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depression, anxiety, anger

38 yo male( wt 180) with chronic history of Depression and anxiety, have tried self-medication with homeopathy multiple times with some improvement, recent worsening of symptoms in last 4-5 months on acc of loss of Job, in addition to above symptoms, I have Anger and irritability problems, do not like to be challenged ,low self esteem confidence has also been a issue, chronic sleep problems as welleven if I sleep at night donot feel refreshed in morning , there is no seasonal variation to the symptoms but symptom become worse with work stress, I have been told I snore loudly as well recently tried staph 200 c,ignatia 30 c etc after reading on the forum am not sure it helped, currently feeling heaviness in chest and vortex of my head , donot feel the energy to do anything , waste lot of time in thinking about problems and not working on solution, feels like am stuck.
I have been loosing hair from occipital area and thining as well.

Please help
  lpj27 on 2013-10-07
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
To select a homeopathic remedy for any health problem, the patient has to be like an open book. As if talking to oneself and alone. Explain with detail what your problems are. Example answers are given in front of the questions. Please take guidance from these examples and reply in detail accordingly.

1. What are the symptoms of your health problem (example answer: Constipation, Swollen & painful joints of elbow, knees and wrists…)
2. What makes the problem better or worse (Constipation gets worse when I eat rice, it gets better when I sleep a lot……. the swelling gets less when I sleep or eat meat, it gets more when I walk. The pain gets worse when I massage or apply heat. The pain & swelling gets better when I ….)
3. How do you feel emotionally (I feel sad & depressed, thinking about suicide. Think about all bad things happened in the past. I like to be alone all the time. I hate being with people…..)
4. Describe your personality (I am a headstrong person, very suspicious of others, very strict about discipline…. OR I am a messy person, not interested in cleaning. Don’t bathe for many days…..)
5. What occupies your mind mostly (I do a lot of daydreaming, I think about romantic getaways all the time, I keep making plans for things and never do them ….)
6. How do you respond to consolation (I hate consolation…)
7. Do you fight or flight (I never pick any fights, rather I stay silent and then think over it and get angry…..)
8. What are your fears (I am terrified of spiders, dogs, cats, closed spaces, heights……)
9. Do you normally feel hot or cold (I am usually hot and like winter more. I keep wearing light clothes in winter even……..)
10. What foods you love & hate (I like fried foods and hate slimy foods. I like sweets more than anything else. I hate meat, love chicken. I like to eat chalk….)
11. How is your thirst (I am thirsty all the time and even after drinking ice cold water remain thirsty)
12. Any coating on tongue (some white coating on edges only)
13. Any skin problems (not now but all my life I had eczema on my arms for which I used allopathic creams)
14. Any problems with respiration (nose, chest, throat) ( I snore a lot when sleeping and sleep with open mouth)
15. Any problems with stool/urine (I have severe constipation and the stool is always like balls…)
16. Any sexual problems (I have no interest in it. I have pain in testicles. I have late periods always and are painful, a lot of clotting, with a lot of backache.)
17. Describe your appearance (I am stick thin or I am big for my size and overweight I have not always been like this I grew fat after……)
fitness 9 years ago
1. What are the symptoms of your health problem :Depression, anxiety, anger, irritability, lack of confidence and enthusiasm . Consider my self hard worker but don't enjoy my work difficulty in handling work pressures sometimes leads to irritability, long work hours , constantly chasing deadlines , sleep was also getting affected when I was working, anger and irritability also has been problems both at work and home.

Heaviness/ Pressure on top of my head, mind feels dull, heaviness in chest

2. What makes the problem better or worse: 1. Anger/ irritability: worsened when over worked and stress , often think I cant handle stress, anger irritability also worsened when I am challenged and when people doubt my capabilities, lack of sleep leads to excessive coffee drinking during day time to keep myself awake , which than leads to more anxiety and than worsening insomnia . I tried ignatia 30 ccx 4 for depression and also arnica 30c x2 for hair loss last couple of weeks, in addition after reading on forum last week tried staphy 200cc 1/wk after staring ignatia + arnica felt excessive thirst and urination not sure emotionally it changed anything, today I took second dose of staphy intermittently also had nux 30 cc, today my head is feeling heavy, chest feels heavy, mind feels very dull.
3. How do you feel emotionally: as mentioned above feel depressed , hopeless about future , want to stay alone , more irritable thought
about suicide in past never acted on it, not suicidal currently, think about failures , thought of never succeeding in spite of working hard. worry excessively about public perception.

4. Describe your personality : Headstrong , would not consider myself obsessive compulsive I don't focus on cleanliness but am not messy either.
5. What occupies your mind mostly:Lately negativity, plan but don't accomplish for fear of failure .
6. How do you respond to consolation : I hate consolation.
7. Do you fight or flight :tendency of picking of fight verbally when challenged which is my first reaction but regret later on.
8. What are your fears : Fear about future, not succeeding, lifelong fear of public speaking
9. Do you normally feel hot or cold : preference for Lower temperature.
10. What foods you love & hate : Like spicy foods , sweets, like chicken, fish.
11. How is your thirst : Thirst was ok before starting ignatia/ arnica but lately am drinking more .
12. Any coating on tongue : do not see any significant coating on tongue .
13. Any skin problems apart from dandruff no other skin problem.
14. Any problems with respiration: I am told I snore at night.
15. Any problems with stool/urine : constipation was never a problem, always go 2-3 times per day, soft stool, flatulence has been

a problem.
16. Any sexual problems :lack of desire in last few months
17. Describe your appearance : I was thin till 17-18 , gained wt around the belly after that wt usually around 178 lb, ht 5. 8 , excessive

body hair, but loosing and thing from scalp, I have started loosing hair from occipaital area.
lpj27 9 years ago
Thanks alot
lpj27 9 years ago
First step, please stop all remedies.

Are you on any other medicines

Since when have you had depression/anxiety issues

What was going on in your life that caused depression/anxiety

How has the loss of job affected you

Explain heaviness on chest

Does fear of failure make you not take on new projects or its just a fear

What happens when you have to speak in public

Are there any foods & tastes you hate
fitness 9 years ago
Probably for years , very remotely tried anti- depressant after which I think I gained weight , worsening of symptoms occurs mostly because of external factors, mostly pressures at work , last few years tried only homeopathy
lpj27 9 years ago
Heaviness in chest mostly occurs when am anxious, feels like weight on the chest , loss of job I have been feeling depressed , worked very hard for it , I have accepted a new job but still don't feel Enthusiastic about starting new job, feels very low in energy. Inspite of failure I do take on new projects if I am forced to or where I don't have any choice.
lpj27 9 years ago
On speaking in front of people , I feel anxious , speak fast and some of the time my speech trembles .
There are no particular food I hate but can't tolerate eggs leads to nausea, abdominal pain
lpj27 9 years ago
Please explain further how do you respond when challenged.

What do you want to do when depressed and what helps you come out.

How do you feel when you are anxious.

Any recurring dreams.

Are you in any relationship, if so, how is it.
fitness 9 years ago
Please explain further how do you respond when challenged.
- when challenged or if I feel that my abilities are being questioned , I become guarded but respond verbally aggressively or I feel angrily, which some of the time I regret later on some of the time feeling of not being understood by the other person.

What do you want to do when depressed and what helps you come out. - don't feel like doing anything what helps me if external situation
changes or something positive
How do you feel when you are anxious. - heaviness in chest , lack of sleep , restlessness.

Any recurring dreams. None

Are you in any relationship, if so, how
is it.married my wife is very supportive I feel I don't put in effort into this relationship
lpj27 9 years ago
Have you stopped all other remedies.

There should be a break of at least one week before taking the remedy I am suggesting below.

Take a single dose of Lycopodium 200c and report back.

One dose is one pill. That's it.
No more dose.
fitness 9 years ago
Last dose of staph was ystd, does it matter if it is taken in am or pm
lpj27 9 years ago
It doesn't matter, you can take the dose anytime.
fitness 9 years ago
Some imrpovemnt with wekly dose but no improvement in irritability and anger
lpj27 9 years ago
What do you mean weekly dose, I specifically said just one dose!

How many doses have you taken?

What are the changes you have observed so far.
fitness 9 years ago
Just 2 doses
lpj27 9 years ago
Changes observed ?
fitness 9 years ago
Do Not feel refreshed on waking up, heaviness in head,chest tightness, anxiety, irritability still there
lpj27 9 years ago
Have your symptoms worsened after taking the dose? if yes, which ones.
fitness 9 years ago
No symptoms have not worsened
lpj27 9 years ago
Please take a dose of Aurum Metallicum 200c and report back.

Just one dose. Not daily.

One dose is one pill.
[message edited by fitness on Sun, 27 Oct 2013 21:01:44 GMT]
fitness 9 years ago
I have 30 x & 30 c of aurum
lpj27 9 years ago
No, we need 200c.

Have you ever taken Aurum 30c before, if yes, when and what was the effect.
fitness 9 years ago
This was long time back, don't remember it , used abchomeopathy Remedy Finder
lpj27 9 years ago
Please take a dose of Aurum Metallicum 200c and report back.

Just one dose. Not daily.

One dose is one pill.
fitness 9 years ago

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