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Herpes (types 2). IC. Vulvodynia.

One year ago I was diagnosed with genital herpes. Two months later I would have a UTI feeling but tests would always come back negative. After much research I have come to the conclusion I have developed IC. Along with the IC I now have vulvodynia. I have had non stop genital irritation, pain, swelling, burning, bladder pain, bladder spasms. I am a 33 year old single female that is starting the think that with all of this happening I will never find a partner :(. I have had constant pain for almost one year. Have been in high doses of valtrex which did nothing, accupuncture, increasing vitamins and minerals, have had blood work done and everything is normal. I do see a homeopath and with everything else he has helped tremendously. But this on going issue I have spent hundreds of dollars and getting no relief.
Does anyone have any suggestions, similar issues??? I am desperate for help....
  musucgirl on 2013-11-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
If your existing homeopath has helped, why do you want to consult here.
fitness 9 years ago
He has helped with previous issues. But unfortunately so far no help with this current issue. I just spent $350 on my last visit with him to days ago. Usually when I take what he gives me I get some sort of relief instantly but again nothing. Sepia takes the edge off and thats about it. Im also on 5P which isn't giving me any relief. He has me on so many remedies right now....
musucgirl 9 years ago
Please answer the below questions giving as much DETAILS as possible. Remember, we don’t know and will never know your identity so be fully truthful when answering these question so that we can help you towards regaining health.

Don't hurry, take your time to reply. I need DETAILS.

Yes/No/Normal answers are not helpful.

To know how to answer these questions please read this case to get an idea http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/402668/.

1. Your age & sex

2. Describe your appearance i.e. weight, height, body type

3. What is your main health problem & its symptoms

4. When did this main problem begin

5. Can you relate any event or events which triggered this problem

6. What makes the main problem better

7. What makes it worse

8. What other health problems do you have

9. How do you feel mentally & emotionally (weepy, irritable, restless etc.)

10. Describe your personality (stubborn, easy going, always in a hurry etc.)

11. How do you relax

12. Do you normally fight or flight

13. What animals are you afraid of

14. What situations are you afraid of (heights, closed spaces, ocean etc)

15. What occupies your mind mostly

16. How do you respond to consolation & sympathy

17. Do you want to stay alone or with people

18. How is your sleep

19. Do you have any recurring dreams

20. What type of weather do you like and how it affects your complaints

21. Do you normally feel hot or cold

22. What type of clothes you wear

23. What foods you love

24. What foods you hate

25. What taste you love (sweet, salty, sour, bitter)

26. What taste you hate

27. Do you want to eat indigestible foods (chalk, mud….)

28. How is your thirst

29. Do you have dry lips & mouth

30. Any coating on tongue first thing in the morning

31. Any taste or smell from your mouth first thing in the morning

32. How is your skin

33. Details about your sweat (perspiration)

34. Any problems with ears, nose, chest, throat

35. How is your stool & urine

36. How is your sexual life & desire

37. Males genitals (erection, pain etc.)

38. Females menses details for regularity, flow, clots, discharge other than menses (reply to all these points)

39. What illnesses are running in your family, mother’s side & father’s side & brothers/sisters

40. Are you taking any medicines (allopathic or homeopathic)

41. What homeopathic remedies have you taken in the past (potency, dose, approx. time frame)
fitness 9 years ago
1. 32 yr old female (will be 33 in Dec)

2. 125lbs/5'6'/slender. athletic. toned. dark hair. blue eyes. fair skin but tan easily.

3. Vulvodynia - swelling of vulva. itchy. raw feeling. redness. burning. painful clitorus.

4. Approximately February 2013.

5. Having sex with ex boyfriend shortly after being diagnosed with genital herpes.

6. When I see the Dr/obgyn and they check the area. As if the open air helps.

7. I feel as if everything makes it worse. Possibly alcohol makes it worse but in April/May 2013 I quit alcohol and no change. Being in Hot tub might make it worse.

8. Dec. 2012 I was diagnosed with genital herpes (boyfriend had herpes) No visible blisters but had other symptoms like flu feeling, low back pain, headache, tiny papercut like cuts on anus, red inflamed. Now when I get what I believe is an OB I get a really bad/weird headache then what i think is a blister on my clitorus. The headache feels like its in the very middle of my brain... like no other headache I get.
August 2013 I was diagnosed with HPV (genital warts). I've had those removed in September but all throughout spring and summer I felt as if something was invading me internally....symptoms EXTREME fatigue. sore finger joints. sore groin lymph nodes. abdominal cramping. white discharge. very itchy. tender clitorus. shooting sensation anywhere from anus to mid thigh, as if a cold pin is on me last for a second. Fatigue and sore joints now gone. Discharge very little and lymph nodes hardly sore now.
Spring/summer I would get UTI feeling. All urine tests would show negative for infection.
Hair is dry brittle falls out.
Gums sometimes sore swollen bleed when brushed. First time swollen at age 14, so bad I could not eat for 1 week. Ever since then the odd flare up. In last four months almost constant tenderness.
Pimples on upper back neck chest.
Itchy inside left ear with dry skin inside.
Hands/feet/nose always cold.
Bladder often sore.
Pee often.
Abdomen bloated often.
Tired often.
Low back very sore and ache (within the last year)
Tension headaches often.

9. When this all began mentally and emotionally I was fine. But the last 3-4 months I am feeling hopeless. sad. depressed. afraid. alone.

10. I am a nice pleasant person to be around. laid back. quiet. go with the flow. during 'that time of the month' i have less patience. sensitive but tough exterior. can't pay attention to things for too long. get restless.

11. I don't relay much as I have 3 jobs. Don't watch tv but will rent a movie sometimes. Used to relax in hot tub before bed.

12. I tend to stray from conflict. But if something is on going and I can't take it anymore I have no problem speaking up.

13. I love animals but not a big fan of domesticated cats.

14. Being in a room full of people I don't know. In my early 20's I would never walk into a bar sober. Meeting new people makes me nervous and uncomfortable.

15. Finding relief for my symptoms. Will I ever be able to have a relationship and normal sex life.

16. I enjoy being there for people if they are going through a rough time. Sometimes don't know what to say as I don't want to say the wrong thing.

17. I do enjoy being.g alone. But with these recent issues I try to plan outings with friends. Now if Im alone I get more depressed thinking about my symptoms.

18. I normally sleep well. I need 8-9 hrs to feel well rested. Every so often approx 1-3 times a month I will be wide awake from 2:30ish - 6ish am.

19. As a child I had re-occuring dreams but not as an adult.

20. I love the heat. I don't feel as though the weather affects my symptoms.

21. I normally feel cold. Hands feet nose always cold. They all warms up during work (massage therapist) but as soon as Im done with a client Im cold again.

22. For work I wear black dress pants or black yoga pants either sweater or long sleeve. When out either jeans or black leggings.

23. I love 'junk food'. Greasy food (pizza) candy chocolate. (but eat healthy)

24. Seafood but will eat some fish

25. I love sweet.

26. Bitter

27. No

28. Usually not too thirsty. Before UTI like symptoms I drank a lot of water. Not so much now because Im afraid of pain and instant need to Pee.

29. Sometimes dry lips. Lately dry mouth.

30. Yes sometimes

31. Sometimes I feel as though a dog has pooped in my.mouth.

32. Dry in winter. In the past two months getting Pimples on neck upper back chest. Sometimes get psoriasis on left elbow.

33. If working out it takes a while for me to sweat.

34. Inside left ear gets very itchy sometimes.

35. Usually stool is very hard to get out. Sometimes if I have the urge to go its gone quickly. Its either very hard or very soft. Urine almost always very clear.

36. With the pain sex is the last thing on my mind. When pain free sex is often on my.mind. Before all of these issues I had sex often!

38. Menses is very regular. very light usually about 2-3 days. mostly dark but midway thru very red. Some clots but i prefer tampons. Sometimes bad cramps. During population i sometimes get 'egg white' discharge.

39. Diabetes depression alcohol drug abuse on mothers side. Heart issues and alcohol abuse on fathers side.

40. Yes i am on homeopathic remedies....not sure of the strength but maybe 30x....
sepia. H9. 5P. gammydon znc. gammydon P. gammydon S. molybdenum rice. STRS. E10. halibut oil. omega 3. ox bile. kelp.
I was taking a Chinese herb but went off to give homepage another try, long Dan xie gan wan. i think this may have worked a bit.
I also ordered something from your website... canth... (i think those are the first few letters. i haven't received it yet)

41. Previous homeopath remedies..
sepia (4 yrs ago to present)
H9 (4 yes ago to present)
Herps 2. Medor. Thuja. APHIS (not sure of potencies).
Gammydon se. gammydon cu-au-ag. gammydon Mn. Gammydon Co (all within the last year).
H4. H5.

Thank you so much for your quick replies and I hope this info is helpful.
musucgirl 9 years ago
#38. *ovulation not population
musucgirl 9 years ago
How do the genitals respond to:

cold application
warm application

What is OBI?

Please give details of genital warts

Explain in detail:
hopeless e.g. I feel hopeless when I think about this illness that it will not get cured......

fitness 9 years ago
I have never tried color warm application. If I think about using either I feel like warmth would not feel good and the cold would feel better. So I will try a cold application tonight.
Pressure is a little uncomfortable.

OB meaning out break.
*Now when I get what I think is an out break I get weird headaches...

Genital warts, one was cauliflower like at the bottom right side opening of the vaginal hole and two flat ones on the right inner labia minora.

I feel hopeless as if there is nothing out there to help me feel better and that I have to live with this uncomfortable burning swelling pain for the rest of my life... its becoming very depressing.

Also, when my groin lymph nodes get sore sometimes its just the left side and when my vulva is swollen its more so on the left side.
musucgirl 9 years ago
Please explain 'afraid' and also 'alone'
fitness 9 years ago
Im afraid this will never get better. Afraid of being alone forever.

I feel alone because this isn't something easily discussed and nobody understands the pain and discomfort. I have a friend that I can talk to about this but I know she just doesn't understand. I want to tell my mom but I don't want her to feel as if they have failed as parents.
musucgirl 9 years ago
Did you try cold or warm application.
fitness 9 years ago
I tried cold last night and it felt good to have it on. As soon as I took it off the burning felt more intense but went away quickly.
musucgirl 9 years ago
I tried cold last night and it felt good to have it on. As soon as I took it off the burning felt more intense but went away quickly.
musucgirl 9 years ago
I am reviewing the case and will keep reverting with more questions till I have a clear picture.

Please keep patience in the meanwhile and try to answer with as much detail as possible.

If you think of anything in the meanwhile, no matter how unrelated, please post here.
fitness 9 years ago
Ok. Again, thank you so much.
I woke up at 3am with intense itching of my anus and vagina so I took a Gam-S which helped within 15 min. When I woke this morning (4 hrs later) the itching was still there a bit so I took another Gam-S and helped again.
Also yesterday I had colonics done and the rest of the day and this morning my bowels feel empty but lower abdomen hard and bloated feeling.
musucgirl 9 years ago
What is Gam-S and colonics.
fitness 9 years ago
What about warm application. Please try that too and let me know.
fitness 9 years ago
Gammadyn-S is something my homeopath gave me.
Colonics is a colon cleanse.

I will try the warm application later this evening.
musucgirl 9 years ago
What about UTI symptoms, do you still have them. If yes, what are those.
fitness 9 years ago
Are any lymph nodes swollen, anywhere and are they painful.
fitness 9 years ago
Treatment of vulvodynia is difficult and can require great patience and persistence on the part of both patient and practitioner.

Take 'Ranuncolus 30' 10 drops in 30 ml luke warm water. (Morning time empty stomach)

Take 'Kreosotum 30' 10 drops in 30 ml luke warm water. (afternoon and night)

Take 'Phosphorus 6c' 10 drops in 30 ml luke warm water. (at bed time)

Do not use deodorants, perfumes or other cosmetics.

Take a diet, which is rich in the amino acid lysine like beans, lentils, cheese, nuts, soya beans (tofu), fenugreek seed, meat (red meat, pork), poultry, eggs, fish (cod and sardines)

Drink eight to ten glasses of water, per day.

Garlic is antiviral. In the morning take a tiny piece of garlic and crush it
with the knife. Follow with a glass of water (swallowing instead of chewing
avoids garlic breath).

follow as advised.

Report after 3 days.

Have patience and try to keep your self happy.

Dr. Rahat
Dr. Rahat 9 years ago
Dr. Rahat, as I can see the remedies suggested by you are not fitting the case.

They might be palliative at best.

Please share your repertorization to explain why should she take them.
fitness 9 years ago
I no need to give explanation to anybody. Our views are diffrent, if you think remedies are not appropriate for the case, kindly suggest remedies with your huge experience and let the patients decides what to take.

You may continue with your prescription i am leaving this case this is the first time that somebody point out finger on my prescription in my 10 yrs study.

Best of luck...!

Dr. Rahat
Dr. Rahat 9 years ago
Thanks for leaving the case.

If you are a doctor as you claim to be, you will not be offended when someone asks the basis for your prescription.

Prescribing remedies without repertorizatin and to top it all with mixing remedies is NOT homeopathy.
fitness 9 years ago
Hi Fitness,

One of my aunty also having the same problem for last 3.2 yrs could u plz suggest some good remedies
[message edited by Rehan786 on Tue, 12 Nov 2013 17:33:06 GMT]
Rehan786 9 years ago
Rehan, please start a new post. You can ask for me in the post.
fitness 9 years ago

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