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Chronic Eczema

I have had horrible chronic eczema for the past 4 years. I was born with this condition and through out my childhood it came out in bouts but was never really chronic like this. The things that make it worse are dietary and emotional upsets. I can't handle dairy, yeasy, gluten, corn, alcohol or coffee with out having an outbreak or developing hives. I've had a lot of emotional turmoil over the years such as bullying, heartbreaks in relationships and dealing with a close famly member that was mentally ill. I feel that now after dealing with all of this stress my body has almost become hyper sensitive to everything.

The only time I could think of my skin feeling normal again and clearing up was when I went to the British Isles on vacation. I'm not sure if this was from lack of stress of it it was the change in air/water but my skin felt amazing. As soon as I got home thought I broke out on my face and the cycle started up once again.

My skin is tight and dry, falky and red. If I itch it at all I will get tiny cuts that bleed then crust up. After I drink alcohol or eat certain foods my skin can feel very hot and feel as if its burning. Cold applications help, although I'm a cold person in general and always have freezing hands and poor circulation.

Mentally I overanalyze a lot, I'm anxious and fear the future, mostly that I won't succeed at doing anything and will never be able to become a 'professional'.I fear that I will never get well with my eczema as well. I get anxious in large groups of people and can sometimes be lazy and reside in my house and feel that I want to be cozy and alone. However, I can not be alone for long as I get restless and feel that I need to be around friends or my boyfriend. In relationships I fear that my boyfriend will leave me for another girl, I get jealous and thinkg that they find other women more sexually attractive than I and I have delusions of them cheating. If these thoughts become overwhelming I prefer to cry alone to release some tension.

Please help, any one have any ideas??
  izzy90 on 2013-11-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
-let modesty not prevent a full statement [please] -
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anuj srivastava 9 years ago
Occupation: Hostess at restaurant & Cashier at health food store
No longer on birth control pills, I tried one for a couple weeks and then stopped. I have used the 'Plan B' 'emergency birth control' hormone pill various times through out the past couple years however.

My chief complaint is eczema.
I was born with eczema but it has gotten worse since 2008.
I started partying with friends during this time, I became sexually active and started drinking a lot. I was bullied for 'sleeping around' and also went through some heartbreak from a break up with a boyfriend. Around this time I also got a vaccination for HPV called Gaurdasil, I received two shots.

I was very nervous about being in a relationship and it always consumed my life. When the first boy I fell in love with broke up with me, I felt like my world fell a part and I felt completely alone. It took me a long time to emotional get over this and during this time my eczema was extremely exaccerbated. It also enhanced my jealousy and made me not trust other people and made me feel like I wasn't good enough for other boys.

Other main complaints: I have difficulty digesting certain foods and become very bloated. I have trouble with constipation and have all my life. Sometimes there is blood in my stool and hemmroids. I have a lot of food allergies and break out in eczema or get hives after consuming; dairy, gluten, yeast, coffee, alcohol, corn and tomatoes. Sometimes I get stabbing pains in my stomach and feel neausas depending on what I eat.

I have taken steroids internally and externally at the age of 12 and 13. The last time I was on steroids for my skin was two or three years ago, they helped for a short while but made my skin worse in the end. I no longer use any steroids.

write yes or no in capitals in front of the u/m symptoms.will review the case.

Sudden, intense ailments from fright. YES
Anxiety and restlessness with complaints. YES
Fears that do not subside. YES
Faintness or dizziness upon waking up.YES
Sudden fever with one cheek red, the other pale NO
Intolerance of pain. NO
Painful urination with anxiety YES
Pains followed by numbness and tingling. YES
Eye pain and injuries NO
Throbbing headache. NO
Unquenchable thirst. NO

Emotional upset YES
Fear YES
Anxiety YES
Extended period of unusual or continued mental exertion YES
Dizziness YES
Diarrhea NO
Craving for sweets and salt. Craving for strong flavors. YES
Enthusiastic and suggestible, with a tendency toward peculiar thoughts and impulses. NO

Anxious YES
Anxiety associated with later stages of head cold, with sneezing NO
Asthma worse after midnight, fears suffocation while lying down NO
Fearful YES
Irritable YES
Restless YES
Sleepiness but insomnia YES
Thirsty for frequent small drinks YES
Weak and exhausted YES
Desires air but sensitive to cold YES
Vomiting with or without diarrhea after eating and drinking NO

Increased perspiration NO
Night sweats NO
Cold hands and feet YES
Dizziness YES
Nausea YES
Ravenous hunger NO
Aversion to fats NO
Craving for eggs NO
Eyes sensitive to light YES
Pale face YES
Large appetite with slow digestion YES

Nervousness YES
Apprehension YES
Anxiety prior to an examination or public performance YES
Fatigue and aching of whole body NO
Limbs, head, eyelids heavy NO
Headache NO
Scalp sore to touch NO
Sore throat NO
Lack of thirst YES
Dizziness, trembling, fatigue, dullness YES

Vomiting NO
Sensation of a lump in the throat NO
Chills with fever YES
Thirst during chills NO
Chills relieved by warmth YES
Cramping pains in the abdomen or back NO
Headaches that feel like a nail driven into the side of the head NO
Skin very sensitive to drafts YES
Introspective YES
Sad YEs
Brooding YES
Tearful YES
Rejects company NO
Disappointed YES
Grieving NO
Insomnia from emotional distress YES
Nausea relieved by eating YES
Eating intensifies hunger YES

Exhaustion YES
Deep anxiety and inability to cope YES
Headaches NO
Jumpy and oversensitive YES
Startled by ordinary sounds YES
Backaches NO
Nervous digestive upsets YES

Shakes head without any apparent cause NO
Facial contortions NO
Gassy, constipation or diarrhea YES
Sour belching YES
Claustrophobia YES
Irritability YES
Digestive upsets with gas and bloating YES
Craves sweets, warm food and drink YES
Night cough NO
Wants to be alone NO
Cranky on waking NO
Bullying tendency NO
Fear of failure YES
Breaking down under stress YES

Tongue feels dry NO
Mucous membranes dry YES
Nausea YES
Insomnia YES
Claustrophobia YES
Migraine headache NO
Vomiting NO
Pains around eyes NO
Craves salt and dry foods YES
Weepy but won't let others see it. (Wants to be alone to cry.) YES
Consolation aggravates them NO
Angry from isolation YES
Fright, grief, anger YES
Nervous, discouraged, broken down YES
Depressed YES

Anxious YES
Fearful YES
Weak YES
Associated with hoarseness NO
Tight heavy chest YES
Dry rasping cough NO
Burning pains in stomach, abdomen, between shoulder blades NO
Thirst for cold drinks that are vomited NO
Nausea YES
Night sweats NO

Sensitive YES
Weepy YES
Wants attention and sympathy YES
Changeable symptoms and moods YES
Craves open air YES
Sensitive to heat YES
Dry mouth with lack of thirst YES
Rich food upsets stomach YES
Insomnia from recurring thought YES
Head colds NO
Loose cough, worse at night NO
Delayed menstrual period with scanty flow NO

Worry YES
Overwork NO
Headaches NO
Difficulty concentrating YES
Exhaustion YES
Over sensitivity YES
Overreact and devote attention to tiny details NO
Low stamina YES

do you have a mind which you feel is perverted? NO, but I often think of sex
are you arrogant? NO
do you over estimate yourself? NO

feeling of being controlled by another NO
out of sorts with your rhythms YES
feeling of living out someone else's expectations YES
feeling as if you are being fed off emotionally or psychologically YES
feeling of losing your will NO
over estimatimation of energy reserves YES
full of self-denial YES
you become a rescuer, addicted to rescuing people NO
drained YES
feeling of becoming a doormat NO
you have forgotten who you are YES
let me know the color of your .TONGUE

5.Mapped.Swelling of tongue,appearance,grayish white,dryish,/slimy

BODY ODOR? Sometimes smells sweet, other times smells like garlic.


feeling of suffocation when wearing a tie. YES

any funny sensation in the body,delusions etc- Sometimes my skin feels very hot even though I may be cold, this happens when I eat certain things or when I'm stressed out. Mostly happens on skin that has eczema

YOUR PAST TURMOILS? Have moved and changed colleges' three different times in the past 3 years. I have been in relationships where the man has left me for another girl twice. I have had two abortions. My brother has been recovering from a mental illness and I have felt like there is nothing I can do to help him and have been very concerned for his well being. These have all caused me emotional pain.

sleeping habits,and any other peculiarity under the sun your body and mind is experiencing which is not normal. I flinch upon falling asleep sometimes and have woken up crying from a dream recently.

-Sensation of a ball in rectum like an apple or potato. Diarrhoea and constipation are also cured with this symptom. Sensation of sand in the eyes.

-As if insects crawling on face.

-Downward dragging from shoulder. As if tied up in knots.

-As if flies and spider crawling all over body.

-Burning sensation as if pepper were sprinkled. - On arms where eczema is

-Head remedy for burning sensation in any part. Lump of hair in throat. Burning sensation in stomach and chest when nervous or anxious

-Sensation of emptiness. IN CHEST

-Sensation as if he had swallowed a small ball which remained at the pit of the stomach; as if intestines are being drawn towards spine.

-Any bang, shock or bad news is felt in the stomach.

- Sensation as if lice were crawling over surface; worse from heat, motion and at night. Sensation of lice on scalp. Eczema worse from heat and at night and from sweating with motion.

=Sensation as if abdomen and stomach were hanging down relaxed.

=Sensation of closely fitted cap on head.

=In the morning sensation of not having slept enough.

=Sensation as though the stomach was turned upside down, accompanied by burning feeling in the chest. - When nervous or anxious.

=Sensation as if stomach hanging or swimming in water.

* Eczema is made worse from eating dairy, gluten, spicy foods, tomatoes, potatoes, chocolate, drinking wine or alcohol. It is worse from stuffy, hot room. It is worse in damp weather. Worse from stress or anxiety. Worse from worrying. Worse when sweating.

* Is worse at night time, I wake up scratching. It is worse before my menses.
* Better from open, fresh air, cold compresses and from walking.
*Worse after eating or after meals, worse from bright lights, worse from loud noise, worse from itching and rubbing, worse from thinking about it, worse from touch.

At what age did you have your first menses? 13
- Had you any trouble before or during the first period? NO

- Have you, at any time, had you menses stopped or decreased by getting feet wet, from a general wetting, from cold, fright weakness, sickness or any other cause? I stopped getting my period for a short while when I was borderline anorexic at the age of 14. This only happened for 2 months.

- Have menses been irregular or painful at /since a particular time? NO
- Are your menses too frequent, too seldom, delayed, regular, early, and late? If so how often do they come? NO
- Do you have menses during the nursing of your child? NO

- Do you have the whites or nose bleed during menses? NO

- How long do menses last? 3-4 days

- Do excitement of exertion bring menses on? YES

- When does the flow increase, decrease or cease? Afternoon, day only, evening, lying down, morning, motion, at night only, walking? Mention only things that affect the flow? Flow decreases during the day upon movement and increases during the night upon lying down.

- Character of the flow, describe the flow very carefully acrid, black, bright red, brown, changeable, clotted, lumpy, conspicuous, dark excoriating ( making parts sore) , fetid or foul ,greenish , gushing hot ( unduly so),membranous (shreds), milky, mucus? Flow is bright red in the beginning and then turns to a purple/red when heavy with small clots here and there. Turns brown towards end of flow.

- What is the odour? blood

BEFORE MENSES: sore breasts, increased hunger, irritability and weepiness and tired WORSENING OF ECZEMA, mental changes
DURING MENSES: sexual excitement, decreased hunger, slight cramping, exhaustion.

STOOL:biting, black bloody , brown, mucous, foul, undigested food, at times green, at times clay coloured, pebbles when constipated, or large stool with some blood.

Leucorrhoea: like white of an egg, millky, watery, sometimes yellow, sometimes lumpy, starchy, suddenly coming and going
izzy90 9 years ago
I also forgot to mention that I have dark circles under my eyes and sometimes feel that its hard to keep my eyes open. I also have receding gums. My eczema also at times turns my skin white and it flakes very easily when I scratch it. You can see the dead skin peeling off.
izzy90 9 years ago
Nux Vom 200
15 drops in a cup containing an ounce of water, sip one third of it, 15 minutes later sip the next third of it, and 15 minutes later take the last third of it.HALF AN HR BEFORE DINNER. dont repeat.

KALI MUR 6x from day two,5 TABLETS three times a day.


feed back after every 4 days
[message edited by anuj srivastava on Wed, 27 Nov 2013 05:57:10 GMT]
anuj srivastava 9 years ago
Thank you for your response!! I will try this. I can only think of getting Nux Vomica 200 at my health food store in pellet form though, can I let the pellets dissolve in water?
izzy90 9 years ago
Thank you for your response!! I will try this. I can only think of getting Nux Vomica 200 at my health food store in pellet form though, can I let the pellets dissolve in water?
izzy90 9 years ago
pellets be taken directly.
anuj srivastava 9 years ago
How many pellets should I take?
izzy90 9 years ago
5 pellets.three times ie 15 pellets of nux.

get hold of the other two medicines also.
anuj srivastava 9 years ago
ok, thank you :)

just curious, why the nux?
izzy90 9 years ago

[message deleted by Zady101 on Sat, 30 Nov 2013 00:38:39 GMT]
Zady101 9 years ago
it antidotes the ill effect of all the medicines you have taken till now and makes your body more responsive to the current treatment.
anuj srivastava 9 years ago

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