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3-yr-old nail biting

Hello, My 3-yr-old daughter is chewing her nails all of the time.
A bit about her:

Tries new foods
Loves nuts
Loves cold or sparkling water
Vagina sensitive to burning from urine (No UTI)
Fair complexion, blonde hair,blue eyes
Dark circles under eyes
Sweats when sleeps, especially on head
Chews fingernails and toenails

Thank you for your help.
  enviromom on 2013-09-03
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
give her 2 pills of calc carb 30,two times a day and kali phos 6x one tablet ones a day and feed back after 4 days.
anuj srivastava 7 years ago
I was surprised how well this worked so relatively quickly. Thank you. I was wondering if I could get assistance with another symptom she has regarding her mood after sleep. She wakes up from naps in a very foul mood. Thoughts?
enviromom 6 years ago
cont same medicines for a week and give a feed back.
anuj srivastava 6 years ago
Is the only thing that got better her nail-biting?

When did the foul moods after sleep start?
Evocationer 6 years ago
At the time, one year ago, the only thing we thought we needed to treat was the non-stop nail biting. It did stop. More recently, the last couple of months, she has grand mood swings, mostly with her parents, she gets along well with other children and is very social. She eats very healthy and gets plenty of fresh air. She turns on a dime, I know some of this is typical for a four-year-old, but hers seems to be getting worse. She also wakes up in a very bad mood from naps. Hope this information is adequate.
enviromom 6 years ago
May be a suppressed symptom then, which aggravates other things. A remedy given for the entire case needs to be given to prevent the risk of this happening again.
Evocationer 6 years ago
Unfortunately we are not having the same results this time around. Her tantrums are epic and appear out of nowhere daily. She seems out of control and so angry. We are patient, to a point, with boundaries as well, so while we are not perfect, this does not appear to be environmental but rather internal for her. Also, one month ago, she suddenly became fearful at her swim class, which was new for her. Thank you for your help.
enviromom 6 years ago
Ok it is probably prudent to take the whole case. I will post a questionnaire. Answer as much as you can in as much detail as you can. Considering her age some of the questions might not be easily answered or even be appropriate, but give what you can.

Describe each physical complaint/associated set of symptoms in detail. Please include the following when doing this:

1. Appearance
2. Sensation or pain
3. Situations/events/triggers for making it worse
4. Situations/events/triggers for making it better
5. Event that seemed to start the complaint
6. Other sensory features – smell, sound, taste, tactile etc

Make sure each complaint is done separately. Do not group them together. This is for physical complaints/diseases.


1. When the physical complaint is active, what is his/her emotional state like? What does he/she do? What does she/he want you to do?

2. Does he/she describe any unusual sensation or pain in the body, especially when they are complaining of something?

3. What fears does he/she have? How does she/he react?

4. Was there any incident in the past that had a great impact? What happened at the time? Is there any ongoing reaction to this event? How does he/she talk about it?

5. Is there any story (book, fairytale, cartoon, movie etc) that seems to really resonate with her/him? What does he/she say about it?

6. What kind of fantasies does she/he describe to you? How does this translate down into play, games, toys? Does he/she tend to draw particular things over and over? If so what are they? If you point to these images, what does she/he say about them?

7. Does he/she describe any dreams or nightmares to you, and what are they? How does she/he react on waking from them?

8. How is he/she when interacting with other children? What about sports or games? How about obeying rules or social conventions?

9. How is she/he when interacting with older people? Is there any difference between family or friends and strangers in terms of reactions and behavior?

10. What kind of activities does he/she enjoy doing? Which of these do she/he spend the most time at?

11. What qualities seem to make your child different from other children?

12. How does your child cope with school, school work, study, deadlines, speaking in front of others, following directions etc?

13. What kind of questions does he/she tend to ask you or other adults?

14. What makes her/him laugh? What makes him/her cry?

15. What makes him/her angry or irritable?

16. What does your child do when alone?

17. Is there a particular person or type of person that he/she reacts to, and what kind of reaction?


1. What position does he/she sleep in?
2. Is there any position he/she seems unable to sleep in?
3. Any unusual behavior during sleep?
4. Any problems with sleep?
5. What foods are craved (cravings are strong desires) What foods are hated?
6. What drinks are craved? What drinks are hated?
7. How does he/she react when hungry, or hunger is prolonged?
8. How does the weather affect?
9. How does the temperature affect?
10. Are there any other environmental influences negative or positive (season, noise, music, moon, light, dark, day, night, time, smells etc.)
11. Problems with stool or bowel habit?
Problems with urine or bladder habit?
12. Where does he/she sweat most? Does it stain or smell unusual?
Evocationer 6 years ago
Tantrums include yelling, throwing things, hitting, criticizing, name calling, kicking.
Comes on when something is done her way, or randomly, or upon waking from naps.
Usually needs to run it's course.
Nothing significant changed to bring this on three months ago.

1. She is not consolable. You walk away she comes after you. You stay and remain calm, she butts up against you screaming or taunting. You are firm she cries and remains angry...

2. She does not describe pain.

3. She has recently become afraid of going down the drain in the swimming pool. She is refusing to let go of her instructor's body during class. Although she will play in the small 'kitty pool' where her feet will touch just fine.

4. One and a half years ago she witnessed her father fall of the arm of the couch while putting the star on the Christmas tree. He got hurt. Every once in while she will bring up that she does not want her dad to put the start on the Christmas tree again.

5. She does not watch tv (other than a show called Caillou every couple of months) but at times with cousins or someone else if they have a Disney movie on she gets very frightened by cartoons or anything she perceives as scary. Other movie themes such as animals that don't have homes etc. Dragons are scary to her somewhat as well.

6. She role plays things betweens friends. She's not overly interested in toys but rather making forts or going on imaginary boat rides or getting everyone in the house to play babies and mommies and daddies. She loves to role play. She pretends to go to the market etc. When drawing, she draws circles a lot. They represent anything she wants to play at the time. She also loves books, many kinds as long as they are not scary and animals aren't lost or scared.

7. She does not describe dreams or nightmares to us even when asked.

8. She is very social and plays well with other children, defends herself when needed or others close to her. Her voice is loud in general. She negotiates games well with others.

9. She is fairly comfortable around adults and lately has begun telling strangers that she is four years old now. She bonds very well with family members and gets very sad when they fly back home.

10. In addition to answer 6, she likes listening to music and dancing. She's very physical, likes climbing, swinging, challenging her body, getting muddy. (She sometimes still eats a little sand and dirt).

11. She was very verbal at an early age as well as independent. She was potty trained and dressing herself at 20 months. She is perceptive. She once told me a friend of mine who had a terminal illness smelled differently.

12. She is in preschool and enjoys it there and jokes around with friends.

13. She is asking a lot of questions about how old people are or if they are old.

14. Her father is quite humorous and makes her laugh quite a bit. Physical comedy or silly voices make her laugh. Sometimes when we leave, go to work she cries.

15. She doesn't like having her hair combed or washed. She doesn't like taking naps.

16. She plays with her dolls or make things for her wooden farm animals.

17. If people violate her physical boundaries (hug her even if she pulled away) she remains wary of them.

1. She sleeps on her back mostly, sometimes her front.

2. No

3. Occasional talking in her sleep.

4. Wakes up from naps in a funk. Appears dazed and does not want to engage, gets very irritable. in the morning when she wakes up she gets focused on keeping her little brother from her mother. (jealous and territorial)

5.6. She loves cold drinks, though we try to give her cool at most. She loves Kombucha or almond milk. Loves raw nuts. Began eating them upon waking up every morning for past three years.
Does not like regular milk. Recently stopped liking avocado.

7. She gets irritable when she's hungry.

8. She takes her clothes off when she's hot.

9. She does not like layering in the winter.

10. If someone is banging on a drum she might say, 'Too loud!'

11. No problems.

12. She sweat most on her head when she sleeps. N smell. She also gets clammy hands and feet sometimes.

I am deeply appreciative and touched that you would take the time and interest to help.

Thank you
enviromom 6 years ago
I have been going through the various posts here to see if I have missed any, and it seems yours was one. I will get to work on this today. My apologies.
Evocationer 6 years ago
Alright I have done an analysis of this case. There were a few possibilities, but I have narrowed it down to one I would like to start with.

The rubrics I used were:

Anger, throws things
Striking in anger esp. in children
Kicking in children
Clinging in children
Abusive, children insulting parents
Irritability on waking
Anger from contradiction

Perspiration on scalp during sleep
Biting nails esp. in children
Face, dark circles under eyes
Hunger aggravates
Head, sensitive to brushing of hair

Now there were some interesting smaller rubrics that came up in my search. These were:

Child is cross, kicks and scolds on waking

Fear of swimming, only in deep water

Jealousy between children

Confusion as if intoxicated (dazed) on waking

Desires nuts

Biting nails, toenails

Irritability better by eating

Those smaller rubrics did not, for the most part, seem to help me select a remedy looking at the rest of the case, but I can keep those remedies indicated by them in mind for later.

So the remedies that I would be considering first up are Cina and Lycopodium. Each one I could argue for, but I think based on the symptoms I would give Cina.

Obtain Cina 200c, preferably in liquid form. Let me know when you have it.
Evocationer 6 years ago
I wasn't able to locate the Cina in liquid, but I do have the pellets now.
enviromom 6 years ago
Alright you will need to make your own liquid dose.

Obtain a small bottle with a dropper. Fill this bottle with alcohol and water, to a ratio of 1:5. I usually use brandy but any kind of spirit will do as long as it does not contain something else like milk or chocolate etc. Each dose will be made from this bottle.

1. Hit the bottle 5 times
2. Place 3 drops into 100mls of fresh water
3. Stir thoroughly
4. Take 2 teaspoons out and give to your daughter

Do this once only for the time being. Generally I would wait 1 week before assessing the reaction but you can keep me updated as often as you need to.
Evocationer 6 years ago

Initially it seemed to have quelled her tantrums to what is reasonable for a child of her age, but in the last few days, we are seeing an increase in her angry tantrums once again. I must admit, I gave 2 pellets before making the tincture because that is what I had on hand at the time before making the tincture.
Thank you for your time,
enviromom 6 years ago

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