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eczema in 3 months old

Hi all, hope somebody can help me here. My little girl is 3 months old, and for the last four weeks has developed a rash, which the doctor said is eczema (atopic dermatitis). It started under her chin like a red patch (thought it was sensitive skin due to all dribbling, etc), then the rash appeared, and spread. It was all over her face, neck, folds of arms/legs. The doctor gave us a mild steroid cream and it cleared for 5 days.

Then two days later came back worse - it spread even to her legs, back, hair and little bit to the nappy area. Again was treated with eve milder sterodi cream (0.5%) and disappeared after two applications. The spots are still there, but the skin is not red at all, and not itchy.

Again, two days later (today) I noticed she woke up with a huge red patch under her chin (bottom of the neck) - it seems it spreads from there. Have no clue what may cause it, tried not putting anything near her neck, changed washing powder, I'm dusting regularly.

She is exclusively breastfed. Not sure what else information to include, but would really like to stop the eczema in the early stages.
  seaflower on 2005-10-14
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.

Please give more symptoms:

1. Discharge: Is there any discharge? if yes, what is the colour, consistancy? Is it offensive?

2. Is the skin itchy? Does she try to rub/scratch the afected area? does that make her feel better?

3. What makes the rash better and worse? ( bath, warm/cold weather, night/morning...)

4. How much covering does she prefer? Is she comfortable in warm clothes?

5. How is her temperament? ( irritable, happy, clingy...)

6. How is her digestive function? Does she pass stool everyday? constipation/diarrhoea/vomitting?

7. Vaccinations: Has she taken shots? Did eczema start after vaccinations?

8. How much does she sweat? when? where? offensive?

Please give as much information about her, because her case needs detailed study and a deep acting homoeopathic remedy.

Dont use topical steroid creams. They just help temporarily, they dont cure.

Take care...
magicure last decade
Thanks for the reply, magicure!

1. Discharge:
There is no discharge, it starts like a red patch, and then develops spots.

2. Is the skin itchy?
I guess so, as she keeps turning her head left to right, and back. Also screams when I touch her on the red aread around her neck and head, so seems very itchy. Tosses all night long in bed.

3. What makes the rash better and worse? ( bath, warm/cold weather, night/morning...)
I am ot sure about that. We were at very hot weather when it all started (28C compared to the usual 18C here), if that matters. She got a heat rash before she got the eczema. She seems to get overheated easily, so I try and keep her lightly dressed. She also sneezes now and again, but think that's normal for small babies.

4. How much covering does she prefer? Is she comfortable in warm clothes?

5. How is her temperament? ( irritable, happy, clingy...)
She is very a cheerful baby, very active and alert. Has been ever since she was born, even before that she used to constantly kick my ribs. Everybody comments how content and happy she seems. Doesn't like to be kissed to much, and likes being over my shoulder looking at things around. Loves attention and "talks" alot, can't stop her cooing all day long.

6. How is her digestive function? Does she pass stool everyday? constipation/diarrhoea/vomitting?

I don't think she has any constipation or diarrhoea, regular wet and dirty nappies. She started spitting a little last week after each feed.

7. Vaccinations: Has she taken shots? Did eczema start after vaccinations?

She did take her first vaccinations. The eczema started before that and didn't seem to be influenced by them.

8. How much does she sweat? when? where? offensive?

She doesn't really sweat yet.

I hope I am not giving you too much information here. Few other things, not sure if they are relevant:

She also has craddle cap since she was few weeks old. She has always been quite eager to feed, and likes to eat often, even during the night (as the nurse said, "a textbook baby"). My husband has asthma which only triggers while we are abroad, and also allergies to dust and polen, and something to do with being wet (haven't figured that one yet). We have a cat. I was seriously craving oranges while pregnant and like to eat lots of sweets (not sure if that is relevant at all, but since I'm breastfeding...)

That's all I can think of at the moment. Thanks for taking the time to reply to me!! I am getting pretty desperate, it is very hard watching her in distress. Ideally I'd like somethign that I can take rather that give it to her, as she is so young, but again don't know much about homeopathy. Wanted to bring her to a homeopathist here, but the waiting list is over 2 months!!

Thank you!
seaflower last decade
It is not my intention to interfere,the symptoms told by you are insufficient to find out the correct remedy as my friend Magicure trying to find you,but i still hope he will come to some conclusion.
sajjadakram635 last decade
I have successfully helped babies who suffer from Eczema like symptoms with Arnica 6c taken in the Split Dose which is made up as follows:

Method to be followed to make the Split dose.

Get a 500ml bottle of Spring water
Pour out 100ml
Put in 3 globules Arnica 6c
Hit the bottle hard on your palm or a cushion and watch for the water to fizzle like when you open a bottle of soda.
Mix a teaspoonful of the potentized water into a half cup of water.
Give your baby a teaspoonful fr0om the half cup of water twice daily and watch for response in 24 hours when hopefully the Eczema should have improved.

Please note that the water in the half cup must be mixed just before the dose is given as it is only potent for about an hour. The bottle containing the remedy must be banged (succussed) every time before a dose is mixed into the half cup.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank you for your replies!

Sajjad, what else information should I include? I just remembered she had a mild jaundice when born (wasn't treated), also also seems to get crusts behind her knees and ears.

Another very strange thing is that the rash, especially on the face and neck, seems completely cleared sometimes, and few minutes later she is covered with red patches! I know it sounds weird btu my husband also noticed it, so I'm not imagining it. I suspect it's related to feeding times but not sure how exactly yet (sometimes happens before a feed, sometimes after).

Joe De Livera, just to clarify, should I mix the arnica in the 100ml of the poured water, or in the remaining 400ml?

Thank you again for taking the time to read my long post and answer me!
seaflower last decade
You mix the Arnica in the 400 ml water. The reason for reducing the level of the water in the bottle is to enable the bubbling to take place when it is succussed. If however you twist or twirl the bottle quickly in your hand clockwise and anti clockwise you will get the same succussion effect which is what is necessary for the therapy.

Please stop all other remedies if you use the Arnica and watch for the response which should be noticed within 24 hours after the second dose is used.
Joe De Livera last decade
Sorry Joe, this is probably a stupid quiestion, but what is "spring water"? I have plain mineral water, sparkling (bubbly) water and tap filtered water; does it matter which one I use?

Thanks again for your help! I'll give it to her tomorrow and let you know if there is any change.
seaflower last decade
You can buy Spring Water at your supermarket. Check the small type to ensure that you get water that is taken from deep bore wells from underground springs. Sparkling water MUST NOT BE USED as it already has CO2 added to create the bubbles which will antidote the Arnica.

You may also use tap water but you will have to boil it to ensure that the chlorine is dispelled. If you decide to use tap water make sure that the bottle is new and preferably sterilized with boiling water.

My choice will be the water you get in 500ml bottles at the supermarket.
Joe De Livera last decade
Please first try arnica,if unfortunately it failed,i will help you then.
sajjadakram635 last decade
I had given her the Arnica last evening, and again this morning. Not sure if there is any change...

The rash is the same, no less or more. She also started light coughing yesterday morning, which today continued with runny nose and eyes, and some sneezing (not sure if it is related to the arnica?) Her skin seems to be quite dry today as well. For how many days to give her the remedy?

Thank you so much for the help!!
seaflower last decade
I hope that you will understand that the successful treatment and cure of Eczema is not a quick fix type of solution.

It can take up to 10 days to show any improvement and if it does you can continue with it for as long as you feel that it is helping. The great advantage of using Arnica is that it is very safe in use.

I do not think that the cough and the coryza has anything to do with the Arnica.

You mentioned that her skin is dry today and this, I believe, is a sign that the Arnica is helping her.

Post her response in a few days again.
Joe De Livera last decade
Sorry, I misunderstood in your post that I only give it to her twice and wait for any change in 24 hours.

I'll continue with the arnica and let you know in few days time. You all are really good taking the time to respond to everybody's queries.
seaflower last decade
Hello Seaflower, I would like to know what the outcome of your treatment was and if you have been able to control the eczema with this or other methods. I too have a 4 month old with very similar simptoms.

activeminds last decade
Hi Seaflower did ur daughter get relief from Arnica What happened ?? I f she got relief from something else even then please post it here as my daughter has the same symptoms and I have been giving her homeopathy but she is now 3yrs old and still has the problem. This yr it seems a little less maybe because I have given her sulphur a few times but cannot be sure. I'd like to know the result of Arnica on ur daughter.
Monika last decade
hi seaflower just i wanna ask hows your 3 month old daughter . if she still got eczema i can help her with a good products .bob
bobby27 last decade

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