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EXPERIENCED homeopath please for 11 week old, various issues...

Hi, could someone please take the case for my daughter who is almost 11 weeks old? She is diagnosed with larngomalacia (floppy larynx), which makes her breathing sound like stridor and very labored. It was checked with a scope and they said she was getting sufficient air and does not need surgery, but should outgrow it by age 2 at the latest. It is very loud and makes it hard for me to sleep at night (although it doesn't seem to bother her). She also has silent reflux along with it (that was said to be making it worse), doesn't spit up much but will cry from it. Also very gassy and colicky. Can be fussy and is social at times but mostly serious and tires easily and gets cranky after short amount of wake time (may be normal for her age?)

She was also born with severe lip and tongue ties (both of which were corrected twice). I suspect she might still have some degree of tongue tie, but it seems much better and I hesitate to put her through the laser treatment again. Do to this, she was never able to breastfeed successfully, and I pumped for almost two months and could not build up my supply. It was a very stressful time. She was jaundiced and had to be supplemented right away. She now receives some formula but mostly donor milk in bottles from another mom. She had to be taught at the beginning how to drink from a bottle as she had very ineffective and disorganized suck and would fall asleep during feeds and wake up screaming hungry. Much better with this now but still has a tendency to choke (may be due to the laryngomalacia) and is often a fussy feeder. Seems to have a sensitivity to dairy.

Also has a sacral dimple (which was said to be insignificant for spinal problems) and an umbilical hernia (which they also said would eventually go away). She also has torticollis and prefers to turn her head to the left.

She has dark hair, dark eyes, fair skin. Head gets sweaty from car seat and often smells salty or slightly sour (but I have been giving her one vial of isotonic seawater in her bottle once a day for a couple weeks and wonder if it could be from that). Despite her listed issues, she is growing well and in the 80-85% percentile for height and weight. She is meeting developmental milestones and looks to be thriving. She is a very active and vigorous baby, 'talks' loudly and with gusto. Often alert and seems to take everything in and often looks 'quizzical'.

Can be very fussy and doesn't nap well, tiny little catnaps and wakes often at night. Snorty breathing seems to wake her up. I am very tired and hoping there is a remedy that can help with her issues. She has been given a few doses of Lycopodium as that seemed to fit her constitution (and my son has taken it with great success, they seem to be somewhat similar). It helped a bit with gas but not sure if that's what she needs or if there is another layer on top as results were not as good as would be expected. I use water dosing.

During her pregnancy her dad and I experienced much financial hardship and during the last few weeks of my pregnancy we were house sitting for a friend and received news that my mom might not want us to come back (we are currently living in her house due to said financial hardship). This was very upsetting to me and I experienced great stress for several weeks and much diarrhea. I often had many labor pains that would come and go throughout the last month. My actual labor was 4 hours and we barely made it into the hospital, only to have her in the hallway while my husband caught her and onlookers watched from the waiting room. She was almost born in the car and came out VERY fast. If an experienced homeopath could read through her case and help me, it would be wonderful. I have much anxiety about all of her issues and would love for her to be happier and sleep much better in addition to physical issues improving. Thank you so much for reading,
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  caligirl on 2013-10-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
caligirl 8 years ago
Since your post asks for experienced homeopath which are few here, so once the experienced ones log in, you should get some response.
fitness 8 years ago
Thank you, I guess I would just like someone who is familiar with water dosing and will suggest based on the whole picture, not just one remedy for one symptom, which I see a lot of going on here. Doesn't have to be someone with w degree necessarily, but someone who follows the actual principles of homeopathy, verses allopathic prescribing.
caligirl 8 years ago
I prescribe using classical homeopathy, just one remedy for all ailements. If you are interested, please fill in the answers below.

1. Your age & sex

2. Describe your appearance i.e. weight, height, body type

3. What are the symptoms of your main health problem

4. What other health problems do you have

5. How & when did this main problem begin

6. What makes the main problem better and what makes it worse

7. How do you feel emotionally

8. Describe your personality

9. How do you relax

10. Do you fight or flight

11. What are you afraid of (situations, animals etc)

12. What occupies your mind mostly

13. How do you respond to consolation & sympathy

14. Do you want to stay alone or with people

15. How is your sleep

16. Do you have any recurring dreams

17. What type of weather do you like and how it affects your complaints

18. Do you normally feel hot or cold

19. What types of clothes you wear

20. What foods you love & hate

21. What taste you love & hate (sweet, salty, sour, bitter)

22. Do you want to eat indigestible foods (chalk, mud….)

23. How is your thirst

24. Do you have dry lips & mouth

25. Any coating on tongue first thing in the morning

26. How is your skin

27. Any problems with ears, nose, chest, throat

28. How is your stool & urine

29. How is your sexual life

30. Males genitals (erection, pain …….)

31. Females menses details for regularity & flow (I have late periods, with clots, bright red blood, very heavy…..)

32. What illnesses are running in your family, mother’s side & father’s side & brothers/sisters
fitness 8 years ago
What was your age at conception and your husband's age, any difficulty in conception

Details of whole pregnancy required (nausea or other issues)
fitness 8 years ago
Thank you, I would be interested...it seems like most of these questions I can't answer though as the case is for my 11 week old daughter.

I was 33 at time of conception and my husband was 37. No trouble conceiving and pregnancy was normal with no complications, just ongoing financial stress and stress with my mother as well. I will try to answer as many of the questions as I can, but I described all the issues in my first post.
caligirl 8 years ago
Here are the only applicable questions:

1. Your age & sex - 11 weeks, female

2. Describe your appearance i.e. weight, height, body type - 85% for height and weight, chubby with long fingers and toes, brown eyes and dark brown hair, fair skin

3. What are the symptoms of your main health problem - laryngomalacia - stridor when breathing and very noisy from floppy windpipe

4. What other health problems do you have - had tongue and lip ties, sacral dimple, bad acid reflux, gas, colic, torticollis turning neck to left side, sensitive to dairy products

5. How & when did this main problem begin - at birth

6. What makes the main problem better and what makes it worse - breathing is better and quieter when upright, worse when excited, crying, or on back

7. How do you feel emotionally - sensitive, sometimes happy but gets upset very quickly

8. Describe your personality - intense, cries and 'talks' loudly, escalates very fast, very wiggly and always moving around

14. Do you want to stay alone or with people - likes to be with people

15. How is your sleep - disturbed, can't fall asleep on own and cat naps for no longer than 30 minutes, wakes self up with snorty breathing

17. What type of weather do you like and how it affects your complaints - not sure but I think that dry heat in the winter makes her worse, sea air better

18. Do you normally feel hot or cold - skin usually feels warm, sometimes gets sweaty around head from carseat

24. Do you have dry lips & mouth - no

25. Any coating on tongue first thing in the morning - just from milk

26. How is your skin - looks good

27. Any problems with ears, nose, chest, throat - yes, laryngomalacia with larynx in throat

28. How is your stool & urine - urine normal, stool varies from orange to mustard yellow to green depending on what is in the breastmilk, sometimes has curds of undigested milk

32. What illnesses are running in your family, mother’s side & father’s side & brothers/sisters - mother, father, brother don't have illnesses but tongue and lip tie running in father's family, as well as Asperger's and diabetes, mother's family has high blood pressure and high cholesterol
caligirl 8 years ago
Please give her one single dose of Calcarea Carbonica 200c.

Here is how:

Dissolve one pill (one drop if liquid remedy) in half glass of boiled, cooled water. Stir and give one tea spoon from it.

That's it. Just one dose, not daily.

Report back with changes observed.
fitness 8 years ago
Thank you! I was thinking of trying that but she doesn't have the characteristic big head, hers is actually small in comparison to rest of her body. I don't suppose that matters though? And I also came across Calc Phos mainly becuase I came across this, ' ' unexpectedly hearing bad news causes an imbalance in the organism and makes the individual sick. Apart from the predisposition that a child inherits from its parents, there are other causes that trigger a Calcarea phosphorica state. These include psychological stresses experienced in everyday life, e.g. grief, anxieties, insecurity, anger, contradiction, insults, etc., with the most devastating effect being wrought by the sudden hearing of bad news. This is one of the great key-notes of the remedy. This kind of shock cannot be tolerated by the organism so predisposed and brings about a deep imbalance and disease.' Which is totally what happened to me during the last few weeks of pregnancy with her, when we were housesitting and my mom indicated we weren't welcome back and I experienced all those feelings and got physically ill. For about two weeks. Also, ''Calc Phos babies, on the other hand, have the reputation of refusing their mothers milk, as they appear to have difficulty coordinating their breathing and suckling, and can appear blue around the mouth. Quite often they may have had hiccups in utero, and show an intolerance to cow’s milk, even in the mother’s diet.' She is sensitive to milk and ALWAYS had hiccups in utero (still does). We actually had to teach her how to suck from a bottle as she couldn't do it and have been warned to watch for blueness around mouth from the laryngomalacia. So I wasn't sure if that might be applicable too and couldn't decide. (I have been using classical homeopathy with my 6 year old for about 3 years, so I study it a lot. But I really need an outside perspective!) If you still think that Calc Carb should be first remedy tried I will go ahead with it! Let me know after you have read this post and I thank you! :)
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caligirl 8 years ago
My choice was based on the info you provided initially and had to decide between Cal P or C. I feel that Cal C is a better fit. No harm in trying Cal P first if you are convinced otherwise.
fitness 8 years ago
Thank you! I am not convinced on the Calc Phos, I really wasn't sure between the two so it is interesting you chose the Calc Carb out of the many remedies there are! :) Anyway, I do have it on hand but do not have the Calc Phos and would have to order it since I don't think my local store carries it. So I will try Calc Carb and let you know how it goes! Thanks again.
caligirl 8 years ago
you are welcome keep me posted
fitness 8 years ago
I gave it to her this morning. So far have not noticed anything. Still very fussy and not sleeping well. I also suspect (and several people have told me) that she may be teething even though its way early. She is very drooling and likes pressure on her gums. She rolled over at 5 days and has been trying to crawl since birth so apparently she likes to do things early! It says that babies needing calc carb often teeth late and also have large heads (hers is small and the ped told me it may be closing early), so that seems opposite. Either she needs a different remedy or she is part of a subset of babies needing this remedy whose fontanels close prematurely and teeth early. I can't find the link where I read about that but it said these babies are hyperthyroid instead of the usual hypothyroid and often belong to the tubercular miasm (which is what my husband and son belong to, so its very possible). Anyway, we shall see what happens.
caligirl 8 years ago
If she is teething then Cal-P was definitely the better choice.

Now wait for 24 hrs and if no response is seen, give her Cal-P whichever potency you have 30c or 200c.

If 30c, two doses, 12 hrs apart.

If 200c, single dose only.
fitness 8 years ago
Ok, I have to order Calc P. And I came across this about tubercular children and there is SO MUCH that describes her, including all the midline defects, the small skill, the bluish vein at the base of the nose, the long hair and hairy back, teething early, difficulty with dairy, striking her head against me and burrowing it, sweating head, 'talking' louder and louder...(my son does well on Lycopodium which is I think if of the tubercular miasm). The article I had read talking about a subset of infants and children with the smaller heads and early dentition who were given Calc Carb said they often do well when followed up with Tuberculinum. Just thinking out loud here.
caligirl 8 years ago
I wish I could post the link but it won't let me.
caligirl 8 years ago
I'd hate to interrupt but please bear in mind that unless there is a strong reason, don't use any remedies.

I am sure your daughter will do well on either Cal-P or Cal-C during her infancy years.

Antimiasmatics like Tub need to be used when there is a really strong justification e.g. well selected remedies not working, slide back of symptoms quickly and so on.

Homeopathy is based on a theory as no one knows how it works.

Miasms is a building on top of that theory and that too when the germ theory and disease progression through germs was not known.

Just try to imagine the degree of inaccuracy we can introduce with one wrong move.
fitness 8 years ago
Don't worry, I would never give her that without guidance to do so. I am watching with the Calc C and ordered the Calc P to have on hand in case :)
caligirl 8 years ago
She seems extra gassy and colicky...she's been screaming and impossible to console for a while now. She used to do this every night but haven't seen it for a while :(

It stopped after about an hour and now she is sleeping. Could be aggravation.
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caligirl 8 years ago
Zady101 8 years ago
Aggravation is unlikely. I'd suggest to wait 24-48 hrs till we see the response.

Do you have Colocynth?

I don't think Chamomila is indicated here unless she is impossible to console without carrying her.
fitness 8 years ago
She is not impossible to console, just when she is gassy like that and in pain, otherwise, no.

I do not have Colocynth...
caligirl 8 years ago
I don't think it has helped - she seems worse. Was up every 1-2 hours last night, would go back to sleep after eating a little. Very fussy and gassy all day. My husband gave her something an hour ago which may have antidoted the remedy. It is a gripe water with homeopathic ingredients.
caligirl 8 years ago
Please give her Cal-P 30c, two doses 12 hrs apart.
fitness 8 years ago
Hi, she has seemed to do ok on this...and now she seems to be getting a cold...clear running nose. I am especially worried with anything respiratory with her larynx.
caligirl 8 years ago

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