, that a man is under the bed or in the house, that someone is following or hounding you, that you are rich or poor, or will die in the poor house, hear voices or that you are called or anything else in this line?

(Note: - Be very careful to give all these symptoms fully as they are very important. The questions and languages here used are merely suggestive, being intended to lead you to give all you symptoms. The whole of this questionnaire is merely suggestive & it is not intended that the patient be restricted to the language or symptoms of this questionnaire. Give your case in your own language carefully and cully making on endeavour to make it as exhaustive as possible by including all the freak symptoms also).
(Note 1 :- This section refers to each disease, each sickness and to every symptom. No matter what the trouble may be it is necessary to be refer to this section. Be sure that the aggravation or amelioration you notice is from the course given.)
(Note 2 :- The time of an aggravation or amelioration refers to the year, the month, the week, the day, the night, or the hour.)
- State at what time your troubles or any single symptoms, is made better or worse.
- State what season of the year, what time in the month, whether the phases of the moon cause either, what part of the week, what hour of the day or night the trouble or single symptom comes on or is made better or worse.
- Is there any position which you may assume that causes a particular trouble or any single symptom to be better or worse? It may be when you first lie down; or after lying down awhile or rising after sitting or on sitting after standing, walking; walking much; walking in the house or in the open air, or in the cold air ; or at night; running, running rapidly or slowly; when stooping over, after
stopping, or on rising from stooping; leaveing the head backwards, forwards; to one side or leaning the head on the table or the hand; lying with head high or low; lying in some particular position ; crawling on the hand + knees or some other or many possible positions.

- Does anything cause the trouble or a single symptom to be better or worse ? It may be reading ,writing , music ascending or descending the stirs or a hill, biting the teeth together ,blowing the nose , before or after one of the meals, breathing, breathing deeply, when chewing food, when eating or drinking, closing or opening the eyes , looking up, down or sideways, from heat, cold, from warm or cold air heat of stove or sun, dry or moist air going into the air or going into the warm, sunlight or lamplight from excitement, fight, grief, grief, sorrow fasting, some kind of food or drink
motion or quiet, when nose is discharging or is dry, from gratification of passions , scratching, rubbing, beginning of sleep, during a storm, thunder storm, snow storm, swallowing food, drinking of saliva, talking, singing, hearing other talk or sing, music touch, turning over in bed, covering up or uncovering, wet dry, windy or cloudy weather.
(Note 3:- The above is given to impress on the mind the great importance of noticing what may seem to be little things.)
(Note: - This refers to discharge from open sores, boils, fistulas, ulcers etc from the eyes, nose, ears, private parts, lungs and skin etc. Give the quantity and the time or condition under which the quantity varies. - It is thin or thick, stringy, clotted like jelly, white of an egg, gruel, water etc? (Give the consistency)
- What does it look like, the colour and the time or condition when the appearance varies? (The appearance)
- The odour, what it reminds you of; whether the odour varies and the circumstances of variation?
- Whether it makes the parts sore, and in what way; whether the discharge has any effect on you feelings or strength; how long it has continued; whether the discharge comes and goes, and the time and circumstances of this variation. Whether it is sticky, forms a scab, etc? Mention anything else that you may notice.


- Have you a craving for any special article or food? (Not only a desire, but a feeling that you must have it.) Name the article.
- Any aversion to any special article or food name it.?
- Are you hungry most of the time or at any special time?
- Is hunger or craving for food excessive?
- Have you no desire for food?
- Do you have hunger with aversions to eating? Do you eat without hunger?
- Does the food taste good or it has a natural taste?
- How do you feel before eating?
- Bad effect from eating much or less?
- Do you desire much/less food at a time?
- Is there any special food that disagrees?
- Do you desire solid or liquid food?
- Do you crave for, what you don,t know?
- Do you crave substantial food or dainties, candy, cakes, sweet things, sour things etc.?
- Is the appetite even or variable?
- Does the food satisfy you?
- Any troubles that always comes on after eating all you want or after a little food?
- Do you eat hastily or slowly?
- Do you have a sick stomach or vomiting after eating?
- Does eating aggravate other complaints?
- Are you sleepy after eating?
- Do you have pain anywhere after eating? (See section)
- Do you suddenly lose your appetite or relish for food while eating for any time?
- Are you very thirsty or thirst less do you wish to drink often or seldom? Do you want to drink much at a time or less? Any trouble that always comes after drinks?
- Do you crave any special drinks?
- Do you feel bad after drinking?
- Does drinking satisfy you? Do you use tea/coffee? How much?
- Do you use alcoholic or other liquors?
- Do you use much milk? Does milk agree?
- Do you have sick stomach/Vomiting after drinking?
- Does drinking aggravate other complaints?
- How does water or other drinks taste?
- Do the drinks make an audible sound when going down the tract?


- State when and under what circumstances you are abnormally drowsy or sleepy?
- State when and under what circumstances you have yawning is it painful or spasmodic?
- State all troubles of symptoms occurring before, during or after sleep of just when falling to sleep?
- State all troubles that come on when you awaken and how you awaken, what awakens you during the night?
- Are you a sound, deep or a light sleeper?
- What causes the sleeplessness?
- When and under what circumstance are you sleepless?
- What seems to keep you awake when first going to bed or when awaken during night?
- Do you awaken often during the night?
- Is the sleep restful and refreshing?
- How do you feel when first awaking and on first arising in the morning?
- Do you take a nap or sleep during day?
- Are you easy or hard to awaken?
- Do you sleep quietly or toss or roll about in bed during sleep?
- Do you like to sleep with the head high or low?
- Do you have night mares? Describe of what?
- Do you snore loudly?
- Do you moan, scream or make other noise during sleep?
- Have you grating or grinding of teeth during sleep?
- Do you dream much? Do you remember them?
- Do the dream trouble you after waking?
- In what part of night do you dream?
- Do you dream the same dream over the same night or later?
- Are the dreams confused, pleasant, horrible, frightful, disgusting, disagreeable, vexation, vivid?
- Do you dream of accidents, animals, cats, dogs, blood, business, church, death corpses, dancing, danger, drinking, drowning, eating, falling, fire, flying, fruits, ghosts, horses, houses, being hungry, lighting, misfortunes, money, murder, of people, robberies, sexual pleasure, shooting, sickness, snakes etc.
- Do you have day dreaming?


Note: - In womb trouble there may be aching, bearing down (or a pushing as though everything would come out), burning , bursting feeling, contraction, congestion , cramps , cutting, discharge, distress, drawing, enlargement, fullness heaviness, hardness inflammation, labour like pains, motion, neuralgia, pain , pressure, sensation, soreness, spasms , squeezing sensations, swelling, throbbing etc.
Menses (the monthly sickness or period)
To ensure a prompt cure it is necessary for patients to be very observing and report all symptoms as directed in other sections. The interval between the periods in 28 days, counting from beginning of one period to the beginning of the next.

- At what age did you have your first menses?
- Had you any trouble before or during the first period?
- Have you, at any time, had you menses stopped or decreased by getting feet wet, from a general wetting, from cold, fright weakness, sickness or any other cause?
- Have menses been irregular or painful at /since a particular time?
- Are your menses too frequent, too seldom, delayed, regular, early, and late? If so how often do they come?
- For pain at the period describe as directed in section 5 and before, during and after, in this section?
- Do you have menses during the nursing of your child?
- Do you have the whites or nose bleed during menses?
- How long do menses last?
- Do excitement of exertion bring menses on?
- When does the flow increase, decrease or cease? Afternoon, day only, evening, lying down, morning, motion, at night only, walking? Mention only things that affect the flow?
- Character of the flow, describe the flow very carefully acrid, black, bright red, brown, changeable, clotted, lumpy, conspicuous, dark excoriating ( making parts sore) , fetid or foul ,greenish , gushing hot ( unduly so),membranous (shreds), milky, mucus,
- What is the odor?
- Is it pale, profuse, protracted (lasts two long) scanty, stingy, tenacious, thick, too thin, viscid, watery, dark clots to bright blood, etc. Give exact appearance and odor of the flow?
Before the menses
- Various troubles of the abdomen. Loss of a very great appetite. Troubles of the back. Difficulty in breathing. Troubles of the chest. Chill, chilliness, costiveness, cough, delirium, diarrhoea, ear trouble, eructation, eruptions, eye troubles, face trouble, fainting, cold feet

head troubles, headache, Leucorrhoea, pain in arms or legs, swelling, itching and soreness of the breasts, mental changes ) Nausea or vomiting, bleeding of nose, ovarian troubles, pain restlessness, sexual excitement, urinary trouble, great weakness or weakness, Describe all such troubles, and others as directed in various sections.
During Menses; - This refer to the time from the starting to the ending of the flow. ,
After The Menses: - Many of the troubles referred to above may occur after the menses. Give all the complaints carefully as above attach sheet.
Leucorrhoea (the whites ) :- Aluminous (like white of an egg ), biting, black bloody , brown, burning, clear, cold, cream like, dark, foetid or foul, like jelly, greenish, in gushes, honey colour, lumpy, mild or bland , milky, mucous, opaque, profuse purulent (mettery) ropy, scalding, scanty, smarting, causing soreness, starchy, sticky, stiffening the lines, suddenly coming & going, tenacious, thick, thin, thready, transparent, watery, white, yellow.
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